The Friday LDPW Update – February 29th 2008

The LDPW moles are hard at work on the new “Bay City” Regions even as we blog, however we need more ideas and input! Please consider adding your suggestions to the CONTRIBUTE section of the LDPW public wiki page HERE. We’d love your input!

Jack mentioned in the initial LDPW post that we’d be “… finally completing the missing coastline on the southern continent.” Well, the thirty new “Void” regions are now being terraformed, excavated, massaged, smoothed, named, and textured.

We’ll hide a few easter eggs here and there, but we’ll also include a small island which will be set in the gap between McManus and Pogon. We could just throw down some palm trees but that’s no fun so we need suggestions. What do you think? Tiki huts? Evil supervillain hideout? Man eating tigers playing bocce? The island is small (under 100 meters across, maybe 200-300 meters long north-south) and therefore it only has a few hundred prims. So whatever you suggest, consider that it probably shouldn’t be too complex or large as it’ll be a couple of hundred meters from the nearest Resident-owned land.

Jack has now started to contact builders from the applications we have received, we have a few on board but there’s still plenty of opportunity to get involved. If you’ve applied, watch your inbox!

If you haven’t applied and you’re a skilled Second Life builder, scripter or artist and interesting in being part of the LDPW then do it now…you might have what it takes to be one of the few, the proud, the moles!

Here’s how to apply…

1. Go to

2. Log in using your account name and password and create a new Support Ticket

3. Select Ticket Type: Special Questions – Basic account or Guest Login and then in the next drop down menu select Contact the Linden Dept of Public Works

4. Then fill in the details below, it is suggested that you attach images of some of your best builds and/or examples of work and also note the SLUrl of this work, and where it can be found. You must also list at least 2 references (Users) for your skills.

You can also create a Flickr and Upload your Images onto that, then list the url of that Flickr in the Support Ticket.

About Blue

SL early beta resident turned Linden. Always concerned with and representing the resident experience. Always want to know what you think. Always wondering when I can next get some sushi, except when stuffing sushi down my neck.
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78 Responses to The Friday LDPW Update – February 29th 2008

  1. Starfire Desade says:

    Island… what about a volcano?

  2. Kimo Junot says:

    who cares what it looks like when you cant even stay on line..all I do is crash every 10 to 15 min sometimes even more with this new viewer grrrrr

  3. Marianne McCann says:

    I’ve applied, but heard nothing back

  4. Muse Messmer says:

    The answer should be obvious! “La Isla de la Muerte”, Pirates hideaway!!!

  5. charles mcgrew says:

    The “Dr. Evil” volcano headquarters lair seems appropriate. Perhaps there are copyright issues — the “Dr. Naughty” volcano headquarters lair? For a non-copyrighted bond-theme, the “Dr. Yes”, or “Dr. Ernst Stavro Blowhard” volcano headquarters lair with memorabilia store and taco stand?

  6. Malifico Bade's says:

    TGers allowed yet ;D?

  7. Razrcut Brooks says:

    @ 2 Update your ram and graphics card.

    @ Blue Linden : send an IM to Nina Raymond for recruitment purposes. She is an excellent, skilled builder.

  8. Hewitt Huet says:

    To speak of this tomfoolery after today’s cock-up is appalling. Unacceptable. Eye candy at a time like this – it’s outrageous and we deserve more for the tier we pay. Can’t even get the upgrades to the viewer sorted out. Crashing left and right. Rolling back server upgrades because they crapped the bed. UNREAL.

  9. Dytska Vieria says:

    Friday the 28th? It is the 29th!
    //never crashes

  10. How about Money Trees for all to go enjoy!!!! That would be something nice. They are only 1 prim each so toss out 100 some money trees for all to enjoy 😉 Name it Mini Money Tree Island.

  11. Masuyo Aabye says:

    evil villans hide out, i agree with that. it would be cool to explore

  12. what would be the most useful, would be a place where some could hold events, large or small (sessions, teachings…). For this we need, either a small or large place, but where we could book events (community events, publicized on the LL site), with a queue, and the event holder should be able to temporarily ban griefers or people who disturb his event.
    I found a concert place in Pooley, with 72 sits, a large one for SL. The trick was to place the sits at the crossing point of four regions. But a real concert place should be able to host hundreds of people. In SL, this would need a special region with a specific computer.

    and the Pooley stage is not nice. It is even lame compared to most concert places set by residents. But tastes in SL are many, we should be able to rez different architectures to the same place.

  13. Sharron Schuman says:

    wow, please people. This is not the place to whine. I don’t mean to insult or pass judgement. But, you that are haveing problems logging, staying online, crashing, etc., it is mostl likely not the fault of the Lindens. Your hardware or connection is marginal. Sl has been rocking except for the totaly absurd and sucky communications window for some time now. If you have stability issues this is not the thread to whine about it in. I never crash for sl issues, its almost always my connection when i crash.

  14. Nectere Niven says:

    eh I applied for the DPW on the 16th of Feb but the ticket was and still is ignored ignored.

    How about a pirates booty?

  15. Lestat Demain says:

    eh? the type of island u want with a volcano, pirates cove jungle undersea place and meeting place would take about 4 sims to be anywhere half decent go look up peter pan 😛

  16. Novis Dyrssen says:

    I’m still asking myself how building new places is reaching the goal of prettying up the existing mainland… but then again, maybe I mistook that goal for something else…

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  18. Why not use the available open source scripts and stuff to build a “Mario brothers type maze, trap doors, beasts that attack, walk through mazes, places you have to jump to, keys and clues and stuff, all the components are available to create a “standard video game” type sim with pretty much everything that is already available-a good “BETA” example of what’s possible here-it would answer the often asked question about what to do in SL once you get here-is the idea too complex? You have geniuses working here, it’ll keep them out of trouble.

  19. Zulqadi Saarinen says:

    I could not find any other way to bring this to Linden’s attention, so I am sorry for irrelevance, but I have to let them hear this.

    LL, Do you realize that all HOLLYWOOD, TV, MEDIA, MOVIE MAKERS use MAC? And people can’t make machinima in SL using Mac at the moment. So, do you realize by not fixing it, you are keeping the CORE TALENT away from SL that can make wonderful movies and would give you free publicity as well.

    I repeat, by ignoring Mac issues, you are keeping the CORE TALENT & EXPERIENCE of movie making away from SL. THINK! and plz do something about it.

  20. The reason why I propose a concert-meetings place is that it is events and activities which attract people. Other kind of useful built can be made. Successful sims are sims which propose something, where there are activities, stakes.

    Today most people who have activities flee the mainland, its ugliness, its griefers and unpleasant neighbours, to build on their own land. But not everybody can afford a sim for a school, club or roleplay. From where the utility of having community places in SL, useable by all, nice and griefer free (it is enough to ban troublesome people).

    For the interest of everybody, there are some who need to heed at successful communities builders, before Multiverse, OpenSim or HiPiHi learn them to think. See how Internet Explorer was ousted simply for not heeding at users. First lesson today: there are no roads in HiPiHi. Left road for RL themed sims, or car-bikers-techno themed sims, where they will be great and much welcome.

    Suggestion: as much as it is possible today, share mainland by themes. (or if you create new mainland, do it with a given theme).

  21. /me *shrugs*… thought you had the best… now… after all this fuss you STILL need input from the real creative residents heh? 😮 guess this says a bit on where the Lindens should look before anything else: CONTENT THEFT, after that is looked at and worked on, you might start getting a more positive flow from the creative minds, till then… go with the pack…
    (sry for the rant… but i’m a bit annoyed at how things are turning out even after so much buzz and the bells and whistles and shinies keep comin out at an alarming rate… for the sake of… i dunno what)


  22. Drongle MacMahon says:

    Island theme suggestion – not everything can be nice….

  23. Hewitt Huet says:

    “wow, please people. This is not the place to whine. I don’t mean to insult or pass judgement. But, you that are haveing problems logging, staying online, crashing, etc., it is mostl likely not the fault of the Lindens. Your hardware or connection is marginal”

    Suddenly, my hardware is marginal? It’s almost ALWAYS the fault of the lindens. That “it’s your hardware” argument has been around in the software business for years.

    Sharon, please don’t say such ridiulous things. SL doesn’t “rock” for anyone who can’t save scripts or build content because the asset servers are choking (again). And that has nothing to do with marginal hardware anywhere but LL.

    And THAT is why people are upset at this fatuous project. Nothing’s fixed and LL wants to build the Emerald city, replete with munchkins. If only WE could find the wizard of Oz… if ever ever a wiz there was, the wizard of oz is one beacause, because because because BECAUSE……..

  24. Jrift Sol says:

    That’s an excellent idea. I’m very tempted to design some game components.

  25. Sal Upshaw says:

    Great But You Should Check The Calendar Before You Make A Post….2 Feb 28’s Are 2 too Many

  26. woody says:

    How about implimenting one of your earlier ideas, and keep the island as simple as possible. Open it up! Use it for a “resting place” for the weary ocean traveler. Just because there is an Island, it does not mean it needs to be over developed like much of the Main Land.
    If this doesnt work for you, Id be just fine with a case of good beer and some relaxing music as i watch the virtual sun fall into the ocean.

  27. Broccoli Curry says:

    I know several people who have applied and are eagerly waiting – hopefully – a confirmation email so they can get going and start building something that isn’t commercial or adult in nature, and really show off the fun, collaborative, community-building side of SL that is sadly understated all too often.

  28. Brenda Maculate says:

    Lestat (#16) had a great idea: A Peter Pan theme! Pirate’s Cove, a place for mermaids to hang out… Yeah! 😀

  29. Chrysala Desideri says:

    just love the name “Dr. Naughty”!

  30. LeePonzu says:


    Almost everywhere, everything is cut up into rectangles. Even the regions are rectangles. I am sick sick sick of all the damn rectangles. If god meant us to live in rectangles he would have made us square.

  31. Sarah says:

    Who cares? Fix the performance and stability issues damn it!
    At least once a day I crash while teleporting to another region, crashing 2-3 times a day in addition for no reason.
    Stop wasting time on this, windlight, voice, new UIs. Fix what has been broken for over a year!

  32. Mechagliel Gears says:

    ok dumb question, wots a Void region?

  33. Lindens, you are asking for good builders, and tell them what to do.

    But what you need is people who have good ideas, who say what woul be fine to built. Builders will come without asking.

    Take for instance my idea of a large concert place. If everybody can agree on the needs, nobody will agree on aesthetics, setting or architecture. So why not to left all entries open, keep all the builts, and make a scrip for the user to select the one he likes?

    Another example, your small island. A beach would be nice. We don’t really have beaches in SL, or when we have, they belong to a club. Why not to do a public beach? Of course so that people come in, you need to add some events or activities, and make it griefer free.

  34. Mechagliel Gears says:

    #32 ok tired of seeing this kind of stuff so let me say this once:
    The lindens work on several projects in PARALLEL (this includes stability, bugs, viewers, ARs and a host of other things) as much as they would probabably like to Stop all other projects and work on bugs for you, they would be shooting themselves (and US) in the foot. All to often I see ppl Griping about the Stabiity issuses not being fixed … Wot the heck you think server updates ARE? You want to Help?! grab an buggy as hell Beta/RC and Report the bugs you find! Get active, becuase Umm Griping is NOT productive. And as for the “I’m leaveing SL” lot… leave already. Trolls of that sort ruin the experiance for Everyone else. Frankly I find that SL far outshines everything else, but it does require some EFFORT on the part of the players. Dont like that? Go play WoW or do as some have claimed and Go write your own.

    BTW sarah, none of this was against you, just had a rant that needed out.

  35. But even for just a beach, you will have to choose a theme: pirat, game, family, surf, etc…

  36. Jazzman says:

    How about Lost World kind of island with dinosaurs are such. Everybody loves dinosaurs!

    And …. not to stand out too much by staying on topic…I would like to congratulate LL. I perceive a decline in Ad Farms. Thanks.

    @26 Good eye! lol

  37. Electra says:

    Hi, quick question in regard to the latest update. Does anyone know if this particular version uses more memory? I ask because I downloaded it last night and ever since, my CPU has been between 80-100%. I don’t have the fastest computer and SL has always taken a toll on it. This worries me bacuase if this version eats up even more memory then I might have to switch back to the older version. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  38. Swiftly Streeter says:

    Ahhh what is LDPW??

    Must everything be turned into an abbreviation? 🙂

    A void region is a sim with 1875 prims. Easier to run on the servers I guess. I know they cost less to buy. Hard to build on them though, not enough prims. But if you want a lot of land for low dollars it’s the way to go.

  39. Yavapai says:

    @38 Electra: same here, with a double core CPU, 2048 RAM, 256 Nvidia Graphic. Slow thing, the new viewer + all CPU resources eaten. But I also crash all 5 minutes, even with the update of today. So I am back at the last 18xx version.

    @7 Razrcut: what you said to (2) Kimo helps nothing. I think, for example, I have enough RAM and graphic power, also an extreme fast internetconenction and I crash also with the 19xx5 …and crashed constantly with 19xx4, especially when I tp. Login worked, rezzing too, but very slow, then crash at every first tp…complete deleting and reinstall didn’t help. So I am back at 18xx

  40. Sherry Greggan says:

    How about telling the people who’ve applied if you need them or not.
    Rather than letting them sit there getting ignored???

    I’ve applied and heard nowt!
    If I’m not needed then it’d be nice to know.

  41. Kula Anatine says:

    i dont care why would i work for free and they wouldnt want me anyways im not a kiss ass, LL over zelist bull sucks stablize the damn grid and give us avatar rights we own SL too

  42. Yann says:

    I see red squares in animations after the update!


  43. Aaron J. Freeman says:

    Whine, Whimperin’ Song, sounds like a theme for Dr. Naughty’s Lair. The Volcano was not original with Dr. Evil, btw, but probably was featured on Bond, as well as the Flintstones and Flint.

    The Sandbox could be a volcanic beach, cleaned by Lava Flow every four hour day. Four beaches, but only a couple hundred prim rights each.

    My understanding of Void Sims, and the usability of the Knowledge Base is another project, is that four Voids take the resources of one regular, so sixteen can be run on a single Simulator. In theory, that would be 4,096 prim rights, but I don’t know how much of that is taken by Terrain, Weather and other housekeeping. Regular Simulations are allowed about 16,000 prim-rights, but 15,000 are distributed, while the remaining thousand are for Vehicles and Temp-Rezzes.

    So, Dr. Naughty’s Lair would need a walk in Volcano, and a water outlet for James Coburn’s High Dive, but the playgrounds would be mock mature, and Marianne might like to put her marvelous hands in other directions. How would we build a Comfort-Girl’s Work-Station, like a Drive-In, General Audience, with less than 50 prims?

  44. Sling Trebuchet says:

    That island..
    How about having automated boat tours from there – like the ferry that leaves the Northern edge of Cyclops at the head of the Great Linden Railway?
    It could tour the ocean shores with stopping points spread around Linden land.

    How about an underwater metro between the island and the Protected mainland?
    Glass tunnel with reefs, plant and creature in the water outside?

  45. Doran Zemlja says:

    It’s great to hear that the Moles are working in “Bay City” regions, but I’m a curious one, and I want to SEE what they’re doing.

    “Sorry you do not have access to that teleport destination.”

    Have I got the wrong region name? I don’t care if it’s a barren wasteland right now. I still want to see.

    Keeping people out just dampens support and energy for the project.

  46. Trella McMahon says:

    K to those with issues, humbly suggests, please do upgrade your systems or graphics card(s) to meet format requirements, or clear your caches, recheck your end and then recheck it all again. I did. For working here or play it is so worth it. After my upgrades I see vast over-all total improvements beyond any of my personal wildest dreams for this format, and yes the issues ended being all on my end. You see I was once a whiner too, howling with the pack ;). Agreed there maybe mistakes made by LL along the way, but hey no one is perfect in the real world including LL, nor any of us. I do see when a mistake is made they work hard to fix it. But imho we should be very certain issues are not of our own before dragging LL down with the total blame game.

    LL ty for an outstanding format since my upgrade to you specs, I am to very impressed. Keep up the incredible work as we all march on into the future. Looking forward to your mole artist works and am very happy to do work in your format and creations.
    Bows most humbly, with deepest apology to LL, wish I could help in your inspiring efforts but just as well look so forward to the artistic creative work of other’s.
    Many Blessings,,,,

  47. Electra says:

    @#40 Yavapai – thank you for responding. 🙂 I think I will do the same and downgrade to the previous version.

  48. Slartibartfast Magicthise says:

    Well, no matter what you do, people will complain and be unhappy.

    So, why not do an island tribute to griefers?

    You could fill it with LOLercubes, put a big statue of Prok in the middle and SLHerald newsstands/billboards everywhere.

    Keep scripts, health, build, and push turned on and watch the fun!

  49. People, People, People, really it’s time to stop complaining and whining about Second Life here on the Linden Lab Blog.

    It’s not Linden Labs fault that the GRID isn’t stable. That’s the fault of the Residents who have flooded into the world. It’s the Residents who went out and told others about Second Life that have brought the GRID to moving like molasses in the winter.

    The Linden Lab employee’s have done everything they can to keep Second Life going strong, so if you are stuck in a Teleport Bug, the problem isn’t with Linden Lab, again it must be your fault. Most likely you are using one of the many non-Linden clients, and most likely it’s them that is causing your problem. Those memory leaks in the Linden Lab client are there to STOP the Teleport Bug, but you have to go and use a client where someone thought it smart to remove them, and look what happens!

    If everyone would just get off the Linden Lab employee’s back and stop complaining, then Second Life would be a truly marvelous world. Linden Lab employee’s, like Blue and Jack, are only trying to make Second Life prettier for you and me. This is their job, not, like many of you have assumed, dealing with the rude and crass unhappy Residents about the bugs and Asset Server issues. Those problems were and still are caused by the Residents of Second Life. They would all go away if the Residents would just back away from the world and not log in when there are more then 30.000 Residents in-world. It’s not Linden Labs fault that so many Residents are trying to use their virtual property that they paid REAL money for. The Residents should learn to live within the boundaries of Second Life, no matter how much REAL money they have paid for their virtual land.

    It’s high time all you complainers and nay-sayers to just stop your complaining and FIX your Second Life problems. The Linden Lab employee’s are busy working on their own “pet” projects that they know will add either beauty or grace to the world of Second Life. CEO and co-founder of Linden Lab, Philip Rosedale, is right on the mark when he tells us about how things work at Linden Lab. People aren’t assigned work, they work on what they want to, and in this way Linden Lab employee’s will be happy. Because we all know, that if the Linden Lab employee’s are happy, then the CUSTOMER’s must too be happy; it’s pure logic!

    So, really everyone, stop your complaining, because NONE of these problems are the fault of Linden Lab. Linden Lab employee’s are doing everything they know how to keep Second Life up and running, and if weren’t for all you Residents, then Second Life would work just fine.

    I applaud the efforts of Blue and Jack for the Department of Public Works at Linden Lab. This is a gargantuan effort to improve Second Life. By bringing online another Island, built by Second Life residents, designed by Second Life residents, scripted by Second Life residents, will FIX all the problems of Second Life! You just wait and see, when this island is completed, Second Life will run better then ever before, and you all will owe Blue and Jack and all their supporters, including myself, an apology!

    Yay to Blue and Jack! Here’s to improving Second Life by adding another Island!!!!! YAY YAY YAY!!!

  50. joeb says:

    palestians throwing stones (very big large prim stones this time) at their opponents.

  51. Di Jun says:

    Island? Oh goodie, I need a new Bikini…ROFL
    @23 Drongle; And speaking of Bikinis, we could do better with the Bikini Atoll;
    Of course if you visit the Island your Av will glow in the dark for…hmmm, lets see…how about a SL half life… and then the occasional random test bomb that will render your AV useless forever and a day…

    @20 Zalqadi, From one Mac user to another, I couldn’t agree more!

    Peace, Di

  52. Knowl Paine says:

    Many of the shorelines in SL are graded much higher than the waterline. Some flat beaches would be nice. It is difficult to take photo shots when there is one meter of beach and a huge hill behind you.
    I like the idea of a stage or amphitheatre. I agree the island may be to small for a large meeting place, but several small meeting places should be considered. The meeting areas could be themed. One for couples, business and one for socialites.
    Volcanoes are cool I just wish that more of them would have flat summits and maybe a winding trail that takes you to the top.
    Caves are fun to explore but something that is underground may be left undiscovered.
    I would like to see some kind of landmark or distinguishing feature. Something, that when you say it name most people will know where to meet you. Things like a lighthouse or the boardwalk.
    A SL “Stonehenge” or Easter Island theme would be cool. We could put names on the stones to commemorate individuals who have made significant contributions to SL.
    A suggestion for frequent crashers; try turning off all sound and when your computer starts making sounds like it’s making popcorn, your about to crash.
    I don’t know computers from coconuts, but I was told it is all about your –bus speed- what ever that is.

    I have an Inbox?? I have an xbox.
    Where is that confounded Inbox?

  53. Damen Hax says:

    *To everyone mentioning the fact they haven’t had a reply from their ticket/application~ perhaps you missed this part of the blog entry;

    ” Jack has now started to contact builders from the applications we have received, we have a few on board but there’s still plenty of opportunity to get involved. If you’ve applied, watch your inbox!”

    So.. unless Jack isn’t human.. I’d say give him a week or so at the very least, think about it~

    *To everyone moaning about the latest client update,.. It’s a big update, major changes, a few hiccups are to be expected but are worth it in the end.

    I for one am very pleased the texture key issue has been fixed, noticed a couple things from “Dazzle”, looking good.

  54. Kimo Junot says:

    @ #7 Razrcut…….My computer is VERY up to date and is a very fast system…. bottom line is this version of SL is NOTHING but problems.. it is a nightmare… I see people ALL Over SL going thru the same exact things I am.. constant to tell me it is MY computer is a bunch of crap… it is SL not ME or anyone else.. this viewer is a total wreck…but of course in the last 2 years I have seen many viewers just as bad if not what was I expecting…I gues I must enjoy wasting my money

  55. Flux says:

    Hey don’t forget to clean up the existing mainland!
    Kill the ad farms!

  56. icktoofay Kamachi says:

    @45 I agree. I tried to teleport earlier today. The map pictures look pretty bland…. I still want to see it though. It looks like a bit of land with a few roads crossing around… Ah, well. Linden Labs, great job on LDPW and make sure we can see it! ;D

  57. Electra says:

    @#53 Damen Hax – I wasn’t “moaning” about the update. I was politely asking the advice of other seasoned users. Because I don’t know if it’s just my computer, I needed to know if others were experiencing the same thing.

    Afterall, if we can’t constructively discuss this game, then what’s the point of this blog?

  58. Argent Stonecutter says:

    I notice you finally returned the palm tree I left on the lonely island in the seas north of Corsica.

    There’s a lot of volcanoes, how about a coral reef and some wrecked ships?

  59. Manjagan Rahja says:

    Abt the chrashing that is mentioned here… What do you do since you crash that much? I hardly never crash, and my pc is abt one 1 year old… Got high graphics settings and still hardly crash. (a few times during tp though) I got friends who crash alot, but why such difference?

  60. For everybody who wants to -see- how the Bay City regions look like now:

  61. Khamudy Mannonen says:

    Wasn’t there a Linden at one time called Magellan Linden who went off exploring to find the other continents of SL? It would be fun if this little island picked up and furthered the explorations of Magellan Linden, perhaps a shipwreck of his first ship, or a stop-off point where his equipment still was.

    Or as said above, a pirate hang out!

    I think it would be cool, though, if some of the older “Linden Stories” were resumed and continued. We know that Magellan Linden set sail for the new continents, but never found out what happened.

  62. Hewitt Huet says:

    @Damen Hax – I love you man XD

    @#32 :

    I reported lots of bugs. I don’t whine. I don’t send in ticket after ticket to support when my inventory is lost, my viewer crashes, or some idiot ruins my SL day (or tries).

    The point I want to make is, people who are complaining about grid stability and viewer issues are not all noobs, and usually are NOT.

    Also, I’m a little put off by the attempt to somehow blame the residents for not testing software for the viewers – “Come on, people” – LL has been at this since 2002. They can’t figure out a way to release a more stable product? That does not need to be updated 5 hours after being released? Ok. Why do you think everyone is so nervous about Server updates, Havok 4, and Windlight?

    They screwed up by throwing open their ‘doors’ to free accounts that were unverified, just to say there’s 13million residents, and attract advertising a la Google. They clogged the grid with alts and griefers by doing this, and the bog co’s who set up islands and such are standing around saying, “hey – were are these 13 million people” … you see, the CEO of Coca Cola does not know what an “Alt” is, but DOES know what 13 million pairs of eyeballs are.

    SO – Don’t blame the victims, blame the perpetrators.

  63. Medhue Simoni says:

    #34 Mechagliel, Stability is the #1 biggest problem.Ev1 understand that there are different people for different jobs. But its hard to understand how some projects constantly move forward, and stablity problems keep getting pushed aside. Ev1 should got take a look at the bug reports, and vote on them. Just 1 example is the Classifed Ads, there are many major bugs. Resulting in residents paying for something that doesn’t work. Please ev1, go there and vote on bugs. If a bug doesnt get votes, it isnt looked at. The bottom lines is that there are not enough people allocated to fixing bugs. If any1 watched Phils video b4 the new year, he stated that he was happy with the amount of people working on sl. Obviously they do not have enough.
    Im with the residents that say built somethiing to do. Not just Eye Candy. Put a small roller coaster.

  64. Veronica Quackenbush says:

    @32 My understanding of void regions is that they are like protected land, but an entire region’s worth of it, so that space can be added to the grid without needing as many resources as a regular sim. Examples are blocks of regions like the Shelef-Evans and Ligdia-Cossus region groups on the Sansara and Heterocera continents, respectively, and more snaking groups of void regions like Henshaw-Gali Gali on Sansara. Some private continents such as the Azure islands likewise incorporate void regions. Though mostly full water regions, some voids, such as Toggenburg-Ordino in Sansara, are mountainous.

    You may notice that the LL mainland examples are all in the first two continents, and for good reason: to the best of my knowledge, none have yet been provided in later continents from Meridia onward (the full water regions in Nautilus and Corsica all seem to be up for development).

    I for one rejoice in the fact that LL is starting to add void regions again, since one of the less visible casualties of SL’s massive growth has been the gradual neglect of what we may call “true space” travel (I can’t very well call it “real” space, since the grid is virtual, but suggestions for less awkward terms would be welcome) by which I mean the exploration of the grid by forms of locomotion such as walking, flying, driving, or sailing, as opposed to teleporting.

    The neglect of true space travel is related to a number of self-reinforcing obstacles to it. One blatant example: a search for “rezzing area” reveals mainland vehicle rezzing areas on just ONE continent: Sansara, the oldest of the six (and only the older parts of Sansara at that). In fact, one of the much needed DPW projects I would very much like to suggest (and contribute to) is the equipment of all the other mainland continents with suitable infrastructure of the kind that is currently available almost only on Sansara. I would love to help create vehicle rezzing areas at such currently “build orphaned” locations as Benham, Sedge, Mirr, Triglav, and Onatopp (I am currently still working on creating enough representative builds to complete the minimum required for my application, but if I could work for DPW this is exactly the sort of thing I would love to work on).

    I believe that aside from the obvious joys of exploring in true space, providing such infrastructure would have another benefit for the grid as a whole: a road (rail, waterway, etc) network provides structure to an otherwise disorganized jumble of parcels (many of them banned) and thus would likely help mitigate the proliferation of unsightlly and pointless ad farms.

    In conclusion, then, I would entertain the fond hope that this move by DPW is a step toward making all the mainland continents as well structured and enjoyable as the original Sansara.

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  66. @ Veronica Quackenbush (63)
    This is an interesting analysis about travels in SL (in short you would like to be able to travel all the way through the grid without teleporting.

    This however raises several issues.

    -Private lands, or mature lands will remain access limited

    -Themed lands will not allow for any communication mean. so you will have to leave roads or railway to travel by horse or by foot, you will have to exchange your modern boat to a sail boat, etc. This is a bit like in RL, in fact.

    -several grids. When teleporting, no matter if you have one or several grid. And for nox, in Second Life there are only two grids (main and teen) so that the issue don’t arise. However there could be other grids, and competitors to SL are preparing several other grids. Even Multiverse is preparing a system (still beta) where each owner has his own grid. This is for ownership reason, but it can also be for theme reasons (for instance a rounded planet into space). There is an idea of making a common interface sytem for all these worlds, so we could teleport from any of them to any other. But not walk… So that SL itself could evolve into a more mainland-centered community, while many private lands would shift to other grids.

  67. @64 quote: “…at Linden Lab. People aren’t assigned work, they work on what they want to, and…”

    then don’t be astonished, all the SL problems come from this!
    If people were working like that in RL, we would all have nifty cars, but no plumbers to fix clogged toilets. Isn’t it like this that LL systems look like, when we see old bugs resurfacing at the occasion of an update on a completely unrelated part? I am sorry, but any work comprises unpleasant parts, programming included, like respecting normalization, ensuring quality level and consistency of the different modules of the programs, etc.

    Who is doing the quality management in SL?

    Who is keeping the database of program modules, variables, resources, and their scope and dependencies, so that, when an employee works on what he likes, he don’t mess up other parts of the program?

    this is work for engineers, not for geeks.

    When IBM and Sun big 3D project will laminate LL with employees working on what is required to work on, I just hope that they will not throw away all the good features of SL.

    The shift already begun, with companies like Orange (french phone and access provider) launching SL communities (Orange region) managged in a professional manner, king of Club Mediterranee, in order to make profit. Small private groups will not cope with this, and even large welll organized private communities will be in trouble.

  68. Bluesky Rumpler says:

    how about a ruined fort/castle, wrecked ship. A memorial for fallen soldiers. have the statue of liberty
    turn the island into a giant head that gives out bad advice- or better yet a giant foot. A merry go round/ferris wheel. A temple, a Giant Gong or Bell that rings when the sun sets.
    A group of Seals that shout poetry. or a group of singing mermaids.
    A bunch of seagulls/ or crabs that try and pinch you if you get on the island as you try and find a transport site. Or for the Sci-Fi people a Star Gate to transport you someplace like second life alien planet.

  69. Di Jun says:

    Jurassic Park Island…run for your SL lives .-)))

  70. Sling Trebuchet says:

    @63: Void sims are basically 1/4 of the poke of a normal sim. They run four void sims with the resources that would normally run a normal sim.
    A Void sim only supports 3570 prims rather than the usual 15000.
    Scripting performance is similarly reduced.

    It looks as if the 30 void sims filling up the hole in the southern continent will be largely water.

    It would be nice if the seabed was terraformed with a lot of hills and hollows. That would give **visual event without using any prims**.
    The flat seabeds in most of the existing water sims are ….. well ….. flat! 🙂

    Easter eggs hidden in the folds and hollows would be good, and would stop explorers from cheating by turning off fog 😉

    The dry land in those sims could also be terraformed to a greater extent than usual, but would be constrained by a need to blend in the existing mainland that they adjoin.
    Default terraforming tends to be bland in the new sims presumably because the market generally wants ‘flat’ for building.
    The new shoreline in the void sims needs non-prim event.

    Ooooh! Can *I* be Slartibartfast Mole??? (Look it up)
    Pretty please??

  71. Sling Trebuchet says:

    Since the comment count isn’t going through the roof in this blog entry, I don’t feel (so) guilty in taking up yet another on-topic slot to reinforce a point that I can’t edit.

    Hey LL!
    On this terraforming thing.
    It’s a case of “Our World, Your Imagination”

    Please don’t imagine Our World flat 🙂
    You know it makes prim-sense.

  72. Salazar Jack says:

    “we’ll also include a small island which will be set in the gap between McManus and Pogon. We could just throw down some palm trees but that’s no fun so we need suggestions.”

    Is it possible that this island might have a line of Easter Island-like statues just up from the shore consisting of various giant hippo heads?

  73. Sling Trebuchet says:

    Terraform a huge maze.

    Texture bits of terrain with game boards.

    Make an underwater Grand Canyon, twisting North to South for nearly 15 sims – with submerged mountains in it.
    =/-40m terraforming in those sims.

    Use sculpts for low-prim Denizens of the Deep. A lot of the RL ones are kind of blobby.

    OK. Sorry. I’ll be quiet now.
    For a while…

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  75. Sling Trebuchet says:

    Is this horse dead yet? Can I flog it a bit more?

    If the only island in the Southern Continent void is the one between McManus and Pogon, then there is a problem for boating.

    There is ‘water’ all the way up North, but the resident-owned Haebyon sim blocks passage by water.
    The piece of dry land in the West of Haebyon indicates that the ‘natural’ terrain will involve a shoreline running from the Tarington sim on the other side of the void.

    How about running a canal or gorge South/North through the void terrain between Rundlelawn and Haebyon?
    A shallow winding gorge would be good. Think of something like Lake Havasu on the Colorado River.

    Slartibartfast would definitely dig out something there.
    Because it’s SL, he could fight off “fjords in Africa would be hard for him to explain without natural glacial movement.” (see link above) by claiming that a giant alien spacecraft had crashed in the Southern Continent and gouged out a huge trench.

    Couldn’t he???
    Has anybody looked down there? There could be huge broken chunks of alien technology buried down there.

  76. space rockett says:

    hi my account was disabled on 20th april 07 i have sent several email to linden lab to no avail, i have also phoned, but still i’m waiting for your response could you contact me asap to resolve this matter, i think my subscription will be due for renewal soon, i.m not sure what date exactly as i can not access the relevant page, i am in the u.k and have phoned your u.k office, with no response to date, i hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank You.


    (space rockett)
    Reference Ticket number:

    (6/12/2007 1:26 PM PDT) Hello Space,

    Your Second Life account was suspended due to violations of our Terms of Service (ToS). We took this action upon being informed that you purchased Linden dollars that were fraudulently acquired by the seller. This information came in the form of a fraud dispute initiated by a credit card holder through their issuing bank. Upon conclusion of our investigation we have reason to believe you were not aware you were purchasing fraudulently obtained goods. We have therefore restored your account and noted it accordingly. As the goods you received were fraudulently obtained, we are unable to allow them to remain in your account. You are encouraged to engage the fraud recovery channels available to you that are provided by the site where you purchased these goods, and/or your payment service provider.


    Aki Linden


    The above text contains HTML formatting

    Customer CC Emails:

    Attachment: Attach a file

    Action Date Actions CSR /Customer Comment
    7/12/2007 3:00 PM PDT Sent Information Aki Linden Hi Space,

    I apologize for the delay. It has been busy around here lately. :). Because of the status of your account (being in a negative Linden balance/not in good standing) we are unable to process credits for you. However, if you do have funds in your account balance, that will certainly cover your monthly fees etc. Unfortunately there’s nothing that we are able to do to help restore the Linden dollars that were removed from your account as we are legally obligated to remove what is essentially stolen property. The best thing you can do in this situation is contact the company or source of the Linden dollars and ask for a refund.


    Aki Linden

    7/10/2007 8:21 AM PDT Customer Posted a Comment Space_Rockett Rockett hi aki, its been a while since i heard from you, hope you havent forgot about me.*smile*


    6/25/2007 4:09 PM PDT Sent Information Aki Linden Hi Space,

    I apologize again for the delay. I am working on your situation right now.


    Aki Linden

    6/23/2007 4:11 AM PDT Reopened Space_Rockett Rockett hi aki
    thank you for your response, i have been waiting for the info you were going to send me , I do appreciate your time and help and I guess your busy, so i expect you forgot about it.
    Hope to hear from you soon.


    space rockett.
    6/19/2007 4:45 PM PDT Sent Information Aki Linden Hello Space,

    Thank you for your patience. I understand that this is frustrating time at the moment and I will do what I can to help. I wanted to give you an update as I will be sending you more information tomorrow morning. Please let me know if you have any new information. Otherwise you will here from me soon.


    Aki Linden

    6/16/2007 11:28 PM PDT Reopened Space_Rockett Rockett hi aki thank you for responding to my help request, the problem i got now is since returning to my account i find that i’m unable to process the credit , you say i obtained fraudulently also when i looked in the transaction log it was empty besides some transaction linden lab had made, i before all this happened had a inworld streaming business, i also sold a few plots of land, and now have no record of the transactions to help me show that i have obtained the credit hosnestly, i have not involved myself or my account in fruadulant activities and i’m being treated and punished like i’m a criminal, in fact if your investigation is correct i,m also a victim of all this and think that i’m still being made to pay even though the credit in my account was obtained legitemately, i hope you can understand my position, also if possible could you provide me with a copy of my transaction log/history from the 20.04.07 twenty april 2007- to the 12.06.07 twelve of june 2007 because as far as i’m aware i sold land during that period and have no record of the transaction or credit .. ? and also for some reason i was charged $25.00 for land tier fees …?
    thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon …


    space rockett

  77. I agree with you Sling Trebuchet.

    You are really good write.

  78. lantar says:

    So nice, thanks

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