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New Forum Discussion Threads and VAT Discussion

We would like to invite you to join us in the Forums as we experiment with how we communicate with you, our Residents. Try out a “live discussion” with us, in the Forums, where we’ll read along and answer questions, … Continue reading

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Open Grid Public Beta begins today

Last month IBM and Linden Lab demonstrated inter grid teleports between the Second Life preview grid and an Opensim instance run by IBM. Torley Linden made a video of the event. Now we are making the intergrid teleport code available … Continue reading

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3 cool tools which solve common Second Life problems

^ Pardon that subject line isn’t more specific, so here’s the story: every week, I hear from Residents about “cool tools” that help smooth Second Life situations. Not necessarily bugs per se, these are utilities that add value and make … Continue reading

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What’s new in Second Life 1.20! – Video Tip of the Week #43

HATE reading? LOVE reading yet want to watch me excite you about what’s new in Second Life 1.20? To commemorate the debut of Second Life 1.20 as the main viewer (following its graduation from an enduring Release Candidate), guess what … Continue reading

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[UPDATED] Rolling restart to deploy 1.23.3, Thu-Wed July 24-30

Update 2008-07-30 07:48am : But for a small amount of residual clean-up, the rolling restart is complete. Update 2008-07-30 05:45am : The second-half rolling restart has begun. Today, all regions still on 1.22.4 will be restarted, upgrading them to 1.23.4. … Continue reading

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My First Two Months at Linden Lab

I’ve been with Linden Lab for two months and each day has surfaced something interesting — and often quite unexpected. So, what have I seen? Read on. Second Life has evolved dramatically but perception has not kept up with reality … Continue reading

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Second Life 1.20 Viewer is Available Today!

As your login splash screen may have already told you, an optional viewer upgrade is available today… Announcing the Second Life 1.20 Viewer! It features improved reliability and a more flexible UI architecture so you can select the color of … Continue reading

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