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So I spent the last hour and a half typing up an interesting and enlightend reponse to a resident’s question tonight, only to accidenlty hit a button on my keyboard that took me back a page, eating my post…. I’ll … Continue reading

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By the way…

If you have a question you would like to see answered here, just email me at ben{commercial at}lindenlab{full point}com. I think I am up to 4 readers now, so if I become swamped with requests, please be patient – I … Continue reading

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Formerly Known as Telehubs

We love to talk about Second Life as a place that’s always changing and evolving. However, change can be very upsetting. It disrupts the current way of things, and by challenging the status quo forces an uncomfortable need to rethink … Continue reading

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If I ruled the world

Oz Spade asks "If 1.8 was going to be the "Ben Linden" edition of SL, what would it have in it?" First of all, let me qualify this list as being what I would want in 1.8 if we had … Continue reading

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Well, maybe not quite a Second Life Community Convention. More like a Christmas party, but I’ve often thought that people could save themselves a lot of money by just meeting in a pub to have the conversations that end up … Continue reading

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I’m reposting this, I wrote it for Be The Change before I got my spin-off show.  It has a few ideas that I want to explore in more depth in the future, so I’m re-posting it here, so future blogthropologists … Continue reading

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Woop woop, thats the sound of the police

I’m "The Man" now, as in "down with The Man" not "You’re The Man."  Jury Duty, real life.  I can’t talk about the cases at all, so don’t ask – it’s the law, but I can talk about the process.  … Continue reading

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