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Love Challenges, Enjoy Chowdah, Hate the Yankees?

If so, check out the Boston Recruiting Party information page. Sure, Pathfinder has been out there forever and we have a power trio of MIT Media Lab grads, but with our recent Boston-area technology acquisition, the time has come to … Continue reading

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Cory Linden Town Hall

I will hold a Town Hall tomorrow to discuss the stability and performance issues raised in both Project Open Letter and additional questions posted in the feedback forum. In this post, I cover some of the questions raised in the … Continue reading

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Pre-Town Hall Answers

What an amazing first day for the Open Source viewer! With over 1500 people downloading the source, a compile already showing up on Flickr, and a successful bug fix submission, we are off to a good start. However, this is … Continue reading

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Use of CopyBot and Similar Tools a ToS Violation

Second Life needs features to provide more information about assets and the results of copying them. Unfortunately, these are not yet in place. Until they are, the use of CopyBot or any other external application to make unauthorized duplicates within … Continue reading

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Nothing New in the World

So, of course, a resident got there first. SL Stats is a much better version of my little script. Cool stuff, although they’re clearly only scratching the surface of what you could do. The advantages of stuffing the data into … Continue reading

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My First Mashup and Another Billion Dollar Idea

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A Random Walk Down the Long Tails of Innovation

Last week I participated in a very interesting conference focused on innovation.  In particular, attention was given to what drives innovation and what policy decisions could be made to maximize it.  As is clear to anyone who lives in the … Continue reading

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