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Tumbling Tumble Weeds

While I’ve found time for the odd Terra Nova post, this blog has been mostly dormant of late.  That has been mostly been due to all of development focusing on Second Life’s stability and scaling — which I’m sure folks … Continue reading

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The Mythical Warhammer Online

A press release has just been posted on the Warhammer Online site announcing that Mythic Entertainment, the developers of Dark Age of Camelot, have secured the rights to create MMO games set in the Warhammer World. This news comes almost … Continue reading

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Election Special

I remember Second Life being awash with US politics during the presidential campaign last year, so when I saw the UK general election coverage starting on the BBC last night I thought I’d pop in to SL to see if … Continue reading

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Virtually Speaking

Last Thursday (actually very early Friday morning in the UK) I was virtually speaking as the very first Second Life Future Salon presenter. For the first few minutes it felt like I was virtually speaking both in the sense that … Continue reading

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