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A Shiny New SL Blog

Hello and welcome to The Creation Engine! Allow me to introduce myself: in real life I’m Jim Purbrick. Some of you may know me from one of my previous lives as an author on Terra Nova, in which case you … Continue reading

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Space Exploration

”This is Major Tom to ground control, I’m stepping through the door.” When I was little, I really wanted to adventure into space. I bet a lot of people wanted to do the same thing, and that a good number … Continue reading

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Clickable Comments

Tony Walsh of the excellent Clickable Culture has a post up commenting on my Serious Game talk (or, more specifically, on Alice of Wonderland’s notes on my talk). He has some interesting points that I wanted to respond to.

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Second Life at Serious Games

Gave a presentation at Ben Sawyer‘s Serious Game Summit about Second Life, Wilde Cunningham, Brigadoon Island and Virtual Hallucinations. It was really well attended, a lot of fun and seems have been well received. (Slightly longer post on more of … Continue reading

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Data That May Only Interest Me

As work on the 2nd generation renderer continues, I’ve had the opportunity to do some interesting queries into the world of Second Life. These data points may only interest me, but as I try to make time to update the … Continue reading

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