New City Area Discovered

Much to our delight, the intrepid explorer Magellan Linden has stumbled upon a new and beautiful land that had until now been mysteriously hidden from view. His ‘experiments’ with a new vehicle appear to have lead him to this discovery.

The abandoned city appears to have belonged to a great seafaring civilisation and while the culture and language of the original inhabitants isn’t immediately apparent, Linden Lab has decided to name the island “Nautilus” in honor of its maritime nature. Having claimed Nautilus as Linden Mainland, we would like to offer our residents the opportunity to live in this unique area and so will be selling off some of the land at auction.

If you would like to visit this new wonder, the regions are now visible inworld, all of the regions are prefixed with ‘Nautilus -‘. There are many beautiful sights to be seen. The old harbour and nearby dry dock, the great canal and raised inner city, even the seas around Nautilus are rich with things to discover.

There look to be several hundred parcels available, all of them 1024 square meters in size. They cannot be terraformed and have twice the usual prim allocation. Our engineers are investigating how these regions came to exist, and whether they were always part of the Mainland, or were perhaps part of some earlier history. Residents who discover information about the true origin of Nautilus should contact Magellan Linden. We’ll also be adding to a public wiki page soon, where the latest information about Nautilus will be collected.

Auctions for the new area will go live on the 24th October with all auctions starting at L$2000.

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150 Responses to New City Area Discovered

  1. Ren Diqui says:

    So this is the new Indiana Linden – fate of Nautilus…

  2. Lindal Kidd says:

    Wasn’t there ALREADY a “Nautilus” continent?

  3. S J says:

    “Discovered”? If you’re serious than that’s a little disturbing…

  4. Is subdivide/join also blocked?

  5. PonygirlSarah Clapper says:

    Why are you rolling our more mainland, when all the island owners are being hammered by $295 tiers each month, and a lot of vacant properties are still on the market?

    Why not help out those of us who have spent $1000+ real dollars and the associated tier costs by cutting the island tier back to $195 like it used to be?

    Not only is the market value of Land already $100 more for the current islands out there, but it is hard enought to get people to spend money with the way the RL economy is.

    Please, cut those of us who have been supporting the gird for so long a break, and bring us back into a fair market competition before trying to roll out more of a supply than there is a demand for. It is hard enought as it is, making ends meet when we can’t get the rentors to look at the 1000’s of VACANT island properties.

  6. Wasn’t there ALREADY a “Nautilus” continent?
    NCI map

  7. So this will be the New “beautifull” Mainland or just another kind of Bay City?

  8. I thought Magellan Linden crashed and burned in his airship years ago. He must have got lost in those secret underground tunnels.

  9. Tegen Barzane says:

    I’ve spent the last day exploring this island and I have still not seen it all. A very cool place, I like it a lot. It is worth going diving too, there’s lots of stuff in the water. Great work, thanks.

    One question – are those empty buildings going to be sold, rented, left empty or what? The ghost town feel it has at the moment is kinda cool.

  10. Anny Helsinki says:

    why one would buy mainland when Open Spave sims are much less laggy and cheaper?

  11. Hiro says:

    I don’t think buying these lands at high price would be a good idea.
    When you buy it at an extradinary price, then set up your shop / houses, you realize they just discovered YET ANOTHER continent and your precious islands will be forgotten in time!

  12. WendyOfneverland Fussbudget says:

    Is this a new single sim, or a cluster? When I search for Nautilus today, 45 different sims that start with the name “Nautilus” come up. The one I randomly TP’d to was owned by the honorable Governor Lindon and seemed to have a beginning date of June 30, 2004.

  13. I kinda think the text up there is pretty exaggerated. BUT Yes Better you should make 50% cheaper the monthly fees of private islands because lets say I’m my country the dollar was almost 50% higher as usual and if i would have a island i would abandon it. I think if you would let everybody buy openspace sims the grid would me a LOT Bigger.

  14. Jenny Fallopias says:

    “The ghost town feel it has at the moment is kinda cool.”

    Sadly, you can get that “feel” almost anywhere on SL 😦

  15. Marianne McCann says:

    It’s a beautiful space, with a lot to see! I hope it is very successful! Me, I’m still busy with th’ land I have (Go Bay City!) as it is.

    Like many others have asked: does thismean we have two Nautilus continents, or is this part of the existing continent? For that matter, what are the “real” names of the “Korean” continent and the “unnamed” continent?

    I too find it curious that so much land is about to hit the market, during a time when a lot of mainland just isn’t selling. I wonderm, especiallym what this means for some of the newer, less established, unzoned land that doesn’t seem to do much.

    I look forward to the wiki page (and maybe an update of the rest of the LDPW pages), and exploring along with Magellan!

  16. Lucifer Baphomet says:

    I’m just glad Magellan is stillo alive.
    I had heard rummours he had died after his ship crashed.

  17. Qie says:

    In case anyone was wondering why the roads and rails are slow to progress on the old continents, well, the Moles have clearly been otherwise occupied. This new landmass pretty much paves the space between Corsica and “The Continent Formerly Known As Nautilus.” Tons of Linden content throughout, with some dramatic, step function terraforming. Theme is kind of Cyprus meets Navajo, plus a little Karnak. Lots of sculpties for your GPU’s rendering pleasure and (God help us) glowy “crystals” marking ceremonial monuments–including a near-clone of the Moth Temple with dolphin sculpties and urns. Lots of urns.

    It’s vast: Many times the size of Bay City. (Begging the question: who’s going to buy? And why?)

  18. Hiro says:

    @13 Bob

    It could be that once the interoperability of SL and other worlds are completed, and asset handling is done, they would disclose the server code (making it opensourced as they declared).

    What happens after is that most of us Linden-middle-persons (private estate owners and managing companies) will split from SL.

    This is why they are trying to get more renters on mainland (cheap, professional looking, vast, etc) and eventually planning to take over some of the clients of the private estates.

    In fact, it might be that the private island owners be in the process of being “kicked out”.

    Well, above are just wild guesses, they might be simply, in their good nature, trying to react to the complaints from mainlanders. 😉

  19. Oceanna Shannon says:

    I swear is it the Linden’s goal to make private islands worthless? honestly, I took the hit in reduced setup fees, I took the hit of over production…and now its round 3 doing more of the same!

    Please make the monkeys step away from the planning computer!


  20. Depp says:


    I cant believe….there is still too much land available, wich has to be paid for monthly tier by your CUSTOMERS and you go on, throw new sims to the market.
    this is another blow on the head to SL econonomy!
    if you dont sell enough private sims (lol)…maybe try to improve your client/ server software and decrease tier for simowners. that would help, i am sure !

  21. Periapse Linden says:

    Any information as to the current whereabouts of Magellan Linden would be appreciated, as attempts to contact him through normal means have failed.

  22. There are such a lot of different vested interests in SL nowadays, that virtually anything that LL do can be seen negatively or positively. One of the things that I have hard a lot, is what a mess the mainland is. Having zoned and themed areas seems to offer a better chance for people to make their SL home in a place which carries on looking the way it looked when the land was purchased.

    I bought snow land at the top of the market and sold when LL had released dozens of snow sims and the bottom dropped out of the snowland market…but that’s been the way the land market has worked for a very long time. For people with a lot of vacant land that’s bad… for people who want to buy or rent affordable land, that’s good.

  23. Rooke Ayres says:

    This whole thing sounds like some weird variation on “Myst”. 😉

  24. In amongst all this terrible negativity I just wanted to say how freaking excited I am about this awesome new project. I haven’t had a chance to see it yet but I’m hearing some amazing things on the forums and blogs. I think this is really an amazing step forward, it’s totally going to invigorate SL and revitalise everything. I absolutely love the idea of bringing a little history, a little fantasy into the world. These stories about the origins of the grid that can be passed down from oldbie to newbie are what makes a world worth living in.

    Yeah it competes with other estate owners but guess what you could have paid a couple dozen people $10 an hour to build an awesome estate like this but you didn’t so now LL have to step up to the plate and show exactly what can be done with the amazing tools we have,

    I’m sure prices for this land will be absolutely astronomical. Not as huge as Bay City I suppose (hope!) but still incredible. It’ll show you guys exactly what demand there is for mainland and exactly how awe inspiring life on the mainland can be.

  25. 2k Suisei says:

    That story sounds made up to me! Bloody con artists!

  26. A Nautilus to take us all under.

  27. Sedary Raymaker says:

    @27: I don’t see how you come to your conclusion about mainland. This isn’t standard mainland; it’s basically a Linden-run private estate. I’ll be interested to see what the covenant entails and if the land can be resold by residents. Hope I remember to check it out this week.

  28. @30 I think it’s a safe bet it’ll be the same as Bay City. Land is resellable, no covenant at all, strongly suggested theme to stick to.

    The land /is/ mainland. It’s right there attached to the rest of the mainland (between two continents as I understand it). These parcels are going to appear there right in land sales search with all the other mainland parcels.

  29. Periapse Linden said “attempts to contact him through normal means have failed.”

    Yeah, many of us are accustomed to problems with IM / group IM failures, TP problems, etc. You could try and post something to the JIRA and get some of your friends to vote on it, that might bring it to the attention of the developers.

  30. Marianne McCann says:

    @24 Perilapse Linden

    Many of the explorers out of the Lost Forext of Kharunvel have been hunting for him for months now, with only a little luck. I’m sure we’d be willing to share our findings, what few there are!

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  32. I’ve established four Rez Zones for boaters around the Nautilus island; they each have a blue mooring bouy in them. One at the eastern end of the canal, one at the smaller island off the south shore, one in the outer harbor area, and one on the northern side, in the “notch” below the citadel wall. I guess the ancient Nautilonians … Nautiloids? … Residents didn’t need Rez Zones.

    I don’t think the island of Nautilus somehow steals the name from the continent of Nautilus. In RL we have Atlantis the island, Atlanta the city, the Atlantic Ocean, and Atlantic City all more or less sharing a name!

  33. Argent Stonecutter says:

    You know, instead of spending money building new cool areas, how about getting in touch with some of the owners who’ve built cool areas that are going to be destroyed in the near future because they can’t afford to keep them up, and make some kind of arrangement to save them?

  34. Christos Atlantis says:

    I guess the people that hate mainland as is and that hate the estate ownder have yet another home… I wonder what the prices will be like.

  35. HoneyBear Lilliehook says:

    I enjoy the “backstory” here, but really, aren’t there more pressing things to deal with besides Linden making more money off us? Like, oh, I don’t know – STABILITY? I’m crashing constantly with the new viewer. I tried to explore the new sims yesterday and went down twice. All those pretty pink crystals are scripted and your new sims are just as laggy as the old ones, and nothing is even on them yet.

    I love SL, and everything about it. I’m an owner of a full and an openspace sim. I’m giving everything I’ve got to LL…how about you give something back? Try fixing the client, or reducing the island maintenance fees…something else besides rolling out more land to compete with the island owners!

  36. The “no terraforming” rule on these new sims is interesting because bad terraforming is one of the blights of the old sims, especially for owners of 512s and 1024s who don’t have much of a buffer between their builds and the property line.

  37. funny bunny says:

    Bidding starts at 2000 Linden, that sounds overpriced, isn’t land free these days?

  38. Kraelen Redgrave says:

    Wow… You have outdone yourselves. This place is amazing! I found Magellans tunnel boring machine!

    Trees in protected land that can’t be deleted – CHECK
    Non terraformable so it doesnt look awful like current mainland – CHECK
    Amazing sites to explore – CHECK
    Double prim allowance – CHECK
    Protected alley ways between all parcels to prevent the crowded feel of current mainland – CHECK

    I want to live in Nautilus – CHECK!!

    I just hope it doesn’t turn into an extortion island like baycity did…

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  40. Steven Morrisey says:

    I’m planning my own excursion to Nautilus Island later this week, to begin my search for the Sword of 1,000 Truths! I’m sure it’s hidden there somewhere!!

  41. Jim Perhas says:

    Will there be joining allowed? Commercial development allowed? Why did they plunk this down in a place that would benefit those that already own land all around it? what about those on the older continents.. it seems to me the lindens do not think about the foundation… even after allowing millions of free accounts the population 50-60 thousand online at a time has not grown as it should have and how many of those 50-60 thousand are camping ALTs? You have to keep people coming back. Not just for a few months but year after year. If the Lindens do not keep in mind all those that were here and invested in the beginning they may never grow in the long run.

  42. Jim Perhas says:

    One more thought 🙂 Why doesn’t LL reclaim some of the land on the continents that puts up for auction. They could build some parks or just put a little breathing space between parcels. This would be one way to spruce up the older continents and make the SL experience better! Point is you have to not forget about those that brought in way back before free accounts. Not opposed to free accounts per say. Just saying do not for get those that helped build this world when it was tiny.

  43. Ener Hax says:

    Well I think all this stuff is fine and don’t feel the need to call for private estate owners to be bailed out. Owning private estates is a form of freelance work in my opinion and not a charitable venture by Linden. You have the opportunity to try out a business for little cost (compared to rl business costs). So if Linden lowers initial island costs (like a few months back), some people will get upset. If Linden closes it’s doors, well . . . there it all goes.

    But . . . adding value to SL as a whole with new lands like in this post, I see that as helping SL grow and continue to dominate the virtual world frontier. And that is good for private estate owners.

    And as to fixing bugs, Linden does actively do this. They have a lot at stake in this. But when you are pushing the envelope with a sharable 3D application, you will have bugs. Otherwise we should go back to bulletin board systems.

    SL is very stable if you have a clean modern machine. I am no tech guru, but I have not crashed in months. My machine is pretty contemporary (6 months old) and I run only Sl on a separate HD. Why? I dunno, just trying to maximize the experience.

    Linden, you are doing a great job in my books. And that you have a product that people complain about actually shows that you are needed and wanted. If not, peps would just bail.

    Anyway, this is just my opinion, and nothing more so don’t get all bent out of shape at me. And as for private estate ownership . . . what would I know about it? I know enough . . .

  44. Puck says:

    Lol, thought I’d spell check a little it should be Civilization I blieve.

  45. Praetor Janus says:

    Dear Jack, is this a sad joke?

    🙂 Nothing more to add, mainland is going at 1L$/m2 because Linden$ have no Cents, (excluding Linden auctions where it starts at 4L$ plus/m2; 2200L$ for 512m2) and you start a new absurdly overpriced (it will be in auctions) area???

    My Lord, I rest my case 😉

    Extortion is still untamed. Want an example? Go to Cortina and pay 99000 for 960 m2 scattered in 30 plus 16m2 parcels far apart from each other, lol, or go to Janus and pay 49000 for 256m2 🙂

    I do rest my case!

    All the Best (I mean it 🙂

    BTW, 1024 is not enough for anything, double or triple prims, unless we build ugly skyscrapers, and even so … 🙂

  46. Cincia Singh says:

    I live very comfortably on 1024 sq m mainland, 1024 can do very nicely. And if I had double prims I could have more nick-nacks around the house, I suppose, or maybe higher prim furniture I would never use, or maybe a small forest of trees around my house.

  47. Sindy Tsure says:

    Sheesh.. What a bunch of whiny crybabies..

    Explored some of it last night, Jack. Two thumbs up and twinkies to all the moles – very nice build!

  48. Nimue Jewell says:

    I think the new land is beautiful. I’ve only explored a small part of it so far, and can imagine it will take a long time to see the rest.

    I have to say, though it may be an unpopular opinion, I am pretty excited about the new Nautilus.

    Where can I find the rules about how the land can be developed? Maybe I missed that, but in the city for example, will the houses placed there transfer at sale? And, will the parcel owners be required to keep that structure?

  49. Shimada Yoshikawa says:

    Nice representation of Ancient Carthage, including the internal harbor. One thing Jack, I couldn’t find anyone named Magellan Linden in search.

  50. Praetor Janus says:


    I bow my head before your Asceticism:) Namaste

  51. amilie anatine says:


    why dont you just explain that you built this to beautify mainlain SL to keep the SL business booming and save the fantasy story for a prim sign on your SL prim dock. i hate being spoken to like a child in the blogs.

  52. Firebird Nightfire says:

    Aw Amilie, I like it! Nautilis is like the Atlantis of SL (the legendary city, not the Ancient city in the Pegasus Galaxy in Stargate: Atlantis :P).

  53. Nightbird Glineux says:

    I tag this post “insulting user’s intelligence.”

  54. Nightbird Glineux says:

    And speaking of intelligence, could LL make up their minds what the names of the continents are?

  55. Broccoli Furry says:

    Bringings back the RPG in MMORPG

    I LOVE IT LINDENS!!!! KEEP UP THE PIE !!!!111!!1elevtenty!!!!

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  57. d.spitz says:

    This “new” land has indeed some real nice places and is as well sailable 🙂
    /me flickred some snappies from there ( ) but end up in a nice club ( ) having maybe a glass to much wine. 😉
    Its real exploreable, visit that continent, its nice in some way 🙂

  58. eku says:

    so when will private estates get double prims?
    if you can do it for lower tiered mainland.. you sure should be able to spread the love

  59. Jonnyfx Pontchartrain says:

    Any chance of getting slurls to the rez areas? I was really hoping to explore the new sims by sail, but it seems I’m going to have to overfly the whole build trying to find a place to rez.

  60. Wallace McAllister says:


    I am completely with you. Back when I started my first island it was pretty basic, but slowly I added more land and had slowly integrated it into a set of sims with a more natural setting, and open space sims that work together. The OS sims are doing ok, but it seems the parcels just sit there once vacated. I have now had a plot, that sits on the water vacant for 2 months now. My prices are pretty competitive with others, no scams, prim bonuses, yet the land sits vacant. I would love to see LL go through just a little more effort to assist in helping us privates attract more residents. I do realize the risk was mine when I first started this venture, and that I accept, but there are certainly things LL can do to help either promote or prevent private land sales. Not building more mainland sims certainly was a help. Personally I don’t think this set of sims are going to affect us private sim owners to much, but I think if LL continues to build more of these private covenant related sims it ‘could’

  61. Salazar Jack says:

    @54 Another wonky side effect of the Lindens’ ever evolving technology. Magellan Linden’s profile doesn’t appear when one searches for it in the People tab of Search, but it does appear when one searches in the All tab. Same thing with Jeff Linden’s profile. Some of us had speculated that this was one manifestation of Magellan’s lack of contact.. that, perhaps, he was somehow cut off from the Grid somehow. See the “Where In The World Is Magellan Linden?” forum thread for more info. I think this new series of regions is extremely unstable and that the Lindens are not taking all the precautions they need to before opening up to the public. Please be careful when exploring the area and do wear a protective suit of some kind if you are going to be hanging out there for any extended period of time. There are forces at work there that we just don’t fully understand at this point. Any interested parties wishing to explore with a group please meet us at the Explorers’ Base in the Bodega region this Thursday, 23 October, at 1:00pm SLT. Bring any necessary equipment and protective gear. – Salazar Jack

  62. Garnet Psaltery says:

    Before I go exploring, could you tell me whether there is a prize for finding Nemo?

  63. Maggie Darwin says:

    Just like the Bay City airport with no place to rez aircraft, this might be a lovely place to sail if there were some place for a visitor to rez a sailboat.

    Starting to think they’re hiring museum staff to design these new places…look but don’t touch.

  64. les says:

    Thanks jack you do good work here! (lies)

    This is beyond moronic. On so many levels. You go Jack!

  65. BJ Tunwarm says:

    Hot doggies, perfect crushing ivory, jewel crusted thrones to crush beneath my sandaled feet! Watch out cowl wearing sorcerers. Grrr!

  66. Periapse Linden says:

    Maggie (@65) —
    We have added some rez areas (demarked with buoys) so that you can rez your boats or other vehicles.


  67. Alisha says:

    Pretty neat..

    Although this does seem much less texture optimized than Bay City. By that I mean: there are a heck of a lot of big textures there.

    This may become an issue when it fills up with tenants.

    I did get excited when I saw the giant chess set…..then I found it does not work. I think there is an NCI class on that. =)

    Like Bay City, even with cheaper mainland tier, this is not competition for private estate. There are simply not enough lindens to offer the support a private estate can. Until they hire 1000s of mainland sim managers all our estates are very safe.

    It does however pressure Us a little bit to provide more than empty rental sims.


  68. Atlwolf Blabbermouth says:

    Land can not be resold or joined. Yes, It’s basically a Linden private estate.

  69. Landing Normandy says:

    I see Magellan’s Atomic Boring Machine is located here:

    I like the build, but the regions seem a bit laggy. And how does one get up on to the central peak, without flying? Doesn’t seem possible.

  70. Landing Normandy says:

    Oh, and will there be a Content Package available as there was when Bay City opened? I’d like that very much!

  71. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    As a reminder: “Nautilus” was the name of Captain Nemo’s sub in Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under The Seas” that sank other ships by attacking them without provocation.

    Nomen est Omen (loosely translated: the name says it all).

    So much for responsible stewardship of a virtual economy that affects real lifes.

  72. Spencer Diesel says:

    wb Magellan!

  73. Ewan Mureaux says:

    I’m all for new content and mainland that has been developed.

    What happened to nothing being released until the average price was sitting comfortably between 6 and 8L$/m though. You said that several times at office hours over the last couple of months Jack?

  74. Couldbe Yue says:

    @all of you whining about this impacting on private sims et al

    there’s something like 30,000+ private sims and around 5,000 mainland (linden) sims. I don’t think the problem that island owners are encountering really has anything to do with mainland – it has more to do with the increased competition from other landowners.

    now it’s down to letting the market decide and the market has decided there’s too much mainland and island land.

    You’d all be better off campaigning to get LL to stop selling the private sims. A much more sensible suggestion really. There’s just more land than people and yet people are still buying islands thinking they can rent them out.

    So, blame your fellow thrill seekers who think they can make some money from this owning their own island lark.

  75. Syncere Talon says:

    Yes there is already a Nautilus continent. I live on it. As for new mainland, LL still has quite a few regions that havent been auctioned off or set for sale. People are still abandoning land or selling for a loss because of the RL economy and the last LL flood. Estates are sitting half empty or can only rent out land at cost. SL hasnt recovered just yet.

    More land right now is just very bad timing.

  76. Ann Otoole says:

    To everyone whining:

    Nothing stopping you from buying 20 sims and making your own themed mainland relete with infrastructure and even a covenant.

    Well.. Nothing but money anyway. If I came into some serious cash I would build a 100 sim continent. Maybe it would make money and maybe it wouldn’t. But it would be a nice project that would involve a lot of 3D art.

    So stop complaining and start doing.

  77. Meta Starostin says:

    “Wasn’t there ALREADY a “Nautilus” continent?”

    Wasn’t there an America before it was discovered?

  78. Meta Starostin says:

    Spot on Ann Otoole.

    But this would mean that they would need to be creative.

  79. Well, I checked it out very nicely done however I really feel this is taking away from what the good Estate Owners have to offer. I offer people beautiful land etc with lots of protected areas similar to this new continent you are opening and it just seems that this is really what is hitting the sl economy. I am happy to see this kind of content but I am really starting to feel it is taking away from Estate Owners.

  80. JR Unknown says:

    What a joke LL!!! M. Linden will you ever put someone in charge of land that has a clue of the actual market?? Jack has proven over and over and over and over and over that he has no clue!!!!! Jack you have single handily help ruin the economy of Second Life by your greed to release more auction land as proven in the past six months. Mainland keeps falling in price yet you want to release new land?? Maybe you could work on finding some new people to join SL to buy all of the open land for sale. SL needs more land like the US needs higher gas prices!!! So you want the whole map to be yellow? Jack you should step down from having any control over the release of new land in SL or at least just admit that you couldn’t care less what you do to the market, economy, or long time residents who have invested so much into SL. Bay City is a overpriced ghost town and I’m sure this will follow right in it’s footsteps. Way to compete with private estate businesses. You guys planning on making shoes and skins soon so you can screw over the rest of SL residents businesses?? M please help find a qualified canidate to do Jack’s job properly!!!! Jack thanks for always pulling the rug out from under everyones feet!!!

  81. A note on geography. I labeled the continent north of the new land as “Nautilus” on my maps because when LL was creating the new land, yet-to-be named sims were rolled out as “Nautilus_XXX” (where “X” stands for numbers). Though LL never formally named the “old” Nautilus, they labeled the new sims for Corsica and Gaeta in the same manner.

    LL not naming a continent is nothing new. The continent south of “old” Nautilus was never given a proper name by LL, and I currently show three alternates fairly commonly used alternates on my maps. The original three continents also have less commonly used names, that I reference in my map.

    I’m going to try to get hold of someone at LL with a definate answer as to what LL thinks the name of “Old” Nautilus properly is. Wish me luck…

    Time for a new map update anyway.

  82. Argent Stonecutter says:

    So, what will the moles do next? Create another filler for the north side, or build some more roads?

  83. Chaos says:

    i have checked out the sim, and work actually has been put into it, but this story althou good sounds waaay to made up.

    why don’t you guys bring the island tier back down to 195US$

    see if you actually did that, you know i’d go right away and BUY an island from LL (i’m renting 1 at the moment)

  84. Argos Hawks says:

    Something about the math isn’t adding up. Double prim spaces plus Linden owned prims in the sim means that less than half of the land in the Nautilus sims will be paid for by tier. $200/mainland sim becomes less than $100/sim. If LL can take less than $100 for their mainland sims, surely there must be some way for private sim owners to pay less than $295/month. It’s the same hardware running the same software, and the private sims require less support from LL staff because the private sim owner can handle most problems that would otherwise go in as support tickets.

  85. Shai Khalifa says:

    … LL create more land to sell to raise revenue for the company.

    What are their overheads inworld? Well they don’t and won’t include advertising you can be assured of that.

    While the rest of us have to pay to even be seen, let alone visited, LL will use their prime advantage to plug their land via blog and web.

    As it currently stands, 70,000 people online still only equates to about 3.5 people per sim – and that’s a peak concurrency. More sims will reduce that even further.


    And while I’m at it – I wrote a full original plot and story for my themed underwater story – Numidia (borrowed the name though). And I still have to rely on inworld Classifieds to get people there.

    If you’re going to do something LL, you could at least be original.

    So much for my rant

  86. Yeah it would really be nice to bring tiers back down to 195/ for full sims, 295 is just too much, yes Linden lab does a great job with concierge support but honestly I think 295/month is just too much money.

  87. It’s so amusing watching the people who thought they could get rich in virtual real estate getting all butthurt about this.

    It is NOT Linden Lab’s responsibility to give you a decent return on your investment. They provide the island; they are not obligated to tweak market conditions in such a way that you can make huge money renting it out to people. Here’s a concept–some people buy and maintain islands because they like the idea of having an entire sim to play with. It’s an expensive hobby, but there are worse ones.

    Anshe Chung pulled off what she did because nobody had even thought to do it before. It can never be done again. Go chase the next hype machine and quit bitching that this one is broken. It isn’t broken; it’s fixed.

  88. Cybertek Warrior says:

    While I look at this new area and look at the comments. All I can think is great more empty land. That is going to be for sale. I do agree though with #86 double prim land on tier of a single tier. I really think LL wants to eliminate Private estates. You know LL if you want to make more money for improvement raise the cost of Islands back to where they were $1695 and $450, and lower the tier slightly.

  89. Joshe Darkstone says:

    I guess you just couldnt stand the dry spell anymore.

    You sold as many as you could at $1675+, broke off the the OS sims at $450+ after doubling the prims to create a run on them for as long as that would last. As soon as that started slowing down you dropped the prices to $1000/250 for a bit more raping while you continued to sell them for $1675 to anyone tht didnt read the blog.

    And the customers you treat like suckers with pockets just eat it up eh?

    Islands sit empty even when put up for rent at cost plus a pittance and now you release yet another continent. All without a single conversation to address any of the concerns of the suckers whose pockets you are picking for tiers day in and day out.

    You guys make Countrywide, Beahr Sterns, and Fannie/Freddie look almost ligit. Talk about fraud – yeesh. These suckers thought they were buying something of value, Not something you would manipulate into dust, obviously with malevolent disregard.

    Shame on you Jack. Shame on all of you.

  90. alroger says:

    I can’t believe the amount of grief comments here. This is the greatest example of democracy and capitalism!
    Then these people come crying that they are loosing money.
    Funny how ANY life reflects real life.

  91. JR Unknown says:

    Sure wish you would take some time and answer some these posts tonight as I have given up all hope on Jack ever seeing the light. Please show me where I’m misguided in post #82. Why would anyone want to invest more money into SL with the way it steps all over those that do? I love SL but hate how poorly parts of it are run. You take a risky investment sitting on a fragile tree branch and every six months or so just shake the hell out cause you feel like it. I have seen the economy messed up by Jacks ill-fated decisions way too many times to just sit back and watch him do it again. Will anyone there ever realize that you could hand pick a team of experts to run the economy and land market from SL that actually have experience? If you provide longterm stability to prices it will actually improve your CUSTOMERS experience. Jack is like a general manager at a restaurant that is in charge but never having done any of the actual jobs himself knows less than his employees on how the place really runs. Where is the market stability? Who is is that stabilized the currency market? Maybe let that person help with the land market because they have done an excellent job of keeping the value of Linden Dollars steady for a couple of years now. Isn’t it possible to have some type of consistency in the land market like that ever??
    While I’m at it and nice and riled up one other issue that Jack won’t openly discuss for some reason is open space sims. They are supposedly being released for light use and not for living or working in yet all over the grid all they are really being used for is the exact opposite. How many have been created in the past 6 months? What overall percentage are there of open spaces verse full prim estates? You doubled the amount of prims and lowered the price and have sat back watched them sell like hot cakes yet no official change to their intended use? Isn’t the real reason that you haven’t updated the old definition of their use so that you don’t have to provide support for all of those sims? What is your response to what open space sims have done to the stability of the land market both mainland and private and your dropping of the upfront purchase prices in the last 6 months? Once again does anyone there care about people that have invested money into SL?? Just want us to shut up and keep paying tier right? I’m calling out those in charge to show us you care and to actually please respond.

  92. Deltango Vale says:

    I have to say that I agree with JR Unknown. LL should have learned the lessons of land management back in 2007 when it flooded the mainland market and poisoned the mood of the new residents who invested heavily in the SL economy.

    I hate to sound negative, because I too love SL, but you guys have to stop treating SL like some kind of silly game. It’s time to hire professionals.

  93. @ 89 CyFishy Traveler , There are a lot of greedy people in SL, but there are people that have done what they do to help the sl economy.

  94. Drwyndwn Tyne says:

    Lovely build. My only comment is it needs some background sound. Wind, birds, ambient noise. Good job, though. Nice addition to the world.

  95. Firebird Nightfire says:

    Hear hear Cyfish!

    If land is so cheap, quit whining about it and turn it to your advantage! Now’s the time to buy! You can rent it out till the prices go up, then sell. Tier fees? Just the SL version of property taxes. At least you know what you’re gonna pay – rl property taxes are based on the appraised value of the land, which can change with every new appraisal.

  96. Drwyndwn Tyne says:

    How in the world did you remove the Linden water from the dry dock? It seems to be some sort of prim, but how? ZOMG!

  97. Tesla Miles says:

    Looks like a wonderful and beautiful place to live! I’ll certainly be thinking of buying some land here, has great potential.

  98. hmmmm… what says carbon 14? It would be strange is this city existed before Second life…

  99. Celexi says:

    i find it funny people are crying they are “not having profit”, when the mistake is entirely their’s and their lack of research of something that was quite easy to figure out.

    – Lilly margetts

  100. Darius Wilberg says:

    i visited the Nautilus land mass and. Wow you guys did a great job on it. it’s great.

    i have a few questions concernign it though.

    1) are you going to make it so the new residence of Nautilus stay within the theme you created ?

    personally speaking, i think you should. i’d hate to see someone ress some 100 meter tall bright purple office tower in the middle of all that beautifull land. And you know someone will.


    2) Will you be creating other themed lands like this in the future ?

    anyways. thank you for the great content. i loved being able to sail my viking ship up the canal.

    Darius Wilberg

  101. Charlie Vanalten says:

    Why is it that there are always people whining about land in SL.Dont you realise that there is no land its all just pixels. OK yes I have pixels here as well and have had for a few years,not only in the name I have now. I cannot build or script because of my disabilities but I dont complain about it,so why dont you all just think what it is that LL have done for you all. They have made a program that you all enjoy using,they have made sims that are incredible to me and I know that many thousands of you out there love the places that have been built by many of the residents. By the way you dont need a newer type of computer to run SL with no crashes My computer is 5 years old and I have no problems at all because I keep my computer up to date and I dont have programs running in the background. If any of you out there want to know how ,please feel free to IM me and Ill send you the info on how to do it (PC’s only I’m afraid). Keep up the good work.

  102. Arcane Clawtooth says:

    @98 Drwyndwn, it takes advantage of the alpha bug. They put a full alpha texture on a prim right above the water. This has the effect of hiding the water from view. I’ll admit it threw me at first, great idea 🙂

  103. Premium accounts been dropping for quite some time, 1000 a month or so for many months. To bring them back lets hype up yet some more land with a “where’s waldo” world of land rich in “lab” content, and offer it with double prim allowance at new all time low initial auction bids.

    GREAT….now let me check the math and see if i wish to convince my friends to sign up for this awesome value for thier money in anallready struggling SL & RL economy.

    Using a fair 264 $L per 1 US dollar…
    72 US a year premium account = 6 US a month or 1584 $L per month
    Tier up 5 US or 1320 $L per month for the additional 512 m2 needed for a new premium to own 1k of land.

    Sooo… For a monthly cost for a new “HOME” for Mr/Ms new account
    it sets them back ONLY 2,904 Lindens each and every month, for a parcel of land LL’s will start an auction bid at 2k on

    Does charging 3k a month for a mortgage on a piece of land “Mr Banker” value’s initially at 2k seem like something ANYONE would do?

    Ah well….I’m no economist, and don’t much care for number crunching…

    Sure i love SL, i’ll even tell them i meet to check it out, but to stay free and happy living in a sandbox or something, there is much better value of 11 US per month than a pretty game of “Finding Nemo”


  104. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @98, @104: it’s actually an invisiprim. It’s a very specific texture that the client doesn’t render but treats as opaque for rendering avatars, water, and alpha textures. Using it to hide water like that is a trick Coadey Concord came up with, and it’s been used a number of times in other builds… I used it to “pump out” part of the land in Skyhook Station in its first design.

  105. Qie says:

    Nautilus doesn’t have a differential impact on Estate vs Mainland landowners. We’re all slightly screwed by this, but while it’s big by Mainland standards, the scale is that of a new, medium-to-small Estate owner entering the competition, which happens all the time.

    Well, almost. To be honest, the Bay City owners *are* differentially affected, but they’ll be smart enough to keep quiet about it, in hopes some people will still visit the Old New City and maybe buy some of the still ludicrously overpriced post-retro-chic parcels there.

  106. Couldbe Yue says:

    I lied about the numbers of private vs Linden sims.

    it’s 26,363 private estates and 5082 Linden owned as of 19/10 and approximately 300 completely new sims come online each week.

    None of the new nautilus sims have been put up for auction yet, and really, since there’s only around 70 of them (including the water) what are you lot so frightened of? This literally is a drop in the ocean compared to the new private owners, the majority of whom I bet think they can rent out some of their new island home to offset their costs.

  107. Maelstrom Janus says:

    I like to explore in one of my space cruisers unfortunately everytime I hit a region boundary or a parcel that’s ‘full’ my vehicles tend to either go out of control or explode…

    …and exploding engines make such a mess of prim hair.

    Can you tell me when NeilArmstrong Linden is going to land on the linden moon and pave the way for brave astronauts in sl everywhere….?

    ‘one small prim for a man but one giant prim for slkind’

  108. Spencer Diesel says:

    A job well done Jack and the LDPW (IMHO). I really enjoyed exploring some of this new land.

    Would be appreciated to have a content package and also traditional Nautili clothing 🙂


  109. astarte artaud says:

    Nice job guys. just overflew the area. There may be double prim, but that is only because LL will be retaining 50% land. sim prim count still same as all standard sims.

    But….., Now you have yet another showpiece area to show your new prospective corporate clients, why don’t you carry on and finish what you started.

    I thought it was just you lot getting at me, why the road to go outside my shop suddendly came to an abrupt end at the edge of the sim a couple months ago, or why the road in front of my house only stretches a sim and a half. Did the moles get bored. Or was it this incentive to get nice presentable and interesting areas for these new corporates to entice them in, that dragged the moles away.

    How many more of these new showcase areas are you working on before you begin the big mainland cleanup, you kept talking about. Sorry, but it won’t take long for these corporates to realise they have been had and see the rest of the mess you are responsible for.

  110. Charlie Vanalten says:

    I think I know where Megellen Linden is.I think he is in London ,England

  111. Neptune Shelman says:

    I would like to say although I haven’t seen it yet this new area sounds great love the way you have chosen to describe it aswell as a newly found continent it adds to the excitement and I for one cannot wait to explore, double prim all plots 1024sqm, without terraforming capabiltiy, a couple of questions that popped into my mind were will tier be for 1024sqm or 2048sqm? does no terraforming mean no land editing at all ie. no parcel cutting:-)
    If the tier is 1024sqm and the all parcels will stay as intended by LL then I think this new continent will prove to be very popular indeed.
    It sounds like a great step forward for the mainland, hope it does very well and we start to see more of the same from LL.

    Now what about reviving the existing mainland as well, I have recently had to sell up all my old land and moved to a new area because of the problems with micro parcel extortion are we going to sort it out Jack or just abandon the old mainland as a lost cause?

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  113. I tried to find the mentioned Magellan Linden in the ingame people search to contact him, there is no person with this name.

    Some protected water sims in my neighborhood were called Nautilus a few month ago, but they are all renamed in the meantime.

  114. Great news, Jack! If I was not so happy in Bay City I would consider moving….

    And I for one does not mind it being presented with a bit of a smile – with all the education and business focus M puts into his communications its nice to see the pure fun of living here in Second Life is still valued at the lab:-)

  115. Obsidian Stormwind says:

    Double the prim normal prim limit? For the entire region? Are there any plans to allow private regions to raise the region’s prim limit above 15,000 total?

  116. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    @117 (Obsidian): That has nothing to do with the region, but with the individual plots, and it’s done on private estate that way too: half the sim stays empty (= half of the sim-prim-allowance “wasted”). To get those unused prims onto the used parcels you then set the prim-bonus for the region to 2. Then when the landowner uses more prims on his/her plot than the standard-allotment allows (234 for a 1,024sqm plot) the simulator takes the extra prims needed from the unused parts of the region, up to the factored maximum for the plot.

    That feature has been around for a while now.

  117. This bears repeating:
    @86 Argos Hawks Says: “Something about the math isn’t adding up. Double prim spaces plus Linden owned prims in the sim means that less than half of the land in the Nautilus sims will be paid for by tier. $200/mainland sim becomes less than $100/sim. If LL can take less than $100 for their mainland sims, surely there must be some way for private sim owners to pay less than $295/month. It’s the same hardware running the same software, and the private sims require less support from LL staff because the private sim owner can handle most problems that would otherwise go in as support tickets.”

    Linden Lab is competing with an unfair advantage. Private estate owners are paying $295/month for full prim sims. Mainland (and grandfathered) estate owners are paying $195/month for full prim sims. Linden Lab is providing themed real estate at a cost of under $100/month per full prim sims.

    Lets see some parity please. Linden Lab recently stated that all mainland sims are now Class 5. (Specficaly I believe it was Jack Linden at one of his office hours.) Certainly the new ones are class 5. As has been pointed out, Linden Lab has lower service costs relating to private estates because the estate owners / managers provide the first-line of service to their Cusomers. (Just ask Desmond Shang what kind of time he spends helping his Customers.)

    The land market has been glutted and flooded, whether you hold mainland or private land you’ve seen the value of it drop significantly. Now LL are undercutting on tier as well.

    Seriously LL – what gives?

  118. Purf Fegte says:

    uhhh.. feel the pressure! hail OS Grid!

  119. Marianne McCann says:

    @Cristopher Lefavre

    I hope you’ve joined the Bay City Alliance group. 🙂

    Meanwhile, it looks as if Magellan did make it to the throne room in the citadel: there’s a bottle of his there. And what of the dolphin subs?

  120. Joshe Darkstone says:

    Those of you who like to pretend that second life is made up of a bunch of hobbyists just looking for a place to hang out need to recognize that there is no private land available to hobbyists unless there are landowners which have purchased it for profit. It costs someone $1250 USD plus $370/mo to put a single Open Space Island on the grid. Second life would collapse in on itself if it lost the support of landowners.

    Prehaps it should. Probably it will. Obviously LL has nothing to say on the subject so I think it is safe to assume that they see the writing on that wall (they’re writing it). Stop buying Private Islands, return the ones that are siting empty. its time to let LL choke on their inflated tiers. They made the bed, they should lie down in it.

    I urge those of you who would consider buying Private Islands at this point to reconsider. Theres nothing in it for you unless you can use them for your own purposes.

  121. The problem I am seeing some people face is not the profits part but for the people with real passion, breaking even.

  122. Mortus Allen says:

    My only pet peeve about the new continent is that Rezzing zones can not be found in search, this goes for Bay City as well. Now I know these areas are meant to be explored, but please make it easier to find these rezzing zones for when we choose to use a vehicle to explore them.

  123. Ok, we’ll see the same “movie” as Bay City… 3 or 4 businesses buying all plots to LL via auction, at a impossible price…

    And does this mean the LL stopped the Bay City project? Where are the new SIM’s promised, to the East end?


  124. Ladolche Vita says:

    This is funny. Linden, you are getting too caught up in this fantasy. Nothing has been discovered. There is no need for more land as the prices are in the basement.

    But then again, folks were paying hundreds of thousands fo dollars in Linden for the Bay City wastelan. It will be interesting to see how many suckers this attracks, and how much they will pay. Note, the 2000 starting price is about where it should remain. If you pay more than 4,000L well, it is your money.

  125. Neptune Shelman says:

    Linden Labs are a business and have to make money to pay their numerous employees, pay for the servers and their upkeep.
    Sure I would expect many Island owners hoping to make money from rentals etc. must be getting worried as buying zoned mainland becomes a more and more attractive proposition to most users.
    LL has to look after its own future, which is its Mainland Sims.
    When Open Sims catch up and can provide Sims at much cheaper prices than LL’s islands due to their lower overheads are Island owners attempting to make profits going to stay with the more expensive Linden Sims? Somehow I doubt it.

    So to say Linden Labs are driving into catastrophe and acting unprofessionally is just wrong, if anything they are looking forward and identifying what will keep them ahead of their competition in the future.
    By providing a means to keep higher numbers of virtual world users in the Second Life Platform.
    Numbers of individual users and the money they spend have to be far more important to LL than anything else, without ensuring users stay in Second Life, Linden Labs would soon loose its position as the virtual world market leader.
    Serious companies investing large sums into virtual worlds will only do so because they can reach a high number of users.

    Lots of small parcels all provided by LL will help to maintain these user numbers.

  126. The Big is Back says:

    Will we have access to a texture pack (like at Bay City) to build constructions with the same look than the rest of those regions?

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  128. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Well, dang, I gotta say that’s a pretty build.

    Wish they’d use those road textures in our sim, instead of the boring highway texture from the Library.

  129. Hewitt Huet says:

    Are you guys nuts? ANOTHER continent?!?!?? With land prices already fairly down the toilet? And the whole Pay City debacle fresh in our minds? Wow. I gotta give LL high marks for their audacity. (“Auda City” … has a nice ring to it :D)

    The whole “discovery” thing is typically trite and cutesy. Like the whole “Mole” idea – LMAO – It’s just putting, forgive me, “Lipstick on a Pig”? Or how about “Rearranging the Deck Chairs on the Titanic”? Come on, LL, we mainland residents are well and truly stuck with low land prices. Have a heart, willya?!?!?

    Oh, and while Magellan’s exploring, whould you ask him to look for the script I lost about 6 months ago?

  130. Meade Paravane says:

    It’s like 80 regions, Hewitt – hardly a continent – and not all of it will be for sale. If it’s going to have any impact at all on mainalnd prices, which I doubt it will, it’ll raise them.

    And, a lot of people really like that the Lindens actually show some personality sometimes. Not everybody wants them to be cold, sterile robots like you do.

  131. Ciaran Laval says:

    The amount of land here is a drop in the ocean and won’t really effect estate rentals much, if 20 new sims were going to do that much damage to estate land we’d be in real trouble.

    However some points worth raising are the issue of tier fees. If LL can take such a hit on tier on these sims then it stands to reason they have wiggle room to lower tier prices for estate owners. Estate owners save Linden Lab money by attracting customers and collecting payments, dealing with abuse reports yadda yadda yadda, cut us some slack here.

    As for how pretty this area looks, it will look ugly to many if the prices that the Bay City parcels fetched are repeated.

  132. hmm,

    Mainland L$ auctions for 512m2 now start @ $L2000 with most getting no bids, and now this “new land” is 1024m2 for $2000?? Is there anyway to depress the price of mainland more ? hehe I am just surprised – You are the landlord of all this property and and yet you choose to do this.

    On the plus side: Burning Life was just great ! Thanks to all the builders.

  133. Tory Micheline says:

    Linden auctions start @ $L 2000 for a 512 m2. This special new land with double prims is $L 2000 for 1024 m2. You are the landlords of all the mainland. Why would you do this ? Economics ? LOL…

  134. Upward Flow says:

    The new builds are very nice, a hearty congrats to all the moles that put in the hard work on them. It is nice to see some things being done to improve the mainland, and this shows some great creativity!

    On the other hand of course is the probability that the land auctions for this area will be another farce like Bay City. Bay City auctions were going at up to 100L$+/meter, so I think conservatively most of these auctions going at 25L$ +/m is something that we will probably see. The rich and those who “play” the game will bid up most all of the land, then try to profit even more off of it, leaving most regular players with just another place on the map to visit occasionaly. What LL should have done is to create a lottery to give everyone a chance to buy – heck even set the initial price a good bit higher but give people a chance. Starting auctions at 2k is a joke as it will never sell that low – multiply that by 10 or is more realistically what they will end up going for, and in the end it will be another Bay City that just struggles along.

  135. Meade Paravane says:

    Tory, this new land is double-prims with protected land (even if some is only big enough for a walkway) on at least 2 sides and in the middle of a new (and, IMO, very nice) Linden build.

    If you can get one for under 10x the starting price, you’re doing very, very well.

  136. Tory Micheline says:

    Meade – Okie on that! #137 Thanks for the good info. I prefer my stable mainland Sim [Huntsman] with my little 1024m2 plot. I don’t sit in 14 prim chairs anyway.

  137. Joshe Darkstone says:

    @127 (Neptune) You couldnt be more wrong. In any business it is necessary to support your resalers with pull through and marketing and to avoid competing with them. The problem here is that LL is encouraging people to “invest” and then undercutting them by selling agressively to all their potential customers. There is no doubt that LL knows that the only good reason to pay these prices for tierage is if you are making a profit, so their practice of competing with their own resellers is nefarious at best. Companys that do business this way fail time and time again, the difference here is that LL has a lock on the supply, just because it isnt illegal doesnt mean it isnt bad form.

    Looking to their future should not include cutting the throats of the people that made their future possible, and still do.

  138. @127

    One problem with your Logic. Sure, Linden Lab is trying to attract the Corporate SIMS, and that’s all well, but if they lose their Customers, there will be no one to go visit those Corporate SIMS, and eventually the Corporate SIMs will go away too, leaving Linden Lab with an empty world.

    Until Linden Lab faces the Brave New World of Stability, Asset Server Fix, Teleport Fix, et al., then they will continue to lose the “average” customer. Eventually they will start losing their Long-Term Customer’s as well, and that will be the end of Linden Lab.

  139. beith merlin says:

    i want to know how to get a straight answer out of the ticket know who i mean…those people we pay premium accounts to for h..e..l..p..
    the last three times i have asked for help on various matters (spread over several months) the answers just blow me request was “escalated to the appropriate department” the most recent time.
    then i was referred to the jira
    can anyone actually find anything in that?
    all i asked was how to stop the debug setting for anti-afk reverting to true all the time when set for false
    didnt think that would take to much effort…and it isnt like i want it to camp or pretend to be a bot or anything, just sit on my very own land for periods of time without being logged out

  140. Neptune Shelman says:

    @ 139 & 140
    LL isn’t losing its customers they are taking a small bite out of the estate rental market, I would guess once this 80 Sims has sold dependent on the success of sales which are likely to be good, there will be new zoned Sims continuing to appear, in much the same way.

    Most customers LL currently has are renting from Island Estates, not paying tier directly to LL, if the estate owner decides they get a better deal elsewhere a couple of years down the road, then where will that leave LL?
    Not only will they loose possibly hundreds if not more of Sims tier income but they loose many more of their users, who will most likely relocate with the estate.
    Remember things have already progressed enough to teleport avatars out of SL to another platform although not adequately enough for real usage as yet.

    LL have been actively working toward this goal, releasing much of their source code, possibly in an attempt to standardize virtual worlds.

    They will still want to keep as many users with Linden Labs as possible though because that’s where the real money is going to be earned, not just through tier alone which is where their current income seems to lie.

  141. Joshe Darkstone says:

    Well M,

    There you go, you announce a nice little fantasy enclave and all heck breaks loose on the forums. Think maybe theres enough of a reason behind all this for LL to come out of hiding and discuss/address this issue?

    Lets see someone in that nonresponsive sinkhole grow some orbs and step up.

  142. Neptune Shelman says:

    BTW Joshe @ 139 I agree it is not pleasant and can understand many estate owners getting very upset, especially those that paid $1650 just before the Sim setups came down in price, they have been losing out from day one.

    I am not trying to say its right or fair what they are doing, just that it makes sense, from a purely business point of view.

    To survive in the future LL need to have a mainland packed with users that will most likely remain with them, this is why I would expect to see them selling parcels on the mainland from now on.

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  145. Adelph Gustafson says:

    I’m glad that there is hope for Creative Writing/English majors of the world. Garrison Keillor was write after all!

  146. Joshe Darkstone says:

    Now Im being moderated… free speech gives way as well? No suprprise.

  147. Is Lindenlab creating a virtual “estate bubble” like the lots we had and know in real?
    The new land is nice, sure… but what´s with all the other unmanageable mainland?
    Or is linden calculating with 100.000 new payment user, hot on buying land?”
    Maybe, perpaps it´s better to concentrate some activities on that what already exist than placing and connecting new landserver.
    Look at the existing mainland, look at the prices for buying it and the monthly fee.
    I bet that a lot of mainlandowners would like to move, so more and more unsold mainland will be for sale.
    Who will buy it?

  148. Salazar Jack says:

    There’s a reason for the terraforming limits… and it’s NOT to preserve the landscapes. Dig. The truth is out there.

  149. Salazar Jack says:

    Magellan’s profile can still be accessed if you search for him in the All tab and not the People tab. It’s still possible to contact him. It’s just not easy.

  150. Salazar Jack says:

    (message edited. LL #0891)

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