New Viewer: Second Life 1.19.0 Viewer Now Available!

After spending several weeks in Release Candidate status, the Second Life 1.19.0 Viewer is now available for download as the primary viewer from the Community: Downloads page. Many thanks to all of you who helped us find and fix issues along the way!

The Second Life 1.19.0 Viewer contains some important new features, changes and a ton of bug fixes. This release also addresses the QuickTime security issue identified back in December and updates the required version of QuickTime to 7.4. Read on!

New features and changes:

  • Voice
    • Voice Chat is now enabled by default to allow Residents to hear other Residents.
    • A microphone is required to speak to other Residents.
    • Push-to-Talk is the default mode for transmitting voice.
    • Push-to-Talk is on by default. This means Resident mics are off by default.
    • These settings can be modified via the Voice Chat tab of the Preferences dialog.
  • Age Verification:
    • The user interface for parcel and estate access has been clarified and improved.
    • Added the ability to restrict access to parcels and estates to age verified adults.
    • Removed the ability to *ban* access to Residents who have provided payment info or who have used payment info. We continue to support the ability to *allow* access to only those who have provided payment info.
  • Crash Reporter
    • The crash reporting mechanism has been improved. Following a crash, more useful information will be sent and reports should now take less than 10 seconds.
  • VWR-210: Voice Support on Linux
    • This is experimental, see README-linux-voice.txt for more information or discuss it in the Linux Client Testers forum
  • Other changes:
    • Change alert message that pops up when you set Busy
    • Add “Teleporting from SLURL to SLURL” to the chat history to provide simple “back” links
    • Print the name of the missing gesture in the error message
    • Remove “New Account…” and “Preferences” buttons from login screen for 1.19.0

Complete 1.19.0 Release Notes available on the Second Life wiki. Please continue to report any new issues in the Issue Tracker and be sure to set “Affects Version/s” to

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130 Responses to New Viewer: Second Life 1.19.0 Viewer Now Available!

  1. Phantom Ninetails says:

    “and updates the required version of QuickTime to 7.4” How can you do this to people with Windows 2000? This version of Quicktime does not support Windows 2000. Looks like I’ll be staying on 1.18 based alternate clients for some time now.

  2. Gordon Wendt says:

    “Voice Chat is now enabled by default to allow Residents to hear other Residents.”

    This is an incredibly stupid move considering that the majority of residents don’t want voice, don’t use voice, and since you refuse to implement a way to see who’s talking without enabling voice themselves already are stuck leaving voice on and explaining that they don’t use it or be stuck essentially deaf and mute, I urge you to think about reverting this one, other than that with the exception of Quicktime with Win2k issue it’s some good changes.

  3. Novis Dyrssen says:

    So why on earth DID you remove the preferences button from the login screen? It was pretty useful for adjusting the settings before I log on because that way it was less likely to crash the client than changes made when already inworld. Grrrr.

  4. Novis Dyrssen says:

    @ #2 – agreed, that one is highly stupid, too. Will need to turn it off manually again. Hmpf. Hmpf.

  5. Magnuz Binder says:

    Viewer update required and offering a download speed of 24 KB/s, meaning 45-50 minutes to download the 70 MB Mac client?!?!? Sometimes I just get veeery tired… Well, with previous experiences of upgrades, I guess that means I should at least be happy it’ll be close to an hour before all hell breaks loose on my poor computer…

  6. Gin Clayton says:

    That’s all fine and dandy. But is LL even working with Nvidia on the current issues with the latest drivers (Not beta)?

  7. is this windlight or no?

  8. Gin Clayton says:

    @7 It doesn’t say windlight, it’s for the regular SL client.

  9. Cummere MAyo says:

    yes too bad it took away the seperate shout button and took away the fps meter and made it all harder to use. *Sighs* be nice if the lindens would LISTEN to the customers instead of acting liek they knwo what we want, use and need mroe then we do. BTW the quicktime security bug was a monor thing fixed by quicktime themselves weeks ago!

    For gods sake READ the stuf fyou took away

  10. Ann Otoole says:

    why complain here? doesn’t do any good. talking to the wall is so effective. don’t like voice? disable it on your sims and parcels and be done with it. then voice fans can’t use it there either.

    show of hands by all who think anyone will actually read what you enter on the crash reports…..

    How about some serious action related to content theft? seems to be much more important than shinies nobody asked for. DMCA takedown? np. the crooks just put it back out. LL needs to begin deleting the stolen items from the asset server and trace the stolen content hand-off activity from alt to alt and ban every one of them.

    people who bought stolen skins need to walk about with missing image until they buy a legit product. and that stuff that was cheap because it was ripped and is not gone from inventory? go complain to the missing accounts that sold it.

    me thinks certain sims that support content theft would be chock full of 100 campers with missing image skins. that would be priceless.

  11. Kara Spengler says:

    Removing the prefs button? So if I am offline and realize I wanted to clear my cache I need to login, set the pref, log out, then login again?

    Age verification: can anyone give me a good rationale why anyone but the lindens even *want* this obscenity? I have a daughter in SL who would be affected by this. You you can bet I will be opting out of verifying my own age too.

  12. SL Player™ says:

    They listen to their “selected” customers…….the brown nosed ones.

  13. Tater says:

    I think its a good idea to have voice default to on; among my circle we prefer to use it and I think its going to become the norm before loo long..

    #2, where do you get your stats from, that “most” residents don’t want voice?

  14. Lars Donardson says:

    Voice chat enabled…preferences taken off the login screen…huh?
    Who handed out the bad drugs to the person responsible for this *censored*.

    @10 Why don’t you stick to your own advice and stop going on about content theft in each and every blog entry you post in?

    I am as ticked off by it as you are but I gave up on tearing my hair out over this issue. Linden Labs is obviously not going to tackle it – or at least it’s at the bottom of their ‘to-do list’

  15. toric says:

    @3 the preferences are still there, only rearranged! You can still get them at the login screen from the Edit menu or with Ctrl-P.

  16. Sedary Raymaker says:

    @11: “I need to login, set the pref, log out, then login again?”

    No, it’s still in the menu. So you can get to it, it’s just less convenient. If I didn’t need to use it so much because of crashes, I’d almost say it wasn’t a big deal.

  17. McCabe Maxsted says:

    Preferences can STILL be accessed. They hid it away under the EDIT menu. Also, you can hit CTRL-P and open preferences as normal.

  18. WarKirby Magoijiro says:

    preferences is still on the login screen. look in the edit menu

  19. Luna Hula says:

    Voice by default & no sign of WL going mainstream -|_-

  20. Shannara Snowdrop says:

    Thanks for NOTHING. Friends list is a wreck. Buttons moved/changed. Some things needed to be fixed yes…but haven’t you ever heard that if something is NOT broke DON’T fix it. It was bad enough on the one update that made the im window so big and a royal pain. Now you have to change other things with it.

  21. Neon says:

    I wish some of the ‘moaners’ here would actually download the client, look at it, use it and find out where stuff is before shouting drivel from the rooftops. Preferences can be found on the log in screen under edit. Voice if not configured upon first entering the new client will automatically give you the option to disable it. Most of the changes in this client have been previewed in Release Candidates and Windlight so have been tested and used by a fair sized number of users.

  22. WarKirby Magoijiro says:

    Also, where are the changes to group chat that 1.19 was supposed to have?

  23. Cummere MAyo says:

    Maybe all the surveys or all the tens of thousands of residents that stated various palces ont he blog WE DONT WANT IT

  24. Monavie Voight says:

    I’m glad for the updates, happy voice is automatically enabled… been a voice beta fan all along 🙂 and i’m not fond of windlight… would rather it never materialize.

  25. Hewitt Huet says:

    Here’s one good thing: At least I have the blog to read before I decide if I (DON’T) want to DL the new viewer.

    I think it’s absurd, truthfully, to put so much work in to releasing “RC’s” , collecting and encouraging jiras, and then releasing a feature-poor. They rearrange buttons and hide menus, and that’s called “progress”. Hah.

    @#12 Yup. Their friends, i.e. people who are friendly with lindens. This has been a persistent problem all along. I swear, the only two useful lindens seem to be Joshua and Andrew, Josh for his great posts about the furure of SL and Andrew for being accesible and actaully answerig IM’s when he gets online.

    Otherwise it seems like a** kissing is what they seek. Did Cory get fired cause he didnt pucker up hard enough, Phil? Or perhaps he left because he *wouldn’t*. Food for though.

    /me logs in with the old client until bugs are REALLY fixed

  26. Kerry says:

    Just read this is compulsary….. now i have Lag causing chat as standared.
    Have you listened to any complaints or the surveys you have done

  27. Hewitt Huet says:

    Sorry for the double post – this viewer is REQUIRED?!?!?!?

    oh – @21 – Umm, dont you think they alreayd HAVE downloaded it and used it? Shuffling things around too much is POOR UI DESIGN if users familiar with the product suddenly have a hard time using it after updating. When they moved the freinds list I HATED the new layout – and I still do.

  28. freereed Freenote says:

    Its all about the music and the stream. Music came in intermittently at first.. now it is gone, man, gone. Yes I have the latest QuickTime…. why do i fall into these update traps?

  29. Cat Gisel says:

    Remember to turn off voice before logging in folks 🙂 it crashed me the first time on 😦

    Freered, use an external player like Winamp or something, I am not too computer savvy but a few artists told me what to do, it’s easy 🙂

  30. Tracer Luan says:

    I like the fact that I’m once again able to have Local Chat as a tab in-line with my IM windows using the dock windows command. Finally.

    I’m not sure enabling voice by default was needed – people who like it would probably do it themselves.

    I’m definitely sure Age Verification wasn’t wanted by most – I’m not going to do more to walk around here than I would have to do to access playboy or any other internet site. But, I guess after 1.5 years of constant unwavering devotion to putting it in, I’m not surprised to see it.

  31. Sidonie Larkham says:

    I never download these things. I stick with the release candidates, at least those have the latest whatever on them.

  32. Orfej says:

    I had problem with download new viewer.Afther 5 times I success.

  33. Leonardo Nuvolari says:

    I didnt dl the new mac version and can login fine-my partner got the new XP viewer and now can’t login at all-anyone know what do do about this?

  34. Satori Taringa says:

    Installed, logged on and rezzed into the Morris sandbox…

    saw two large white walls on either side of me, determined they were
    the connecting sims’ “sides”… *sigh*.

  35. @33 – try a dif virtual world, send your partner your handle there…
    3 logins no success editing linked sets (yes i ticked the “Edit Linked Parts”…) gotta love progress…

  36. Jannae Karas says:

    I just logged in and didn’t get a mandatory new viewer update message. I am currently in world on Second Life 1.18.5 (3) Nov 28 2007 13:59:53 (Second Life Release) ???

  37. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @28 freereed: streaming audio doesn’t use quicktime, that’s only streaming video.

  38. @36 Jannae … hold it… don’t TP… don’t rez anything… just sit tight and call all your friends to you…

    /me *shrugs*… frustrated wtf did they messup this time? :O lolol

  39. Cat Gisel says:

    Oh I can’t turn voice chat on or off, it’s all greyed out…:(

  40. Angelica Seaton says:

    I always hold off from downloading any updated viewer purely because of the problems that I know will ensue. Now I find I couldn’t log on without having the new update and sure enough…..problems almost immediately! Within the first 5 minutes I crashed. No biggy, happens now and then so I try and log again and I’m met with….log out process has begun, so I wait, try again, then I am timed out for 15 mins but knowing this isn’t always the case I keep trying and voila I’m back in within 2 minutes, just enough time to fly 6m and once again crash and burn a second time! What am I supposed to do LL, log in and just play statues?

  41. WaterFall Semyorka says:

    Are new alt accounts not allowed? There’s no way to add one now from what I can see…

  42. freereed Freenote says:

    Thank you #37…

  43. Lilian says:

    I am having problem of downloading the new verison 1.19.04.I keep getting an error message while it is instaling.What is wrong?

    Error opening file for writing:


  44. Satori Taringa says:


    Cleared the cache and all looks well now.

  45. Kira says:

    crashing alot, and is age verfication live now?

  46. Thunderclap Morgridge says:

    Just the requisite thank you. I know while you folks will have to slog through a lot of upset people, there are some that are still happy. would have perfered the perfs button to stay put but still happy.

  47. Storm Nordwind says:

    On the bright side, that’s a *LOT* of big fixes. Thanks for that 🙂

  48. Bummer says:

    “We continue to support the ability to *allow* access to only those who have provided payment info.” Yep Yep…im a bum i know it,but i create content atleast.

  49. SL is real says:

    Is age verification live now? If so I think your close to loosing quite a few customers.

  50. Mickey says:

    This looks like an intermediate release to the Dazzle viewer.

    What I hate about that one and I hate about this one is that my Friends list *never* loads. No matter how long I am online, it always says “(waiting)”. What a POS this viewer is!

    Bring back the Preferences button!

    Make voice chat opt-in, not opt-out! Better yet, get rid of it altogether.

  51. OMG VOICE says:

    The majority of people do use voice. you people who don’t use it think the majority don’t use it cuz you have no clue who uses it because when you don’t use it you cant see and hear everyone who does use it.

    everyone i know uses voice everyday.

  52. U M says:

    @25 bringsup many good point. In the past it was thought as to release “LESS” client updat patches then what is now sadly occuring….. Jira is at times people ego of ” HEY Lets vote on the fix” because i found a bug bla bla bla bla bla…….Well More times then not those bugs are user side and not either LL server side of client side. shakeshead. We need a better effective and less human resource consuming system. Andrew Linden seems to be the better of the two these days… for really helping..

  53. U M says:

    “51 OMG VOICE Says:

    February 28th, 2008 at 4:51 PM PST
    The majority of people do use voice. you people who don’t use it think the majority don’t use it cuz you have no clue who uses it because when you don’t use it you cant see and hear everyone who does use it.
    What applies to you don`t ally to the whole sl user base……..I know because check to see if users are really using voice. And more times then not they don`t. Have a nice day
    everyone i know uses voice everyday.”

    Oh really? Think again……..not even half if not 3/4 of the people i run intoi use voice on sl. Oh they know how to use it more then you think. But frankly people don`t want to have major drops in FPS rates.

  54. Rascal Ratelle says:

    Re: new release

    very poor performance, has-rendering issues, ground disaperes when moving at certain angles. there’s a whole new series of serious memory leaks.

    Tons of lag as a resualt, what is very fustrating about all this is LL continues to push viewers that don’t work on older computers, and continues to ignore the comments made by most residents on performance issues.

    LL is putting aesthetics and features above performance and stability.

    Windlight currently works better then the main viewer.

    Time and Time again I continue to post my system stats and system logs for lindens to view and time and time again nothing is being done.

    Every time new viewers are pushed out they come with new memory leaks, performance problems rendering problems and stability issues.

    It is clear to me that LL is catering ONLY to newer high performance computers and the concierge elites wile the rest of us get screwed.

  55. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @21 Neon: You write “Voice if not configured upon first entering the new client will automatically give you the option to disable it.”

    WRONG. I had voice turned off and it turned it on without giving me any say in the matter.

  56. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @51 “OMG Voice”: I have been trying to get THAT situation fixed since the first voice betas.

    If you want people to stop saying that “nobody uses voice”, then vote for this so that the ones who don’t use voice can see who does! Sheesh!

  57. Rascal Ratelle says:

    * Grid stability and performance – teleports fail quite regularly, especially under heavy load. Attachments end up in places they did not start out in, and sim performance varies wildly. None of this makes for a very pleasant experience for users. Long promised improvement to physics and scripting would help dramatically to reduce these problems, but there are a lot of other scalability issues as well.

  58. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Well, I’m sticking to Windlight. It’s never given me a “Smartheap library, out of memory” when I only had 700M out of 2G used. Bleagh.

  59. Kamachi says:

    #48 > I’m a bummer content creator too. Can’t even use JIRA to report bugs the proper way. “Open Source, sure, but give us your credit card number first.”

  60. Ciaran Laval says:

    What is the thinking behind having voice on by default? I’m glad you’ve actually put it in the notes now, I’m just wondering why it’s so important to change the prefs like that rather than leave them how they were before.

  61. Dante Tucker says:

    Many many questions about this so far but….

    AGE VERIFICATION has been live for more then a month now… just so you all know.

  62. Bobo Decosta says:

    This viewer created a kernel panic on my MacBook Pro. Looks like this viewer hasn’t been fully tested. And what’s the story with the release keys button still appearing in this viewer?

  63. Caitlyn Clawtooth says:

    Umm, does anyone know how to get 1.19 to load my friends list? I have tried clearing the cache and restarting.

    Frustrating, someone else here did not have to update so didn’t …. and does not have the friends list loading problem.

  64. Loopback says:

    I’ve noticed a lot more lag after getting this viewer installed. Memory leak is still present, attachments keep getting dumped between logins, and having to turn voice off upon install is a minor annoyance. Can anyone tell me if the guys at LL are ex-SOE employees… the way they keep ‘fixing’ things feels like it’s got Smedley involvement…

  65. Paulo Dielli says:

    Hmm, I don’t seem to have the problems others are describing here. In fact, I think this new viewer looks pretty good. I especially like the small icons in the top of the screen (‘no building/script’ icons are more intuitive) and the new chat and communication buttons below.

    And yes, voice-chat ON by default is somewhat unnecessary, but you can easily disable it in Prefs and it won’t come back. And I missed the Preferences button too on login, but I can access it in the Edit menu, so it’s fine by me.

  66. Harris Emmons says:

    I have only read some of th comments, but I think I am going to be VERY SAD when I cannot got to Preferences without a logging on. I will not be downloading until I have no choice.

  67. Zen Zeddmore says:

    Remove “New Account…” and “Preferences” buttons from login screen for 1.19.0

    Bad Idea. I often find the need to tune back the graphics setting after crashing from a real laggy sim. Sometimes that’s the only way to get back in at all.

  68. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @67 Zen: Preferences is still available under “Edit” before login, it’s just not a button any more.

    @Bridie Linden: I’ve seen several people making similar comments, perhaps the post could be updated to note that the ability to edit your preferences before login isn’t being removed.

  69. Prime Price says:

    OH NO!!! Why did they have to REMOVE the check boxes for AVs ACCESS AND BAN perms in the land options!!! I NEED to toggle this on/off often on my land and now i have to re-enter every name! thats REALLY stupid. This is a HUGE problem! Godammit! what’s wrong with LL?

    Oh btw, my friends list has been borked for other two hours now…reloging didnt help at all.

    Mood: angry and disapointed

  70. Aphrodite Tagore says:

    It seems that you have gotten me, at least, to better session stability with this update! Bravo! And, I can walk a bit better as well. However, the friends list not loading, and very slow service of group information from the communicate thingie are a problem…. I am just trying to understand how things can be released with those kinds of functionality problems… I am sure you are all indexing and cataloging the builds, and have someone doing version control. I am puzzled, but it seems things might be heading in the right direction. This viewer feels more comfy.

  71. One can wonder WHY none of the hot, issues in changes buggfiles under RC0, and so on didn’t get any fixed before the release. Like IM tab flashes, voice not default on. etc.

  72. U M says:

    “Remove “New Account…” button from login screen for 1.19.0”
    YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was happy to see it removed when the updated happen two weeks ago. It didnt have any business there to start with.

  73. Mike says:

    I am so fed up with reading the negative responses that so many people write on here. It seems to have become the norm to whinge, be rude and generally complain about everything to do with Second Life.
    Reflect on the fact that everything in SL is at the cutting edge of a totally new technology, and enjoy the fact that you are part of it, warts and all.
    If you could all have visited Second Life three years ago, you wouldn’t believe the quantum leaps that have been made in that time to every aspect of the experience.
    Every single week something is updated and / or improved, so please, please start enjoying the very many positives we have.
    One of the most common gripes is that the Lindens don’t respond often enough. Is it any wonder when you all throw up a huge wall of negativity whenever you have the opportunity to express your views?

  74. Prime Price says:

    Ladies and Gents,

    My friends list is now officially permanently borked…Havent been able to see any of my friends since i installed this….thing….

    As well, you now CANNOT have group only access without also giving access to the list of Allowed Residents…So you can have public, or group with Allowed Residents, but NOT group only unless you delete the allowed residents…If someone knows why, please enlighten me…


  75. Tan Tantalus says:

    Nothing unexpected changed in this client release – maybe those who are quick to complain should get involved with the release client testing and feedback. Release clients are there to gather feedback prior to mass rollout so that certain features can be changed – not paying attention to the release clients and then bemoaning LL for changing things without any warning is a little pointless.

  76. Balp Allen says:

    @75, Tan

    Nothing new, your right all the complain in design from 1.18RC and 1.19RC series are still in the viewer, there are tons of nice undo changes in the JIRA, even paying attentions to RC and giving feedback don’t seam to work, looks like alternative viewers are the only solution. At least some kind of solutions to the hottest miss in the first voice viewer finally made it it, Friend don’t have to be in the communication window, not it’s only to separate friends and groups left and we are back is good as that was 6 months ago.

  77. Balp Allen says:

    To be honest there are three really unpopular changes in this release that been complained about, default voice on (54 votes), blinking IM tabs (94), Age verification (countless blogs and comments here on how bad it works.)

    Rest of the stuff is good, but adding some hugely unpopular changes with loads of constructive criticism well out before, is going to give massive negative feedback once it’s hits the release.

  78. U M says:

    Laughs at mike…………….”If you could all have visited Second Life three years ago, you wouldn’t believe the quantum leaps that have been made in that time to every aspect of the experience.

    I was here. I tell you one thing love we had alot of problems them but think about the scale now. we have 12 million population. and then we had 30,000 population. You would things would increase inthe Pos direction “AT LEAST 30% right? WRONG! We are more bakwards then forwards now. So Nice try but it really doesnt apply

  79. Vivienne says:

    “…adding some hugely unpopular changes with loads of constructive criticism well out before, is going to give massive negative feedback…”

    The Sun Kings don´t care. The upcoming competitors do. And what happened to the Sun Kings?

  80. Neon says:

    @55 Agent Stonecutter: You wrote: –

    “@21 Neon: You write “Voice if not configured upon first entering the new client will automatically give you the option to disable it.”

    WRONG. I had voice turned off and it turned it on without giving me any say in the matter.”

    Actually I am not. You think I made that up? Unlike some of the whiners here I have actually downloaded the new client and played with it. Upon entering SL the first thing I was requested to do was configure voice. From that dialogue box I was able to turn voice off.

  81. Vivienne says:

    “Release clients are there to gather feedback prior to mass rollout.”

    So the grande SL experience is a huge alpha and beta test program? I always suspected this.

  82. Vivienne says:

    “I am so fed up with reading the negative responses that so many people write on here.”

    Then leave SL. Out of 10 people in-world 8 are bringing up exactly the same complains. This here only reflects what´s going on in-world. It are not the fabulous “cutting edge” (MySQL is CUTTING EDGE???) improvements by LL which keep this going. It is only a lack of competition and the ability/dedication of the human being to overcome almost every kind of difficulty.

  83. Very Keynes says:

    @80 Actually I am not. You think I made that up? Unlike some of the whiners here I have actually downloaded the new client and played with it. Upon entering SL the first thing I was requested to do was configure voice. From that dialogue box I was able to turn voice off.

    For those of us who turned it off in the relaese candidate viewers It turns it on without asking. You are both correct. and the rest of the problems are mainly server related, ie. friends list etc, I have had that problem in all versions lately not just this one.

    One great improvement is not having to stop animations befor TP’ing. Now all we need is to make TP work 100% rather or change the name from TP to random Logoff 🙂

    Generaly I like the new client, and I think most will get used to it in time, change is always hard at first.

  84. Vivienne says:

    “I think most will get used to it in time.”

    If you take a closer look at the statistics LL faked by themselves you´ll notice (even there) that more of their paying customers are leaving SL than new paying customers sign up. Not to mention the 90 percent of “first look” users who never return after a week of excessive betatesting the latest cutting edge release. The remaining so called “active” rest is simply tired of talking against walls and only waits for an able competitor to come up. In fact, i do not know any comparable software developer who openly lets people pay a monthly fee for testing alpha and beta software.

  85. Very Keynes says:

    Valid points Vivienne 🙂

    As I have taken two slots, I may as well use it. Please refer to Jira Issues and if you have any thing to “say” (pun intended) on the voice issue. As it is being forced on us, lets at least get votes for the tools to help us manage it.

  86. Lily says:

    Before I downloaded this version I had a friends list now they seem to be in waiting all the time


    “Voice automatically enabled, so residents can hear voice speakers”
    DUH! makes total sense. Microphone is still required to speak and press-to-talk is on by default. All you geniuses that proclaim voice is a failure and the ‘majority’ never use it – back-up your argument. Show me the metric data to prove. Boneheds.If you don’t like it, turn it off. if you own land, turn it off. Go ahead and punish those who do use voice, just because YOU don’t like it. You sound like you should be in politics.

    Preferences before logging-in: press CTRL+P to bring it up. What I’d like to see is a logout menu option – so I don’t have to fully exit the application when I need to relog.

    @ Ann RE: Content Theft… It’s gonna happen. Deal with it. SL is big enough that you won’t starve because of it. yes, it’s wrong. So how about YOU do something about it, rather than expecting the Lindens to, yet complaining that they are too judgmental and ‘cops’ in other things. Either you’ll rely on them for everything or nothing. Make up our minds, please. You sound like a broken record and expect Linden Lab to be selective in their enforcement and ‘protecting you’.

    This is a good release.
    Contrary to all the rants and venting – SL *does* get *better* as we go. Can’t wait for “released” WindLight on top of Mono and Havok 4

  88. Oh yes – THANK YOU Lindens for turning ON ID Verification (when the hell did it ever become known as “age” verification? LOL)

    WHY would I want it?
    If you aren’t verified, then I don’t need or want you on my sim. Less likely to end-up with bonehead griefers that way. Been waiting to flip the switch all this time for the first release viewer to fully support it.

  89. uh-oh says:

    “Age verification: can anyone give me a good rationale why anyone but the lindens even *want* this obscenity?”

    Yes to hold people accountable for their actions.
    To keep underage kids out of these Illegal and against the Terms of Service forced fantasy Sims who creating risk for the people who have huge investments. .

    To keep people who are frauds from hiding behind anonymous accounts to steal content or money from people who have put a lot of time and hard work into their creations, only to have copied and stolen by someone in an anonymous account.

    To keep griefers from coming back in a new account once they have been banned from Second Life.

    The mass exidious from Second Life will not be from the people out here who are legitimate with nothing to hide; it will be the people who do not belong out here to begin with.

  90. uh-oh says:

    Here are two links I have used to report the presence of this illegal activity with underage people in Second Life that may be helpful if Linden Labs decides to turn a blind eye on this matter.
    Face it, these children do not belong on the adult grid and are doing nothing but creating problems for the rest of us.
    I have put to much time and money into Second Life to have it all taken away by these children being out here creating a liability for the rest of us.
    It is time to make a stand and do something about it.

  91. McCabe Maxsted says:

    All Windows2000 users: I’ve configured a copy of the latest Quicktime installer so that it SHOULD install on 2K, but I don’t have a copy of 2K lying around to see if it works or not. If anyone would like to help me test this, please IM McCabe Maxsted inworld.

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  93. Balp Allen says:

    @88, @89 To bad the only way to get age (ID) verified (age verified being the original LL name for the feature). I to make a google search for drivers licence. No legal documents from Swedish people get thou the verifications system, to send the requested information to LL/Aristotile is probably illegal, (not yet tested in court). For LL to handle the information needs special permission from the Swedish goverment (something I’m sure they don’t have).

    There are many reson the current age verification can’t work, trying to hide behind it as some kind of legal protections is foolish.

  94. SilenceIs Golden says:

    Many voices raised already, but still I’ll join in the cry:
    What stupid thought made the Lindens believe all wanted the ‘Voice’ on by default?
    Digital freedom my A—!! Linden//US double Morale, that is what it is!
    This is Lindengulag, and worsening all the time.

  95. Vivienne says:

    Who cares about the voice feature? The few long-distance-phonecall freaks who actually use it on a regular schedule may use it, as long as i am not forced to listen to their vocal state of expression. I only want this light bulb over my head turned off . I am not interested in knowing who else loves to phone, nor do i want anyone else to know if i phone. If i do not respond a phone onvitation on spite of that bulb it should be sign enough that i prefer not to phone.

    Just get rid of it. Marking of people because of ability and attitude should be somthing buried deep in the darkest closet of human history.

  96. Medhue Simoni says:

    what is up with the new viewer again today, with no post about it either. Downloaded yesterday, spent all the time re adjusting my preferences, and today, another 1. Come on now!!! Will some1 get their head on straight. At least post a blog to explain. Yet another situation where the customer is left scratching their head.

  97. Ciaran Laval says:

    “To keep underage kids out of these Illegal and against the Terms of Service forced fantasy Sims who creating risk for the people who have huge investments. .”

    The system in place won’t do that and free signups are still available.

    “To keep people who are frauds from hiding behind anonymous accounts”

    The system in place won’t do that and free signups are still available.

    “To keep griefers from coming back in a new account once they have been banned from Second Life.”

    The system in place won’t do that and free signups are still available.

  98. Jeska Linden says:

    For anyone who was concerned about the voice chat preferences not being preserved when upgrading from 1.18.x viewers, please see today’s blog for information on the fix.

  99. Ciaran Laval says:

    Shame I didn’t see the information yesterday about the needed update before I actually updated 😉 Hey ho, there are a lot of fixes in this client.

  100. Rascal Ratelle says:

    @ 73

    Yes cutting edg technology, lets see ,

    Lag, chat lag, texture latency, Friends list often borked,
    Low FPS, memory leaks galore, various crashes, random log outs, viewer hangs, sim crashes. TP failures, and log in failures. This is sL’s cutting edge technology.

    How come World of War craft doesn’t do that?

  101. Shannara Snowdrop says:

    What friends are online…who knows…I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the new version 4x’s…still NO friends list. And it’s so nice now with the little check boxes beside where the name would be…get a little distraced and *poof* someone can now map you or you’re online or not to them.
    But then with it NOT working…who cares. You don’t know who they are anyway.
    Otherwise, I guess it’s alright. Wish they had left the buttons alone and not move them.
    Anyone have the old version? The installer part? Send it to me. I’ll take the old version back. PLEASE

  102. Just gonna say here – I initially had a few problems yesterday, but after a forced update (!) I’m all hunky dory. No problems.

    On the voice issue, well – Some people talk or make noises with their mouths. That’s cool. Some people want to listen to that. That, too, is cool. Having it on as a default isn’t really a big deal to me once I know it is so and can toggle it at whim.

    But I would suggest having the preferences come up on installation instead. Key things like that may make people less angry when stuff changes, allow them to feel that they have some control of what runs on their computer as well as their experience of Second Life.

    I’d fill out a JIRA on that, but frankly – that is common sense design, and should not be something any user should have to mention. 😉

  103. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @98 Jeska Linden: THANK YOU!

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  105. Get your SH1T together LL. – first you mess up a client demo for me and are now making me late for another – on the same fricking day. Get some real QA happening please.

  106. Belladonna Starbrook says:

    Does this have anything to do with the regions being different…everytime i tp somewhere i get a message telling me that this sim is running on a different server or some such babble…rather annoying everytime i go somewhere.

  107. Nanci Barthelmess says:

    Thank you for finally fixing the fact that Voice ignores our settings. It’s too bad that so many RC’s came out since it was first reported before it could get fixed, but at least it finally got fixed. Now hopefully once we tell the viewer that we don’t want to use Voice it will be remembered. At least until the regression hits.

    /me goes outside, turns, curses and spits. It froze.

    But I’m still hoping someone will let us know in the bog exactly what transpired that Voice went from being a deliberate opt-in to needing to be opted out from. Most of the kvetching about the change probably comes down to the fact that we didn’t get communication from LL it was coming, let alone why. Remember how we praised you all for being more up front and transparent with your users/residents? In this case? Not so much.

  108. FireFox Bancroft says:

    I’m a user of SL voice so @2 you don’t speak for the majority. And even though I’m an avid fan of voice in SL even I can see that having Voice enabled to on by default is a boneheaded move because all it’s going to do is cause a flood of complains on every blog post from here on to eternity.

  109. Stephe Ehrler says:

    On the voice thingie, I’m ticked that it never asked me if I wanted it on or off and automatically turned on even though I have always had it turned off. The reason people complain on the blogs about this is we hope that -maybe- someone will listen to us here?

    Plus I get a “forced” update from a web site bug that forces voice on me via yet another bug. And we’re supposed to trust this viewer? I still have the sixth side texture bug I deal with on a daily basis as a builder/content creator (every prim I texture has to have one face hand rechosen and a texture applied) after reporting this over a year ago but we get a viewer update with buttons moved around and defaults changed? Come on guys listen to the cries and fix some of these long outstanding bugs like all the broken teleports etc.

  110. Vivienne says:

    “I’m a user of SL voice so @2 you don’t speak for the majority”

    Prove it.

  111. Lara Croft says:


    This has been a problem for months – the friends list (waiting) and the fix? Click the tick box off and on again below the list for ‘see me online’ and the friends appear. Viola! I am not DLing this version yet as my Mac would explode I think. Lag is dreadful these days anyway on the old viewer, still get TPing problems and being logged off without my pemission. I would like to use it but I will hold til version 1.19.99 lol.

  112. Vivienne says:

    Works fine on my G5 Mac so far, even a bit faster rendering than the RC. Anyway, the 1.18 Nicholaz viewer still works and offers some solid advantages as there are the by FAR superior (pre-1.18) user interface,, solid performance and so pn.

  113. coventina dalgleish says:

    Many problems continue to flourish within the world of SL and are seem to give no concerns to the Linden staff.

    The latest offering in views has more benefits that we did not ask for.

    Auto voice, all of you voice people need to come visit me so you can sway the results of my personal survey. I leave voice on all the time just to see who is using. Today I have encountered less than 2 percent. I have been doing this since the inception.

    The removal of the preferences button from the log in screen what 3rd grader came up with that brilliant change.

    The new link to the wiki from the report bug feature. No one ever answered these reports anyway but it gave LL a heartbeat on the grid. Now there is no heartbeat as demonstrated today when after 8 hours of terrible performance they let us know that there is a problem. Nice going LL we already knew that YOU had a problem.

    Asset problems are still not cured I had items just disappear on my island as i was looking at them. They are not in inventory and did not go alpha. Thank goodness they were just some of my creations and easy to replace. Gee do you think it might have been a problem with the sculpty texture on the object. SL still has a problem with them.

    12 million residents huh no try maybe at best guess 500,000 most are alts or dead accounts. I was looking at several large groups last night and over 3/4 of the paying accounts have not been on in 2 years, seems a little strange that one would pay and not use the game. My next door neighbor has an account (free) and has not been here since the concurrence was 3500.

    Three years ago we had problems mostly lag in the noob areas or on maxed out sims (40) where everyone had every bad script ever written on a class 2 server. Well many things have improved but many more problems have appeared because the base engine that runs this machine has never been fixed bug upon bug compounding the problems. Yes Havok 4 has great potential to cure some of the problems and the conversion from 16 bit to 64 bit structure. This still does not cure the content loss and until something is done about this area the game will always be suspect.

    ID verification is required because LL opened the grid allowing anyone to create an adult avatar we always question the noobs at our retail facility’s as to their age several have slipped and admitted their ages and those who think we are kidding receive the same treatment parcel and estate ban, we don’t fool around with this sticky problem created through the all driving power to out do world of warcraft subscriber numbers. Well you actually have to play to be considered a subscriber.

    Memory leaks: Is this like senility because it creates the same problem in the game. This game has massive memory leaks and unless you have a large overhead of ram you will crash as your reserves are consumed by the every spreading menace.

    In closing I consider the change to the wiki by the bug report to be the largest indicator of just how much they care for us. Any of you who have navigated that morass will know what I am talking about. Honestly I will not waste 15 or 20 minutes to create another item just to see it listed as doing nothing keep on sending them. At least they could get a feeling through the bug reports when something was amiss now who knows more customer service.

    Where the DMCA is concerned this is treated like all other things in Linden Land. The Linden’s have no bite in their bark they slap hands and say don’t do it again. Theft is theft here and in the real world the time spent creating items weather textures, or objects has a real life value. Yes we do it for fun but those who will steal others work and pass it off as theirs need a simple response. Banning by IP and ID to be removed from the game.

    What is the purpose of the crash reporter you automatically log a crash. Does the 50th incident data have any more impact than the first one when the equipment has not changed.

    I can go on for hours but why, it never changes.

    Oh and for you rather new ones who keep saying the is bleeding edge
    well it was 9 years ago when it was created but now it is mature and should behave as such. I also pay for this and do expect a fair return on my investment both time and money.

  114. Zi Ree says:

    @113 coventina: The Preferences BUTTON is gone but you can still edit your preferences on the login screen using the Edit menu. Please check out the release candidate viewer if you want to see how things will work in the new release.

    Voice was switches on after updating due to an error, this has been fixed.

    The bug reporting system is NOT a wiki, it’s an issue tracking system. And if you spend some time learning how it works (there is even a video tutorial on it done by Torley Linden) you will see how useful it is in reality. I have reported a number of issues through this system without too much problems (aside from Jira being slow, but that’s been improving lately).

  115. juju37p says:

    vive les lag sur 1.19.0 (5)
    changer de version car la sa va me saulé grave
    la dazzle aussi bug mais moin

  116. Chris says:

    I think the voice thing is a little overcooked. If you like it, great! If you don’t like it, great! I do feel a little sorry for the deaf and hard of hearing who arrive to ‘quiet’ areas, not aware that those present are voicing. But I’m glad you have the chance to do so, those who like it – not that there wasn’t already alternatives but I’m not going to go down that road. The one thing I’d love to stop is those saying it adds no lag. So you think being able to pinpoint your position, and the 35 av’s next to you, on the grid for spatial sound and range limitation is not adding any overhead at all?
    I have it on a lot, just to see who else actually uses it. So far, and by no means am I saying this was a scientific survey, not many use it. It depends on the place you go to. If I hit an infohub, I find a few using it each and every trip. Sadly there’s always one guy who wants to be a DJ forcing the latest top 40 chart music on us over it, and my personal pet peeve is that its’ starting to be used as an advertising tool with looped ‘visit for the greatest deals on ‘. Sure, I know how to mute the DJ and marketing lamers, but does the brand new resident know that? Lot easier to have LL market how to turn it ON, way back at Orientation Island, than to lose even more potential residents who only hear ad campaign after ad campaign or someone blaring (badly) the latest Sugababes album the moment they step on the main grid, in my opinion.

  117. Pingback:

  118. coventina dalgleish says:

    Sorry not interested in re learning this game on every update this just means I will use other more irritating means of filing complaints, directly to the head cheese

  119. coventina dalgleish says:

    Also not interested in release candidate viewers I have put my time in on the R&D of this game over the last 3 years and all we get is is a continuing down grade. Oh excuse the mistake a jira not a wiki this just complicates the process of an active pulse on the grid which btw today is pitiful.

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  121. coventina dalgleish says:

    Do not know what you have done to the grid but my class 5 islands are running like a bad class 4’s now and for one who rarely crashes you have introduced me to an entirely new world of taking a step then seeing my desktop this is very disconcerting.

    Nice work

    Think you might put it back to the way it was at least I could navigate that setup without having to log back in a dozen times a day. Oh and no my equipment has not changed so it must be you.

  122. Anony Mouse says:

    “The majority of people do use voice. you people who don’t use it think the majority don’t use it cuz you have no clue who uses it because when you don’t use it you cant see and hear everyone who does use it.

    everyone i know uses voice everyday.”

    Yeah right and most of my friends don’t. Groups like this are non-scientific and self selecting so it proves nothing.

    Also… if the majority were “pro-voice” then why did most of the polls when the feature first came about indicate that no one wanted it? Add that to the enormous public outcry against it.

    People can use it if they want. Just don’t try to force everyone to use it and be understanding when they can’t. As has been explained a million times there are a myriad of reasons not to use it from bandwidth problems to privacy concerns.

    Anony Mouse

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  125. Lainie Caballero says:

    Every time i use this new viewer i crash I havent been able to even use it since the second update..any ideas?

  126. Doc Nolan says:

    TO HELP WITH CONFUSION: In case others are getting as confused with all the versions and variations of viewers out there…. I have three icons on my desktop: FIRST, what I’ve named ‘Second Life Classic’ (with 1.19.0 version viewer); SECOND, what’s called ‘Second Release Candidate’ and is apparently the latest upgrade to the WindLight client; and THIRD, ‘Second Life Dazzle First Look’. Each is a separate download. Each has its own clickable icon. Each gives a different user experience. (And if you want my opinion, Dazzle is the ugliest of the three, Release Candidate/WindLight is the most beautiful, and the ‘classic’ is in between the other two…) For some reason or other, LL has not chosen to make it easy for its customers to understand that they can choose from a menu of three options, and that picking one does NOT preclude choosing the other(s). I wish LL had placed the three downloads in easy view on the login splashpage (or at least one clickable link from there!). A lot of folks are (from conversations) unaware that they can download and run whichever mulotiple viewer and that downloading any or all has ZERO effect on the others. (Obviously you can only run one viewer at a time, but since most of us only have a single brain and a single pair of stereo eyeballs, this should not be a problem except for the multi-brained who parallel process different user experiences simultaneously … he, he, he… ) I hope this helps at least ONE poor lost soul trying to see the forest and hopelessly lost looking at individual trees … or individual leaves on individual trees!)

  127. This new verison is killing my connection at work (yea i check in from time to time at work) and while at college. The new requirements are killing pc’s that don’t have as high end of a video card as SL needs.. even setting the video items to the lowest settings doesn’t help any. All i see while trying to move around is a jumpy screen, and my char running into walls.. i just can’t use it except at home and its nuts.

    Not everyone has the kind of pc’s that can run vista type requirements. I wish i could have a super high speed connection and the most current pc with the best video card ever but i don’t and alot of people don’t. If i could upgrade my video card i would but i can’t till i find a full time job sorry. Guess i may have to stop using second life.. not sure yet 😦

  128. chrssy benoir says:

    I’ve heard how good the new sl MANDATORY version is. It’s a shame that after downloading it I am no longer able to log into sl. I’m assuming that sl is not interested in making this a user friendly environment. I’m going to miss yall.

  129. LilyRose Barbosa says:

    I downloaded this new version of Second Life veiwer and it SUCKS. IT has really messed things up. MORE lag, movement is HORRIBLE, more issues wit rezzing and attaching items. Most of all, the fact that we HAVE to download it and NOT have a choice in the matter, is a bunch of crap. We should be able to choose whether or not to download it but yet they trying to force us to download the POS version of second life. So much for our rights.

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