Virtual Worlds London

I’m excited to announce that Linden Lab is going to be heavily represented at this year’s Virtual Worlds London event, taking place October 20-21. The event promises to be a fascinating and productive look at the future of virtual worlds, particularly in terms of how businesses can benefit form having a virtual presence.

I am honored to be opening the event with a keynote speech, where I’ll be discussing many of the initiatives I’ve spoken about in this space including our focus on improving overall stability, further tailoring the platform for our core audiences and enhancing the first hour experience for new Residents.

As we have so many engaged and enthusiastic Residents in Europe, this is a great forum for myself and other Lindens to discuss how Second Life will be an integral part of ongoing virtual worlds development, including looking at new ways for communities to connect and grow.

Second Life is becoming an increasingly global experience, with a majority of our users coming from outside the US. We’re doing everything we can to support and encourage this growth – as seen by our announcement a few days ago that we are planning to localize the viewer for ten different languages by the end of the year.

Other Lindens will also be presenting and taking part in panel discussions on topics dear to our heart such as the “Future of Virtual Collaboration in the Enterprise” and “Virtual Worlds and Web Integration.” As with any conference we attend, we’re most looking forward to spending time meeting with Residents, hearing your stories and brainstorming new ways that we can keep delivering the optimal Second Life experience to you all.

Thanks everyone; hope to see a lot of you across the pond.





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  1. Paddy Wright says:

    Why not use this blog to tell everyone just how good the new viewer release is? All the juicy information is hidden away on the status reports page. Come on Linden Lab, start communicating again, please.

  2. Cold Spitteler says:

    or post the blog more then 12 hours before the event happens

  3. Christos Atlantis says:

    Glad to see SL promoting… keep up the promotions and the expantion we need to spread the word to many more people around the globe.

  4. Renee Faulds says:

    …..or blog about how well you are taking care of region bugs and your excellent customer service (barf ) !!!

  5. Maelstrom Janus says:

    How about some good news for your european market ?

    Being able to pay in our own currency directly through Lindens and without ‘middle men’ would be a good start.

    And how about a review of european tier charges ? Okay you can’t help having to charge VAT – but some sugar to sweeten the bitter pill of vat is long overdue.

    And as usual we hear how well lindens is doing but we NEVER see any sign at all of better returns for ‘valued’ and long standing customers.

    Tier reductions and special offers are long overdue as is an increase in the land allowance.

    Maybe some of the great masses of yellow spread across the sl map might start shifting to.

    And how about a review of the 10 linden upload fee for snaps and sounds ?

    Lets have some news and announcements which actually perk up the long term sl customer rather than the usual backslapping and self appreciation which does little more than raise a ‘ho hum ‘ in this quarter.

  6. Ciaran Laval says:

    Thanks for the notice! Geesh you’d have seen a lot more of us if we’d known you were coming!

    The blog really needs a kick up the backside, the new viewer and all the plus points from that are hidden away on the grid status page, Massively were revealing news about the new viewer before you guys.

  7. Meghan Dench says:

    Geez. I was reading this just now and thinking Oh wow I will go to that, would be the chance to meet up with some friends.. then realized its started already! Thanks for the notice… lol

    *sad face*

  8. Hiroaki says:

    Linden Lab’s blog page started to look void…
    I want more report and whats happening posted here…

  9. Torben Trautman says:

    Don´t blame M for the late notice… he was just bored in his hotel lol

  10. Birdie Ireland says:

    I wish SecondLife had been represented at Comic-Con….this year was the first time (and last time) I went. They should be there!

  11. Jayden Beresford says:

    Bye everyone, After 2 years I have left the game, abandoning my 2 regions thanks to heavy handed and greifing G-Team actions, the inability to support, the complete destruction of communications with the arrival of Katt Linden and the paranoid mind police that are the lab.

    Sure, 2 months after I was disciplined I got a message on the ticket that had sat unanswered that long saying “Oops we made a mistake” but my taste-buds for this game were soured.

    As for “further tailoring the platform for our core audiences” Well M it is clear your core audience isn’t the actual players of this game but some hoped for “some-time-in-the-future” corporate market.

    SL? Meh. It’s a has-been.

  12. As you are in the UK, you could do worse than look at the recently released snapshot of Second Life and Virtual World use in UK universities and colleges:

    There’s a heck of a lot of SL activity in these places, as the data shows.

  13. Enthusiastic Europeans?

    I would PAY to be there, really, if I had the money, just so I could laugh when the “Enthusiastic Europeans” began berating you for the EU TAX fiasco. Since I can’t though, can someone please VIDEO this and put it up on YOU TUBE, this is going to be so much fun to watch!

    Seriously M, are you taking some sort of mind altering medication for whatever reason? I mean, have you even read up on what the Europeans have been saying on the Forums, Blog Comments, et al?

    For someone that is supposed to have his hand on the pulse of the Second Life Communicty, it seems to me your hand is somewhere else, and it isn’t on the pulse of the Second Life Community! Maybe that’s the issue and not drugs, you have your hand in the wrong place!

    Just how did you get this job and just how are you keeping it? I mean besides acting as the mouthpiece of a certain Chairman of the Board that will remain nameless. What’s it like M, to have a job where you don’t have to think, just spew out what you are told?

    I have changed my mind, Linden Lab needs to fire M, Philip, Robin, and the rest of the Management crew and start over. Next time try hiring people that actually know about the issues facing the Second Life Community!

  14. Lyanis Sin says:

    I agree with Paddy Wright. I feel like Lindens have stopped communicating with us instead of improving the communication. I don’t even see any Torley videos anymore.

    Please Lindens, announce the new viewer release in this blog! or make it a required update. There are several features that need the last viewer to work and designers will be scared to use it until everyone has the update.

  15. WTF is all the bitternes about?
    Im from the UK…been with SL 4.5 yrs.
    The sales are up ( despite the RL recession )
    Stability is much better
    Things are ok again.
    So what if they want to encourage ” real business” its not different than TRU adding “real tesxture websites” to their list, it adds a “real” factor and a quality factor.
    LL want their place not to be misunderstood as a “game” thats all.
    Jesus, give em a break

  16. @ Maelstrom Janus

    YeP I agree with the tier rebates – but in real life British Telecom didnt starrt offering discounts UNTIL they started loosing customers to competitors which they didnt have for many many yrs they monopolised the telephone business and as such ppl either paid what BT wanted or went without a phone.
    No business is going to “offer” discounts out of the goodness of their heart…its called “business”
    This isnt a book club or a community ( LL should really stop talking to us like residents and community if they are going to treat us like paying customers ) its a business and whilst I agree with some of the objections what makes me laugh is this deluded sickly sweet sentimental belief that SL is a community and LL are our Gods or parents.. lol
    Its all about covering staffing costs and overheads for LL. Period.
    Sure back in the “day” Lindens would walk amongst us and there was a sense of communiity but not now…its not a village anymore its a “world”
    It was time for LL and us to grow up.

  17. Leah Salome says:

    A bit short notice.

  18. Leah Salome says:

    Registration to attend this event closed on 16th October.

  19. astarte artaud says:

    I concur Torben @ #9.

    After 3 weeks virtual silence of any Lindens on this blog for the last 3 weeks, this announcement smacks of hotel room boredom for a “lets meet the Euro population”, but for god’s sake don’t give them a chance to interact with us.

    I also seem to remember about 18 months ago LL talking about possible server space over this side of the water. so we “Euros” could enjoy decent speed connections to SL. What happened there?

  20. F L says:

    I agree with everyone else who has pointed out that it would have been nice to have had this news just a little bit earlier – like time enough for those of us in Europe who would have liked to actually attend and meet those of you from ‘across the pond’.

    Seems to me that you think it sounds good to say you want to meet us, but in reality you don’t give us the chance…

    Give us credit for having some intelligence, please.

  21. Pavig Lok says:

    Dear M
    Congrats on taking the helm and good luck with VW London. But please let your teams and PR talk to the public. There’s been virtual silence out of the lab for months. Unanswered emails to Reuters and Massively (an AOL company), and too little direction from the lab for strategists working with SL tech.
    Special friends like RRR can be a part of the story, but they’re only a small element of the SL community, which consists of many entrepreneurial folk trying to drive LL tech to profitability. The blogsphere (your news media cause the mainstream don’t get it and usually repurpose blogs) are similarly in the dark.

    Open communications channels to the public about these things. SL has a five year headstart on the rest of the industry so use it. Be present and proactive and open to your “stakeholders” so you can keep their loyalty. It’s getting increasingly difficult to get behind the lab as “the way” when communication from within is stifled. I understand that a time in the wilderness was a requirement after the P Linden stage, but that time has passed. Time to talk.

    With all respect, give us something to work with 🙂 Use Katt (your PR), Torley (your evangelist), Phil (your visionary) and your many business partners in respectable insitituions like IBM or the like to set the future direction. We need that now.

    Pavig Lok

  22. Georgette Whitfield says:

    I’ve got a good idea. How about hosting SLCC in Europe next year.? And give us more than zero hours notice to buy a ticket. That would be ace! Thanks in advance. Enjoy the booze up!

  23. Aes says:

    Announcing RL conferences and events after the fact is letting lag go a bit far, you guys.

    So who IS in charge of announcements/ communications/ information dissemination to residents around here, hm?

  24. First I would like to preceed my comments with I think SL is the best platform out there. I have research several other virtual world platforms and none compare to Second Life. I have been in SL since 21 September 2005, so that is over 3 years. Now that I have said that, I would like to express a few complaints. First, let me tell you my current system. I have high speed DSL 1.3 megs up and down which I pay dearly for, I have a new Dell XPS 630, 4 gigs of RAM, 500 gig harddrive, quad processor, Geforce 9800 GTX video card. All of which exceeded the recommend standard for SL. For the past several updates it takes forever to rezz in world, things stay grey for the longest time. I have had to set my preference to the minimum possible. My inventory changes daily, one day things are missing, the next they are back, but I have lost many for good, hard to tell where they went. there has been a tremendous lag lately as well.
    Just my opinion but I would work on those items that need to be fixed prior to adding more bells and whistles. On a side note, the friends list from the SL web page. I would like to see it fixed. You can get to it if you try several times but when you do it just indicates object and coordinates which are correct, but no sim name. Thank you for letting me vent a little, and I still thinkSL is the best there is.

  25. How nice to post this news like 12 hours before the event, what if someone was going to be able to attend if he knew like a week before?
    These events should be advertised in advance. Please do it next time at least.
    Thank you.

  26. Maelstrom Janus says:

    @ Lillybeth filth

    Of course its a buisness and if sl want to keep their customers they clearly need to learn a little customer care and as far as this customer is concerned that means ‘perks’ and BETTER service…

    …something you might try down at textures r us incidentally – I’m banned with no idea why after spending quite a bit of time and cash down there….The last time I asked the person I spoke to had no clue why either. Good way to run a business 😉

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  28. Xio Jester says:


    I think M has been sucessfully strapped into a dentist chair and reprogrammed. Fight it M! You want a career after the Lab finally goes under! Don’t ignore your instincts.

    Something’s wrong here, why would he suddenly shift gears in his approach, after the initial shock of seeing how things run behind SL? I think this is gonna be yet another man lost to the problem of being caught up dealing with so many problems with a new approach to communications technology.

    *cough* late 90’s ISP start-ups *cough*

    I hope I’m wrong, but that forward movement surge seems to have possibly dropped off for good as far as the new CEO goes >:/

  29. Vint Falken says:

    Does that mean it’s decided who exactly are the core audiences?! Yeey! May you tell us? :d

  30. I can’t afford to be at the conference, although I did know about it some days before your announcement. What amazes me is that this is a conference on virtual worlds which appears to have no virtual component… no stream for people who didn’t get there to follow, no events to back up the conference in SL. It seems to me it is rather like a mobile phone company participating in a conference, but leaving the mobiles at home….

  31. Earl Merlin says:

    It would be much better for LL to finally keep in mind that we all are acting and dealing with REAL money and not like monopoly.

    That LL threw in a hole bunch of new land was almost deadly for the most landlords and land dealers.

    that helped only LL and new sl members but noone else and the land business went to hell.

    on top lost inventories is also a big problem furthermore and it is also REAL money but that doesnt matter to LL furthermore.

    cause of that new news above from LL iam thinking more and more that normal members of SL are nothing more as a horde of cows to just support LL and the big business holder to grow but nothing else…sorry to say that…and that isnt really something else as in real life.

  32. Marigold Devin says:

    Yup, would have been nice to have known about this event beforehand, but seems SL is going the way of British Rail, in that its pricing regular people out of the market and considering their input to be of less importance than the corporate people.
    As a few personal beefs have been aired in the comments so far, my own personal beef is this.. and its very controversial .. How do Linden Labs think they will fare if any of these wonderful Corporate Organisations get wind of all the sexual ageplaying that goes on in world? I know for sure if I was a CEO of a company, I would not touch SL with a 10 foot pole in case my organisation got tarred with the same brush. There’s just some stuff happening that shouldn’t be – not even in a virtual world. And its certainly not a “game”!

  33. Sedary Raymaker says:

    I would not touch SL with a 10 foot pole

    In fact, such companies should avoid using the internet at all, as well as fax machines and the postal service, because God only knows what sort of filth others may be passing around through those mediums.

  34. Yman Juran says:

    Greetings Linden Londoners
    As a follow up on you statement ” As with any conference we attend, we’re most looking forward to spending time meeting with Residents, hearing your stories and brainstorming new ways that we can keep delivering the optimal Second Life experience to you all.

    I like to offer our show as a positive refreshment to all your talks.
    I guarantee you a show which may blow your brains in how SL also can be used as artistic live performances experience….. and if you have time I will cry my heart and soul to You..:-))

    IM me, give my 10 minutes preparation and I will be ready while you eat lunch to entertain you.

    In service of Light, Life and Love sister Yman

  35. Anatag Paperclip says:

    I’d like to add my vote against the short notice and for some announcements regarding cheaper tier, better land usage or any reward for us long term users.
    How about a credit crunch adjustment?

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  37. Demian Caldera says:

    M, I don’t know why your blog postings make me want to bite my keyboard. But I’ll figure it out some day. Can I have Philip back now?

  38. Tweed Woodget says:

    It appears that SL has reached the point in it’s corporate lifespan where it believes solely in its own self-generated hype with little or no input from its subscribers, which explains the lack of notification and/or timely updates. I think M should read some Seth Godin while he’s in his hotel room twiddling his thumbs, since he’s the new tribe leader. I too would love to know who the “core audience” actually is, since in my travels around SL most of the corporate Sims are usually empty. Maybe LL doesn’t need avatars present, just the monthly tier? I respectfully suggest re-reading the culture statement at this URL:
    The one sentence that caught my eye was: “Don’t let a staid form and function become routine and boilerplate”.
    Right now Torley is the only Linden that’s accessible as far as I know, I think he not only reads the TAO, he lives it.

  39. AnnMarie Otoole says:

    It would be more convenient to hold this conference in Second Life, then we could all attend, even with short notice.

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  41. Tao Takashi says:

    Honestly I don’t really believe such pricy conferences to be productive, at least not in a non-business sector.

    What about hosting some sort of sprint of VirtualWorldsCamp in Europe to really get productive and get stuff done (with free entrance even 😉 ).

    I’d love such a thing to take place for e.g. OGP as those in-world meetings IMHO are not that productive.

    As for the conference I also agree with others here that it might make sense to at least stream it to the web if not having a VW presence. This conference really does not happen unless you are there. There might be cool stuff being said there, seldom somebody out here will notice. Having streams and stuff would also help to spread the word about VWs in general.

    (and as it comes with a price you rarely find bloggers there who just are curious about what’s happening there).

    (I should add that I haven’t checked the price tag but I simply assume it’s over budget for most blogger, esp. if you are not 100% behind this topic).

    — (not THE but some) Tao

  42. ‘Once upon a time there was a girl that wanted to be CEO of a big virtual platform’

    -she would reduce the land with 50 % (=fairtrade)
    -she would make everyone go premium (=boost economics)
    -she would make RL businesses/sponsors pay for the mainland tier (=^^)
    -she would encourage creativity by discouraging drama (=finally)
    -she would stop all forms of camping (=lag)
    -she would announce conferences 6 months before (=professional)
    -she would …………………AAARRGGHHHHHHHHHHH

    OMG …….. I was dreaming ……WAKY WAKY


  43. Max Kleiber says:

    Well, after having read the comments, I almost feel silly remarking on the typo in the first paragraph…
    Possibly there is text missing. Hard to say. Perhaps it is meant to read:”… businesses can HAVE a benefit form FOR having a virtual presence.”

  44. Meta Starostin says:

    Virtual Worlds was well promoted by the organisers. Wake up sleepy heads.

  45. two cents says:

    quote- “Other Lindens will also be presenting and taking part in panel discussions on topics dear to our heart such as the “Future of Virtual Collaboration in the Enterprise”” -end quote

    This is frankly naive to believe mainstream corporations would engage in all those rather new technologies (refer the Gartner’s hype curve for this porpose). Large business companies are not early adopters.

  46. two cents says:


    Did LL mgmt ever address a large company CIO onto that topic?

    You would get this kind of answer from him:

    “That’s a pretty nice idea for sure, still for the two coming years my concern is to consolidate my ERP based solution-platforms, reduce my overall running costs (SG&A), and finalize out-sourcing my infrastructure (data center, network operations,…)”

  47. Linda says:

    New technologies are great !

  48. Cocoanut Koala says:

    “It appears that SL has reached the point in it’s corporate lifespan where it believes solely in its own self-generated hype with little or no input from its subscribers,”



  49. razrcut says:

    So….how did it go?

  50. The Great Sandwich Debate says:

    Was funny 2 days notice was given so no way anyone could have attended if they wanted to after reading this blog,lol

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