[STABILIZED] Investigating Disruption in Support Live Chat

[UPDATE] 28 feb, 08 7:04 pm PST –teeple]

The Router Gremlins seem happy again, at least for now. We’ll be monitoring throughout the evening. Thanks for your patience on this; except for relaying information to you, this issue’s been out of our hands. –teeple

PS I’ve edited the update timestamps. I have it on good authority that this year is 2008 C.E., not 2007…

[UPDATE 28 Feb, 08 5:06 pm PST –teeple]

We’re seeing the same patterns of disruption (including failed traceroutes) that hit us earlier today (please see below). Callers from the UK may be temporarily unable to access Live Help Support.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

[UPDATE 28 Feb 08, noon PST –teeple]

Routing between the US and the UK has been stable for about the last ten minutes. All Live Chat support functions (including Billing) are accessible to our testers.

[UPDATE 28 Feb 08, 10:52 a.m. PST –teeple]

It appears there’s a routing breakdown between the US and the UK. We’re still investigating, but for the moment, UK-based residents may be unable to log in to the Support portal.

Our own UK-based staff are able to access Second Life, but are reporting difficulties with accessing the portal as well.

Currently, Concierge and In World specialists are available via Live Chat for residents who are able to connect. Billing assistance is temporarily unavailable via Live Chat.


Both residents and our own Live Chat staff are reporting disruptions in the chat service. We’re investigating ASAP.

If you’ve been inconvenienced by this, please accept our apologies.

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