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New express exploit reporting feature and L$ bounty

Update: I’ve updated this post with new rules and more clarification of the rules. Old rules are struck out, with the additions in italics. Rules that stay the same are unaffected. Please see this post for a complete update on … Continue reading

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Off to Boston!

I’m packing my bags for a 6 AM flight to Boston, where I will be attending ACM SIGGRAPH (Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Graphics and Interactive Techniques). It’s a really fun conference where you get to sneak … Continue reading

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Ooooo Shiney

/me waves. Woo, first post! This shiney new blog makes me want to somehow modernize. I mean, written text is sooooo last week. I am thinking of bullying Bub into doing a podcast with me. Would anyone listen? Seriously, Bub … Continue reading

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There Can Only Be One

In the beginning, Linden made a blog. And it was good. And it came to pass, when blogs began to multiply on the face of the Web, and The Linden saw that the lack of updates in the hearts of … Continue reading

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The Tao of Linden

Linden Lab has a different and better way of doing work. It relies on the idea that if the level of transparency (everyone can see what everyone else is doing) can be made high enough, you can stop managing people … Continue reading

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Locales, Boundaries and Portals

I finally got round to watching the amazing Half-Life 2 Portal Video and it reminded me of the locales and boundaries that I implemented in MASSIVE-3 (which were themselves based on the Locales in MERL’s SPLINE). MASSIVE-3 represented the virtual … Continue reading

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Web Services Serialization Format

Linden Lab’s upcoming web services format is simple, consistent, robust, readable, flexible, and covers all necessary information faithfully represent REST systems. We will represent all data with two container types for structure and a set of atomic types serialized to … Continue reading

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