New First Look for SLim

We’re happy to announce a new First Look for SLim, a new voice and text instant messaging client.

SLim’s technology is provided by Vivox ( and developed in partnership with Linden Lab to work with the Second Life viewer.  SLim enables Second Life Residents to conduct voice or text conversations with member of their Second Life friends list….whether they are logged into the virtual world or offline. While the Second Life viewer will still serve as the primary inworld communication engine, SLim is capable of running on most computers, and offers users a voice-enabled instant messaging client that extends the value of the Second Life Grid beyond the virtual world.

SLim significantly lowers the barriers between virtual world and real world communication and ensures that Second Life Residents will always be able to connect to friends, regardless of location or broadband connection. SLim is also a compelling tool for the Second Life Grid enterprise offering, which will enable employees to communicate and collaborate with colleagues meeting inworld without having the Second Life application running.

SLim’s features include:

  • Access to your Second Life friends list with real-time “presence” status updates
  • Seamless migration from a text conversation into a voice call
  • Ability to leave voice mails for offline friends

Learn more about SLim in our Knowledge Base article

Because this is a First Look, there are a few known but not serious issues with this release.  We hope you’ll report any new ones to this PJIRA.

We’re happy to see how voice has taken off in Second Life and to give Second Life Residents alternatives in how they choose to communicate with other. Voice concurrency rates are about 50% of our total inworld concurrency:  for example, when total inworld concurrency on Sunday is 70,000 Residents, the total number of concurrent voice speakers is 35,000. Vivox, our partner in SL Voice, recently  added more voice servers to keep up with demand.

We hope that SLim will be yet another bridge between inworld and out-of-world and other online activities.

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150 Responses to New First Look for SLim

  1. Ann Otoole says:

    So basically we don’t need the grid to socialize anymore. Hmmm….

  2. Ann Otoole says:

    Please explain this slim viewer requirement. And when will the source code be published? Secondlife is all open source right?

  3. Caitlin Gunawan says:

    Shame there will be fewer (including me) around to use it…

  4. Alvi Halderman says:


  5. AG says:

    So do Vivox know they’ve spent a lot of development time working on somehting where the userbase (and potential marketing receivers) are going to fall apart in 2 months?

  6. Dana Vanmoer says:

    Nice to see you Katt just where you are needed most

  7. Zack84 Burton says:

    I certainly hope this project didn’t take too many resources away from the grid and improving stability. Adding services that potentially few will use hasn’t gone over too well in the past. I think the current JIRA (especially under MISC) speaks for its self.

  8. Zi Ree says:

    *raises the Linux flag*

    I’m not sure how useful this client will be, but there should be a Linux version to test if it works.

  9. I don’t understand why this has to go through a 3rd party service? From what I have read here and on the kb page, it sounds like this is a completely separate service that somehow gets access to our friends list and fakes an inworld presence? Setups like those using LibSecondLife manage to connect and perform light IM and presence functions directly to SL servers, without going through a 3rd party.

    Even if we only have to give this 3rd party our password once for verification, isn’t that still once too often?

    What are the safeguards to ensure that a) some other person cannot hijack our account via SLim, and b) that the 3rd party company will keep our passwords and accounts utterly utterly secure?

    Thanks in advance – I look forward to the details.

  10. @9 whining about stability every time LL posts a blog post hasn’t worked too well in the past either, but that never stops people who don’t care about staying on topic.

    i’m not sure how i’ll use SLim, but I’m certainly interested in trying it out and seeing what I think. and without whining about non-related JIRA issues even!

  11. Is the Linux version out? Of course LINUX is open source but LL continues to make things 1st for windows. Makes alot of sense don’t it. How about the IPHONE version. I’m sure LL would love more residents chatting with other SL friends from your IPHONES.

    With the SL BLOG & STATUS pages now have all the new about SLIM. All the downtime, messages lost, failure to login to SLIM, & SLIM currently not allowing more residents to login to high usage. What about my money?? Is my L$ safe using SLIM???

  12. justanalt magic says:

    Voice sucks… And its bad bad bad that the **** ™ client needs that enabled to work.

    why not make a possibility to use it in a text only more without getting the 3:rd party involved, hmm?

  13. Markopolis Balhaus says:

    Installed and working beautifully. Will solve problem of associates not having viewer on certain machines and situations. Still testing it but I like it so far.

  14. Yann says:

    Well, at least we can chat with each other without the use of having an overprised open sim for socializing.
    Where’s the fun in that? Will it costs us more money when it’s successful?
    Yes, i’m disgruntled……so what?!

  15. Veeyawn Spoonhammer says:

    Linux version please 🙂

  16. Katt Linden says:

    SLim is working great for me on a Mac.

    It was developed with a partner so that the Linden engineering team didn’t have to spend as much time on it, and could instead stay focused on their primary work.

    Please keep comments on topic.


  17. Tao Takashi says:

    Now that looks like a quite complicated installation 😉

    Why not simply use OAuth for authorizing this client? It can redirect to the webpage where you login and it gets an access token back which it can use to do all the things it needs to do.

    But besides that I am not sure the world needs yet another proprietary IM client.

  18. Katt Linden says:

    Installation was pretty easy for me.

    -Download the new Viewer, log in once, log out.

    -Go to Vivox page, type your avatar name and a new password (to be secure, not your SL one)

    -Download SLim, log in, hit “refresh.”

    Then my friends list popped up!

  19. menubar says:

    no friends list here

    doesn’t work

  20. Zorin Frobozz says:

    If this is a slimmed down IM-only viewer, why is the appbundle (on Mac OS X) over 200MB? You’d expect a slimmed down viewer to… I dunno, be somewhat SMALLER than the full-featured viewer?

    Did you just take a regular viewer client and disable the GUI parts? This doesn’t seem like a true “slimmed-down” program at all.

  21. Broccoli Furry says:

    I love this new tool!

  22. Katt Linden says:

    @21 I didn’t see my friends list show up right away either, you have to hit “Refresh” in SLim (and you have to have logged in once using the new viewer.)

  23. Noisey Lane says:

    At 15.9Mb, it’s not that thin really.

    “It was developed with a partner so that the Linden engineering team didn’t have to spend as much time on it, and could instead stay focused on their primary work.”

    Well said, I think.

  24. Lelila Nakajima says:

    This is kinda useless because it tells me I can’t talk to those who are actually in world. Am I missing something?

  25. Nibb Tardis says:

    Why does it need to go through Vivox when tools like Metabolt or SLeek work perfectly well with the existing framework. No messing around with creating a 3rd party account, adding software bloat or downloading special first look builds.

    It’s just silly.

  26. Romeo Arashi says:

    Well, I try install SLim with wine by use this command with windows edition.

    “wine msiexec /i SLIMDOWNLOAD.msi

    good – Software install successful.
    good – SLim run fine and can login (showing status “online”).
    bad – no friend list showing at all

    I’ve already login once using SLim’s Viewer compatible version
    and create password with Vivox account. I hit refresh button
    but nothing happen still no friend list?

    Is this the way work for Linux or not? In download page it
    has SLim’s Viewer Linux edition but no SLim client for linux???

  27. Winter Ventura says:

    Most of my friends (myself included) don’t use voice.

    How is this helpful to me?

  28. Bryon Ruxton says:

    Having voice enabled may have a concurrency rates of 50%.
    But I’d be surprised if this number reflects actual usage.

    Is that a voice enabled stats? Or the result of a survey made to see how many actually use voice regularly?

  29. menubar says:


    I did all that several times – still no friends list.

    I tried to post here several times the full description of what I did as far as testing goes but for some reason my posts didn’t appear here.

    I did the full activation thing (log into firstlookSLIM, activate account with Vivox, launched SLim and hit refresh several times, relaunched SLim, refresh, etc.)

    Logged into regular viewer with an alt and sent myself an IM “user is offline” and nothing in SLim (yes I’m friends with my alt).

    Logged my Alt into firstlookSLIM and sent myself an IM – same thing, nothing. Refresh, refresh, refresh. Relaunch, refresh, refresh, nothing, nothing, nothing, etc.

  30. Thaddeus Tobias says:

    @20. “Go to Vivox page, type your avatar name and a new password (to be secure, not your SL one)”

    URL? I wasn’t directed there automatically and I didn’t see a link in the Knowledge Base page. The Vivox page is informational but nowhere do I see where I’m supposed to make the connection between my SL and Vivox credentials.

  31. Romeo Arashi says:

    Me again.. #30

    I login again while open SLim and Viewer and the list is start showing but not all on the list SO SLIMS IT WORKS FOR LINUX TOO Just install it with Wine emulator.

    I’m running on Ubuntu 8.04
    Hope LL release real linux version soon 😀

  32. Monalisa Robbiani says:

    It won’t ask me to create an account. My SL account won’t work either. What do you need to do?

  33. Noisey Lane says:

    @ Katt
    Hmmm – you corrected your post and edited mine to reflect the changes in yours.
    That’s a little weird because that’s not what I posted.
    I notice you are not listed on the wiki/Category:Linden_Lab_Employees.
    That’s a little weird too for a communications guru.

    The SLim client will be good for staying in touch with SL resies from work where running a full client is either not allowed or due to the hardware, not worth it however, clients like SLeek allow the ability to make payments too which is a great feature if you can’t run the full client and need to pay rent on time and/or an unexpected payment immediately.

  34. menubar says:

    I see where I went wrong now…

    Seems you have to be logged into the FirstLookSLIM viewer WHILE you launch SLIM. Initially I logged in, then logged off, then launched SLim. It wasn’t apparent that the two programs had to be running concurrently for it to recognize you the first time.

  35. Phil Priestman says:

    @28 You really trust Linden programmers to create a external voice client? 🙂

  36. Jayden Beresford says:

    Noisy wrote: “The SLim client will be good for staying in touch with SL resies from work where running a full client is either not allowed or due to the hardware, not worth it”

    Well, slim will use ports that your work’s, school’s, libraries’ firewall will probably block. Plus it will only work to people inworld who use the new firstlook client and has voice turned on. So anyone on a production version can’t be talked to just as those who despise voice will be uncontactable.

    “Hmmm – you corrected your post and edited mine to reflect the changes in yours.”

    Bad form Katt… editing other people’s posts? A communications manager should know better!

    OT Comment: I see the Lab are back to their old tricks of trying to push the immoral OpenSpace land grab off the pages. The Jira against this I see is around 1,700 votes now making it a HUGE concern.

    I used to own 4 open spaces, now just one. Come December 25 that gets abandoned as well.

  37. Monalisa Robbiani says:

    I got both programs running now and I still don’t get any dialog that asks me to create an account. There is no setting in the SLim client either. I am puzzled now.

  38. RC Paderborn says:

    TY LL and Vivox.

    Meanwhile I’m going back to SLeek or Metabolt in a virtual machine, or SL running in a 3×2″ window on my 17″ Mac Book Pro.

    For the person who noticed they can’t talk/commnicate with anyone in world, your friends have to be running the new SLim Enabled viewer as well. it was the same way with the voice enabled viewer.

    Oh.. I did see something shocking the other day… someone’s white dot over their head was animated showing that they were actually TALKING! 😉

  39. Ezekyel Vidor says:

    Great Idea, finally it done…
    but.. that change nothing if we can’t use no more SL.

  40. Walker Moore says:

    Monalisa: You need to go to the first link in this blog entry and create a SLim account:

    Regarding the application itself: My friends list is empty even though I have friends online. I’ve got zero interest in the voice side of the application, but I suppose the ability to IM when unable to launch SL would be useful. This kind of application would be extremely handy if you could transfer assets and money as well, but I guess those features will never come for security reasons.

    I’m uninstalling it for now, but will be interesting to see how it evolves.

  41. Rylan Oldrich says:

    Another great new feature!! Maybe as soon as this one is rolled out there will be some time and resources to go back and fix some of the other great “new” features and work on something important like basic stability of the grid. Sorry, I forgot, that one is being fixed by eliminating openspace sims.

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  43. daleinnis says:

    @31: Yeah as someone who doesn’t use voice to speak of and whose friends mostly don’t either, I’m interested in that question also. The announcement says that SLim supports text IM as well as voice; on the other hand it sounds like it might be sort of overkill for that. Would be interested in hearing from folks who’ve tried SLim and looked at the non-voice potentials. So far I’m too lazy and/or busy to try it myself. 🙂

  44. Darien Caldwell says:

    SLim isn’t opensource because it uses the Vivox Voice API, which isn’t opensource. LL has the ability and the right to license the viewer code to companies for use in proprietary viewers, Remember the Onrez Viewer?

    And since SLim uses the Vivox API, it has to connect to their servers, just as the regular viewer must. Again this is because of the proprietary nature of the Vivox voice servers.

  45. Thaddeus Tobias says:

    @44. /me has egg on his face. Thanks for the pointer to the link I saw but didn’t process. :-/

  46. Wordfromthe Wise says:

    same for me .. as of January nobody will be there to talk to .. i just willl repeat the numbers 50 66 .. until somebody answers .. 50 66 .. repeat with me 50 66 .. these are the new magic numbers for this game ..

    btw. it worked for me like a charm ( Win XP SP 3 )

  47. Matthew Dowd says:

    If you are only interested in text messaging you should take a look at the TRIM client at

    This has a number of advantages over SLIM:

    i) lower bandwidth use (particular uf you are over a slow network such as dialup)
    ii) works directly with secondlife so you don’t need to create a new account with a third party (such as vivox)
    iii) works with OpenSim and thirdparty grids
    iv) is open source with source code available

  48. @29: I know, let’s only develop features that YOU’LL use. forget everyone else.

    I have several friends I use voice with routinely. Makes building/scripting a hell of a lot easier, not to mention, sometimes why type when you can talk? I get tired of typing out a long paragraph that I could say a lot quicker.

    Everyone assumes their use case is everyone’s use case. The no one uses voice mantra is amusing, but wrong.

  49. Force Kaul says:

    This is fantastic. Now I can monitor sl even when I am not in-world. Looking forward to having my own sl phone number as well.

  50. Pumpkin Zenovka says:

    Hard to get excited about anything in SL now!

  51. Ciaran Laval says:

    “when total inworld concurrency on Sunday is 70,000 Residents, the total number of concurrent voice speakers is 35,000”

    Is that the number of people talking or the number of people with the capability of speaking?

    This feature has potential, I’d find it very useful as I spend a lot of time multitasking outside of SL so this helps me stay in touch so i’ll be taking a look.

    Katt it would be easier to keep blog discussions on topic if someone from Linden Lab would actually, you know, discuss the major issue. It really shouldn’t be a difficult concept to grasp.

  52. Nice idea. As stated Metabolt and SLeek do a great job.

    How about a cut down client for Windows Mobile 5 or Java?

    And as to OpenSpace fiasco of an increase in US$50 for no additional resources….

    We are dropping 8 OS sims and 1 full sim in November and plan many more in the months to come…. simply put. That was the last straw.

    Why are we not selling them? If we sell them we pay LL US$150 for transfer and they still get tier. If we drop them. They get ZERO (just what we get for the extra US$50) !!

  53. Steve Steed says:

    I love this…. 😀 It setup very fast and worked for me 100% 😉

  54. Ina Infinity says:

    Does SLim affect traffic?

  55. Rhaorth Antonelli says:

    I keep getting an error when trying to launch SLim. I already downloaded and logged into the aSLFLSLim client first etc.
    I get the “wrong user credentials. [20200]” error (and I followed the directions as outlined on the KB. Also posted this in the JIRA feedback about SLim section. Posting here so just in case others have the same results, they know they are not alone.

  56. Jeska Linden says:

    Just wanted to peek in and remind everyone this is the First Look/Beta, which means several things:
    * First Look viewers might be buggier than other viewers
    * We’re looking for your thoughts and feedback, so keep it coming!

    Also, if you’re having trouble installing or getting SLim to work, take a look at the step-by-step directions in the Knowledge Base Article or the step-by-step setup directions at

  57. Shu says:

    SLim doesn’t work on my Mac with this message:
    No back-end URI has been specified. This should be specified in the application’s settings window under “General”.

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  59. Winter Ventura says:

    Aside from the rude attitude by some posters, my question still remains.

    I don’t use voice, and many of my friends don’t use it either.. ever. That means we’re not “logged in” to this Vivox system. According to the previous posts about this softwar, SLim can only see people as online, who are online AND have voice enabled at that moment.

    This means, if true, that this software will be useless in terms of trying to contact me.. or in terms of me contacting my non-voicing friends.

    The reasons “why” they don’t use voice, are varied.. from the very real bandwidth concerns (Comcast in the US recently started metering usage, and Europe has been doing o for ages).. as well as various privacy related concerns.

    I’m not begrudging the development of a text-only client.. nor am I begrudging the development of voice features FOR that client.. what really seriously frustrates me, is that this won’t work if the person you want to chat with, doesn’t use voice (for whatever reason).

    It’s a glaring technical oversight, that hackish programs like Sleek and MetaBolt have been able to manage flawlessly for over a year now.

  60. Sedary Raymaker says:

    @50: I know, let’s only develop features that YOU’LL use. forget everyone else.

    Stop whining. He didn’t say it was bad, he was asking a legitimate question. I use Metabolt on occasion, and I don’t use Voice. Does SLim have advantages over Metabolt for me?

    One I can think of is that I probably won’t have a blind avatar standing around with SLim. But what else can SLim do? Is it *just* for messaging? Because that’s what I use Metabolt for 90% of the time, but it’s nice to be able to look up profiles or send payments those other 10%.

  61. Monalisa Robbiani says:

    Yay it is working! I just said Hi to Katt :)) Too bad you can only chat to people who either use SLim or the Firstlook client. Can’t wait for this to become the standard client.

  62. Shu says:

    SLim doesnt’ show multibyte language in chat message.

  63. Tori C says:

    Hi, I see that this first look reports as 1.21.3. Does it include the security update from RC5? Thanks.

  64. Noisey Lane says:

    My bad – Katt is listed on the wiki/Category:Linden_Lab_Employees, it’s just misfiled under “U” for some reason.

    “Linden Lab Communications Manager, working on all thing Communication! 😀 ”

    Apologies to you Katt.

  65. Rhaorth Antonelli says:

    I did follow the instructions and it still won’t work. Not sure what that error means, and I seen on the jira I am not the only one getting it.

    Oh well 🙂

  66. Rhaorth Antonelli says:

    AHA I think I figured it out, the has a create new account button. I don’t recall seeing that on the KB info and that was the only place I looked. So trying it now….

    *back* well I logged in but it is not bringing up my friends list. Going to go to the jira and put the link to so it will hopefully help others in the right direction.

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  68. Crux Carlberg says:

    This is pretty weird thinking,

    Im sitting behind a firewall that wont let me through with ordinary client, so this SLIM , looked like a saviour, but no.. you need to install a real client and run it, then you can run Slim ?

    Didnt help me much, can someone just whip up a MSN addon thing ;P

  69. Keiko Rau says:

    Doesnt work

    I followed the instructions – Downloaded the Firstlook client and logged in, downloaded SLim, Registered with Vivox. At no point did Vivox ask me anything about my SL account – just my email address and my Vivox password.

    Running SLim, I put in my SL name and Vivox password, and it just sits there, not responding, with everything greyed out – Ive left it that way for an hour a couple of times now.

    The KB article (to prove I read it) says: “The first time (and only the first time) you create a SLim account, you’ll be asked to enter your Second Life user name and password.” This never happened. I wasnt even asked my SL name, though the Vivox site seemed to know it already.

    Im a technical person. If I cant do it, I doubt those who arent technical could.

    Nice try LL, but this dog dont hunt.

    (Note to Katt. No, this isnt a misplaced support request and shouldnt be deleted. Its a valid comment on the state of your software).

    BTW: Even just for a one time use, disclosing my SL password to a third party is a “bad” thing.

  70. @61: ok, that’s a fair question, but that’s not what you said the first time. but i agree, tying the text IM to the voice seems odd and it does make it require something that, if you’re not using, makes it impossible to do.

    it’s a question i wouldn’t mind seeing an answer to either.

  71. As I like to multitask a lot I was very happy with the release of SLim. However, now I have installed it, I have found that it only works with friends who have installed SLim too, and not with the ones who are inworld but don’t have the device installed. Pity… Or have I misunderstood something?

    A suggestion: Could the list of friends be sorted, so that friends inworld etc list up in top?

  72. @71: Keiko, same thing bugged me a bit too; the link to create a password is on

    Will be nice to see how it works when some of my friends do the same install….. LOL, that is a bit of an architectural drawback…

    Hope that you somehow will make the SL viewer install such that it does not just ask “Do you want to enable voice?”, but “Is it OK to enable your SLim friends to IM you?”. The latter question could pop up if anyone does not enable voice during the install. It could then briefly enable voice just to make the connection to Vivox, and then disable voice again.

    The KB article talks about presence, stating that Vivox shows different icons depending on the connection of your friends. Hope the SL viewer will do the same, so people knows someone is just on in SLim.

  73. Keiko Rau says:

    @74 (currently, but soon will likely be a lower number)

    Uh, Cris, I did that – See the part where I went and registered with Vivox? Thanks for the suggestion though. Step 3. Check!.

    Ive managed to get a bit further now. The hanging was due to a firewall rule on my end, which the regular SL client seems not to need – it works just fine with my firewall the way it was, but SLim requires some extra work.

    Now Slim shows me online locally, but not inworld (checked with an alt) and I have no friends list in slim despite numerous refreshes and having run the firstlook client numerous times now.

    It still doesnt work, and either the documentation is wrong, or the Vivox site skipped a step – or both. At this point I give up – there is nothing more I can do from here.

    Such a promising idea to be able to IM friends while not inworld, but completely broken by the implementation, when so many other simple choices exist, as has been noted. Nice way to give your voice acceptance stats a boost too, LL.

  74. CrossFade McMillan says:

    As some one posted earlyer this viwer is not that slim.

    What would be realy grate is a web based viewer.

    Nothing needed to be installed where ever you would like to get into the meta.

    You would be able to run it any where.

    I could personally live without the voice feature in a slim viewer. EG I think you have the wrong partner for this slim version of a viewer.

    Then again if its not suppose to be what its called (SLim) then it just might be a nice gadget, but then you just could pop the original viewer, and lover the setting to a minimal and have the same thing with the extra of actually beeing able to see.

  75. rptb1 says:

    I don’t use voice. None of my friends use voice. And I don’t want to have to run yet another chat client with yet another interface and yet more windows to manage. I just want an XMPP (Jabber) gateway so that I can connect from my standards-based chat client. So, I expect, would everyone on Linux.

  76. Kuchiki Xue says:

    whats the point? SL is about interacting in 3D. if i want voice and text with friends i’ll use Skype.

  77. Nisha Clip says:

    Gewd. but can you create some IM that will work without installing SL and portable so ppl can easy use it from memory stick? ^^ please

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  79. balp says:

    When do we get a text only version that can be used at work, Either as at http page (google talk) or using only a protocol that can pass the firewalls, http.
    This is for me totally useless, at home I have the viewer and login in is as easy as running this client.

  80. Elvis Orbit says:

    Good start to a good add on. For me it is useful as sometimes I am doing SL related work but cant be logged into SL. This is a great way to still communicate with friends and clients when I am working but can’t be logged in. I would love a web version and an Iphone version with group abilities then I would be a happy Elvis. Even happier Elvis with a good resolution to the OS sim issue.

  81. Pepper Haas says:

    Eversince you forced Voice down our throats (as you see, over a year later many residents still report they don’t use it at all), text chat and group IM have been broken. Now you’re telling us to get a separate and third party client? Why?
    People who want to use voice can use Skype. Voice should be immediately removed from SL so those of us who don’t like voice, can use group IM again, which never ever failed before Voice got shoved down our throats, but has not worked right, since.
    I don’t know if you noticed, Katt, but people overall are getting VERY disgusted with SL(tm). Voice was a big mistake and Windlight uglifies your avatar and makes everything slow, slow, slow. I don’t know why you people think going to a third party and making us jump through even more hoops just to IM, is a good idea, or useful, or why anybody would be interested. Just like Voice, it’s something YOU thought up, and forced in, without ever consulting your users.

  82. Noor Loam says:

    Who cares about all that, voice works well as it is. Why fix some when it is not broken?! What ticks me off the most, really LL how dare you increase opensim rates?! And putting stipulations on how many people can access a opensim space, how many scripts can be ran at the same time. This is what my Sim Owner has on his site. I have also an 1/4 mainland sim, which performs pi** slow from the get go. Does Governance team help? Nooo, they say file a ticket. Filed Tickets, result – none, ticket was open for 1 month as in ” work in progress “! I make you guys lots and lots of money,each month, my sims, my income in SL, is more then some of you LL heads monthly income! And when I ask for help I get some nasal UK Phone Dude who don’t know jack but telling me again to file tickets! I am so mad, I could write a novel here. Exhales and leaves the stage!

  83. Eli Schlegal says:

    This is good timing. Everyone that leaves SL because of the Open Sim price increase will still be able to pop in and say hello to their freinds that stayed behind.

  84. princess says:

    It doesn’t work at all. I followed all instructions but could not log in to SLim. When are you planning to publish a real working version?

  85. elka says:

    When I downloaded the client, it never asked me for anything. So now I am stuck because it asks me for my username and password, and my SL one doesn’t work and a fictive one either. Katt says “go on the page”…?! What page. When I go to there is nothing related, and I even tried “lost password” trick but it’s only a pop-up asking me for me e-mail…. Etc.

  86. elka says:

    Mmh, one thing that was not clear was the thing. Which I did, just now. But same problem, nowhere was I asked for my SL name and password. So I guess it would be the reason why even tho I refresh, nothing works and no friends appear, since it cannot be “linked” to me??

  87. Chaddington Boomhauer says:

    This is pretty shocking, people were expecting a thin IM client or partnership with a half decent IM system like Skype or XMPP (even MSN is preferable to vivox). This should boost two open source lightweight clients, Metabolt and SLeek. And drive even more people to using Skype/other-voice-im while in SL.

  88. It needs support for L$ and inventory transfers too. There are eplenty of things you can do without visuals, and this seems lacking in them.

  89. Ric Mollor says:

    I’ve read all the comments, played with the software, and still have a few questions.

    Does SLim *only* show friends that are logged in with the first look client *and* have voice enabled plus friends that are logged in with SLim? The comments seem to indicate that.

    Group chat is currently unsupported. Is an extension of functionality to include that planned?

    It seems that group notices, system notices, and inventory offers are ignored. Are there plans to include any of these in future versions?

    As for 50% of SL logins being voice users, i’m highly skeptical. There may be 30,000 people that haven’t figured out what that little white dot over their head is but certainly that many aren’t talking.

    Additionally, it seems that when one is in a voice IM call they are, by default, disconnected from spatial chat. This makes it impossible to gauge who has voice activated if a voice IM session is already in use. Other virtual worlds can manage both IM voice and spatial voice so why can’t SL?

  90. kdwycha says:

    Did excatly like it said. I clicked on the link to register a slim account. It already had my avatar name populated and I entered my email and password.

    I installed slim viewer and logged into my account and logged off. Twice.

    I load slim client and it doesnt show friends list. Just says I am online.

    Pfft wish someone would tell us why it is not working.

  91. Larry Jewell says:

    Totally DOA here. No logon request for info and fails any connect. Seems not ready for prime time.

  92. Kaela Nishi says:

    It’s a great idea. This will allow me to chat when I am online nights in PCs at work, which will not allow me to rum the SL viewer,…and will allow people with a slower connection away from home to log in too!! I am thrilled! Exactly now it is an answer to a prayer!

  93. Larry Jewell says:

    Ok, here is the way you fix it.

    The Slim software won’t prompt for an account setup. This has to be done through the SL web site first. To do this, go here:

    And then scroll to the bottom and click on the “Create Slim Account” button. It will take you to a screen where you can create an account. All will work then.


  94. Can this get anymore complicated? I follow the directions, but never get the “vivox page”…only a link to DL the mac version. I DL the mac version, install it. I ran the SL viewer then logged out. But yet, I was never prompted to create an account….wth

  95. Valiant Westland says:

    I’ve been looking forward to a “light” chat client that offered “off-Av” communication with my SL “friends.” What I really hoped for was a gateway or gateway+client solution that allowed me to chat with both my SL contacts, as well as those on MSN, Yahoo, AIM, etc.

    Note: I currently use a great. VOIP/SIP compatible chat/gateway solution called FRING ( ) on my Smart Phone, that allows me to chat, including via voice, with all my contacts, on ALL the most popular platforms. I love it!

    Thus far, I’ve been unable to get SLIM to work. After following all of the directions for installation and registration it currently doesn’t get past the log in stage. When I have been able to log in, there are no friends visible and the “Refresh” button has been grayed out.

    The social messaging landscape is littered with innovative “solutions” that could not compete against MS Messenger, Yahoo and AIM. Even Skype, with all its features and popularity as a tool among people who are also SL users, has failed to win enough market share to make it profitable or used by a majority (51%+) of online users.

    My advice is:

    > Abandon SLIM (It’s a Virtual Product Viet Nam)
    > Create a Skype SL Client Pluggin & Gateway Solution, that allows people to use Skype to do everything SLIM is trying to do. OR
    > Create a “FRING-style” client and/or gateway solution that allows people to access all their chat clients in one place.

    Has anyone at LL thought of how beneficial it would be to make it easy for people in SL to add non-SL messaging contacts on MSM/N, Yahoo, AIM, etc. as “chat-only” friends? What if the first chat message from SL to an external chat client contained a footer that said:

    “Join me SL, the “Best” virtual community in the Metaverse!”

    and contained a SLURL / Referral link to the senders home or place of choice? Do you think this type of viral marketing would have a positive impact on SL growth?

    What if only Premium members could use this feature? Perhaps this is a better strategy for upgrading the revenue model than depending entirely on increased land revenues….

    Good luck with SLIM… I for one do not plan on using it. It simply doesn’t add enough value for the added inconvenience/pain of using it. I seriously doubt if the average SL user will even bother to download it.

  96. I have the oldes and largest non comercial group for Swedes in SL – close to 2000 members..

    And close to everytime i send out notes the the group a lot of them never reach the group members.. a fact that i know about since ages – and many with me with large groups have the same problem..

    So ALL kinds of inventions to communicate are welcome! As the groups are for communication with group members but to often fail.. yes close to every day i must sadly tell.

    Best regards Tina (PetGirl) Bergman – meber in SL sice Feb 2005.

    PS: If you at LL want to improve notes to reach members of course that to would be appreciated.

  97. The group are: Swedish People in SL – BTW:-))


  98. Matthew Dowd says:

    @91 What Katt really means is that 50% of logons had voice switched on, not that 50% of logged on users were using (or even intending to use voice).

    There are many reasons why people may have voice switched on but not us it – a major one is that LL changed the client to have voice on by default and many will not switch it on, but another important one is so that you can’t see who else is using voice unless you also have it switched on (and you need that to determine if the rude unresponsive person really is rude and unresponsive or has been responding in voice thinking you are rude and unresponsive!)

  99. Jessicka says:

    I already signed up once for SL, and downloaded that client, now to use this I have to sign up again and download two more programs? No thanks. It isn’t useful, there are many programs already out that run laps around it, and the forced-voice-activation means you guys are just trying to buff up your voice numbers farther then you already have.

    There IS a difference between usage and simply having voice on.

  100. Rhaorth Antonelli says:

    @101 no you do not sign up again, you merely set up an account with vivox and then sign in on the first look client, then you are good to go and use SLim

    to each their own, some will like it some won’t

  101. I installed the new SL firstlook client (Windows) and the SLim and both work very good.

    The interesting thing is that I only see the friends connected with a SL client. I have several ALT’s in my friend’s list who are connected to the SL main grid via the program, I can see them in my SL friend’s list but I can’t see them in the SLim window.

    Is this a feature (a bot detector), a “by design” or a bug?

    Rui, Radioactive Rosca

  102. Argent Stonecutter says:

    “You must log in to this viewer at least once before logging in to SLim. Logging in to this viewer ensures that your SL Friends list syncs properly with SLim, and that SL Voice is engaged. You do not need to speak to use SL Voice; you just need to log in to this viewer so voice is automatically engaged. This enables Vivox (our voice partner) to authenticate you as a SL Resident for SLim use.”

    I don’t want to use voice. Ever. I don’t want to register with Vivox. I don’t want to get group IMs when I’m offline. All I want is to be able to send and recieve personal one-on-one IMs through a protocol that works through a typical business firewall. Give up on these expensive, complex, and incompatible proprietary solutions and just give us a web- or XMPP- based interface to regular person-to-person IM.

  103. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Matthew@100: Yes, I’m wondering if the reason they closed VWR-1317 and VWR-1795 was because it would cut the voice stats down enormously.

  104. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Last comment on this: I downloaded the client and it can’t initialize, because it can’t get through the firewall. This is a non-starter for businesses. Forget about voice and give us a standards-complient interface to 1:1 IMs.

  105. Yann Dufaux says:

    Well, this software work very good, i like the first test with this! Good job, and good luck! 🙂

  106. Beeflin Grut says: (Web client) & (Win, Mac & Linux client) already offer IM-only, no voice, and work perfectly. Give ’em a try if SL IM is what you want 🙂

  107. Zi Ree says:

    @108 Beefin Grut: The Linux “version” is only some plugin on a website, there is no source code at all. I wouldn’t give my Second Life user name and password to a site I don’t know and where I can’t read the source.

  108. Linnie says:

    Why is it so har for you lindens to answer a simple question???

    #2 Ann Otoole asked:
    “Please explain this slim viewer requirement”

    So again to repeat her question, please explain this slim viewer requirement,k what OS is needed to run it under windows, what CPU, Ram and that kind….. i’m sure you can dig out those answers for us

  109. Victory Lilliehook says:

    Well, I don’t use voice, and if I wanted to just use chat I woudn’t have come to SL in the first place. Sounds like a lot of folks are having trouble with it. I like the 3D interaction and will continue to enjoy SL the same way I have been.

  110. Raff Magic says:

    I think that security problems can be avoided simply using “Capabilities RULs”.

    “Capabilities URLs” is a Linden Lab Technology that makes possible to verify a user and to let him to use a service without giving personal user information to the service itself. A good explanation can be found here: “” (thanks to Tao Takashi).

    This is an explanation of how “Capabilities URLs” can be used:

    1. SLIM send login information to Second Life servers, asking permission to use Voice services;
    2. Second Life servers verifies name and password and creates a random capability url;
    3. Second Life servers encrypts this capability URL and send it to Vivox servers;
    4. Vivox servers stores this capability url for a fixed amount of time (after which it will be disabled);
    5. then Second Life servers send this encrypted capability URL to the Second Life client also;
    6. Second Life client tries to connect to Vivox servers and sends them the encripted capability url;
    7. Vivox servers verify the received capability url with the list of stored capabilities urls received from Second Life servers;
    8. if the received capability url matches one of the stored capabilities urls, the user is allowed to use the Vivox voice service.

    With this system, Vivox doesn’t even know the name of the user. And is a technolgy that Linden Lab knows very well. 😉

  111. Silkie Muir says:

    I personally do not plan to use this thing. If I wish to speak to people, text or voice, outsdie of SL I have access to a world of more efficient and effective chat programs. I enter second life to live a second life in the world of second life. I have real life that lets me esacape from second life and vice versa and I do like to keep them seperate. It seems we are approaching a “Combined Life” area here. Personally, I would rather see all resources going into making things like the group chat inside Second Life work properly so that my second life is a more pleasurable experience.

  112. JoJa Dhara says:

    I am totally emotional…in sweet happy tears.
    Finally with the SLIM viewer I have proper voice. With the old viewers I could talk and could hear the avatars for a moment then they were falling out but they still could hear me and in a split second I got disconnected and then connected again. With this new viewer I do not have that problem any more….Finally!!! I am so happy.
    Even though yeh the chat programme itself has some remarks. It works fine but not with people withother viewers. But ok this is all Beta…and I am so an happy person 😉

  113. Solace says:

    Total garbage imho.
    Gnomi chat does full im with anyone on your friends list and you can transfer money if needed too; no viewer upgrade needed…
    I was hoping that LL would take this to the next level and have inventory sorting, permissions setting and inventory transfer too… but no.. just a voice chat that requires a special viewer in order to be able to see your friends on the grid… so many ppl won’t upgrade unless they are absolutely forced to because the viewer is beyond their machine… it will be at least a year till you see any true usability from what you’ve produced here and it has no features that other things haven’t already done.
    Sorry it’s garbage.

  114. Cliff Dieffenbach says:

    Could the KB be updated to where there’s a link to the account setup page? At current, the KB says nothing about requiring a 3rd party site registration & provides a direct download link…

    “…and the password you created the first time you downloaded the SLim client.”

    This gives the impression that the account will be created upon install.

  115. Cliff Dieffenbach says:

    Wait a minute, where is Torley’s video on this? Pretty much everything new Torley has introduced & blessed us with a great video.

    What the hell LL? I know things are bumpy for you as of late, but don’t fall apart.

  116. Ren Diqui says:

    Is there any Linux SLim Client in sight? (No, I’m not talking about the viewer)

  117. Peter Quirk says:

    I can’t use it through my corporate firewall either. (It worked from home just fine.) What addresses and ports does it connect to?

  118. Maike Short says:

    Is it possible to monitor group chat 24/7 with this tool?

  119. Monalisa Robbiani says:

    This is awesome, an important step to open SL to those who are not capable to run the full viewer or just want to listen in to a chat or voice conference.

    SLim voice runs even smoother than the SL voice IM. When both applications are running and you get a voice call, SLim takes precedence over SL.

    Group chat, group voice, parcel voice and open chat should be added too. The SLIM person could be represented by a ruth cloud with a special tag in their name.

    The ultimate solution would be to buy metabolt and integrate it with vivox voice.

  120. Joker Opus says:

    I don’t understand how this is needed. I don’t know if the aim was to be more convenient for SL users, or to be an alternative to those who cannot run Second Life.
    If it was made to be more convenient, wouldn’t it be the same thing as logging onto SL, seeing as this is made for your computer and not your mobile phone (or another mobile device)?
    And if it was made for those who cannot run SL, it wouldn’t be very useful to them seeing as they probably wouldn’t have anyone on their SL buddylist (and SLim is limited to that, for now).

    I do appreciate the work you’ve done on it though; its nice to see Linden Lab working on new things for the users. I suppose I can find a use for SLim, maybe to use while I am at work or something :-).

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  122. Ai Austin says:

    Havign read the comments entries here now I think I see how it works, but its very awkward and restricted.

    a) To sync the friends list you have to be logged into the special SLim enabled Firsst Look client anf leave that runnign qwhen you log in to the SLim client.. Otherwise your friends list does not show up even if you hit refresh.

    b) As far as I can see you can only IM others from the SLim client if they also use the SLim clien or the special SLim enabled SL viewer. It does not work with the majority of people who will be using a standard client. They see you as offline, and you cannot IM them.

    c) The lack of ability to IM a group makes this a very restricted for educational and enterprise uses.. which would likely be a major use for travellers accessing SL for meetings and communications when travelling, etc.

    I assume peole know about SLeek, which does not support voice, but did more on the IM, profiles and inventory access side… but is not beign further developed now.

  123. Ai Austin says:

    d) I should have added that a link to register with Vivox needs to be added to the Login window of the SLim client, as otherwise you have to root around to find the register link.. which seems ony to be on teh download page as far as I can see?

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  125. hugsalot says:

    A thin client like this isn’t anything new. I’ve been using METABolt for a couple months now, which does exactly the same thing, except it dosen’t support voice. I don’t see why they have to call this a “technology” when text chatting is older than the internet it self and it’s “low tech” compared to the full viewer.

    You can check out metabolt at

    The big draw for most people to use this is for camping alts at your store so you can artificially inflate your traffic numbers, camp for free money, or run security bots. Oh and a few people do use it to chat with their in-world friends if they are on a computer with a slow laptop or something else prohibits them from running the full viewer (like at work/school perhaps)

  126. hugsalot says:

    Okay this dosen’t make any sense at all. Why do I need to download both the SLim client, AND viewer? Aren’t they one in the same? And I guess if you’re a linux user, you’re SOL since there isn’t a viewer for it, but no client… UH? So they can set up an account (which they already had), but not do anything else.

    WHY should I have to make a NEW account with SLIM and set up my existing login name with it? Why not just authenticate with the SL grid? I don’t even use voice anyway. Even if I do use a different password, that’s still lowers my security where I now have TWO passwords people can guess at to get into my account. Forget it I’m not even going to bother with this.

    Who’s stupid idea was to set it up like this? I’ll just keep using metabolt since it authenticates with the SL grid, not some 3rd party no ones ever heard of. Jezzz didn’t you Lindens learn this mistake from the whole Adult verification fiasco that nobody is using?

  127. hugsalot says:

    Wow it seems SLIM is completely useless then if everyone has to also use SLIM to just to chat with your friends. Gee I can already do that with Yahoo IM, and MSN Live! Hey way to go Lindens, you created your own IM client that’s almost 10 years too LATE, and it’s virtually useless (ah nice pun!)

  128. Argent Stonecutter says:

    AI@124: Wait a second, you can’t IM a group?

    But group IM is the reason they gave for not using XMPP!

  129. Beware Hax says:

    thanks for paying my attention to such a thing as messaging without using the SL viewer. if i ever need it, i will look at the opensource implementations. no way i’m using SLim.

  130. I found the SLim very very buggy, though I know yall are aware of that. Great concept, the funny part of which is the times I normally would want to use it is the rare occasion I cannot log in. What I don’t understand though, is do the people I try to talk to, do they also have to have the SLim messenger, or am I able to talk to them why they are in world? I agree with folks about the requirement for the 2ns viewer download, and am hoping it will become par od the std viewer.

  131. Hiri Nurmi says:

    Voice? I never hear *anyone* using voice. Now admittedly as a specialized content developer I mainly hang around the RP sims, malls and markets, but I do venture out into general SL including popular places like Ahern and the big clubs.

    LL have been trying to convince us that voice is popular ever since they introduced it, but truth is no-one ever admits to using it regularly in any public forum I’ve ever seen.

  132. Tori says:

    Grrrr, I try to REGISTER for a new SLim account and when I placed my email address and a different password than my SL account it tells me “Account does not exist” error 403 – of course it doesn’t exist, I am trying to create it!
    What to do?? help!

  133. Shug Maitland says:

    okay, just finished testing:
    it works IF the person in world is on the SLim client AND has voice enabled.
    This is unsatisfactory! Even if this functionality finds it’s way into the default viewer, it is completely usless to those of us who choose not to use voice
    This looks to me like forcing voice on ppl who do not want it!
    Fix this and you will have a viable SL tool.

  134. Al Sonic says:

    Trying to just go through the motions failed to generate my Friends list on SLim, so from experience I add one notice: enter a voice-friendly parcel, and wait for SL to connect to voice there. That momentary connection should set things up for future logins into SLim.

    Even so, SLim isn’t currently very useful, still needing to wait for any friends to ‘upgrade’ their viewers before IMing. I just hope it’s able to get out of this testing phase and into the main viewer without any negative impact.

    On the other hand I now realized from testing that METAbolt probably does everything I should want a low-CPU-usage, laptop-friendly viewer to do. Still, if the main viewer upgrade goes along smoothly, SLim could provide an interesting semi-online status (i.e. IM-able but not in-world), and I’m likely to give it another try.

  135. Nagash Demina says:

    A great idea, in theory, but the fact that all others have to use the same client viewer is disappointing. I installed SLim, having high hopes, but alas I will be un-installing this. Zero usefullness for me.

    Good idea. Bad application of said idea.

  136. Zemaitis Flatley says:

    Humm,New version SL browser so hard to TELEPORT when avatar rendering cost over 10000.I try to 20 times teleport to 1 success.
    So plz resolve this problem plz…

  137. Isabelli Anatine says:

    Well…I didint tested this service yet…but what ppl really need its a web service, without install anything..before the last BIG and messed actualization…I used to log in a web service from my office..but now it doesent work.

    SLim seems nice…but I cant install anything on ofifce PC….

    There is any other way to talk in IM with on line friends..without install a single thing?

  138. CHRIS TAYLOR says:





  139. CHRIS TAYLOR says:


  140. Keiko Rau says:

    Im surprised a Linden hasnt said this, but I guess they’re not bothering to read these comments anymore.

    Guys – The First Look viewer contains the new code needed to interact with SLim. The current main viewer does not, so for now… for testing.. for the “First Look at SLim”, yes everyone needs to run the First Look viewer in order for SLim to be able to communicate with them.

    Obviously, once the backend code for SLim is embedded in the main viewer, you will be able to connect to ALL of your inworld friends (at least those who bothered to upgrade) but for the moment, SLim only works together with the First Look viewer – This will change.

    As for me, I still havnt managed to get it to work – it wont even let me shut it down now (Yes I chose Exit from the File menu, and the context menu in the system tray, not just clicking the big X… nada).

    The big advantage it has for me over Sleek/Metabolt is that my avatar wont be standing around inworld somewhere, but as someone who doesnt use voice, that is about the ONLY advantage it has.

  141. Seraphina Teardrop says:

    I thought this would be great because I spend time between two places, one that has broadband, and one that only has 64kbps ISDN, and being able to talk to people logged into SL without having to go in when I have such a bad internet connection seemed perfect! Well, it is hardly perfect if I have to convince people to download a new viewer so they can talk to me for a few minutes now and then. (which also explains why I can’t get SLim to connect to any online SL friends). I will also be un-installing it and waiting for it to become a part of SL’s default viewer before I consider installing it again. Nice idea in theory though.

  142. Sandor Balczo says:

    I have a technical comment as a Mac user, and for a change it is a good one:

    The first look viewer and SLim are excellent, they work seamlessly on my Aluminum Mac and the performance of the viewer itself is far better than the latest release candidate, that doesn’t support SLim, because it does not generate those hangs and freezes we Mac users have experienced for months…before now.

    Kudos to Vivox and LL for once!

    Sandor 🙂

  143. Astrin Few says:

    Many of us use third-party viewers, like the Nicholaz viewer that runs on top of older SL versions. So we’re not able to communicate with SLim users when we’re in world with our favorite viewer. It’s a shame that SLim requires the SLim-enabled viewer, or a shame that there isn’t a text-only SLim that works with older SL viewers. This seems to have placed all emphasis on voice, but most of us use text IM the vast majority of time. SLim is useless to me, I can’t talk with any of my friends with it.

  144. Tennkeh Lowey says:

    Well I just wanted to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to those of you that mentioned metabolt in this blog! I have been in SL for well over a year now and it was until this blog that I had ever heard of it before. I am a regular user of voice inworld and someone mentioned that they never hear people using voice in public venues and I can say that I rarely use it in public forums as it is way too confusing with many people talking but in a small group of friends it is so much easier to communicate and I love it.

    Now my views on SLim .. The main use (as I see it anyway) for the ability to IM people inworld while i am not online is that I can not put SL on my work computer for multiple reasons and therefore without the ability to put SL on my office computer it is impossible to set up SLim as well… so what is the point of having it like this??? If i have access to my home computer where SL is installed… WHY NOT JUST START UP SL???

    Thank god for my new found savior of Metabolt! Now I dont have to IM friends in MSN to contact someone inworld for me lol…

    Anyway thats my two cents


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  146. Am I correct that SLim does not work with Teen Grid accounts currently? I just tested this with my colleague with our TG accounts and it doesn’t seem to work. Works fine with my MG account.

  147. Matthew says:

    I got logged in and everything. Can this only send messages to the SLim client and the SLim viewer?

  148. Envi Teardrop says:

    Hi Katt,

    First of all the SLim is a MUST and not just a nice-to-have gadget. It seems a bit overlooked as with the still unresolved ‘Wrong User Credentials’ issue some people have. I personally would spend at least 30% more user hours via an IM (if only it worked for me).

    Binding SLim it its’ own new viewer is odd implementation, I hope it will be viewer independent (if this already changed I apologize:)

    As for making it a kind of a next level IM, I think it’s more appealing to have a slim app just for text IM without becoming a (big)mini viewer.
    Is it too much to expect LL to provide a simple IM? no special viewer and no mandatory 3rd party voice contract.
    I just want to say “Hi” (and then some) when I’m at work.

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