Two Gremlins Bite the Dust

[10:52 PM Pacific –teeple]  Operations has just addressed an unexpected performance hit on the central database cluster.  For a very few minutes, logins were slow or stalled, and various in world functions such as land and L$ transfers and map/search lookups were inhibited for many residents.

We were just finishing a blog post to report the service disruption when Ops found and corrected the root cause.

In addition,  Ops has corrected a misconfiguration one one of our two new firewalls which was causing timeouts on approximately 50% of attempts to hit our homepage for the past few hours, as well as inhibiting some percentage of inworld LindeX orders and land transfers.

While inconvenient and frustrating, we believe that all stalled transactions resulting from the two gremlins this evening have reverted harmlessly…that is, that no residents have suffered incomplete transactions.  If you have experienced a loss this evening, please contact us via the support portal.

Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for the inconvenience.