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[COMPLETE] Rolling Restart Beginning at 10:00pm PST, 5:00am GMT

As noted in the blog earlier this evening, we tracked down and fixed an inventory bug that was plaguing some Residents. We’ve decided to do a rolling restart this evening to get this fix out to the grid ASAP as … Continue reading

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[Update] Intermittent Failure to Rez issues reported

[Update 5:04pm PST] We have corrected the code responsible for this internally and are currently testing the fix.  There will likely be a rolling restart later this evening, and a blog post to follow with more details on the restart … Continue reading

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Linden Lab Files Response to Complaint

On June 28, 2007, Linden Lab and its Chief Executive Officer, Philip Rosedale, filed their response to the complaint of Marc Bragg in the federal district court in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, denying Mr. Bragg’s allegations, and asserting counterclaims on behalf of … Continue reading

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The bug-fixing adventures continue!

Friendly greetings again! It’s me, Torley Linden. You can learn more about what I do @ Linden Lab, and continuing from last time as I promised, I want to share further insights into the state of our bug-fixing progress with you. Let … Continue reading

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Rolling Restart Complete

Good morning. Sorry for the late notice, but we are going to begin a rolling restart at about 10:55am (PDT) this morning. This rolling restart is required to roll out some server-side fixes and tweaks. Abbreviated release notes are below. … Continue reading

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The Concierge Inworld Office

The Concierge inworld office has now been opened; you can find it by teleporting to the region called ‘Linden Estate Services’ through your inworld map or by searching in Places by Linden Location and teleporting from there. The plan is … Continue reading

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Release Update: 1.18.0 Postponed, 1.17.2 Viewer pending

Hi folks – Joshua Linden here, your friendly neighborhood release manager. Today was a little more exciting than I like my Tuesdays, but here’s the low-down: Second Life 1.18.0 has been postponed to Wednesday, July 11th. The scheduled downtime for … Continue reading

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