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Residents Support Relief for Australian Bush Fires

Coming from Australia and working for Linden Lab in our San Francisco office, I am always keeping an eye out for the activities that are happening in my home country. My focus at Linden Lab is in the enterprise space, … Continue reading

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Introducing Judy Linden

Hi Everybody, I wanted to introduce myself, Judy Wade, or Judy Linden inworld. I’m the new VP of Strategy and Emerging Business. Inworld I look a bit like a green sea fairy, which is what I always wanted to be … Continue reading

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Second Life Grid Update from FJ Linden

Back with the monthly grid update.  Its been a bumpy few weeks, with Level 3 outages, and central database issues.  The good news is that LLnet (data center fiber network) continues ahead of schedule and we should be starting traffic … Continue reading

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Second Life Education Support Faire January 25th-30th 2009

Greetings! We have a special announcement for you today! Inaugural Education Support Faire To support the educational community, we would like to invite you to participate in and attend Linden Lab’s inaugural Education Support Faire! Over the years, Second Life … Continue reading

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Stories From Second Life: Hotwire Island and Lynn Hershman Leeson

We have all experienced the sometimes strange and mind-bending intersection of real and virtual in Second Life.  Just before Thanksgiving I had the opportunity to attend an exhibit at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, which features a build in … Continue reading

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Update on the 6th annual Burning Life festival of fire, art and community

As we roam the grid enjoying Winterfaire in Second Life, we wanted to take a moment to update you on some of what we did and learned at a different Resident-created event this year, Burning Life. The 6th annual Burning … Continue reading

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Friendly Season’s Greetings! Enjoy Winterfaire in Second Life!

Join us for the Winterfaire Grand Tour, through January 5, 2009 in Second Life Festive holidays are upon us, Second Life is experiencing widespread snowfall, and Residents are decorating and celebrating. While our individual cultural traditions are diverse, Residents have … Continue reading

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