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The Friday LDPW Update – February 29th 2008

The LDPW moles are hard at work on the new “Bay City” Regions even as we blog, however we need more ideas and input! Please consider adding your suggestions to the CONTRIBUTE section of the LDPW public wiki page HERE. … Continue reading

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[RESOLVED] Database issues – Transaction Histories not available.

[Resolved – 3:45 PM (PST)] The database has been corrected and Transaction Histories are available once again. [Update @ 1:43 PM on 2/29/08] The Search > People Tab feature that was disabled earlier is now fully operational. Thank you for … Continue reading

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Update from 1.19.0(4) to 1.19.0(5) viewer required (earlier still allowed)

A security issue was discovered in the Second Life 1.19.0(4) viewer released yesterday. Although we have no information indicating that it is being exploited, residents who downloaded the optional 1.19.0(4) viewer should update to 1.19.0(5). Earlier supported versions – 1.18.5(3), … Continue reading

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[STABILIZED] Investigating Disruption in Support Live Chat

[UPDATE] 28 feb, 08 7:04 pm PST –teeple] The Router Gremlins seem happy again, at least for now. We’ll be monitoring throughout the evening. Thanks for your patience on this; except for relaying information to you, this issue’s been out … Continue reading

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Knowledge Base Article of the Week #18: Beyond the Veil

This week’s Knowledge Base Article of the Week is actually two articles on a somewhat unusual topic: Death and other “First Life” Worries How do I bequeath my Second Life account and assets to another Resident if I die in … Continue reading

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[Resolved] Temporary Redirect of Some Registration and Support Pages

3:17PM PST Our web servers are operational again. Registration and Support are fully available. We have received reports of some registration and support attempts redirecting to our community status page. Two of our web servers are unavailable while we attempt … Continue reading

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New Viewer: Second Life 1.19.0 Viewer Now Available!

After spending several weeks in Release Candidate status, the Second Life 1.19.0 Viewer is now available for download as the primary viewer from the Community: Downloads page. Many thanks to all of you who helped us find and fix issues … Continue reading

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537 Havok4 Early Adopter Regions Refreshed with 6 Fixes (2008-02-28)

Quick Status 537 Early Adopter regions have been updated to Havok4 Beta Server v1.19.0.80517. This version resolves a set of key issues, and includes a performance optimization that we hope will make a noticeable difference for regions that have many … Continue reading

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Beta Preview Database Refresh Scheduled For Monday March 3, 2008

Update¬† 2008-03-06: This refresh has been delayed in order to avoid impacting testing of a current Havok4 build, and to accomodate other uses of the Beta Preview. We currently expect to do this refresh late next week. This post applies … Continue reading

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Second Life Scheduled Maintenance, 2/29/08

Second Life will undergo scheduled maintenance for Asset Server work from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM PST on 2/29/08. We do not expect to take Second Life down during this time, and there should be no effects visible to Residents. … Continue reading

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