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New Highway Routes – LDPW Poll [UPDATED]

So our gangs of skilled Moles are ready with the components to expand the Second Life road network. We’ll try to match the roads to the terrain, and to the existing road styles … but our eager little insectivores have … Continue reading

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[UPDATED] Second Life Showcase, Popular Places and the Future of Traffic

[UPDATED 5.28.2008] Note – the change outlined yesterday will not occur until 1.20 RC10 (the next version of the release candidate). I apologize for any inconvenience. [UPDATED 5.27.2008] We are continuing to iterate on improvements to the Search feature. Although … Continue reading

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Second Life Grid Status Reports 

Are you following the Second Life Grid Status Reports? If your business, your event, or your time with friends may be impacted by the Grid Status, we want you to have all the information we can get you, as quickly … Continue reading

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Rolling Restart planned for Tue April 29/Wed April 30

One of the changes that went out in the 1.21 Server codebase enables us to alleviate database load caused by “spare” simulators – processes waiting to pick up regions after a restart. Unfortunately, a bug was found that prevents us … Continue reading

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[RESOLVED] Support Portal Maintenance Tonight: Now 9pm-Midnight PDT

[Resolved at 10:50pm Pacific] Our Support Portal is back online! [Updated at 10:10pm Pacific] Maintenance is in progress. — Frontier As reported earlier this week, our support portal will be offline for system maintenance tonight, Saturday, 26th April. Our software … Continue reading

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[Resolved] Database, asset server issues.

[RESOLVED 10:00 PM PDT] These issues have been resolved.  Thanks for your patience. [UPDATE 8:38 PM PDT] We are still trying to nail down the problem. Thank you for your continued patience. [REOPENED 6:25 PM PDT] We are currently experiencing … Continue reading

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[RESOLVED] – Group Payouts Delayed

[8:51 AM – RESOLVED] – The manual process has been completed and all group payouts have been run. – Matthew [8:38 AM – Update] – Our engineering colleagues have identified the issue and are running the group payout process manually … Continue reading

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[DONE] Rolling Restart for 1.21 Server Deploy Wed/Thu/Fri

[Updated Saturday @ 09:10am] The rolling restart of the rest of the grid is now complete. [Updated Friday @ 8:39am] The rolling restart to half of the grid is now complete but for 7 hosts that needed to be manually … Continue reading

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[RESOLVED]Inworld Issues and Logins

[RESOLVED 22:58] The network situation appears stable, so we’re sounding the All-Clear. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. [UPDATE 22:18] Ops says the network problem has been fixed, we’ve regained contact with the rest of the world, and things should … Continue reading

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[CLOSED] Updating Your Credit Card Issue

[UPDATE 25 April 08, 3:40 pm Pacific] Our payment processor has fixed and tested the process.  All card operations (including updates) are now running within normal time frames. ***** Due to an issue with our payment processor, we are unable … Continue reading

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