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A Pushgun for a Pushgun?

”If a son strike his father, his hands shall be hewn off. If a man put out the eye of another man, his eye shall be put out. If he break another man’s bone, his bone shall be broken.” -The … Continue reading

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A Walk in the PARC

Had the delightful opportunity to speak at PARC last week. Thanks to Ty Jagerson, Bob Moore, and Nicolas Ducheneaut for the invitation and the opportunity. The talk was quite well attended, and once the snafu of having tested my in-world … Continue reading

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Straight on ’til morning… 3,000 hours in NeverLand

I dressed as the Dread Pirate Linden, my best weapon the pistol, though I fought fair with sabre as well. Tinkerbell circled overhead as I rode the lost boy’s rollercoaster through waterfalls and forests. A slingshot hurled me to a … Continue reading

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Challenging PARC

I met the nice folks from the Palo Alto Research Center (parc) at the Accelerating Change conference and they made what I think is about the coolest offer ever: do a demo at parc and talk about the 5 biggest, … Continue reading

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Cory Blogs Cory

That other Cory, Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing, Down and Out, and the “Microsoft DRM talk” fame, has written “Anda’s Game“, a short story on Salon about MMOs, IP rights, and the power of the people. While intended to be … Continue reading

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Segway v. Roomba

Spent the weekend at a fascinating conference – Accelerating Change 2004. For those who haven’t heard of it before, the Institute for the Study of Accelerating Change is an educational nonprofit base in LA that focuses on creating an “informed, … Continue reading

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