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Education projects on the Teen Grid – A Glimpse

I thought I’d slip in my introduction before the new year begins and initiate the education category of the Linden Lab blog. I’m on the Community Development team and have been responding to the flood of requests from educational organizations … Continue reading

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A Concurrency of 20,000 – Grid Status Update

[4:34pm PST] We’ve resolved some database load issues that were causing the problems, and the Grid appears to be running much better than earlier today.  If you are still having problems with avatars rezzing or L$ balance, please try logging … Continue reading

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Details on Asset Server Issue

Thursday morning, Linden Lab operations did short-notice maintenance on the cluster of machines that we refer to as the “asset server.” During this downtime, we replaced a bad battery in one of the nodes in the cluster. To do this, … Continue reading

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The Second Life Grid is Open

[10:53am PST] To let everyone know exactly what happened, we are currently working on a summary of what exactly went wrong and how we resolved it. It will be posted as a new blog entry once we’ve carefully sorted out … Continue reading

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Preview of Second Life 1.13.2(2) up on the Beta Test Grid

We’ve updated the beta test grid with 1.13.2(2). Viewers can be downloaded from the beta test grid page. Of note in this beta: “sim-caps” (more details) is enabled in this viewer/grid combination. One tiny (and oft-requested) new feature: the World … Continue reading

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Many teleport issues fixed

In the last few weeks there have been many reports on teleporting issues. Our operations team has fixed a network issue that was causing many of these problems. Yay! Now, this does not mean all teleporting issues are resolved so … Continue reading

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Grid status – Logins re-opened

[7:39am PST/15:39 GMT] Asset server fix completed. Logins have been re-opened. [6:55am PST/14:55 GMT] Per previous blog post, logins have been restricted to Lindens-only for asset server maintenance. Thanks everyone!

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