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Post Apocalyptic Robot Steampunk!

ls clearly right up my street, so I’m very glad that even though I managed to miss the Take5 festival, alt zoom studios has made the movies available online. Moebius Overdrive and Allen Kerensky’s Start is a fantastic piece of … Continue reading

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Second Life Residents FTW!

The uBrowser debug build problem is fixed, courtesy of Vince Plunkett.  Very cool!  I had forgotten to post that problem on the bounty list, but Vince’s solution was so fast and his email so nice that we’re going to give … Continue reading

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OpenGL, Copying, and Stealing

A basic tenet of copy protection and digital rights management (DRM) is if the key and the data exist on the same machine, the system is fundamentally not secure. Another way of looking at this is “if you can see … Continue reading

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Linux Public Alpha

Things have gone so smoothly with the initial Alpha testing of Second Life, that we’ve decided to move directly to public testing.  So, take a look at the announcement, visit the testing forums, and — most importantly — go download … Continue reading

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The Babbage And Surina Show

The Babbage and Surina show hit the road last week when we went to talk at a day of seminars and discussions in Leicester on "3D Visualisation, Animation, Virtual Reality & Interactive Maps: New Creative Opportunities for Learning & Earning" … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a preview

I have been working on one of the larger branches of the code-base for a while now to deliver improved scalability, reliability, and resistance to attack. Most of the changes should be well below the radar of detectable changes other … Continue reading

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Firefox, uBrowser, and You

Check out uBrowser.  Trust me. More importantly, download the source and checkout the bug page.  There are only a few remaining show stoppers, but they’re tricky.  The biggest is the fact that we don’t properly handle control inputs in plugins, … Continue reading

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Linux Alpha

The Second Life Linux Alpha program has started.  Thank you to the over 100 people who are helping to test the Linux client!  Results so far have been extremely positive and I expect us to go into public beta very … Continue reading

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