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Kicking Off Second Life Views

Tomorrow is the first meeting of Second Life Views — a series of bi-monthly meetings with SL Residents to discuss the design and implementation of new features for SL. Our first agenda ranges across several important areas — improving the … Continue reading

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[UPDATE] Open Registration

Many SL Residents have asked why we opened registration to allow new accounts to be created without payment information, and now that we have, what we are doing to make sure that we enforce the Terms of Service. Especially, there … Continue reading

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Third Anniversary Thoughts

Well it’s been a crazy day with an event interrupted repeatedly by protests and problems. We forgot to turn off rez/scripts in the stage where I spoke, and also couldn’t get the audio stream to work, oops! Nevertheless, I am … Continue reading

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A Random Walk Down the Long Tails of Innovation

Last week I participated in a very interesting conference focused on innovation.  In particular, attention was given to what drives innovation and what policy decisions could be made to maximize it.  As is clear to anyone who lives in the … Continue reading

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The View from Boston

I’m sitting at Logan Airport, having spent the last two days at the Identity Mash-Up, sponsored by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society. The timing and focus on identity and trust building couldn’t have been more perfect, given the … Continue reading

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Abuse Levees Holding

Though you may not believe it, everyone here in the Lab spent a lot of time considering the likely implications of changing the ‘verification’ stage of registration system before a single line of code was altered. We’d certainly see a … Continue reading

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Second Life Views Planning is Underway

We have a final list of Resident attendees for the first SL Views meeting. The eight Second Life Residents who will be attending are: Pham Neutra Oz Spade Nexus Nash Catherine Omega Salazar Jack Alliez Mysterio Kex Godel Stella Costello … Continue reading

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