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Tensile Structure

Well, 2005 was pretty good overall, but who cares, right?  I always thought that it was more fun to look to the future than to wallow in the past.  I’ve been on vacation for the last 2 weeks, and have … Continue reading

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A bit of Ireland in Second Life

A couple of days ago I received an invitation to visit The Blarney Stone Pub. Not having had the pleasure of seeing it before, but being a fan of all things Irish, I finished my meeting and headed over. There … Continue reading

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Linux and Chaos

Last night I spoke at the 22C3, the Chaos Communications Congress hosted by Germany’s Chaos Computer Club in Berlin. 22C3 is the European Hacker Conference and broadly draws from Germany, Northern Europe, and Scandinavia. While clearly run on a tight … Continue reading

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Holiday Wishes

The most special thing about Second Life to me is meeting so many wonderful and giving people from all around the world. Thank you for all your holiday wishes, cards and good thoughts. Happy holidays everyone!

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Your You’re The Boss

A few weeks ago I ran a workshop as part of the Screenplay "Boss Frenzy!" day at the Radiator Festival which allowed children to collaboratively create a computer game by drawing or making bosses with collage. Dozens of people came … Continue reading

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Mono Log

Lots of progress on the Mono front: LSL scripts can now be optionally compiled to CIL assembler in the viewer, uploaded to the simulator, assembled, verified, saved as assets, rezzed, run on the Mono virtual machine, persisted, reset and migrated … Continue reading

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Map API!

OK, this is about the coolest thing ever.  Benny Linden, one of developers on the web team, has released the API for tasty interactive map on the Second Life homepage.  Now all the sights sites [thanks, Frans] out there that … Continue reading

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