Help Us Beta Test Second Life Server Releases

Many of you have helped us improve Second Life by downloading Release Candidate Viewers by finding, reporting and triaging issues with us. We have many issues identified during Release Candidate cycles keeping them out of the default download.

We’re now looking for the same kind of attention and focus on the server side of things. We’re looking for a group of residents who will actively work with us in testing server releases on the Preview Grid before we deploy to the Main Grid.

As you may recall, the Preview Grid (“Aditi”) is a public grid where we test server software that is under development and is headed to Second Life soon. Different regions on the Preview Grid run different versions (“channels”) of our server software. The two main channels are:

  • Second Life Production Server : this has the same version of the software as is running on the main Second Life hosts. This exists for purposes of comparison. Sometimes, it will have the previous release, right after a new server has been deployed to Second Life.
  • Second Life Beta Server : this channel is designated for the version of the server we’re planning on next deploying to Second Life in a rolling restart. Generally, after a new server version is deployed to Second Life, it will be at least a few days before the next beta version goes out to Aditi.

So here’s what we’re planning and what we’re looking for:

  • Public “Second Life Beta Server Office Hours” twice a week (Tuesdays @ 2pm, Thursdays @ 3pm). These will be held on the Preview Grid, not on the Main Grid! Please see the wiki page about the Preview Grid for more information about connecting to it. The office hours will be held at Morris (192, 251, 35) on the Preview Grid; this region is in the “Second Life Beta Server” channel, and the location is right next to a region that’s in the “Second Life Production Server” channel. When a new server version is in beta test, we will be talking about PJIRA issues related specifically to that new version. When there is not a new server version in beta test, we will be doing a generalized triage of server issues.
  • Dedicated attendees! We want a group of people who will come regularly to these office hours, who will participate in tracking PJIRA issues and reproducing those issues, and who will work with the Lindens keeping track of this group. If you wish to participate, join the “Second Life Beta” group on both agni and aditi. Meeting notices will be sent to this group and we expect lively in-world group chat, too!
  • Estate owners! We want private estate owners who will actively participate in the group above. We’ll import some of these region into the Preview Grid. We would also like estate owners to volunteer to always be part of the “pilot roll” to agni, the 10%-of-the-grid rolling restart we do before the entire grid receives a deploy, and to report to us how things go on their region on the main grid with this pilot deploy.

Beta Server Office Hours will begin this Thursday, October 23rd, at 3pm. Please join us!

Further discussion of beta testing will occur in the Server Deploys forum. There will be individual threads created as each upcoming release goes on to the Preview Grid; there are also two currently existing threads for Announcements and General Discussion.

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