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Fault tolerant != Uncrashable

Some information about the system outage last week: Last Thursday, around 1:30 AM SLT, the asset server crashed. The asset server is an essential component of the SL cluster: first the residents noticed slowdowns and missing assets (textures, avatar appearance, … Continue reading

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Robert Scoble and Dave Winer both muse on SL as OS.  Interesting because there’s been a real push within LL to bundle the Linux build up with a bootable CD of Debian for the academics.

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GDC 2006

As the years have passed I have been reaping diminishing returns from the lectures at the game developer’s conference, so I spent most of my time there in roundtables. This offered a great opportunity to talk to the more interesting … Continue reading

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“It is evident that LL is only interested in providing services that are inexpensively scalable – witness the ResMods, Greeters, Mentors, etc. Nothing is cheaper than free. But what are their long term goals?” I recently saw this statement on … Continue reading

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The Amazing Benlinden-man!

(This is a post that I have been thinking about for months, it’s a bit introspective though, so if you don’t care about me, and just want to see thoughts about LL and SL and, skip below the break, but … Continue reading

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Free To Play! Pay For Stuff

A really interesting GDC session I went to yesterday was the "Free To Play! Pay For Stuff" round table discussing business models for online worlds based on digital item sales hosted by Daniel James, CEO of Three Rings Design, and … Continue reading

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CC in SL in RL CC Salon

Hamlet was talking at the First Creative Commons Salon just after I arrived in San Francisco, so I went along partly to catch up with Hamlet and partly because things like Creative Commons Salons just don’t happen very often in … Continue reading

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