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Is your password safe?

It’s officially time to do a reality check on all of your passwords. Did you see the chaos when high-profile Twitter accounts were recently hijacked and used to send out messages in the names of those folks? How embarrassing. Creating … Continue reading

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Ongoing Updates from the Grid from FJ Linden

FJ Linden here, to report on the latest Ongoing Updates from the Grid. As I promised in my first post, this will be a regular monthly communication to keep all of you up to date on our efforts to improve … Continue reading

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Update from 1.19.0(4) to 1.19.0(5) viewer required (earlier still allowed)

A security issue was discovered in the Second Life 1.19.0(4) viewer released yesterday. Although we have no information indicating that it is being exploited, residents who downloaded the optional 1.19.0(4) viewer should update to 1.19.0(5). Earlier supported versions – 1.18.5(3), … Continue reading

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Use Caution in Dealing with Third Party L$ Sites

We are aware L$ are traded on a number of third party sites. While some of these sites may be reliable, others deal in fraudulent L$ — L$ that were created not with any resources, value, or labor, but rather … Continue reading

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Quicktime Security Update

As I indicated in a prior posting, we became aware of a serious flaw in Apple’s QuickTime software that could cause maliciously crafted movies to either crash your Second Life viewer or, more seriously, to execute arbitrary code contained within … Continue reading

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Second Life Viewer Susceptible to Quicktime Security Flaw

We were alerted a short time ago that a QuickTime exploit has been discovered which may allow an attacker to crash or exploit the Second Life viewer. The Second Life viewer uses Apple QuickTime to play videos and streaming media. … Continue reading

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[RESOLVED] Second Life URL Handler Exploit

Note: ¬†This was¬†resolved on the Public Issue Tracker, but never closed on the blog until now.Our apologies for any concern this untidy loose end may have caused. — teeple, 28 Mar 2008. Due to a URL handler vulnerability, we advise … Continue reading

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