Openspace Pricing and Policy Changes

In March of this year, we announced improvements to our light use land product that we call Openspaces. Not long after this, the new Land Store opened allowing estate owners to buy Openspaces and have them delivered almost immediately, an enormous improvement over the old method of ordering them via support tickets. As a result we have seen tremendous demand for Openspaces – with many thousands of them being ordered. We’re delighted that so many of you have found them to be a useful addition to your estates.

Read on after the cut..

For those that don’t know, an Openspace is a type of private island that we made available for light use countryside or ocean. We figured that if Governor Linden can have ocean and green spaces, we should let private estate owners do the same. But Openspaces differ from normal regions in one particularly significant way; unlike normal regions that effectively get a CPU to themselves on the server, there can be up to four Openspaces on a single CPU (so 16 on a quad core machine), sharing the resource (hence them being ‘light use’).

So Openspaces have been incredibly popular as a perk for estate owners, but sadly there is a twist. Unfortunately most of the Openspaces are being used for much more than light use.  Based on analysis performed in August and September, Openspaces are being used about twice as much as we expected, in other words being loaded with double the content/avatar load than we’d expect for a region that is supposed to be light use.

Rather than being employed as open areas like ocean with little or no content and traffic, the majority are being rented out to residents looking for a place to live. Because they were never intended for that level of load this is causing problems. For some people this has meant a less than great experience with performance fluctuations. The overuse of Openspaces has also put additional strain on some of our network and database infrastructure at a much higher ratio than is reflected in the current pricing. So higher traffic to and from the servers along with heavier demands on the asset server, both of which impact the overall experience people have inworld.

We need to therefore take some steps to improve their performance and better reflect their actual usage levels in our pricing so that we can maintain the best performance level for everyone. As a result, we will be implementing a pricing change effective January 1st along with some policy changes effective immediately.

Beginning 1st January 2009

We will increase the monthly maintenance fee from USD$75 to USD$125 per month. This price increase will apply to all owners of Openspaces on January 1st as well as new purchases after that date. There will be no grandfathering of Openspace maintenance pricing.

For anyone owning class 4 Openspaces on January 1st, they will be upgraded to class 5 by end of January, to further improve the experience people have on those regions.

At the same time, we will be increasing the upfront fee for brand new Openspaces from USD$250 to USD$375.

Effective Immediately

We will no longer allow the Owner of an Openspace to be changed to a different resident than the Payor.  Initially we will not enforce this change on Openspaces where the Payor and Owner are already different but in those cases the only change allowed will be to set the Owner back to the Payor. This doesn’t affect the parcel level rentals, this is just focussed on the whole region rental of Openspaces.

We will no longer offer an educational or non-profit discount for new Openspaces. As mentioned earlier, this is due to the increased back end resource required for us to support Openspaces in the way that they are now being used. For the small number of Educators that already have Openspaces, we will be contacting you directly to discuss this change.

Next, we will be making changes to the viewer that enable residents to know precisely what type of land or region they are on so that the land market remains as fair and easy to understand as possible. So expect to see changes that much more clearly display to residents whether they are on Linden Mainland or Private Estate, whether it is a Normal region or Openspace and what that means. This will affect various aspects of the Viewer including the inworld Search along with the About Land and Buy Land screens. Making Land easier to understand will benefit everyone, especially new users looking to step onto the property ladder for the first time.

Lastly we will begin to proactively discuss overloaded Openspaces with their owners. This is important because as with abuse of region resources, a heavily overloaded Openspace can adversely affect other Openspaces sharing the same machine which is clearly unfair to residents who are using them responsibly. We have listened to your feedback on this, and agree that we need to make changes to better support our Openspace users by actively working to keep the performance levels as high as possible. We will also provide some detailed guidance about what ‘overuse’ looks like and how to prevent it.

So to recap:

  • Openspace prices and fees change on the 1st January with no grandfathering.
  • Class 4 Openspaces will be upgraded to class 5 in January.
  • Educator discount is no longer available for Openspaces.
  • No Owner switching for Openspaces unless it’s a full transfer of Payor.
  • More proactive education by support staff to prevent unfair resource use by Openspace regions.

We’re sure there will be many of you with questions and concerns on the back of this announcement. As previously, there will shortly be a forum created specifically for discussion of these changes so please head over here if you wish to provide feedback. In addition, if you need a more personal dialogue about this post, please contact support as usual.

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151 Responses to Openspace Pricing and Policy Changes

  1. Katt Linden says:

    To discuss this post, please see the Forum thread:

    Openspace Announcement Discussion with Jack Linden

    Jack will read all the comments posted there, and will reply in that thread as well.

    Thank you!

  2. Talwyn Mills says:

    So let me get this right, were not seeing any more benefit to the openspace sim, your going to crack down on heavy users, and your going to charge us more for the privileged, even those not loading openspace sims heavily?


  3. Shannara Snowdrop says:

    This is bull…increasing the price and where is the benefit? I don’t see it. Could at LEAST bring the prims up some then. Penalizing everyone for the few that overload…. UNFAIR

  4. Economic Mip says:

    Saw this coming as soon as dear ol’ Jack announced that the lab was increasing the number of prims open spaces allowed. I would strongly suggest an Open Space Light option, which has absolute limits scripts/avatars present offered at the current prices. This should help limit the anger of residents who feel this is absurd.

  5. Talwyn Mills says:

    There can be little or no justification on price rises. They can equip and maintain the servers for the prices they quote. This to me smacks of bait and switch, get people to invest in openspace sims for their homes, as I have done, and after a while put up the charges for no other reason that wanting more cash.

    This is unjustifiable especially in the current economic climate. Where can I get a refund of the 250USD I paid for my openspace sim, cause I sure as heck can’t afford another 50 USD a month right now.

  6. Darien Caldwell says:

    @7, I don’t see any mention of more prims. If there is going to be, I’d really like to know now, rather than later.

    Or are you talking about waaay back 6 or more months ago?

    Makes me even more relieved I closed my Estate when I did. I know some people do abuse Openspaces, but This kind of change is going to absolutely ruin a lot of people. People who don’t deserve it.

  7. Daten Thielt says:

    FINALY thank you lindne labs, you have seen what alot of us were saying months ago, people dont care what light use means they just want to make money

  8. Ann Otoole says:

    Then there is the guy that sells some system to get 7000 prims on an open space sim. Now see why doesn’t LL track these type of hackers down and delete their accounts along with every instance of the tool rezzed in the grid or in inventories?

    Why doesn’t LL just go around and return all the prims and notify the sim payor/owners they are violating the terms of use?

    Something seems to be off with this picture.

    However I fully agree and endorse the new features to know what type sim I am on. Now that is an example of consumer protection. I have seen malls on full scale sims suddenly be changed to open space sims and the rental prices were not dropped.

    So yes by all means do take some action to deal with unscrupulous people. But try not to be too unscrupulous yourselves during a major recession because it will work against you.


    Without residents SL will be a distant memory of what could have been.

  9. Robert Galland says:

    Well, it will not take long to get to 150 comments on this one.

    I am often a supporter of LL. However, I am continuously amazed by what I can only describe as arbitrary decisions when it comes to land.

    What you are going to offer is simply not a good value. Previous changes in land pricing has been accompanied with grandfathering provisions. Why not this one? I only own three of these and can state that one will probably be staying. However, I suspect that the abandon button will be pushed on two. I certainly will not be buying one as I had contemplated.

    If you are really going to take the time to discuss the issue with offending parties, than why is everybody reading this announcement….just do it, get them in line and let the responsible people be.

    You are right, there have been issues with these being abused. As a content creator, I have dealt with it. It is not that you are taking steps to address the problem that is at issue. Just the other night I encountered a situation where I thought intervention would be good. However, how do you possibly come to the figures you do and believe they are justifiable increases for existing owners?

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  11. Mills Gazov says:

    Good work LL, Can you tell us when your opening the grid? Since I own a web hosting business already I have all the required infrustructure to set up my own OpenSim grid

  12. Luna Cartier says:

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to reduce the Open space Sims prims back to 1875, which kept them limited for their original intent, and then make a higher use “personal sim” at the 3750 prims? You sell them separate anyways, should not be so hard to create another class price. Why ruin all the wonderful waterway and land regions that have been using open spaces as intended?
    This will only make more of your revenue generating customers want to leave…

  13. Melanie Milland says:

    There will be some openspaces for sale before the year is up!

  14. Josue Habana says:

    Ok, so because of the overload you need more money? That isn’t going to ease the overload. Just get you more cash to roll about in.

    So let’s get this right, first of all you CUT full prim and open space sim prices by a massive 40%. This then saturates the market with all these people rushing out to buy their sims. And then when thousands of people and gone out and done just that, you decide, without any questions at all, that you are going to add 66% onto tier???

    Way to go, guys. Another ludicrous decision.

  15. Hiroaki says:

    Jack Linden, why are you always giving us such adrupt notices and such crazy changes?

  16. Kitten Radio says:

    Considering how quality the prices and service are for full size simulators, why dont you instead make prices more competitive for full size sims on estates? I mean, 295 for a private estate sim, paired up with the signifigantly reduced estate admin abilities (and I admit, we have gained one useful thing for all the loss) is quite unfair when the mainland is still 195. If that issue was addressed, I can be fairly assured that openspace sims wouldnt be so nearly abused.

    Also, if there was actual limiters on openspace in the first place, this may never have happened, if you resorted to installing them on the older class four servers, I can guarentee youd never see over 12 in it. Estate ive been around found they ground to a halt at that point.

    Admittedly in the end, its rather nice to say “hey, we need the extra income to afford better servers to handle the load we somhow didnt see.
    ” So thanks, and if theres a reply on the forum, ill love to see it. 🙂

  17. ASCIIrider Hailey says:

    So what LL is trying to say is on a quad core.. $1200/month isn’t enough for them (16 * 75) for an openspace, even though maintenance on it wouldn’t even be half that amount.

  18. Minh Ahn says:

    1) Residential use of open land sims, especially where there is one or 2 residents on the sim will tax the servers LESS than a standard sim. Even when there are 4 open land sims to a server. The problem is NOT residential open land sims, but rather people using them to run high traffic businesses such as clubs.

    2) I had residents BEGGING me to get open land sims for them. I obliged and built it into a really beautiful design for an overall community. I doubt the residents will stay, and at the new prices I won’t keep them. The structure will be ruined.

    3) This is after lindens flooding the market with land, lowering prices of sims in consdirabley after we had bought them at a much higher price. (at least they gave some compensation)

    4) There is no compensation here. there is no remediation for having to ONCE AGAIN change our business plans. Any good business person will tell you that doing business, even honestly, which I feel I have, cannot do so when the playing field constantly changes.

    Suggestions. Previously we were forced to buy four open land sims, at a time. presumably so they could all be on the same server. That might be a good method to control lag. If you are creating lag on one sim, it will only affect yours.

    Many of us, (me included) will probably need to move sims around now because we can’t support the open land sims we have. Perhaps we can get our moves free during a certain time?

    Given the economic climate, it is already hard to keep up.

    Finally, Isn’t there a conflict of interest here? Lindens flood land with mainland, lindens make rules that make it hard for private estate owners. Perhaps the lindens should get out of business of land ownership all together! I dont know if they do so on purpose, but often the changes seem geared toward driving people away from estate sims and toward mainland.

  19. Marod Pierterson says:

    so with all this will the amount of prims double??

  20. nimil says:

    i am usually very patient with the way things are run around here.. but i am very upset over this change… i am one half of a budding business here in sl and our main store is located on an open space sim… if our sim owner can’t pay for this new tier price we will be forced to close our doors.. thank you for possibly ruining our business… i think i have finally after 2 years lost my faith in linden labs…

  21. Temporal Mitra says:

    Thinks that LL could have done something a long time ago to resolve this internally…just set the servers that the open space sims run on to not allow anymore than about 200 scripts to run on an open space sim. Simple to do on their end…with this type of throttling…they could enforce the purpose that the openspace sims were created for…open ocean…not heavily used profit centers for greedy landlords…

  22. Somatika Xiao says:

    Wait.. What? Oh, your increasing prices? Great!

    This in itself is absurd, why would you allow *Free Accounts* clog your pipes, but then increase the price 75% for a product you put out * Because it clogs the pipes*

    Now I have seen this a lot more lately coming from the lab, Mitch Kapor smacking down long time residents, before that it was Phillip!

    You have done nothing of late but *Bleep* the people that feed you! Sure stabilizing the grid is all good, but somewhere in there things took a much darker turn.

    And this also begs the question, how can you justify the increase?

    Normal sim server 1200$ a month (This apply to OpenSpace sims currently too)
    Server filled with OpenSpace sims with price change: 2000$ a month

    Then there is the whole diffrent related issue of the initial price increase from 250 to 375, that in itself should have no real inpact on network traffic.

    Before a server “Sold” to residents comes out to: 4000$
    After the price increase: 6000$

    Okay, and here is the kicker!

    SL residents are likely to use the same bandwidth as any other resident, so the problem is more residents have flocked and spread out to OpenSpace sims.

    End All: If you have 70 Thousand users online, dose it really matter where the traffic is coming from? No, you still have 70 Thousand people online, there going to eat traffic, dose not matter if there on a Normal Sim, or an OpenSpace.

  23. Christos Atlantis says:

    madness? This is SPARTA!

  24. Seth Schlegal says:

    Okay, fine, you messed up. It happens. But why should we (those who have alreafy purchesed openspace sims for rental/sale to residents) have to suffer for your mistake. We bought openspace sims to rent to residents on the assumption that they could have more space with about the same prims per $ as before based on LL tier. I don’t recall anyone at LL saying it would be inappropriate for us use openspace sims as residential islands. Now, you will leave us holding the bag for your incorrect assumtions and we will be stuck with potential loss of business now that openspace sims will be a rather bad deal financially for most residents.

    The right thing for LL to do would be grandfather the exixiting opensims at the current rate. or offer to refund our purchase price We’ve done nothing wrong. Don’t make those of us who bought these sims in good faith suffer for your mistake.

  25. Dytska Vieria says:

    This is the right tactic to take. Too many rip-off artists selling newbies openspace parcels only for the newbies to find out they didn’t get what they wanted (L A G) and the “estate manager/owner” raking in the cash at the newbies expense. Abuse the privilege, pay the consequences. The complainers have nobody to play the blame game at except the abusers of the system, not Linden Lab, not Jack.

  26. Eshi Otawara says:

    Thank you LL. Now I cannto afford to host my art projects on Desperado anymore.

  27. Minh Ahn says:

    Addendum: Anyway, rather than driving everyone out of business, revert back to the old system of having estate owners buy 4 at a time. Yes its a bigger upfront cost, but, this can allow open land sim owners to have their sims grouped on same server. Then if they mess it up its their problem and theirs alone.

  28. Vryl Valkyrie says:

    Bravo! Linden Lab finally found a way to upset nearly every single resident of Second Life off all at once.

  29. Argos Hawks says:

    Everytime I hit refresh, there’s fewer responses. That’s great.
    You just released a group of themed sims where full sim tier works out to less than $100 because of the double primming, and now you’re raising private OS sims to $125? Maybe I’ve recently had a concussion that I don’t remember, but that doesn’t make any sense at all. I was making plans for a large collection of themed sims where the extra space is really needed, and you just killed it. Thankfully I hadn’t bought the sims yet. If the announcement had been delayed a few weeks, I could have been completely ruined. Think about it. You doubled the prims allowed, then you’re surprised that the load on the sims doubled? What did you expect?

  30. Kitty Tully says:

    This is grossly unfair. If some people want to abuse the system they should be charged. Those of us that want the open spaces for water and a few little islands (no residences or commercial) should not be ripped the same as abusers. I was about to convert a sim to four open sims, but I may have to reconsider. And damn, I wanted them.

  31. Minh Ahn says:

    ONE LAST ADDENDUM: One thing is very very good. I have spent hours trying to explain to some of my customers what an openland sim is, what they are capable of etc. Making it easier to see in viewer and giving additional info is a vvery good thing.

  32. Quite Oh says:

    “We will also provide some detailed guidance about what ‘overuse’ looks like and how to prevent it.”

    This is precisely what should have been done up-front, before the very first one was sold. We appreciate new features and offerings, and it would make a significant different if LL were clear up-front rather than doing a “rats–we didn’t think it through we’re changing the deal” move.

    Clear and immutable policies engender trust. The opposite engenders distrust and resentment. Let’s go for the former.

  33. Kahiro Watanabe says:

    I’m renting one. I made a great deal with a great estate owner, I had a
    long term project planned.

    I’m very dissapointed with this.

  34. Korgi Lerwick says:

    As a rental resident of various sims over the last 2 years I have become very used to Covenants which specify fairly precisely what I could and could not do. I read through the information about openspace regions very closely and there was NOTHING which suggested that I could not build and script as I chose without any fear of penalty. It did mention that openspaces were intended for light use but this was linked to performance and there was no mention of any obligation on the part of owners to restrict the type of use they made of the region. This change of rules is therefore unexpected, unfair and unforgiveable. It seems driven by the profit motive rather than a genuine wish to improve performance.

  35. Ann Otoole says:

    People posting here need to carefully read comment number 1 and go post in the forums as that is where Jack has stated he will read commentary. I.e.; commenting here is probably ineffective.

  36. Mick says:

    Well the way I see it. LL never said that openspace sims could NOT be used that way. they simply recommended it, and said that they would NOT repond to support requests for lag or performance issues in these areas

  37. Ericka Coanda says:

    Despite the land market being bad I decided to move forward with being an estate owner. The new mainland and such a dramatic price decrease has totally destroyed the value of land here.
    Could there not be another way? 1. limit estate owners a certain number of OS per full. 2. a slight if not NO increase in current OS sims. Do the estate owners have ANY say so at all in what happens here in Second Life? After all……. what would YOU be without US?

  38. JR Unknown says:

    No sugar coating here, LL you are run by complete fools!!! You prove it over and over in almost every one of your blogposts!!!

  39. les says:

    Jack. Your rate of continued failure to grasp simple concepts is astounding. You should be promoted to top management.

    You set the standards of what the sims can be use for with your own (useless) metering system of prim to land. You set the max amount of avatars a sim can hold. You allow unlimited scripts. Now when people actual use the stuff as you designed you cry foul.

    You flip prices like it aint no thang. Maybe your company should start including a time line with locked down tier when you sell sims instead of your constant overnight half baked re-thinks.

    My big question is this…. you mention c4 will now be c5. Does this imply c4 will now have a 50% (fifty!!) tier increase? If you can get one of your fine communication officers over there to communicate this it would be great. i need to know how much land to dump. Increasing my tier 50% will in no way improve the experience people have on that land.

    I wish you could taste how foul your own words are when you spin them like this.

    You fail jack.

    btw, if you ever want to actually understand what people do in SL you can consult with me for a small fee and maybe get a clue.

  40. Tali says:

    THAT was unexpected. The increase in prims and the lifting on the “pack of four connected” restriction seemed like a pretty clear indication that LL was trying to make land more available to the average user before being steamrolled by alternate grids, as does the availability of mainland. They were putting the squeeze on the estate rental business, but it made sense; land became less and less valuable as more options for alternate hosting became available.
    This, however, makes little sense, and is little but a sucker-punch to estate owners who invested in openspaces, bait-and-switching them to pony up the setup cost, and then forcing them to abandon the sims.
    LL: If too-heavy use truly is the reason, I urge and plead you to impose resource restrictions rather than raising the price. Many, many residents bought into the openspace idea with good intentions, and could easily live with pretty much any “light use” limitation being enforced.

  41. Luthien Unsung says:

    While I agree that LL need to crack down on abusers of openspace sims, I truly believe it is unfair that they intend to use a blanket policy to penilize everyone including those users who have always used openspace sims responsibly.

    How about tracking down the offenders LL and only penilizing those users.

  42. Argos Hawks says:

    I also noticed that there is no mention about what will happen to current Class 5 openspaces that are at the grandfathered $50 tier rate. Do they stay the same or will they see a 150% price increase?

  43. Joshua Sao says:

    Raise the prices during a rescission… earm yeah!

  44. Jayla Mayo says:

    Once again I read another item indicating that I will be paying more because someone else is abusing something. Why don’t you just deal with the people causing the problem?
    This is really offensive. No additional prim and $50.00 a month more? There is no sound rationale to how you handle your rates and your business.

  45. Ayumi says:

    Oh dear…. the price increasement because of a few people that dont understand the meaning of prim allowance? haha…… LL i guess you are going feel the ‘CRUNCH’ now 🙂

  46. les says:

    The best part is Jack wants to charge more cause of the “problem” of people actually, gasp, using the sims and then what? How does paying more improve the problem? You are not getting anything except a higher bill. Who’s problem is that solving again?

    Silly Lab.

  47. Lasivian says:

    So, rather than say “let’s limit the heaviest users”, LL has decided to just raise the price for everyone and say “take it or leave it”.

    And in the process you get 1/4 the abilities and power of a class 5 sim, at more than 1/4 the price.


  48. Amilie Anatine says:

    im surprised you didnt place object limits on these things.

  49. Lasivian says:

    Let’s also remember that your average user has no idea how much they impact sim performance, but of course that’s no reason not to charge them for overuse.

  50. Alisha Matova says:

    We did not cause this over use problem.. Jack did. How about Jack pays the extra 50 bucks for each OS?!

  51. Keaton Akina says:

    No Grandfathering!.

    This is a significant change in policy. Previous SIM pricing changes were always grandfathered to protect the investments of people who purchased land with an expectation of price!!. Performance of the Open Space SIMs was never guaranteed. That was spelled out clearly in the documentation for them. If you purchased an OpenSpace and believed it would perform at a high level, you made a mistake.

    I, as a consume that purchased one exactly for the Use case that LL intended, very light dute 4-8 Avatars (usually 2-3) am now having my home destroyed.

    I have no problem with LL changing SIM pricing policy going forward, but to ruin the cost models of people on a whim sucks as product policy!

    Please consider some kind of grandfather clause. You will seriously drive down your leased island count with this change. Perhaps the intent is to drive people to mainland.

  52. Can we all say ” Charge what the market will bear” in unison ?

    Excellent textbook example of how to piss off your customers, LL.

  53. Bab Hax says:

    OpenSpaces Abused? you gotta be kiding me? LL selling them with 3750 Prims capacity, this means they have the equipments to handle them.

    LL wants us to pay more? I will pay more but not for words, give me more Prims on my OpenSpace and I will pay that 85% price increase, till then, a lot of people, not only abondand their OpenSpaces, they will Quit SL for a better place to have fun for less money.

  54. HoneyBear Lilliehook says:

    So, I don’t use all of the prims available to me. I live on my OS sim with one other person…and you’re increasing my tier by almost 50%? Tell me where that is fair! I’m one of those who owns a full sim and an OS sim….so now you’re penalizing me for using the sim AS YOU INTENDED??

    Suddenly, other virtual worlds are starting to look more and more attractive.

  55. Clowey Greenwood says:

    I hope your realize that educational islands are often purchased with grant moneys that cannot easily be increased mid-year. I would hate to lose my new island due to your increasing fees that have already been paid. I was granted one year funding for my openspace island (which incidentally is being used as intended). I do not know if going back to my department, which pondered my request for some time, is a good idea.

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  57. Snowflake Fairymeadow says:

    Thank you. This will be a great improvement to the SL economy as a whole.

  58. This is more than a little astonishing.

    I purchased my openspace sim to be used by only one person– myself. While I have heard of plenty cases of scammy unscrupulous residents purchasing openspaces and reselling them with the appearance of full sims to others and fully endorse those portions of this policy announcement that address that problem, the pricing change is without excuse.

    I doubt I’m in the minority of people who purchased an openspace for personal use because the previous price reduction put them within feasibility for the average person. To reduce the price by half, remove so many of the caveats around obtaining them and then turn around a couple months later and again double the cost is unbelievable, and I can’t see how a defense of this can be made. It’s not an issue of use, if it was then you wouldn’t have allowed Owners to be made separate than Billing in the first place– that’s a step that LL made, which could not be done through the automated system and required a separate support ticket. I know because that’s how I obtained mine.

    If it’s a matter of protecting openspace sales by scam artists then maybe the better course is to simply restrict land reselling in openspaces in the first place. But at the very least a grandfather clause is not just a reasonable expectation but common sense, and that this gets posted without that and with finger pointing and blame towards the legitimate majority at the expense of the devious minority is simply disgusting.

  59. Jill says:

    I want to know plain and simple, will you refund those of us who have open space sims as of today? We are now faced with pay extra on land that is not worth the money in the first place due to its class 4 run or abandon the land we put our hard work on! Very nice! I will be selling all of all my main sims.

  60. Calli says:

    Well, I’m already feeling the pinch and having to sell my sim. Why, because I’m british and with VAT ON TOP of LL tier fee and now the pound dropping against the dollar. my tier rose from £192 to £225 between this and last month because of the state of the economy. Yes, I can understand that open space sims need regulation but it seems to that the baby is being thrown out with the bathwater here.

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  62. Wayfinder Wishbringer says:

    So basically, Linden Lab is almost doubling the price of Open Space sims without offering anything in return.

    I have to question how owners of Open Space sims are “overloading” the sims or “abusing” them. We are limited to 3750 prims, yes? There’s only so much a person can do with 3750 prims.

    If Linden Lab intended these as primarily “water” sims with little on them, then why allow 3750 prims? Why not stick to the prior “void sim” allowance of 1800?

    It seems clear to me (and I’m sure to many other users) that this has nothing to do with people using sims for other than they were intended. Other than people closing down sims, there is nothing in the above post to indicate that nearly doubling the price of Open Sims is going to make them somehow more “functional”. Linden Lab isn’t using those funds to reduce the number of sims on an Open Sim server.

    This has to do with Linden Lab wishing to increase their coffers. The statement that Linden Lab never intended such sims to be used as Rental Land is either bogus, or shows an astounding lack of foresight that has no precedence in human history. OF COURSE people are going to rent Open Sims for residential. Any newb could have figured that one out.

    I have a question: If someone decides that such an absurd price increase is not to their liking, is Linden Lab going to refund what they paid as a setup fee? Of course not.

    Linden Lab charges $250 to set up an Open Sim. That means your company pulls down (at 16 sims to a server) $4,000 to set up a single server box. Now the company, without adding anything to the deal, is trying to increase $75 sims by an additional $60 and gouging their customers yet again… and if those customers don’t like it, that’s just a shame.

    Is that how company policy is going to continue? We were hoping for better things from the new CEO. Looks like it’s business as usual; make corporate decisions, blame the customer in typical well-known Linden Lab corporate propaganda style, and raise the fees.

    Please, someone give us an alternative… quick!

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  64. Laup Congrejo says:

    I dont think that LL is telling the true story here. If overuse and abuse by some is the real issue, why punish the majority of responsible users? Surely those ppl can be identified and corrective action taken? Responsible users should be rewarded. This is just sound customer service principles. The financial crisis may be a factor here. Dont forget that if you proceed LL with your stated intentions, the cost to responsible users will not merely be a 66% increase in tier payments, but with the changing US dollar exchange rates, and SL being a global game, the impact will in monetary cost be far worse for some..Reconsider your intentions LL, or I can foresee your patronage levels plummeting! And which government stayed in power using grandfather clauses?? Reallyyyy.

  65. Saw this coming, too.

    A number of people I knew rushed to get void/Openspace sims when the price dropped and estate owners started farming them out. I told them that these sims are light-load only and that if they abused it, LL would crack down.

    And so they have.

  66. Snowflake Fairymeadow says:

    What is not being said here is that the glut of openspaces is a large contributing factor to the price of mainland being in the toilet at the moment. This is another part of the plan to improve the desirability of mainland.

  67. Jewel says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous:

    1. Increasing Open Space prices
    2. Not increasing support

    How in a sane world does that make sense?

    I can’t believe you guys are doing this, you are about to change a lot of innocent people’s lives (mine being one) because the economy is so far gone right now and yet you seem to think that people have MORE money to pay for regions that they STILL can’t use for any purpose other than water or landscaping? Are you serious?

    Let’s talk about how prices all over SL are about to go up as people scramble to try to find some way to pay these ridiculous fees. How could you possibly think it makes sense to raise the price of something that you will not increase support to fix the damn problem? Sounds like greed to me and it makes me sick.

  68. Snowflake Fairymeadow says:

    For those who are threatening legal action, remember, you agreed.

    1.7 In the event you choose to use paid aspects of the Service, you agree to the posted pricing and billing policies on the Websites.

    Certain aspects of the Service are provided for a fee or other charge. These fees and charges are described on the Websites, and in the event you elect to use paid aspects of the Service, you agree to the pricing, payment and billing policies applicable to such fees and charges, posted or linked at Linden Lab may add new services for additional fees and charges, or proactively amend fees and charges for existing services, at any time in its sole discretion.

  69. shawnwirtz tiki says:

    HEY THOSE OF US who pay 295 dollars per month and paid 1600.00
    for an island it isnt fair for those paying for open source to get same amuont of things for a 75.00 or even a 150.00 month fee and only 250.00 for the sim to abuse and use as much as us who pay the regular fees each month

    I agree with LL but I think that they should take the people using too many prims etc and charge them the same sim fees we pay

    and those who are not abusing the system stay the same price

  70. Dweezil Latte says:

    Some of us really are just small stores playing at making things. I have basically no traffic, but a nice place I can spread out and play “in the country”. I don’t want to be in mainland “city” areas or renting in some small corner house. I’m on 1/4 openspace sim now. I’d say 3 of us are in your intentions of low traffic use.

    From your comments, I don’t see that the prims are the problem, but rather rhe problem is the extreme traffic clubs on openspace SIMs…. Please reconsider and put instead traffic limitations of (4000?). One friend has an entire SIM to herself and made a nice place for us friends to gather. I’m not sure the communal approach to renting the land is what she wants either.

    The 20-something RL$ a month is about all i want to put into this world. Computing power seems certainly well covered for what the prices are.

    Please Please keep the current pricing structure.

  71. Alisha Matova says:

    Nice thanks for rubbing the TOS in our faces Snowflake.

    Please visit the Hungarian cultural center(Zizania) and the surrounding Wild Rice estates, as it will be a memory soon.

  72. Samsam oh says:

    Excellent move Lindens!!! About time you stop this abuse or open spaces!!! GOOD JOB!!! =)

  73. Carl Metropolitan says:

    I’m not usually a harsh critic of Linden Lab, but I think their actions here border on the unethical.

    They sold OpenSpace sims knowing what residents were using them for. They encouraged more expansive use of OpenSpaces by raising the prim limits from 1875 to 3500. They further encouraged sales of OpenSpace sims by changing the rules so that they were no longer bundled in groups of four. As it stands, lots of Estate Owners and Renters of OpenSpace sims are going to be left holding the bag for several poor decisions on the part of Linden Lab.

    Furthermore, trying to shift the blame for this increase onto a nebulous group of “abusers” seems to me to be a disingenuous attempt to set residents against each other. LL set up the OpenSpace program; LL set up its terms and conditions; LL collected the money. There is no abuse here on the part of residents.

    On the other hand, I’m not going to panic, even though I rent an OpenSpace sim for NCI (Nova Civis Caledon). I’m well aware of LL’s habit of making draconian announcements of policy changes, and then pulling back from them in the face of negative feedback to something less draconian–that they probably intended to do all along.

    Another possibility not yet raised here, is that LL may plan to offer the 125US OpenSpaces to individual users–not only owners of existing regions. It may not be a coincidence that the 125US price they have choses in the cut-off for concierge level support.

    Whatever the case, this has been handled appallingly.

  74. Dazz Anvil says:

    @82 you don’t get the same thing for $75. You get 25% of a full sim’s prims and you’re paying a little more than 25% of the cost.

  75. Snowflake Fairymeadow says:


    You are welcome. Just trying to be helpful to those who have never read it and think that they are somehow going to take legal action against something they agreed to in the first place.

  76. Snowflake Fairymeadow says:

    Yes Vyrl, I agree with you on that count.

    However, it makes it a whole lot harder to fight when it is clearly stated upfront and agreed to, and prices were never, ever, guaranteed to stay the same by LL. In fact it is stated upfront that prices may change at any time. What business does not increase its prices now and then?

    I am not here to argue the TOS with you. I am merely trying to save attorney bills for those who are already crying that they can’t afford their sims.

    How can anyone pay attorney bills if they can’t stand a little price increase of a luxury item now and again?

  77. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    One more thing: OS sim owners can’t possiby overuse their sim. We get 1/4 of the usual prim count. You can easily limit the traffic to 7-12 concurrent users, 1/4 of the 30-50 users a regular sim allows, and you’re all set.

  78. two cents says:

    Supporting Bab Hax #61.

    Jack Linden said:

    “Openspaces are being used about twice as much as we expected, in other words being loaded with double the content/avatar load than we’d expect for a region that is supposed to be light use.”

    What PRECISELY did you expect, do you have any figure to supply to us, instead of that very vague formulation?

    And linked to this… why do you provide Openpsaces with EXACTLY THE SAME CAPABILITIES AS YOU DO FOR NORMAL REGIONS (excepted for the number of prims set to 3750), i.e: you are allowing 100 concurrent agents, no real script limit, etc just as you do for normal regions? We are allowed to have 20 or 30 residents on an Openspace but WE SHOULD NOT. We are allowed to run 500 scripts but WE SHOULD NOT. Or did i miss something?

    I currently own two Openspaces each running with 8 agents max. allowed, each supporting about 1500 prims, and none being for the purpose of rent or resale. Reading your above statement, Jack, i do NOT EVEN KNOW whether i’m within the range of your “expectations” or not.

    Jack Linden said:

    “unlike normal regions that effectively get a CPU to themselves on the server, there can be up to four Openspaces on a single CPU”

    Does this mean that allowing 15000 prims onto a CPU is acceptable for normal regions, while allowing 15000 (3750*4) prims onto a CPU is not acceptable for Openspaces? (ok, agree that the number of concurrent agents might be higher in some rare occasions onto 4 Openspaces than on a single normal region).

    Jack Linden said:

    “Rather than being employed as open areas like ocean with little or no content and traffic […]”

    Indeed…. and I’m pretty sure most of us are definitely interested in spending (currently) $250 for buying the land and a $75 monthly fee for gazing all day long at a nearly empty region.

    Sad to say but by the end of November i’ll have to abandon one of my two Openspaces to Governor Lindens In return you will get a $125 monthly fee from me instead of $150 right now.

    Just my “two cents”.

  79. more prims for more money = more fair

    at least give us something in return for the 67% more we’ll be paying

  80. Azazeal says:

    Can’t help but wonder if this is connected 😉

    Knowledge base most frequently viewed article under “info for landowners” – “Abandoned Land FAQ”

  81. Art Clift says:

    The logic just doesn’t wash for me, and here’s why – On your network/server/resource end… it makes no difference if I run a laggy club on a 4096m2 plot of full prim estate land, or a 1/4 sim plot of open space… Yes, with an open space, I don’t KNOW who my neighbors are, so I can’t see how many OTHER laggy clubs are on the same processor, but that’s the risk I take when I move to an open space plot… If I’m missing someting there, what is it?

    Renters are going to move back to full prim lots and just remember the times when they could have 4 times the space for the same price and prims….. and the landlords who were investing in Open Space because it let them offer their clients 4 times the land for the same value are going to suffer. Again, I’m reminded why there’s no future in Second Life business. Everytime I almost talk myself into getting into it in a serious way…You guys talk me out of it.

    Opensim will really be ‘ready’ soon anyway, right? Why isn’t LL focussing on providing more value for a reasonable cost, to get more people invested, financially and personally, in order to pad against the potential exodus?

  82. Jyrras Wilder says:

    what the frig? you know not all of us are made of money you know. this increase in price on open space sims is unfair. go chase down all those hackers instead of punishing us that want somewhere to live without suffering from all known issues with mainland. we cant afford a “full” sim becouse its to expensive and now this? come on give us a break.

  83. Jamie David says:

    What a brilliant move. Total brilliance. I just was told about this. I argued that lindens would not do it and was sent to this blog piece. OMG so smart. With the global economy tanking and the dollar costing more and more to raise prices on top of it.

    Somone said that this was unethical. It is just plain dumb. How to shaft people who pay. Raise their costs by 75%+

    Shame on you lindens. Yet again a piss poor job of dealing with your customers. Will this be the straw that breaks the camels back?

  84. Alynna Vixen says:

    Whoa. There is a major issue with your approach to this. You really need someone there who has been here a long time and knows why people get these things, to make these kinds of decisions (perhaps, even me O.o).

    So let me explain anyways. Your primary product, the private region, is very overpriced, in fact for most folks its priced out of the market for personal use. So what happens to most private regions? People buy them for the control and then rent most of it out just so they can use a portion of the land on their own and keep the overall expense down. Most private region owners aren’t making a ‘profit’ and some aren’t even trying to.

    The OpenSpace was a great solution. Before I repurchased myself into a full simulator, I bought an openspace through a friend that owned other full sims. Now, I bought it just so I could concentrate on ONE single home where I had full control. (Kitsune Forest, BTW.) The performance was irrelvant to me, I was going for beauty, to make a forest. You see, when people have full sims and have to rent bits out, they cant keep full control, and it gets ugly, as everyone puts whatever they want on it. But in an openspace, one person can easily can afford to keep it going, so a single vision can be brought to a single sim, affording it beauty that neither mainland and many private but partially rented sims, can’t.

    Some of the most beautiful sims are on Openspaces simply BECAUSE you can’t overcrowd them, or load them down with general crap, and you don’t have to to keep them going.

    You said months ago you wanted to bring beauty to SL and the openspace product as it is, does that. Raising the price greatly reduces the value of these sims however, as well as making it harder to keep them.

    However i’d like to propose another solution. If you’re having problems with performance, then go ahead and raise the price, but only place 3 openspaces on a core instead of 4, and raise the prim limit to 5000 prims (15000/3 anyone?)

    I and many others who want to make *beautiful places* will be deeply hurt by this move and some of the most beautiful places in SL may go away. I myself maintain a 2.7ms frame time and 0.7ms script time on my openspace, and should not be penalized for this.

  85. Artfox Daviau says:

    I have always used my one openspace properly, and this policy and price change is entirely unfair to all the people who didnt abuse the process and used their openspace for sailing and a few tiny islands. I do not see why we should be punished when LL actively encouraged the use of openspace for quarter sim islands.

  86. Alynna Vixen says:

    I’d also note additionally to this, that by raising the price of openspaces, you are forcing the people who have them to do one of 3 things:

    1) They will drop them, simply not being able to afford them anymore or
    2) They will sublet them, or sublet them further, to compensate for the price difference, thus further increasing the load on the openspace.
    3) They will raise prices on the openspace they already sublet, most likely causing the openspace to be abandoned.

    None of these options generate revenue for Linden Lab except 3, and that only in the short term. None of these at all fix the performance and load issues.

    When I got here 4 years ago, this was a place where the running creed and raison d’etre of Second Life was “Your world, your imagination”. But now it seems every decision moves away from that. SL is losing the spark that created its popularity in the first place, what gave it people. People came here to create, but this decision stifles creativity. Please give us more options, not less.

  87. MR Little says:

    LL lowers prices… the blog is filled with “You ruined my Biz”
    LL Raises Prices… the blog if filled with “You ruined my Biz”

    go figure

  88. Sarah Nerd says:

    Not sure if I’m more upset tonight about the 67% price increase or the fact that I was almost banned for 3 days because I dropped a F bomb in the concierge chat group. Next week I have to help give a presentation to a major university to show why SL is a good education investment. Thanks for the extra boost of SL confidence to get me motivated! I still love this game, but I’m very upset at the people managing it.

  89. Eva Ryan says:

    WHEW…good thing I didn’t buy into all that openspace broo-ha-ha.

    So..let me get this straight; because, I’m a bit confused here.
    * Your upping the price for openspace sims…but, not increasing performance of the sims themselves.
    * You whine about how residents are sucking up resources, knowing full well that residents will push the limits if money is to be made.
    * You whine about how residents are sucking up resources, yet don’t set resource limits on openspace sims.
    * You whine about how residents are sucking up resources; yet the biggest resource hog of SL are resident agents themselves, by which anyone can have for free.

    Sounds to me that you were setting up the residents who bought into these cheap opensims for failure here by artificially not setting absolute limits on openspace sims, and reap a quick profit by claiming it’s the resident’s fault. Why not also start charging for membership, like how it used to be before June 2006…oh, wait, then the vast majority of players would be angry, instead of the vast minority of paying customers.

    -Eva Ryan

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  91. Hg Beeks says:

    While I agree that a price hike is not the solution here, I also understand why it was done. Because of misuse of what was meant to be a special privilege and a way to get more back yard for cheaper, it has cost LL more to upkeep the sims. I’ve watched the person renting the sim I live on buy an Openspace sim and build themselves living spaces on it, ignoring the fact that the original announcement stated they were not meant as such. I foresaw this exact problem occurring the moment Openspace sims were announced – People would buy them and move people in, then complain when the sims didn’t perform as well as a normal sim.
    While stricter regulation is certainly needed on Openspace sims, raising the price of them doesn’t seem to justify the issue, either. T’would be considered a better deal to get another normal sim due to upkeep costs.

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  93. Taimaru Hak says:

    Oh great – not 😦

    So an Openspace can only do 1/4 of the prims of a full sim but yet will cost just less than 1/2 the maintainence cost?

    That’s ridiculous.

  94. Fairtax Freenote says:

    I love how LL seems to try to find new ways to make SL suckier for the users. I’m sorry, but no openspace sim can be used nearly as much as a full sim, and they are therefore still light use compared to a full sim. It’s funny, LL sees a surge in their sells of openspaces, so they try to find ways to make LESS money. This is a horrible move for a company.

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  96. hernworsley says:

    Why did Linden Labs themselves double the prim limits earlier this year …then spring this?!!!

  97. Mifune Thibaud says:

    I am using my open spaces properly (I am only using 1/3rd of the prims available in the open space, and very very few active scripts running in each — average 0.1ms of scripts running at any one time in either of them) and this is a bit extreme for those who have purchased recently and are using them properly.

    The people who are subletting Open Spaces and overusing them should be the ones who get fined and punished for this.

    What should be done:
    -Add a simple QA metric to Open Space sims that collects simulator useage data, those with simulator load averages that are higher than a publicized norm can be warned.

    -If they do not comply with adjusting their simulator load averages, then their tier fees will go up.

    -Those who have responsible simulator load averages can keep the original monthly pricing.

    Applying this kind of pricing to all Second Life residents will destroy many businesses who are legitimately and responsibly using the resources of the SL grid. Great Open Space sim expanses such as SL New England will see their doors shutter.

    Many of SL’s businesses only operate to break even on tier costs; this will put many of them over the edge. Please rethink this strategy, as the responsible users and content creators are keeping this thing going.

    This will cause the mass selling and abandonment of property in SL. A lot of the Open Space owners that are taking advantage of the current pricing will definitely leave, which is a good thing, but more importantly, many of the good responsible companies that showcase SL will leave too.

  98. we bought over 20 openspace sims and they are not abused they are very light residential island normally 1 person living there for the large space, LL made full sims unviable for us with the price lowering and increased prims, we paid a lot of money upfront and feel scammed, normally i stick up fo SL but this time i am very very angry..raising prices during a recession? New CEO needs to go!!!!

  99. Miki Gymnast says:

    Guys, look out of the window. Theres a worldwide financial crisis. Not really a good time to raise prices. Exchange rate € to US$ sinks, so value-added tax paying Europeans will think twice if they should keep their expensive hobby.

    I will not.

  100. Blinders Off says:

    Here are some facts to consider in this fiasco:

    At the time that Linden Lab set up the Open Space Sims, there were VOID SPACE sims. VOID SPACE sims were designed to be “minimally inhabited” and allowed about 1850 prims. They were set four to a server and cost 1/4 the price of a full sim.

    OPEN SPACE sims were an entirely different. They allow 3750 prims and are stacked 16 to a server. The claims that Open Space were to be minimally used and were not intended as rentals is seriously questionable.

    At the time that the Open Space sim policy was enacted, there were some 5,000 sims on Second Life. Now there are nearly 22,000 (or more). The clear majority of those are Open Space sims.

    Linden Lab charged anywhere from $250 to $500 to set up those sims. So when one puts the calculator to it, we realize that Linden Lab has charged a total of some FOUR MILLION DOLLARS just in set up fees (conservatively 15,000 sims x $250 each). That doesn’t include what they pull down in tier fees every month ($1 1/4 million).

    People haven’t just invested money. They’ve invested time setting up those sims, they’ve based their groups and activities around those sims. And now, giving explanations that just do NOT stand up to scrutiny, LL claims that somehow charging an additional $60 per sim is going to fix the server load problem?

    How is that going to happen? By legitimate customers shutting down their sims because they can no longer afford to pay tier fees? A 66% increase isn’t just a reasonable price increase. It could be argued that this is being done to force customers to shut down Open Space Sims without damaging Linden Lab profits (they can lose some 60% of their Open Space customers and still come out even). That is their apparent goal.

    The problem is that such a goal is (as has been pointed out above) a class-actionable offense. We’re not talking a minor decision that has minimal impact on their customers. We’re talking a major corporate decision which some could consider as breach of contract and breach of promise, a decision that will majorly impact the activities of the vast majority of Second Life customers.

    If some people are using Open Sims excessively (and the only way they could conceivably do so would be to av-load the sim in club-fashion, because they sure can’t excessively prim-load them nor even excessively script-load them). Thus, the logical solution would be to place an avatar limit on all Open Sims… say, no more than 20 avatars at one time. If anyone believes that increasing costs by 66% will reduce server load– that person needs to get a reality check. Doesn’t look like the new management has any more smarts than the old management. LOL

    This has all the appearance of being yet another Linden Lab knee-jerk, inappropriate decision that fails in any way to take actual client needs into account. This is a decision once again focusing on “how much money can we rake in?” (or alternately, how can we cut out Open Space Sims without LOSING any money?). Linden Lab designed and sold Open Space sims. They did so at a total charge of FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS PER SERVER BOX ($250 x 16). Now they want to go back on their agreement with their customers and raise tier prices by a whopping $60 per sim? Oh yeah, that’s class-actionable all right.

    I think it will be most interesting to see what comes of all this. The question is: how many times and how much can a company back-stab and gouge their customers before the customers finally have enough and decide to do something about it? I guess we’ll see if this is the time, or if this will be another case of LL customers once again following like sheep to the slaughter and taking whatever decisions corporate decides to hand out. Yup, interesting indeed.

  101. Suhana says:

    Seriously?! Are you all very serious?

    Those of you claiming that you are losing money now and wont be able to rent it out to people – GOOD; from the beginning LL has maintained that these are not Residential Purpose Sims.. And if you’re still complaining it was never brought to light prior, go back and read. I cannot remember a time, LL claimed that these sims were resourceful enough to handle the trauma of heavy use.

    What those of you, trying to get a quick one over, fail to recognize is, for everyone of your abuses – 3 other people suffer (and Im sure their cats and dogs too.) I only hope, you all are making each other suffer.

    With that said – I dont see the need for a price hike, there are other avenues LL can take advantage of, like bearing down on the rule breakers, limiting the input resources whenever someone goes over, etc.

    Money – is not always the answer. And there are many people who use OpenSpace legitmately, who will suffer in terms of a price hike..

    But, those of you crying and whining about the ruin of your rental business, get a grip, you’re only incriminating yourselves…

    Here’s a reality check – YOU ARE THE REASON WHY!

    … Yes. You are.

  102. Kay Merlin says:

    Why, if you did not want Open Space Sim to be “over used”did you not lower the amount of prims that come with them! Plus prior to your lowering the price on “Open Space” sims they were called “Water Sims” and the resources on SL informaiton was clear about restrictions on building. When you changed the price…you changed the name by which you called them to “open Space sims” and the restriction information also disapeared in anything in the SL land purchase pages. The information did not say anything about restricting building or not using the prims that came along with the purchase. I only make enought to break even here, and that has with each month recently become more and more of a nail biter.

    Mr. new CEO, you were the wrong pick for SL, I sence your style is more old school corporate style crack down. They needed a new horizon “rally the team approach”. SL did need to get some things in order, but SL is a place of creativity, and it looks like you are out to strangle every ounch of it out of your employees. This was suppose to be fun. Entertainment. I can not afford to have the rates go up. Everything I make here goes to maintainance and to make the renters of my residential islands happy and have fun activities in SL. You just are taking the heart out of it. Need more money? Then why or how can you afford to sell this “new” land in Natuilus at basement prices. Look at the revenuse from your classified ads, they are down because you all came up with a better Seach system, by which most people are not purchasing ads now..they use the title of the parcels to crack that system up so they get free listings in the new “All Search”. This is just all wrong. Such a shame.

  103. Shannara Snowdrop says:

    Instead of jacking the price up…you say the OS are being abused…I agree some do…why not LIMIT the scripts that are there? You limit the prims..
    Make it so that if over a certain # that no other scripts will run in the OS.
    This is very unfair…so much for plans of maybe getting a few more OS why bother

  104. Why should those of us who are using them as a static water space with very few prims and next to no scripts have to pay extra because some people want to rent them out?

    Why not use those logs of region activity to work out which open spaces are being abused and give them a higher price? Teir values for mainland change based on land holdings, why not set up something similar based on how the open space is used? Then those of use who filled them with water and some static prims to enhance the appearance of our homes dont have to pay for the people who are using them as a business.

    Darling Brody

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  151. Katt Linden says:

    For Jack’s update on this topic, see:

    Update Regarding the Openspaces Announcement

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