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“Jumping the Shark”

I was so delighted by this reference that I hadn’t yet heard! It refers to a Happy Days episode in which Fonzi jumps a shark on water skis, and the popularity of the series apparently slid southward at the same … Continue reading

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Asheron’s Fall

The big news today is that Turbine have announced that Asheron’s Call 2 is going to close at the end of the year. A few years ago, when I was working on Dragon Empires at Codemasters, I remember the whole … Continue reading

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Speeding the StartUp

Second Life is a magical thing whose value and meaning to a person are varied and nuanced. It is very difficult to summarize in a picture or sentence or paragraph. Like New York or London, it is one of those … Continue reading

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You Tell ‘em, John!

I generally enjoy id’s games, as well as John Carmack’s writings and thought about software performance and graphics, but none more than his recent keynote at QuakeCon 2005.  In the keynote, John was generally positive about gpu state of the … Continue reading

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Flying A Mono Biplane

Flying a mono biplane through a mono scripted Abbotts Aerodrome (in monochrome). All 2700+ LSL Abbotts scripts compile to CIL, assemble in to CLR assemblies and run in the Mono VM embedded in the Second Life simulator. Note that no … Continue reading

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Fiction, Facts and Funking

Ever since I saw that Adam Singer was going to talk at EIEF I’ve been intrigued about what he was going to say. I’ve known Adam for years as the dad of my friend Daniel and although he’s always been … Continue reading

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OK, two posts in one day is just crazy, but Second Life just passed 40,000 residents.  40,000! Certainly, only 1% or so of WoW, but I remember being excited about passing 1,000 residents and we’re continuing to grow exponentially.  A … Continue reading

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