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[UPDATE] Project Open Letter

[UPDATED: Tuesday, May 1, 2007 at 3:01PM PDT] The Town Hall with Cory will be held at noon PDT on Thursday, May 3. Watch the message of the day and this blog for details about location. If you have questions … Continue reading

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Second Life version 1.15.0 Issues

A big part of the 1.15.0 release was a revamp of the systems behind the Group (and Conference) IM mechanisms, moving from a single server to a distributed set of systems. Obviously, this migration didn’t go without a hitch. This … Continue reading

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Short update from the concierge team

Just wanted to give a little more information on the progress we’re making in the concierge team during the overall transition to new support systems. We have a significant number of concierge level residents now, on both mainland and private … Continue reading

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The advent of an illustrious age of sculpted prims!

Amidst all the serious news on this Official Linden Blog and the hard work we do on critical problems because we love our community, we’d like to take a moment to share with you something fun, something useful, something good … Continue reading

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[UPDATE] Various reports of…

[UPDATE 9:25 PM] Charity and I found and fixed one cause of vending machines and llEmail failing. We’re aware there are still problems. The problem is usually with in-world objects that receive email. In general, sending llEmail is not affected … Continue reading

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Second Life Speech Gestures Contest

As you know, Linden Lab is preparing to launch voice in Second Life. The voice feature includes the ability to “wear” a set of “speech gestures” which are randomly triggered while you are speaking in-world. Some Residents have already created … Continue reading

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Introducing Liaison Specialist Teams

Since Help Request was removed from the Help menu in the Second Life viewer on Wednesday, several Residents have expressed their concern to me that no immediate help will be available for urgent problems on the grid, primarily griefing attacks … Continue reading

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