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Where to Find Updates from Linden Lab

Hi, Katt Linden here with a roundup of our main methods of communicating with you. First, I want to acknowledge that I have heard your concerns and complaints about the changes to the blog and the login screen. In answer … Continue reading

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Update regarding the Openspaces announcement

Following our previous post on changes to the Openspace products we have had a great deal of feedback from the community, particularly in the forum thread but also via email and IMs. I would like to offer up some feedback … Continue reading

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New First Look for SLim

We’re happy to announce a new First Look for SLim, a new voice and text instant messaging client. SLim’s technology is provided by Vivox ( and developed in partnership with Linden Lab to work with the Second Life viewer. ┬áSLim … Continue reading

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Ongoing Updates from the Grid from FJ Linden

FJ Linden here, to report on the latest Ongoing Updates from the Grid. As I promised in my first post, this will be a regular monthly communication to keep all of you up to date on our efforts to improve … Continue reading

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Openspace Pricing and Policy Changes

In March of this year, we announced improvements to our light use land product that we call Openspaces. Not long after this, the new Land Store opened allowing estate owners to buy Openspaces and have them delivered almost immediately, an … Continue reading

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Update on Linden Lab Blog Revamp

I’m happy to report that we have some great things ahead for the Linden Lab Blog. We are on track with a multi-stage process of upgrading our Web presence, including both the Blog and the Forums. Our goal? To improve … Continue reading

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Help Us Beta Test Second Life Server Releases

Many of you have helped us improve Second Life by downloading Release Candidate Viewers by finding, reporting and triaging issues with us. We have many issues identified during Release Candidate cycles keeping them out of the default download. We’re now … Continue reading

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