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New Linden Liaison

Please join me in welcoming our latest addition to the liaison team, Matthew Linden! Hailing from the shores of Scotland, Matthew Linden is the latest addition to our growing contingent of international liaisons, and is keen and ready to assist … Continue reading

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Phone Support is Back Up

Our Phone support system is tested and back up and working. Both the Customer Service and Conciegre phone numbers appear to be ringing through. Note, this outage was not specific to Linden Lab’s call centers. Thanks again for your patience.

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Community Roundtable meeting on Nov. 2 @ 4 PM PST

Hello! Just a friendly reminder we have our monthly Community Roundtable meeting coming up this week on Thursday, November 2, at 4 PM PST. It’ll take place inworld on the stage at Pooley (247, 4, 49) and I, Torley Linden, … Continue reading

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Private Island Price Increase FAQ

Jack Linden has posted a handy FAQ to address some of the common questions and concerns regarding the Island Price Increase. We’ll also be adding information shortly regarding whether transferred regions retain their old pricing for the new owner.

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Price for New Private Islands to Increase

Due to ongoing investments in developing and maintaining the underlying technology of SecondLife, Linden Lab is increasing prices for new Private Island sales. Please note that this increase does not affect tier fees for Mainland land or existing Private Islands … Continue reading

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Concierge Townhall Transcript

Thanks to all those who took part in the event yesterday, for those that missed it – here is the transcript for the October 26th Concierge Townhall event. Click below to read on..

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Amazon S3 For The Win

Sometimes the most trivial part of your Second Life experience, when magnified ten thousand times, becomes not such a trivial thing after all. Case in point: The client you download may just seem like a 5-minute nuisance to you. Magnified … Continue reading

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