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Estate Parcel Management Changes

There has been some … dissatisfaction … with the current behavior (since 1.12) of parcel management on private estates. In one of the upcoming releases this behavior is going to change for parcel subdividing and joining.

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Linden Dollar Economy Update #1

I have some recent and upcoming LindeX Tier changes to talk about, as well as an update regarding L$ Sales by Linden Lab.

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Machinimists Unite!

In the last 12 months we have seen an explosion of Machinima being created in virtual worlds and games. For those who have not seen, the 3rd annual Machinima Film Festival ( will be taking place in NYC on November … Continue reading

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New Mainland Sims available for Rent

Greetings! For large and temporary events, we’ve been offering the mainland sims of Balance, Bethel, Brilliant, Fame, Fortuna, and Georgean for rent. However, this has become a growing issue for folks using those sims for their original intended purpose…vehicle testing! … Continue reading

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How to fix a “404″ error in F1 Help

If you’re using F1 Help in Second Life—as easy as pushing the “F1” key!—and get an error saying “404: File Not Found”, just push the “Home” button near the top left of the window. In the process of improving our … Continue reading

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Cover Story

Hot stuff: YES—Estate ban and access lists have been boosted from a max. of 63 to 300, matching the parcel limit! YAYZERAMA to Leyla Linden for doing this. Coming soon to a future Second Life near you. If you’re wondering … Continue reading

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Private Estate Guide Updated

Jack, Fritz and I have updated the Private Estate Guide through 1.12 (we will update again when some of the estate changes happen). If you are a concierge client and would like an updated copy please let us know!

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