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“Somehow, I’d like to think it’s harder to kill people when you hear their voices.” Ruby Rich, on the marketing of foreign films and their foreign languages. When I worked on Internet video in 1995, I built and released a … Continue reading

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Ding dong the mail system is dead. Long live the new mail system.

The old mail system was one of those “crap, I need something right now, but it’s okay, because I’ll have time to fix it later” kind of affairs. Effectively, each sim node would relay outbound email through a central mail … Continue reading

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Permission Feedback

Thanks to everyone for the great — and passionate — feedback, both about using a blog for discussion and the permissions proposal. The most important realization is that trying to follow threads both on the blog and in the forums … Continue reading

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Back Seat Programming

One experiment I’m going to undertake is to make this blog somewhat reminiscent of the old .plan files of id fame. I thought that they did an excellent job of sharing various details with the community. I’m not exactly sure … Continue reading

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An asset server is a terrible thing to have burst into flames..

It seems appropriate, somehow, that the first post into the Ops blog should be in reference to hardware going up in smoke. Ops has been working on getting new, more powerful asset servers online to solve the various and sundry … Continue reading

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Forecast for next few months: bugs and scaling

Since the beginning of the year (2004), Second Life has operated 24 hours a day with better than 99% scheduled uptime. However, most of the downtime has has happened over the last couple of months, which is worrisome, and in … Continue reading

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Evolutionary fitness, OR Things I’d like to see next in SL

Evolutionary theory is an interesting thing, and broadly applicable to emergent systems. The concept of a fitness landscape is very useful, where one imagines a surface whose height corresponds to some sort of ‘success’ within a system, and whose other … Continue reading

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aLife and sLife

We still do not see lifelike behavior in software systems for the simple reason that they are not sufficiently complex. In emergent systems, more is different, and we have many more neurons than our computers have memory addresses or transistors. … Continue reading

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