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The Future Is Now!

We’re currently in Chinatown at the SL Future Salon listening to Randal Moss talking about fundraising within SL and the issues he’s faced. It’s been a really great event so far and I’m sure there will be lots more interesting … Continue reading

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The Future Is Tomorrow

When I first started at Linden Lab, Jerry Paffendorf from the Accelerating Studies Foundation got in touch to wish me luck and ask if I was interested in talking at a future salon in Second Life. The ASF hold monthly … Continue reading

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TLA Bingo

As you may have heard, I’ve been looking at using Mono as the next generation scripting engine within Second Life (the mysterious "long range tech" that Cory mentioned when I left Terra Nova). Mono is an open source implementation of … Continue reading

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Ever since Screenplay 2005, the big news in Second Life seems to have been Tringo and its move to the real world. It’s a shame that the news broke just after my Screenplay talk as it would have made the … Continue reading

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Deeper Beauty

I was asked to judge (along with our own Jeska Linden) a beauty pageant on thursday night. The first place winner, for the ‘talent’ part of the program, rezzed a huge hot dog with mustard and flew it around the … Continue reading

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Mitch Kapor turned me on the other day to a well known essay by R.H. Coase (there is a link to it here), which was written in 1937 about why companies should exist at all. If market forces (free people … Continue reading

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Screenplay 2005

Screenplay is the UK’s only independent games festival and is held just down the road from me in Nottingham. I went along to explore all the weird and wonderful nooks and cranies that Screenplay is always stuffed with and to … Continue reading

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