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UP!DATE: Land Buying, Teleports, Partnering – Up!

[11:16pm SLT] The hour has finally come! As many of you in world have probably seen: Most of the search functionalities, *all except for ‘Places’*, have been turned back on. Most of the map items have been turned back on. … Continue reading

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Hey! What happened to my comment?

Friendly greetings! It’s me, Torley Linden, Community Developer of Communications. In the midst of another productive day @ Linden Lab, I wanted to take the time to answer some of your blog-related questions:  Q: Hey! What happened to my comment? A: Before commenting, please … Continue reading

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UPDATE: The Morning After

[11:31am SLT] We know the partners page is still down and not functioning properly, we’ll post when it’s been fixed. Also, *ONLY* contact LIVE Help with regions that are having teleport and online problems. If your problem is not related … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Database Issues From Today’s Release

[8:08 PM PST] Back just in time to inform everyone the situation has stabilized for tonight and that some missing functionality has been restored. I’ll update the blog again in the morning with any updates we have come accross in … Continue reading

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Learning the Login Queue!

With our online concurrency often reaching over 15,000 users now, after an update the grid can be a bit hard to login to. We are currently experiencing everyone trying to get in world at once, so there is a queue … Continue reading

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UPDATE: LindeX Currency Exchange All Clear

[3:38pm SLT] The LindeX is up and properly functioning. Time to go shopping! Cheers. We’ve taken down the LindeX currency exchange system temporarily as a precautionary measure while we look into a potential issue. But hey, the grid is up! … Continue reading

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Today’s Deploy of 1.13 – Done!

[3:28pm SLT] The end of the world as we know it has been averted. The update is done, problems addressed and the grid is now open for all. Thanks for understanding during this process.

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