Second Life 1.12.3 release status – now open

27 Oct: Bandwidth issues have been resolved (see post “Amazon S3 for the Win“). Many thanks to those who reported performance issues with this release. The reports have been aggregated, and developers are actively working on fixes. For those still unable to install or use the Mac client, please see Josh’s forum post for troubleshooting tips and further information.
If you have further issues to report about v. 1.12.3, please use the bug report option in SL or contact Support.

2:55PM PDT: Since the grid reopened, we have received reports of packet loss, teleport failure and other abnormalities in-world. These appear to be caused by heavy traffic. We are working to increase bandwidth and expect this will resolve the issue. More updates to follow.

12:25PM PDT: Second Life 1.12.3 is now open. Welcome back! Your login screen may show a cached message that says the grid status is “offline,” but go ahead and connect. Remember that there will be high traffic as everyone logs back in, so please be patient and give the system time to connect you.

If you haven’t already, you will need to install the latest version of the viewer. It can be downloaded from the login screen, or go to downloads to grab it from the website.

Additional info for Mac users – when you open the client .dmg file you downloaded, you used to be able to run the client directly. This doesn’t work anymore and will crash the client. You are supposed to follow the instructions and drag the file to the Applications folder and run it from there. A fix is in progress for this.

6:55AM SLT: The grid is closed until 12:00PM SLT today, 25 Oct., while this new release is deployed. You will need to upgrade to the newest version to login afterwards. Watch this space for release status updates as needed.

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387 Responses to Second Life 1.12.3 release status – now open

  1. ace says:

    what hapened to the 5 min warning nothing no warning whos fault was it this time

  2. jackk says:

    what exactly is the profiles feature that won’t be in this release? is it something that allows inworld profiles to be viewed outside? how is it used?

  3. danielleeber says:

    When will the new version be available for download from the website? We may as well load it
    wile waiting for the grid to return, but the download page still shows the old version.

  4. Yngwie Krogstad says:

    The new version will be available when they bring the grid back up. There’s always a chance during this five hour shutdown that they will discover something that needs to be changed (probably a pretty good chance), so I wouldn’t trust anything available before the work is done anyway.

  5. Grrrr says:

    Ok, was nothing learned when you guys unceremoniously yanked the plug on your residents last week?

    There was apparently only a single message about the system coming down in a little while, then nothing, then you suddenly booted everyone. What happened to the promises of giving your residents a count down or at least a 2 minute warning?

    A little common courtesy in the form of automated warnings (15 minutes, 10, 5, 1) would go a long way towards making shutdowns nice and smooth for the residents you serve. It’s not like such a set of warnings is any great burden to perform.

  6. Katja Karski says:

    danielleeber, the new client is typically posted just prior to reopening… reason being, it allows them to tweak for issues they discover during the rollout process.

  7. Chakat Redstripe says:

    Mew! =^.^=

  8. Winter Ventura says:

    danielleeber Says:
    “When will the new version be available for download from the website? We may as well load it
    wile waiting for the grid to return, but the download page still shows the old version.”

    I ususally just wait til the grid is up, then the client will do it’s “there is a new version available, would you like to download it now?” speil. Ususally takes less than a minute on a broadband connection, so it’s hardly something I ever really think about.

    Good luck to Linden Labs on this update.. I personally am hoping for a smooth trip over this “sim boundary”. I had 5 minutes warning, was able to rename my work, take it all up into inventory, and even locate my avatar in a “good rezzing place”, and log off (without crashing for once)… So.. fingers crossed..

  9. Muerte Valencia says:


  10. Katja Karski says:


    who said updates were boring?… comedy gold right there ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Kator Bergson says:

    Sorry Muerte Valencia but, Linden Labs is not responsible for any Lost data, including your items, your Linden and all that crap… saw it somewhere in the TOS or something like that… so good luck getting them back especially when you use all CAPS to say it…

  12. Yngwie Krogstad says:


    Have you contacted the people you bought the stuff from? Any business worth buying from will work with you. I previously had to contact LL about my own missing inventory, and I learned they won’t do anything about it. You can clear your cache (which you have done) and hope it shows up again, wait until their automated process cleans up sims and see if it *might* send the items back to your lost and found (extreme long shot there), or talk to the merchants. That’s the only option that has a prayer of working.

    I am sorry about your missing items, and I hope it won’t cause too much trouble with your wedding. Congratulations, also.

  13. Boss Melnitz says:

    Tips for Muerte Valencia:

    1. Switch to Decaf.
    2. Turn off your CAPS LOCK key.
    3. Call technical support, you’re more likely to get an answer.
    4. Learn what a period is and use it.
    5. Stop stressing so much over your virtual wedding or you may ‘LOSTED’ your mind.

    Looks like it might be time to create a virtual version of “Bridezillas”.

  14. ariannaoranos says:

    I read an announcement the other day about the servers having located the lost items and then returned them to the people who bought them. If you’re having trouble remembering what is where, I recommend using your account’s transactions history to see what you’ve bought and when; then print it out (preferably printing out the XLS file) and start comparing the list of items you’ve bought with your inventory. I think your items should be there.

  15. danielleeber says:

    Some of us are not quite on broadband. I connect via a satellite dish because where I
    live I don’t even have a land telephone line, let alone cable access. For me and for
    slower DSL lines the download takes 10-15 min. If I am told “the new software will
    be available only after the grid has been restarted”, then fine, I’ll have to wait. But
    like I said, it’s something to do while waiting, besides reading the blog and forums ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    The biggest fix was already done during the last days. The lag and packet loss was only really bad after we hit the magic number of accounts, during the last days things ran very smooth again. I also noticed that some linksets affected by prim drift seem to be “repaired” now, meaning they don’t move over night anymore; wonder if a server-side change fixed this? Anyway, if the new version works smoothly too I’m (almost) happy.

  17. Captain Clipper says:

    Hey Lindens!

    Congratulations on all the fine work you are doing. God it’s been well over a week since the infamous “Run Brent Run!” outage (AKA the Hasselhoff downtime) and I have been able to build loads, organise my wedding, win BIG at SLingo and organise my inventory and library!

    This time we got a good warning (at least 10 mins) and I anticipate no problem when I log back in. Also, youve managed to dovetail the downtime for when my Gorean Alt is ‘DEAD’ so I’ll be alive and well when I return. Nadu!

    Hip, hip hooray!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Winter Ventura says:


    All items in SL are “volitile data”. they exist only as electrical impulses… and are stored as magnetic fluctuations on media that is essentially no more complex than iron filings stuck to scotch tape. As such, this data.. all data, is volitile.. on volitile media. The dofware used to manage that data is far from perfect.. as is the media on which that data is stored. Put simply, it’s very possible that your stuff is simply.. gone.

    My advice is to suck it up, take your finger off shift, and get a grip.

    Here are some things that you can do, to alleviate the problem.

    1. Contact the original sellers of the merchandise. Check your transaction history on the Secondlife website, to get the names and dates of your transactions. Take note of the transaction ID’s.. Contact the seller, verifying with them that you did indeed purchase these items. If the items are no-transfer.. odds are that the maker will hapilly provide you with replacements. These bugs have hit everyone, and they know it. Losing a little bit of income is prefferable to losing a customer.

    2. Skip a pizza and have mac and cheese for a night, dig into your pocket, and drop $20US on lindens, and go re-buy everything that you can’t get replaced.

    3. You CAN indeed wait on the “return” procedure that was initiated recently.. but they have stated that this process will take DAYS and WEEKS.. not hours and minutes. But “waiting” means not freaking out every 4 hours and posting in all caps (screaming) for attention.

    I personally have given up hope of seeing my (thankfully few) missing items returned.. The manufacturer of my collar (AMETHYST ROSENCRANS – the best retailer I know) dropped a replacement on me without my asking, AND my mistress purchased a replacement.. so I now have a backup collar… should this ever happen again. I reuploaded the texture I needed, and the other missing items.. well.. I have the parts needed to remake them, or I can just live without them.

    This basically just reenforces the fact that this is a digital world.. and nothing is truly “permanent”. We are all transients living in a transient world. If you really want to hang on to something.. make copies.. or buy copies.

    In the end.. if you are truly tapped out of lindens, can’t scratch up the USD to make this happen, and can’t get any of the creators to set you back up.. there are PLENTY of freebie items out there chairs and whatnot..

    But also consider this.. and a lot of people in SL have had weddings, and now have this big pile of “wedding stuff” in their inventories. A well placed post in “resident Answers” asking for help.. instead of yelling at linden labs.. could really go a long way to making your day work out.

  19. Adamant Wolf says:

    Ok linden labs, tell me what seems incorrect about this: Second Life Offline

    The Second Life grid and portions of the Second Life web site are currently down due to unplanned circumstances. We appreciate your patience and we will re-open the grid as soon as possible.
    Latest Status Message:
    October 25, 2006, 7:00 am Second Life is currently down for a scheduled update. The grid will be closed from 7:00 AM PDT/SLT to 12:00 PM PDT/SLT, and you will need to upgrade to the newest version to login afterwards.

    This grid isnt down due to unplanned circumstances, if your making a scheduled update. You just contradicted yourself. And as far as clearing the inventory search bar, noone seems happy with that little decision. Take it off please, I to have to do that numerous times a day, and that will just get irritating.


    Stop with the making minor adjustments, fix the REAL problems. Packet loss, Missing Images, Bandwith issues, Missing Inventory. I Reported that an important item from my inventory went missing. Clearing my cache did nothing. I had my item rezzed, picked it up and relogged from lag. and then, miraculously, it was gone. I asked to either have my item found, or to be reimbursed the 750 lindens i spent to repurchase the item. I contacted live help saturday, and i waited over 2 hours before ANYONE responded.

    I, and I’m sure most of the other sl residents are getting a tad bit annoyed at all the minor updates. How about instead of doing 3 miniscule updates every 2 days…you go back to a once a month, WELL TESTED update. Then it wouldnt seem like the lindens would have their head’s up their butts.

    Yes, I know it may seem that I’m ranting, but as a resident of SL, i think that I have a right to voice my opinion. So Linden Labs…cmon, get your priorities straight, whats more important? An update thats gonna add a shiney new button that only works half the time? Or an update that will fix most of the flaws that have arisen from previous updates. You cant fix a broken update with another broken update. Just take your time on an update that will solve most of the problems, and fix things. I mean, in the past, like around 1.10.2 there werent this many problems. After you started the bi weekly and rolling updates, it seems like you need 5 more patches to fix the previous patch, and another five updates to fix each of those five updates, and so on and so forth.

    Linden Labs, even though you, or your staff or volunteers may never read this, just know that there arent many happy residents anymore.

    Thank you for taking your time to read through my rantings and nagging, whoever is reading…I’m done, for now.

    A Ticked off Resident
    Adamant Wolf

  20. Bridget says:

    (Boss Melnitz Says:
    Tips for Muerte Valencia:

    1. Switch to Decaf.
    2. Turn off your CAPS LOCK key.
    3. Call technical support, youโ€™re more likely to get an answer.
    4. Learn what a period is and use it.
    5. Stop stressing so much over your virtual wedding or you may โ€˜LOSTEDโ€™ your mind.

    Looks like it might be time to create a virtual version of โ€œBridezillasโ€. )

    hahahaha too funny!!! Good Luck Linden Labs!! (omg thank you Boss I needed my Morning Laugh

  21. Revelator Coats says:

    Muerte Valencia please get a real life!
    I guess they call it WeddingStress hahaha Damn some people are funny..

    Linden`s Great Job!

  22. Arti Yamabushi says:

    How many times can we say wait til theyve finished in one board guys?

    Good look with the upgrade Lindens, our thoughts are with you for the next few hours…then we’ll all be hoping that Muerte’s wedding goes according to plan and she gets the superglue off of her shift button…

    In the meantime though, I have one request:

    As we have hit the magic number mark now, and we all (presumably) have a number on our record somewhere, can you get the system to rez by age ๐Ÿ™‚ Oldest first of course…I want some advantages to being old here…

    ps on the subject of us all having numbers…how about starting an SL lottery…

    pps do SL years work like dog years now? I have been here for 2 RL years but if you count the number of upgrades does this give me my SL age? I must be close to graduating soon… :-9

  23. Gillian Waldman says:

    I am seriously LOL. Virtual Bridezillas :))))

  24. kosso says:

    Meurte : did you check your trash and/or Lost and Found folder? I have lost things and they turned up in there.

  25. Chakat Redstripe says:

    Yeah i lost a load of stuff when it got reternd to me it tends to just disapear lol

  26. Mandy Waverely says:

    You seriously have weddings on here?

  27. Chakat Redstripe says:

    If i wanted to discus things like my ideas for making the base shape better for Furrys were would i go to do that befor putting it on the fetured voting section

  28. Rotten says:

    Boss – you slay me.

  29. Yamike Taft says:

    Winter, your my hero. I am very surprised at how many people read and supplied an awnser for Muerte.

    My tip. Many times, and I have even tested this with both ways of doing it, if you use good grammer (‘Losted’? How old are you?) and use good puncuation(Which includes only use caps when you need them.) you will get a kind awnser. If you ask the question profesionally, you will get a profesional awnser.

    And about the wedding. Times can be changed. Rescedual, explain the situation to the hoster(if you have one) and Im sure they will help you.

    Worse come to wose, you still have your First Life. You still have it, right? RIGHT?

  30. Shadowspawn Soothsayer says:

    Muerte, you are likely the victim of a rollback. If you had these items rez’d and there was a sim crash, and they were no-copy, then they do not exist anymore.

    As the more polite have suggested, get your transaction records from the website, and contact the vender. Any reputable vender will replace the items for you.

  31. Flint Stantz says:

    For the last two updates, I’ve been asking about the “Set Home” bug, (SL-23593: Members of a group cannot set their home location when land is only set to a group and not deeded), and the answer I get is basically, “We’re working on it” or “I think it will be in the next update”.

    I realize this bug isn’t exactly a ‘show stopper’ but since I rent out skyboxes in-world, I get asked daily, and sometimes multiple times daily, about not being able to set Home Location.

    Does ANYONE know if this particular bug is being addressed, or is it still on the back burner?
    And are there any other landlords out there being innundated with this question like I am?

  32. Nad Gough says:

    Has anybody here been invited to this WEDDING? I haven’t. Lindens please fix this or I may cancel my free account and you’ll be left with only 999,999 which will really put a crimp on that whole moon thing that’s goin on – I mean what is up with that? I was out with this lady last night and of course was barely rezzing (the moon was just a fuzzy white ball up in the sky), so I’m like “that’s a romantic moon, eh?” (cause I’m tryin to put the moves on her ya know) and she’s all, “Is that what that is? I thought it was some kinda slingo chip or somethin.” Anyways, that put a damper on the whole evening cause I’m thinkin, man I thought this lady was hot, but she don’t know beans about slingo. Will this new update contain a slingo tutorial? Oh, and I want to report a missing image sighting. This other lady I was cammin on real hard, who had one hair stickin up outta her bald head, had missing image panties on. PLEASE FIX THIS (note use of caps for emphasis) ASAP!

  33. Stephen Venkman says:

    Hey Lindens…way to go on the home page.. putting “The Grid Is Down” right on the front page will be a bonus for those who don’t read the blog.

  34. Athena Sterling says:

    danielleeber Says: Some of us are not quite on broadband.

    zOMG!! i couldn’t imagine playing SL on less than a 5/1 connection. Poor thing, you must wait ages every time you teleport somewhere…

    /me offers hugz…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Aki says:


    Yes, lag and missing texture are some awful problems.
    Not talking about other misfunctions or latest spree of downtimeS…
    Or updates always done in the middle of the day for Europe.

    The point is most of us are paying to play.
    And obviously, we’re all a bit hooked.
    I guess Linden Labs knows this.

    So they barely answer to any moaning comment, neither seem to be trying to adress big issues, or communicate over it.
    Because it seems that their only goals were to reach the million user (how many of them really playing the game, by the way?) and maybe doing a bit of money along the way, with, yes, a great idea and game.
    Because they know we’ll continue to pay for our accounts, our land tiers, and spend money in the game, whatever happens. So it seems that, really, they don’t care…

    It would cost money to buy new servers, or whatever would be needed to fix all this crap.
    Instead we had a blog post telling us “how to rebake texture”…
    Because opening a blog where people could complain costs less, of course.
    A blog where you could find, too, people nice enough not to complain and willing to pay for some misfunctionnal product, and moreover thinking that we and the Linden management are all part of some family (!), and therefore should pay AND help.
    Because, yes, I’m talking about Linden management, here, not the programmers, or network admins, and so on…

    So what could we do instead of complaining in a blog, without seeing any sign of concern or compensation from the Linden Management ?
    Stop playing ? It would be good, but, as I said, most of us are a bit hooked, by now. That would be like commit suicide in RL… And anyway the number of users would stay the same, at least for Linden to sell it, as it is now, with missing textures and lag.
    Stop paying for anything ? Like not buying anything in game for one month ? That would be better, some equivalent of a strike in RL… But if a large part of users would loose money, the Linden labs won’t barely lose some. Still cashing the land tiers and accounts fees.

    I’m sure that there should be a better solution, really.
    Call it customer care, call it whatever.
    What’s sure is that something is to be done, soon.

    Good luck with this update anyway…

  36. Stephen Venkman says:

    Hey Lindens…way to go on the home page.. putting “The Grid Is Down” right on the front page will be a bonus for those who don’t read the blog and anyone needing a quick notice.

  37. destiny barker says:

    well done in the blog guys…….. is really helpful. i was lookin for how to download the newest version and the blog answeres all my questions……………….well done guys!!!

  38. Blue Racecourse says:

    I’m new to SL, are these downtimes common? Or is it due to people like me jumping on the bandwagon and bogging the servers down??

  39. Sara Sullivan says:

    Another good reason to ONLY BUY COPY ITEMS
    I always buy items this way becasue most of the time, I DO NOT KNOW an item is missing. I use THINC’s Inventory Boxes and keep backups in there and I cant even count the number of times I have items in there that are no longer in my inventory.

    The only way I know of protecting myself is to buy Copy/No transfer items and Be firm about it. IF creators dont create their items in this manner then I do not need them. I have wanted to play Spades here in world for some time and since the creator wouldnt sell me a copy item, I had to spend RL dolalrs to hire a programmer to come to SL to make me it. It may cost alot more but I will NEVER loose it
    At one point all nice homes were sold as no copy and alon came some builders making COPY MOD homes, AS more and more people started seeing the light alot of builders changed to making COPY Homes. THe REzz systems really increased the number of builders who now thankfully make their homes COPY/MOD NO TRANS.
    Ok Im ranting now, LOL

  40. Tony Warburton says:

    The thing I most want is full curser you in first person…
    The camera is so clumsy at times and being able to use an item in mouse look will make alot of things easier…
    Also the lag needs to be sorted out, but that is alot to ask, I primarily use first person view, it makes the world feel more real, it would be nice to to have to keep changing perspective all the time…

  41. LOL@Nad Gough! Moon Rez FTW!
    When they say it’s down from “7am – 12pm”, that means “morning until around midnight”, right? As in “dont bother trying to log on for at least 16 hours”. This whole AM/PM stuff still confuses me…

  42. Mr Mcdoodle says:

    Same As Above, Damn You Stephen, Be Slower,

    And Anyway,

    When Will The Grid Be Back Up In English Time?

    I’m Hopeless At Translating The Times ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  43. Amorpheous Geoffrion says:

    It seems to me that Muerte Valencia is always spazzing about sometihng. I say good luck for this update, and may there be less lag for us all.

  44. Luciftias says:

    Aki: Stop playing ? It would be good, but, as I said, most of us are a bit hooked, by now. That would be like commit suicide in RLโ€ฆ

    No…actually it wouldn’t. The difference being that if you committed suicide in RL, you would, I dunno, be dead or something…

  45. irolan says:

    Let’s hope for a quick and well working update without too many problems.

  46. Vivane says:

    I really enjoyed the picture that was on the website when I came online to check the status of the upadate. Who came up with the gorilla theme? (*they really are banging away ya know*) Any ways it made me laugh. Keep up the good work Lindens, and here’s to hoping this is a fast and speedy update. Catch you all in world.

  47. Sindy Tsure says:

    I’ll 2nd the props for the changes to the main page – ty! Having it (or something smaller) on the header graphic for all pages might be good, too.

    Also, having an in-game status display, like maybe another icon along with the no-fly/no-build ones, for when you have to disable grid logins would be nice, too. Really hate logging out for a second and not being able to get back in.

    Last, I know it’s planned downtime but a blog update every once-in-a-while, even just a “still on target” update, would be nice.

  48. Lookforward to this update – just a thought what about putting up a lock on the front page so people can figure out what time SL is running at in their local time * mental note – post on forum *

    PS. Your SL girlfriend is really a man.

  49. Fey Lamar says:

    Love the “Banging on it” graphic and the reference to “2001”! Very clever.

    Your team works so hard to make all of this possible. It’s great to see that you can keep a sense of humour through all the difficulties.

  50. Harry Oldbull says:

    Who else out there is dreaming as [your] avi in RL?
    I am flying and meeting others.
    The odd thing being I can “hear” hundreds of others talking as in SL … but can grasp all the conversations at the same time, all while zipping around.

  51. caitlin aldwych says:

    Does anyone know how much longer its going to be until the system is up and running again? I am on GMT so I am guessing there is a time delay as it is now 17.00 GMT and still no system up and running.

  52. Jen Creeley says:

    shoot ill be at work when the grid goes up /cry.
    i woke up this morning to my roomate taking a picture of me with my laptop in my lap, my hand on the mouse, and my headset on. apparently i fell asleep in the chair playing sl :-p

  53. Bradley Sage says:

    Will the update be automatic or do we need to visit here to get it?

  54. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    @Nad: Thanks for making me smile ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Aki: I believe that a lot of new hardware has been added over the last days… my sim was almost breaking down when we first had 13k+ residents online every evening, now it runs like a charm again. LL handled the recent onrush really well.

    Besides, I just read a post in the Linden Answers section of the forums:

    “We believe the cases of getting stuck in missing image should be fixed after today’s release.

    There are still a couple of ways to get ‘missing image’ on your avatar, but these should fix themselves when they happen after few moments.”


    Wonder why those good news didn’t make it into the features lists of the previous 2 blog entries?

  55. Lacy Musketeer says:

    Just cuz not many people are doing it…
    (No sarcasm or retorts at other posters.
    Just sincere applause.)
    Because everyone needs to know their efforts are emaningful to someone.

    *stands up and applauds the Lindens for their hard work*

  56. GC Continental says:

    I just had a thought – we have the grid status now, but what’s not there is whether logins are allowed or not. Might wanna add that.

    and oh yeah: text on a prim! (lol)

  57. Jenny Carlos says:

    Its funny to see people cut down others second life.
    I work very hard in my second life and in my real life with over 40+ hours a week job in real life If im not with my partner in real life im either at work or in sl.
    For some people second life is an escape for them , A place to do things they cant do in real life.
    Example I cant build weapons and sell them well not legaly anyway.

    But id bet this wedding of thers is going to be special and something that happens to matter to them a great deal.
    I honestly hope that something you care a great deal for is ruined as well in second life and in your real life too.

    Just a vent towards those that think its funny.

    As for getting things fixed your wasteing your time here .
    The lindens fix what ever they want when ever they want and if you dont like it to bad.
    They have turned from hello how may I help you to oh well we have X amount of paying customers anyway so if we lost them as a customer its not a big deal anyway lol.
    otherwise they would be making a better effort to resolve these things that have been broken for ages now.

    Example = Cant cross sims even if im walking without falling into the ground and walking almost 75% of the sim before I bounce back to the start again.

    A SMART cache system that remembers when and how often textures are used on your client to keep them in cache and reload them faster and take HUGE AMOUNTS of strain off of the servers.

    The grey avatars and textures have been around for ages .
    Now missing image lol.
    I wonder what will be next.

    But gues what we can be sure that there will be a NEW feature in each release :).
    Add more junk but dont fix the others.

    Its gotten very old to me and I will just dump the game if things keep up like this.
    It gives me headaches.
    I gues I could just take the advice and RELOG every five mins and help add to that server load :).

  58. Taury Barbee says:

    Muerte Valencia :
    good luck on that. Linden Lab wiped out my whole account couldnt retrive anything in 3 months worth of inventory and all I got compensated for was a measly 75 USD. Pretty pathetic since I have transactions proving in Sept alone I put in $112 and spent it all! Best thing to do is call and demand and hound.

  59. Lacy Musketeer says:


    *points and Laughs heartily at the seemingly testosterone loaded young male who obviously failed English class in high school (if he’s made it that far)*

    *thinks Nad needs to go out and get a real girlfriend (or human companion at least) and learn how things in real life work*

    *also thinks Nad need to be moved to the pre-teen grid*

    (Yes, this is my pointed post at all those players who are soooo disgruntled right now.)

    *sits back and waits for fireworks*
    Hmmm…wonder if we have anymore Pringles(tm)?

  60. High Faulkland says:

    Harry Oldbull Says:
    Who else out there is dreaming as [your] avi in RL?
    I am flying and meeting others.
    The odd thing being I can โ€œhearโ€ hundreds of others talking as in SL โ€ฆ but can grasp all the conversations at the same time, all while zipping around.”

    ummmm Harry, I don’t know how to say this without being blunt, so I will be… if you are in any way serious about that post, and for the sake of everyone in the non-cyber world you hold dear to you, seek therapy… FAST


  61. ariannaoranos says:

    I remember that, about a month ago, after the problematic update, some avatars didn’t show up as grey avatars but as SKELETONS (!) and then everything else started appearing on them – very slowly, mind you. What was that? Are these the components of avatars in SL?

  62. Cherry Czervik says:

    ISHTARA!! Go on .. be a devil … be HAPPY ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. George Washington says:

    Aki, Everyone could drop their premium account for a month. That would get their attention.

  64. Lacy Musketeer says:

    Way off topic here…Ariana, you just reminded me of a dream I had last night!

    *commence dreamy effect now*
    I worked at LL and was making avatar meshes! It was fun. I had a complete understanding of all the 3D modelling progs I have (but have no clue how to use in waking life). Wheee!
    *end dreamy effect*

    Now if I could just learn in real life…


  65. Mychelle Foley says:

    Maybe you can help me understand….
    Why do people who are having issues in game come here to gripe? do you think that posting for the “world” to see will get LL to fix it faster? I help Run land in game that is about 1/4th of a sim. and these glitches make it hard for my L$ to go where i need it to because im afraid that spending it will result just before an attack or massive down time. i don’t want to plan Events to help the Traffic for the same reasons. Yes i want them to fix the current bugs before they add more new stuff.. will i threaten to leave.. no when the game runs well i love it and when it does not * shrugs* i will press on
    Thank you LL, Thank You for doing what you do and for trying to fix what you can.

  66. Maria Scheflo says:

    Harry Oldbull Says:
    Who else out there is dreaming as [your] avi in RL?
    I am flying and meeting others.
    The odd thing being I can โ€œhearโ€ hundreds of others talking as in SL โ€ฆ but can grasp all the conversations at the same time, all while zipping around.โ€

    Don’t worry hun. I’ve had that same type of dream last night. Tis natural if you are putting a lot of time in at SL. Do consider taking a little more time out of SL and spending more in RL, though. After that, you will be back to dreaming about your sweet lovable RL.



  67. jinc Joliat says:

    I can relate ! rofl. Since I became engaged and mah fiancee and I decided to “build” our own wedding chapel- I have been LIVING

  68. Jake Finsbury says:

    Hey, just wondering when the servers will be finished. i know it says 12pm but where? i live in the uk so i dont know when they will be finished, the time @ the moment is 5:38pm


  69. jinc Joliat says:

    …cont. …in sl. Id freak if we lost all our stuff : )- its become more important than bathing in rl. Also i woke up to a clear RL Autumn morning and complimented GOD on his textures. (Must have his own server too). Im going to need little pink and red silk pillows to know what the hell to do in RL if this goes on….and ive had my share of “SL dreams ” lately lmao.

  70. Lacy Musketeer says:

    SL dreams, RL prim counting, lag at the RL traffic lights…
    gotta love it!


  71. WynterSkye Gray says:

    Just when I think I’m getting way too involved in SL I read some of these posts and realize I’m still sane LOL. I don’t know what to say other than ROFLMAO…..

    Speaking of which, I can’t wait till we are up and running again so I can shop some more. I love it!! I can’t get enough of it!! Please….I need more SL NOW!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ .

    Oh crap…maybe I am one of those people. ๐Ÿ˜›

  72. Ishtara says:

    @Lacy: I assume Nad’s post was purely ironic ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. EmilyFrye says:

    Woot! its that blogging time again!!

    Ty Linden’s on the front page cant miss that one!

  74. ST says:

    Developing in a world where the data can be ommited from the server at any time isn’t acceptable for a person that’s willing to spend hours of their RL developing within SL. An offline inventory would surely be a worthwhile addition. Constructive crit I hope.
    … and lol jinc. GOD has very nice textures indeed, I also admire his physics engine.

  75. Nad Gough says:

    “Lacy Musketeer Says: @Nad *points and Laughs heartily”

    I am glad I was able to make you laugh, as that was my intention. I sincerely appreciate your evaluation of my testosterone levels, my doctor has been concerned with my PSA.

    You may not realize this, but there are many folks on SL who might not have passed high school English, unless they took English as an elective. You see *patiently explaining*, SL is a world wide affair!

    As a father of 3 adults and a grandfather to 2, I have an idea of how things “work” and it would be inappropriate for me to be moved to the teen grid (I am unaware of a pre-teen grid).

    The way things “work” best, as far as I have discovered in my life thus far, is through kindness. It helps to have a sense of humor also. Thank you for taking the time to make me feel small and unimportant. *warm (patronizing) smile*. I know I feel better now.

    BTW – I won’t ask you out again until you learn somethin about slingo.

  76. Fumando Reatequi says:

    I allready picked up some rumors about people starting a “Missing Image” Clothing line.

    Would be fun.

  77. jefferey Heart says:

    I often wonder what the responses would look like if they were JUST limited to paying players and not from FREE or basic ones?

  78. dave gran says:

    I know i will get rapped in the mouth for this but please excuse a newbie. I was trying to drag and drop an item from my inventory to my land and nothing gets dropped. Some items do and some items don’t show up. What am I doing wrong? where is the proper place to ask these questions? Any help is appreciated.

  79. ST says:

    Lacking in variation Jefferey

  80. Nad Gough says:

    @jefferey Heart Says:

    “I often wonder what the responses would look like if they were JUST limited to paying players and not from FREE or basic ones?”

    Prolly like the United States Congress.

  81. ariannaoranos says:

    jefferey: I wonder the same.

    Fumando: put the blame on me. Actually, what I did was comment that, if some cheeky RL fashion designer got wind of SL and its lag and rez problems, we’d see white skin-tight T-shirts, pants and long skirts (perhaps hobble skirts) with “MISSING IMAGE” on them… On the streets. In RL. Wouldn’t it be like waking up to an SL nightmare?

  82. mychelle foley says:

    OMG i would die of laughter and then walk up and say ” hey you know your missing Images right?”

  83. jinc Joliat says:

    I sat on a couch in SL …a friend from Australia on my left, a German couple,2 people from opposite ends of the US some nude noob flying baldly overhead with a shoebox on his head as we all watched “Shrek 2” on a bigscreen- while alternating free skype calls. If this sh*t never broke down I’d feel guilty. : )

  84. Beatle Bum says:


    Boneflower has a complete “missing image” line: clothes, skin, eyes. Well done, and great fun.

  85. One thing I found is that the preview grid acts asif my account is born yet!
    Can you upgrade this testing server! I mean for now and next time, PLEASE!
    @ danielleeber – me too I can’t phone, I tried my mobile and there is no response, absolutely this tone: The number you have called is engaged please press 5 – or was it 9 oh well it was broken up anyway, I don’t live urban nor desert, but I live in England with only freeview and it costs to much for a phone! I won’t pay linden lab anything because of all this non-quality twirly-wirly updates, in fact most lindens are sipping cups of coffee, meanwhile the streches of code are mostly .xml of .ext for the .exe LOL. If I was funded I could make a VRML world 10 times as great and one server stored a 5 terrabyte server… For God Sake in LSL code it’s // and xml // but bas is ‘. You need to spend a few months offline and rebuild your server, and PS .php is crap as all the time as I type this away, I am actually losing my screen. Now and then a refresh but… Never Mind, btw my brother matt Warren is apparently ‘underage’ and has contacted LL and got through but his account is not through yet OMG I think LL need to rename second life to The Life that kills you!…

  86. Lacy Musketeer says:


    I am most impressed that your reply sounded much more educated.
    I believe I feel a new respect for the players behind the av’s now.
    Now I am wondering why your earlier post looked like it was written by an angry 12 year old?
    Sense of humour…yes, I have one. I’m glad I chose you to use it on, as I was not expecting such an enjoyable conversation.

    *chuckles* I didn’t make you feel small and unimportant. That was all you.
    One thing I’ve learned…sometimes you have to deliberately offend someone to find a friend (though I dare not refer to us as friends yet).

    It’s nice find some brains behind all the typing once in a while, considering the influx of individuals who prefer “netspeak”. I SO rarely get this kind of conversation, even in my own sim…*grab leech more more more*

    *giggles madly*
    There is no pre-teen grid yet…and there better NOT be for a looong while. ALTHOUGH…my 7 year old has been helping me build and he is learning a great deal about geometry…and has had some impressive insight into prim manipulation.

    Yay for patronizing smiles!
    I’m glad I did not sincerely offend you(I hope), however. But I’m still glad I picked on you!

    Slingo…hmmm…dun’t know a thing about it. You’re free to teach me if you want.
    Asking out…nah thanks. I’m married…we are the proud manufacturers of the aforementioned 7 year old…having a kid has taught me several things, one of which is…DON’T breed unless you want to raise an individual who is more stubborn than you AND your husband combined…oi.

    I guess that’s all…I’m sure I’ll think of more later, as I always do.

    I daresay I anticipate hearing from you again, Nad.


  87. Greywolf Moonlight says:

    Ok, I was bored, and after reading all these posts, would like to offer some solutions that i know of…
    1) To the people complaining about the short notice on updates: First of all, you people must turn your brains off while logging on, because LL always posts their intentions of an update as a msg of the day the day prior to, and on the day the update is done, which is always on a Wednesday, while you are logging into the game.
    2)If the game goes down on any other day except Wed., it more than likely is due to grid attacks initiated by one of the residents, who are bored, stupid, or just plain childish, or a combination of the three. LL has no control over MORONS! They cant very well give much notice if the entire grid is covered by red toruses, or obscene pics of “tubgirl”.Personally, i’m glad to see them close the grid down fast on those occasions, as it means they will fix the problem that much faster.
    3)To the people missing inventory items: as someone who has also lost inv. items, i feel your pain, I lost my male genetalia over 3 updates ago, reported it missing to LL, then sent an i.m. to the creator of the item. The creator was very courteous, and replaced the item after checking her records to see that I had actually purchased it from her, only asking that if LL were to find it and return it to me, that I would send it back to her. Still no word from LL on that.
    4) To those of you just complaining out of boredom…GO OUTSIDE, or do some housework,yardwork, etc…. You know, R.L. stuff, lol !

  88. Bubu Kongo says:

    You Lindens have done great since that string of attacks the last few weeks. Kudos on that. I just have one suggestion: perhaps, in the near future, you could make it so that you can choose whether or not people can “stalk” you on the map. I have lots of friends on SL, and they’re all great people, but sometimes I just want to be left alone, you know? Haha. Thank you, Lindens! We all

  89. Winter Ventura says:

    Mychelle Foley Says:
    “Why do people who are having issues in game come here to gripe? do you think that posting for the โ€œworldโ€ to see will get LL to fix it faster?”

    Linden Labs recently removed some of the more “freeform” forums from the official “Second Life” forums. At the same time, they rolled out this “Blog”. LL has taken to NOT posting all of it’s updates and announcements on the forums.. but in fact.. here. And on the forums, there is no comment option on “announcement” posts.

    People with problems.. like Muerte,, who is obviously quite upset… even when they try everything they can think of to address their issues, they can face a brick wall. They try live help, contact support, file bug reports, and even post in Linden Answers.. unfortunately Linden Labs is fairly “corporate” of late, in terms of it’s response to individual problems.

    “Venting” on the blog or forums, is the last recourse ususally.

    “I help Run land in game that is about 1/4th of a sim. and these glitches make it hard for my L$ to go where i need it to because im afraid that spending it will result just before an attack or massive down time. i donโ€™t want to plan Events to help the Traffic for the same reasons.

    Eventually you have to just start to live with it.. like people in places like Israel or England (well back in the 80’s at least)… terrorist bombs go off randomly, they will kill random people at random intervals, without warning. there’s nothing you can do to protect yourself from the terrorists.. you just eventually have to put down the plastic wrap and duct tape, and hang the sense of it.. and live for today.

    Plan your events, increase your traffic.. build your rich content with “hope”. It’s true that things may not always work out as planned.. put a contingency plan in place.. (If SL is unavailable, have a plan in place for rescheduling the event)… but you have to live, and plan..

    But like the Boy Scouts.. or MacGyver.. BE PREPARED to deal with things, when plans go astray. Content in SL is volitile, and regardless of what LL may label it, we don’t OWN anything here, aside from intellectual property rights. With no reliable way to “back up” our “digital junk”… we just gotta roll with the punches.

    Most of surfing is spent paddling, wiping out, and couching up water… but you do it for those few fleeting minutes of riding on top of the waves.

  90. Lacy Musketeer says:

    I forgot to leave Nad with my usual emote for people I kinda sorta maybe a tenny bit like…



  91. pup witherspoon says:

    Got this today and thought i’d share it here for all the SL’ers who are watching the blog

    oh. .have some kleenex handy – it’s a tear jerker.

    puppy hugs to the Lindens who are working hard….

    Leaves a paw print and pads off to do another load of laundry.. tail waggin

  92. Trent Thyben says:

    Whenever the grid goes down i finally realize how addicted i am… its the only time i actually get some work done… lol

    Thanks to all the Lindens help keeping second life alive and well!!!

  93. Nad Gough says:

    “I daresay I anticipate hearing from you again, Nad.”

    No offense taken, self-depreciating humor is my forte. You can’t be held responsible for me being very good at it. *grin*

    Peace, Love, and Slingo,

  94. Lacy Musketeer says:


    awww….does that mean no more fun conversation?

    *goes off and pouts*


  95. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Ishtara, in contrast to your experience, I have had increasingly bad packet loss over the last few days!

    I was putting my hopes in the update to somehow clear things out and fix it!


  96. Katja Karski says:

    Lacy… for someone so concerned with education, you are pretty obtuse.
    Read Nad’s first post again, and wake up and smell the satire.


  97. Dont Remember says:

    Hi, do you know what PDT/SLT time is now, please?

  98. Lacy Musketeer says:

    Yay I’m obtuse now! Way to go!
    What satire?
    Guess it went waaay over my head!


  99. etherkye Hansen says:

    Can you stop the main web site from redirecting us to the status page, it’s annoying trying to get onto the blog without a link.

  100. reastar says:

    then you could walk the person wearing the new missing line of clothing thru the rebaking process :p

  101. Montana Corleone says:

    I have actually been invited to this wedding, perhaps the guys here don’t understand about how a woman feels about such things.

    I too lost stuff a couple of weeks ago. Whilst it’s all very well to point out that everything is virtual, the real dollars you spend are not… And that makes the legal position different, TOS or not. You are paying for something that somebody else loses, effectively stealing.

    LL could have provided a way for people to back such stuff up, but they haven’t and are therefore responsible.

  102. ST says:

    … which reminds me, LL, please add a quick key for rebaking ;P

  103. Nad Gough says:

    etherkye – set a bookmark for – that should fix ya up. ๐Ÿ™‚

  104. Katja Karski says:

    Incredible logic there, Montana…

    I guess car makers are responsible for pot holes in the road too… because their cars don’t come with built-in pogo sticks to jump them with.

  105. etherkye Hansen says:

    then you could walk the person wearing the new missing line of clothing thru the rebaking process :p


    Edit appearance, cancel


  106. Katja Karski says:

    Actually, that leads me to a good thought.

    Just like the cars…. I think I’ll start an SL insurance company providing coverage against loss of items from Updates, Bugs or Exploits.

    Contact me in-world if you’re interested in paying a modest premium to insure yourself against future losses ๐Ÿ˜‰

  107. Tobyn McAllister says:

    Hey who said it’s bad to dream SL? I have a hard time with it on a regular basis, and when I close my eyes I can often picture the people I know in RL as SL avatars. Quite frustrating, actually. I used to think it was just me, but at least now I can rest assured that there is at least one other person out there having similar problems. At least my horses don’t look like SL horses, or I might cry. As far as an RL designer making “missing image” clothing, I think it’d be hysterical, and you know that just about everyone who is truly addicted to SL would probably have to go out and invest in at least one article of such clothing…just as a matter of principle.

    Muerte: Relax about the wedding thing. It’ll work out, and even if it doesn’t look exactly perfect, so what? The day is about you and your partner, not some prims. I got married about a month ago, and as someone mentioned, I am one of many people with a folder FULL of “wedding stuff” that I have absolutely no use for now that I am quite happily married and have no intention of getting married again any time soon. If you can’t get your stuff back, IM me in-world, and I’ll give you everything I have.
    Nad: I think you’re funny. And since that was your goal, you have totally succeeded.

  108. Petrus Serapis says:

    *was entertained by Nad’s post and also found it ironic that Lacy was mocking it*

    And, just to get in the spirit:

    “Waaaaaaaah!! You guys stink!! Why don’t you fix what I want you to fix?!?”

    “Shut up!! LL is the cooooooolest! OMG!!1!”

  109. Cocoanut Koala says:

    P.S. Jinc (God’s textures) and Nad have made my day!

  110. Teresa Mullen says:

    i kind of learned to go with the flow as far as the rebaking process…LOL..Six months ago we saw gray people…so i got a tee shirt saying ” I see gray people”…now…i have a suit that covers my entire body saying “missing image”… It’ not worth sweating the little stuff…the big stuff is not being able to get in at all…lmao

  111. Gillian Waldman says:

    @ Lacy

    I think the rest of us all understood Nad’s post to be tongue firmly planted in cheek….somehow, you missed that though I am not sure how ๐Ÿ™‚

  112. Phoenix Desmoulins says:

    From the website:
    Second Life Offline

    The Second Life grid and portions of the Second Life web site are currently down due to unplanned circumstances. We appreciate your patience and we will re-open the grid as soon as possible.

    Latest Status Message:
    October 25, 2006, 6:54 am Second Life is currently down for a scheduled update. The grid will be closed from 7:00 AM PDT/SLT to 12:00 PM PDT/SLT, and you will need to upgrade to the newest version to login afterwards.

    Sooooo.. Is it planned or not? ๐Ÿ˜›

  113. Dreucel Divisadero says:

    Ok, after reading for an hour I must post something. Nad and Lacy, you have me in tears, I am laughing so hard. Also, lately I have caught myself saying RL, Dang thats a nice AV, god I need help. As far as dreaming about SL, I have done that only once. Lacy do not pick my post apart. I give a crap less about my English.

    This is my first post, just wanted to tell everyone.
    Ever hear of a Playstation 2 (tm*)

    Take a break,

  114. Tommy Erde says:

    Lol, im still, Watching This Space


  115. Meleno says:


  116. laughing my *$$ off says:

    I’d like to take this time to thank you all for making my day more enjoyable, I can always count on side splitting laughter here whenever SL is down…. Thank God for the funny people in the world to help keep me amused in RL when I can’t SL

  117. WynterSkye Gray says:

    I logged on just to see the login screen…..I think I have a problem. I’m going to seek SL therapy as soon as the grid is back up ๐Ÿ˜›

  118. Drew Bartlett says:

    Have any of you been to the test grid today? If not please do and get your comments in. I personally think it is WAY TOO LAGGY. I am posting for that reason, please go see if I am crazy and if not please let the Lindens know.

    Thank you

  119. Alabaster Homely says:

    You know you’ve been in SL too long when……

    ok, no kidding, this happened to me the other day. I was in my office, and someone comes in to tell a story, instead of laughing, I actually said “L O L”. The world goes screech, and I think, oh man.. I need to cut back. My buddy thought I was kidding and actually laughs out loud. I nervously laugh. What have I become? I am staying off roof tops for awhile. I may feel the urge to just start flying. ๐Ÿ™‚

  120. bethcushing says:

    The new Viewer is available!

  121. kevin says:

    hey, this is a very impressive, high-end virtual world with a subscriber load that has never been seen. i am amazed that people are bitching about any sudden down time.

    just sayin

  122. Brian Engel says:

    Web page, logon screen, brite, shiny, new, oooh,, magic, useful, good magic.
    I need a cigarette and a nap.
    Thanks you were great.
    Close the door behind you on the way out.

  123. Ripley says:

    Wow…nice new loggin screen guys….this is a worthy improvement…now lets work on the missing texture whiteouts…im getting really tired of changing my skin or rebaking all the time.

  124. I am not even attempting the preview grid since I have seen and everyone I speak to says that the main grid takes 5-15 minutes to load a sim. If the preview is slow by comparison then my rather fast cable connection’s better used downloading episodes of the Brollys for my kid!

    bethcushing- pleasepleaseplease tell me how people are getting the icon next to their name on the blog posts!

  125. Petrus Serapis says:

    *wonders how people are getting their posts to show up at all, much less with icons*

    Does this thing have a post-eating problem? :-/

  126. Petrus Serapis says:

    And there I am. ๐Ÿ™‚

    *gets new eyeballs*

  127. Omg! brand new splash login screen!

    now with lots of useful links!

    also available in 3 diferent flavors, server currently down for maintenance, server currently down for updates and server currently down for cute DoS attacks.


    hee, forget that, just chillin’ -_-

  128. Okynne Pawpaw says:

    Did you log in at 6:56? cause there was definately at least 5 minutes warning.

    stop smoking.

    Dont drink so much (send it to me)

    Stop whinging

    Tell me a good place to play slingo that doesnt have constant irritating drama

    YIFF!! ^.^

    enjoy yourself, but remember RL – that thing you deny existing – comes first

    Yey Linden!

    (Send me a working wireless laptop that runs SL)


  129. Winter Ventura says:

    I too, had to try and log on, just to see the new logon screen..

    it downloaded.. and then said “LOADING…” in really huge letters, and I though “oh my god, they’ve totallt F’d this up, now they’ve added a bunch of time to the logon process”

    Couple of seconds later, it loaded.

    ZOMG this is just F’ing beautiful!!!

    Grid status announcement, stats, cute lil spinning hand thing… blog feed… My gods.. this is so sweet. I have a use for the client, even when the grid is down! And yes.. it’s preeeety.

  130. Dahlia Artizar says:

    i think it is really shitty that every other day we have to redownload the game. it is really inconvinient, and quite frankly bullshit. i am redownloading the damn game for what seems like the 345th time. ugh, why is this a problem?

  131. Winter Ventura says:

    Does this mean we can leave the client running and wait for that big red OFFLINE to turn green, without hitting refresh on the website?

  132. Kaisara Burbclave says:

    I keep pressing the connect button hoping to be connected. ๐Ÿ™‚

  133. bethcushing says:

    The little icon by my name, is what wordpress calls an avatar, and you can upload one to your wordpress account, or do what I did and use their default one.

    Its in the wordpress faq’s I believe

  134. Llauren Mandelbrot says:

    [Quote= Petrus Serapis]
    October 25th, 2006 at 10:59 am

    *wonders how people are getting their posts to show up at all, much less with icons*

    Does this thing have a post-eating problem? :-/

    Yup. It`s called a Moderator. ๐Ÿ™‚ According to the last update I heard, moderation is mostly automatic [think Spam Filter], but there is still a human who has to approve first-time posters.

    October 25th, 2006 at 10:51 am

    The new Viewer is available!

    Thanks! I`m downloading the Linux-Native client as I type. ๐Ÿ™‚

  135. reastar says:

    “I was in my office, and someone comes in to tell a story, instead of laughing, I actually said โ€œL O Lโ€.”

    Omg hon, I have never actuley said LoL, I have alwas managed to catch myself first :p
    But often times I do dream of SL, and wats wrong with it. you all have had bad dreams after watching a bad movie or good ones after a good movie.
    A movie lasts a few hours Sl last far longer and is far more involving than a movie.
    I will often wake up with parts of a dream in memoryabout changing the island in some way or another and log in to see if the changes are doable..

    P.S. Alabaster please do not try the flaming particle effects at home *winks*

  136. Okay I DLed 1.12.3(4) just to see what the fuss is all about.

    It’s very pretty. I admit it’s sparkly and shiny. I am not here for sparkly and shiny. Or pretty. All I know is that I am quite used to SL crashing on me 5-6 times a day and now everytime it crashes I have another 15-30 seconds’ worth of time to get back in, while my viewer turns into a browser and DLs the website (more hits on SL’s website) and then DLs the blog (more hits on SL’s blog) so I can see it.

    Very impressive LL, it is quite nifty. But it’s slower. Allow me to only have to log in once a day and I will give it a thumbs up!

  137. Rocky Merosi says:

    Hmmmmm Addicted to to SL we are? If we werent, how come we would all be here staring at these words trying to picture the avatars that are saying them while our fantasy world that we have grown so fond of is down in the gutter being repainted. My name is Rocky and I am a SL addict. I have an inventory full of useless items that I will never use but for some reason never delete them because “I might use them later” or “Some noob might have a use for them”. IRL I am divorced with a 7 year old son. In SL I am very happily married (Love you Tobyn) and have a newborn baby. I work full time RL. I have a choice if I want to work in SL or spend that time with my family there (wonder which one I choose). I have a shopping habit RL. In SL I see something that another person has and immediatly have to have it (hence the useless items in my inventory). I am Rocky, and I am a SL addict. See you all at noon!!!!

  138. Winter Ventura says:

  139. River Ely says:

    I have moaned about Customer Service and Lindens being phrases that fail to co-exist in the same sentence with any value other than to the customer service reps who hold ‘Linden’ as an on account working name, wear white outfits from top to do and say stupid things like, We are looking into it’.

    Sadly, after buying adjacent properties, I found upon linking them together, that they were on different servers and it is, according to the Linden hostility reps, not a good idea to do that. Moving about my new property caused me to either sink into the ground uncontrollably, or become airborne with a headlong rush into oblivion before catapulting back to the start and gaining no ground.

    Asking ‘Live Help’ for assistance in this matter resolved nothing as far as I, the customer, could see.

    Later in the same session, the entire section of ground disappeared. Looking over the edge I could see the sea way down there somewhere. My half built building and artefacts that had been on the land, was suddenly lost to the Langoliers.

    I reported this odd fact to ‘Live Help’ who gave me the impression they thought I was making it up. Five minutes later, the wayward missing land instantly materialised, but without the โ€˜primitive objectsโ€™ I had carefully fashioned and textured. I asked Second Life again, for help and told them the land was back, but my stuff had gone. ‘Its Back?’, they queried. “Yes,”, I said, “It’s back”.
    Linden Philosophy dictated the only possible answer from the Customer Hostility Rep was,”Oh.”. With that, the Bumbling employee of the Linden Foundation promptly disconnected itself from the communications, leaving in its wake, a void, similar to the missing adjacent property.

    Now, a long time ago, when I taught ‘Customer Service’ skill to Sprint Employees at their then new Internet establishment in Tampa FL, I warned them that they could lose the faith of a customer with consummate ease by talking down, belittling or removing credibility for the customer, by attributing zero value to what the customer says, asks or wants. Linden employees in the Customer Hostility department seem to have gotten this off to a tee.

    When a Rep in her sparkly clean all white god-suit turned up, it did little to instil any confidence in the situation. Largely buy ignoring anything said to them and receiving phrases from them like, ‘Reloading’ and ‘Its not untypical’, instilled not only less respect for the Linden Customer Service Skills, but a loathing of the pretend god-like figures who have their wages paid by customers and users.

    I have warned that unless the customer service skills take a big upturn, the whole financial venture that is Second Life, will arrive at an earlier, rather than later, sell-out or termination. If management are in anyway serious about the published aims and objectives of Second Life, an immediate and comprehensive review of customer service skills should be addressed without delay.

    River Ely (Victim of Linden’s Customer Hostility Representatives)

  140. Melissa Sugarbeet says:

    Those of you complaining that you had “no notice” before being kicked offline… You do realize that last night they put up the notice ON THE GAME ITSELF? I knew about it last night when I logged in at 9pm (central time), so this was not unexpected.

    Good luck, Linden Labs! Can’t wait to get back to playing!

  141. Miche Rainbow says:

    I absolutely love the new login…the fact that it shows the grid status is perfectly awsome…I imagine it’s updated as you run the login since i see the thing flash once in a while

  142. ty beth, I appreciate it. As the only connection I have with WordPress is posting to and reading this blog I wouldn’t have known to look there!

  143. jinc Joliat says:

    Thank You Pup Witherspoon for that link! (teacher’s movie) Yes it was a tearjerker : ) I have an 8 yr old daughter who will find that encouraging as well in understanding people – again ty ill be pasing that one on !

  144. Lilith Ruff says:

    Woot! Love the new website and log in screen!
    1. I miss SL too!
    2. I do dream about it and wish I were there when i am not…..guess I am one of “those” people too.
    3. I want a Missing Image T-Shirt!!!

    *looks over note one last time to see ifin I hav spellded everfing rite

  145. danielleeber says:

    Montana Corleone Says: LL could have provided a way for people to back such stuff up, but they havenโ€™t and are therefore responsible.

    I say: They likely won’t provide a way for players to do independant backups to home PCs.
    If you can back up your content, you can theoretically take it to a competing virtual world
    and load it there. No business wants to make it easy for a customer to go to the competition,
    even if such does not yet exist.

    They could, however provide an option to back up your inventory to a dedicated backup
    asset server for a small fee (to cover the maintenance of the backup system), and then
    allow you to retrieve it from there. If your inventory consists of loads of freebies you
    can replace, you can ignore the backup option. If it consists of objects you make a living
    selling and put much time into, backups are almost mandatory insurance that should
    be availalbe.

  146. LadyMacbrat Loveless says:

    I know that the grid is not up yet, but after downloading the newest download for MacOSX (, the secondlife applicaiton unexpectedly quits after reading the new features. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  147. yhis bite to have the site down this long for people can’t play it but anyways hope you have it up soon as i wait for it to come back up any ways good job you guys are doing ๐Ÿ™‚

  148. Veronica says:

    Why isn’t it working yet? How long will this take?

  149. Neil Claxton says:

    SLT = GMT-8 ( i dunno if they have “daylight savings” I presume so since they do at the offices.

  150. Harry Oldbull says:

    @ Alabaster
    Saying LOL in real life?
    LSHIPIMP (laughed so hard I pooped in my pants)
    Thanks for making my day … I feel all squishy now.

  151. Neil Claxton says:

    os x 10.4.8 intel new client started fine – no grid yet – but started try a reboot perhaps?

  152. Nad Gough says:

    I just downloaded the new version for Mac OSX and the program is SIGNIFICANTLY faster to load! For me, the delay whilst “Loading…” display is much shorter than the time between my double clicking the SL icon and waiting for the login screen to appear with the last version. With the new version the program appears almost instantly after I start it. I havent had a crash from it yet, LadyMacbrat – but I’ll watch it for a bit.

  153. neil Claxton says:

    Give them some props too for adding all the system status info to the login page.
    They do a better job than some other software companies.

  154. Nikki says:

    raaaa hurry up!i wana go on sl! =[


  155. Captain Clipper says:

    30 mins to go, wOOt!!

    Oh and Yamike Taft, tut tut! You’ve criticised Muerte for poor grammer and punctuation but then mispelled “professional” twice! hehe.

    Seriously kids, I love SL and downtime’s a bummer but Lindens are doing a great job and they’ve updated the website to make current status easier to see. The monkeys are back! The Lindens are listening to me after all! ๐Ÿ™‚

  156. bend Bowie says:

    i dont know why u all think there wasnt enough warning. Most people in the community are aware that the grid goes offline every other week on wed. around 7 am game time.. this was no news to me to have it go down and was expecting it to go down. without warning. Just a thought dont do anything at 6:58 sl time and then expect it to stay open so u can work on something.

  157. Petrus Serapis says:

    As you, sir, have unfortunately misspelled “grammar.”


  158. Nikki says:

    OMG WOW go right to the bottom of the page on THE PAGE YOU ARE READING THIS FROM!!! underneath the button that says submit comment there is a little smiley faced dude! i mean WOW


  159. Haden Divisadero says:

    O MY GOD! The New version IS SO COOL!!!!!!! I can’t beleive it! PS When are the railway competition results gonna be out??? been checkin on Blog the whole day!!!

  160. Booger Connell says:

    Why do you all say there was no warning?? Um everyone should know by now that Wednesday is the update day (if there is to be an update). Also I knew about the update today about all week. Want to keep up to date with when things are going to happen??? READ THE BLOGS. Or if the lindens want, you could make an optional feature to get e-mailed about upcoming updates\downtime and stuff if you don’t already.^_^

  161. aggressor says:

    rofl u all are so funny

  162. Anya Southard says:

    Yeah, there may only be a few minutes left to go, but what happen’ if they have a mass log in?
    Will the servers crash?
    Will everyone have ‘image missing’ designer clothes?
    you just never know what is going to happen.
    Just as long as the new update is worth all this and they have fixed the real bugs there where.

  163. Miche Rainbow says:

    “As you, sir, have unfortunately misspelled โ€œgrammar.โ€”

  164. Richard Clifford says:

    With respect to times, there’s really no excuse for not being able to convert between your local timezone and PST/SLT – it’s a global system which has to have a base somewhere and the rest of us have to deal with that (of course, if there was any justice in the world it would be GMT, but as an Englishman I may just be biased there)

    The confusing point is just what do they mean by closed between 7 AM and 12 PM – that’s 7 in the morning until midnight? I don’t think so – what they probably mean (based on previous planned updates) is 7AM until 12 AM – 5 hours rather than 17 hours – at least I hope so.

    Given the possibilities for error, why don’t they just say 07:00 – 12:00. It’s a nice familiar unmistakable format and it even follows the ISO standard – ISO 8601 – I just had to look it up ๐Ÿ™‚

  165. Simo Voss says:

    Does anyone know of a addiction counselor in SL?? I would go to one in RL but they would probably tell me stop going into SL…..

  166. Jeauno Wind says:

    Question about the new start up interface, I see that it’s been changed to look like the main web which is a great idea, I love it. But does it update if you leave it open?

  167. Cindy says:

    You guys are so funny! Best entertainment I can get at 3am in the morning!

  168. susan Snookums says:

    Why oh Why do LL not improve the inventory system so that it can be edited easily. Making it possible to easily keep stuff together in the correct place and folders. I find it so frustrating to buy an item or more than one to then spend ages later searching through all the stuff inside the inventory.

    Backing it up would be a great idea, especially if you could backup to an editor to sort, delete and move items easily!!!!

  169. Sl will be open at 3:00 PM? says:

    Omgggg i cant wait ๐Ÿ™‚

  170. Okey, not meaning to put anybody down here, but…

    The Lindens clearly posted the grid downtime, 7 AM to 12 PM, that is 5 hours.

    The updates themsleves are to improve the SecondLife. While there may still be bugs, they may not be *serious* enough to attend to right now.

    Some residents may want bugs fixed, and no new things until those may be fixed, but then the other half of SecondLife wants more features, and doesn’t care about bugs that may / may not affect them. LL is compromising and fixing bugs and adding some features in every release, as to not get either side mad.

    Linden Labs, good job with the updates, and…extremly good job with the new login UI ๐Ÿ˜›

  171. Neil Claxton says:

    There is a “Missing Image” Clothing shop in Janus I think.

  172. Icabod Gealach says:

    I love it and you all.. I love the Up times and the Down times, your whynings and humor, bad spelling and good ideas. I love the fact you care… I love that the others don`t,
    you tell us your thoughts and hopes
    and no one really givs a damn
    except Me
    U : )

    ps, mmmm

  173. Okynne Pawpaw says:

    Once upon a time I believed I was so addicted to online games that I’d lost all sense of reality.

    Then this happened:

    I was on the bus, in my home town, in the front seat, enjoying the view. The sun was just setting, the road was clear ahead of us, trees lining both sides on a beautifully clear night. Pinks oranges and blues colored the sky perfectly. I said, in a nice clear voice, in hearing range of the bus driver… “Print screen”


    No, I was serious.. I was trying to copy the image.. i mean, the pixels were AMAZING!!!…..

    yeah, so saying L O L and calling myself by my screen name(s) and asking if the texture on the bed needs changing, or the prim count in the house is okay so i can go shopping……. these are just natural for me 0.o

  174. Nimil says:

    i love the new login ui! this thing is great! i’m always sitting here trying to log in on wednesdays not knowing when it’s past 12 in that time zone so having the little SL time clock in the corner is a really good addition!

    i’m curious why people are complaining about not getting warned. it was on the login loading screen for a couple of days that there would be a wednesday update, not to mention they announced it before they shut down.

  175. Aces says:

    This new screen rocks, i love this feature, keep up the good work linden labs and the Second life staff

  176. Jebediah Brown says:

    For those reporting issues with the new OSX client version – the latest OSX version does crash for me too (20″ intel iMac), but only if I try and run it from the dmg. Once I copied it to Applications it worked fine.

  177. MilosZ MilosZ says:

    Running behind schedule?

  178. Neil Claxton says:

    There was warning – especially as 7am got closer and the message about the closure was in the login screen, which was seen frequently in the hours prior to 07:00 SLT.

    Besides sleep or bathe or say hi to people in RL it’s only a few hours.

    There are no more guarantees in SL than the FL, things come and go.

    there shouldn’t be a Mass enormous login rush the usual load seems to be 20,000 of 1,000,000 users or so. don’t all set your clocks to NTP and click login all at once – or user info retrieval might be slow. All this stuff makes a better sim.

  179. Boss Melnitz says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever said LOL in RL, but I will admit to this….since I started playing SL, whenever I see a picture in an application or on a website, I find myself using the arrow keys and the ALT button to try and see it from different angles.

    I’m also prone to trying to double-click my cell-phone if I leave it too close to the computer.

  180. Andrew says:

    Yo is it comming back up or not its 2:00 central time

  181. DancesWithRobot Soyer says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever DREAMED about SL. . .

    But a few weeks ago in a mall, I remember wishing I could map my missing children.

  182. Un4given Spoonhammer says:

    The New Login screen is SWEEET!! Dude!
    Anyone seen my car?

  183. ariannaoranos says:

    I started downloading the new client. By the time LL has scheduled to put SL back online, its download will be finished and I’ll install it. Let’s hope all runs smoothly.

  184. billy says:

    still waiting on the grid to open ………
    hopefully not much longer

    xxx to my friends

  185. Phoenix Desmoulins says:

    Richard Cliff says:

    The confusing point is just what do they mean by closed between 7 AM and 12 PM – thatโ€™s 7 in the morning until midnight? I donโ€™t think so – what they probably mean (based on previous planned updates) is 7AM until 12 AM – 5 hours rather than 17 hours – at least I hope so.

    I say:

    Richard, 12 AM is midnight; 12 PM is noon. 7 in the morning until noon.

  186. neil Claxton says:

    as it says – copy it off the DMG- the dmg probably isn’t writable, but it does clearly say not to do that.

  187. Captain Clipper says:

    Yiffy!!! 10 mins to go. i know you all apreciate my countdown so I’ll elaborate slightly on my SL preperation routine.

    Step 1) Get out of bed and go lie on the couch while I’m rezzing. I can pretend to play footsie with a pregnant woman too (as I often do in SL at IDP SLingo)

    Step 2) Put on my hair, clothes, shades and bling and look in the mirror for like 3 minutes. OMG I’ve got a fine looking RL AVI.

    Step 3) Sit down at the PC and login. Move the mouse cursor over the SL icon and wait, and wait, and wait…

    Step 4) As soon as the PC clock reaches the required moment of time (and this is where it gets interesting) PUSH THE BUTTON!!!!

    Step 5) Look at the marvelous pictures on the PC and / or go make a strong cup of coffee. Take my prozac / citalopram / lithium (what is wrong with my RL AVI why soooo laqgy??), skin up a nice fat one, smoke it.

    Step 6) By the time SL has loaded and I’m logged in, Ive passed out on the couch.

    And yes people tell me to “get a life” all the time. hehe

  188. ROFL says:

    This is my first time even reading this, and I swear you guys have totally made my day. Dont think I have stopped laughing since Ive started reading this.

  189. Asianvamp Devoix says:

    kudos LL love the new look no more dodgeing between grid status page and log in screen

  190. Nad Gough says:

    It’s 3! YAY!

  191. I have never posted a comment but I do enjoy reading the blog during down time. I just have to say I got a good Laugh when I logged on to the home page. Its nice to see that all you individuals at LL working hard, actually read the blog, an have a since of humor about the ..well ..constructive criticism us blogers give you… lol . “Bang on things” I love it. Keep up the good work!


  192. rianneashley says:

    so will it be back up right at 12pm? or does that mean when ever they are done.

  193. Anya Southard says:

    it may be, but still can’t log in.

  194. Snaptick Laxness says:

    *checks watch and knocks on SL door*

    “hello I know you are in there :)”

    can we come home yet?

  195. Okynne Pawpaw says:

    I’ve never said this before… I’m a little disturbed at saying it now but…

    Captian Clipper: DL more porn.

    BTW.. i dont log out of sl, and simply wake up, roll over, pick up my cordless keyboard and type “Goodmorning seph”

    yey for bedside computers >.

  196. Wagahai Oddfellow says:

    Bug 1 – after a while the right “blog feed” window fails to reload.

  197. Winter Ventura says:

    AM: antemeridian – before noon
    PM: postmeridian – after noon

    12:00 PM = noon / 12-00 hours
    0:00 PM = noon / 12-00 hours
    12:00 AM = midnight / 0-00 hours
    0:00 AM = midnight / 0-00 hours

    PDT = Pacific Daylight Time
    PST = Pacific Starndard Time (starts this sunday, at 2:00 AM, I beleive.)

  198. Un4given Spoonhammer says:

    Oeh Oeh! Can’t wait for the grid to come on ๐Ÿ™‚

  199. Captain Clipper says:

    Eating a Bosk Burger while I wait ๐Ÿ™‚

  200. yevka Laws says:

    Grid not up and i’m cooling my jets waiting to get to my SL job.

    Sigh. Communication with the user should be prompt and if there is going to be a delay even just a few minutes, we should know.


  201. river ely says:

    Ok, your late, whats the big deal, no information on the update blog, nothing, come on Lindens, Listen to you customers , keep us informed of what is happening. We pay you enough, now pay is back by at least listening to us.

  202. Nad Gough says:

    LOL Capt Clipper – I wanna be you when I grow up!

  203. Captain Clipper says:

    Winter – will you join my pub trivia quiz team pleeeeeeeese! ๐Ÿ™‚

  204. Haden Divisadero says:

    =( *sob* The don’t wanna open for me…. *picks up his legos in the drawer* *sob* I’ll tell my mommy you don’t wanna let me play with you Lindens ….. OPEN UP !!!!!


  205. Seronis Zagato says:

    Richard. 12am is midnight (the morning) 12pm is noon. Times really are clearly marked. May i ask what timezone you live in? Im curious which locations dont use any am/pm abbrev’s.

  206. Angela Glitter says:

    no SL no status update.

    OK Linden Labs the login UI thing. waste of time. Nobody beleives your status system anyway so you should have expended that time on something else. Go check if you dont beleive me and see how many people were slamming the login server at 12:00 Noon.

    Oh yes its all buggy too. couple of updates and it loses all the info anyway.. Do us a favor and rip it out now and roll back.

  207. Rose Marama says:

    wootie woot…

    its 12:04…

    -looks at grid status-

    …you told me 12…

    i wanta cookie

  208. Morgana Shi says:

    Okay, it’s 12:05… lemme in:) I only get 2 hours to spend with my fiance before my kids get home:) heehaahee.

  209. Kristy says:

    It’s 12:00!

  210. David121 Finsbury says:

    Well,so much for being accurate with being back online. Thats not very good advertisement to day when something will be functional again, and it’s not.

  211. DJ EmKay says:

    Its 12:06PM…

  212. Cappy ?Frantisek says:

    Got update, still down though, no login joy sob

  213. rob says:

    ok when its up thought it said 12pm

  214. Anya Southard says:

    I know what they are doing, they wanted a go first so they are leaving us all out here in the cold.
    Hey, Lindens, We Pay so we should Play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  215. aggressor says:

    WTF?! ๐Ÿ˜€ LET US IN ๐Ÿ˜€

  216. swan bournemouth says:

    why am i partin with my mony for somthing thats not working

  217. Ki Ki says:

    Wonders if my watch is broken…Q_Q Does anyone have the time?

  218. Robin Laffer says:

    Bagpuss yawns at your constant lateness.

  219. Paul N says:

    Just wondering (yet again!!) why there was no countdown before the kick?

    Also if you managed to stick to you cut offline at 7amSLT, how come you can’t stick to the online status for 12pmSLT?

    On time to cut us off, ages to get us back on!?

    Taking the ****!!

  220. Storm Vale says:

    “danielleeber Says:

    They likely wonโ€™t provide a way for players to do independant backups to home PCs.
    If you can back up your content, you can theoretically take it to a competing virtual world
    and load it there. No business wants to make it easy for a customer to go to the competition,
    even if such does not yet exist.”

    Isn’t it called WarCraft 3, where you can upload and download stuff to and from your custom maps? o.O

  221. Asianvamp Devoix says:

    calm your selves ppl geeze so there a few min behind or a few hours who cares there breaking there backs to make the game good and keep it smooth chill already its a blog and shouldnt be used to critisize them there working for you not for the hahas of it

  222. Michelle Adelaide says:

    Hey LL, its 12PM can you give us just an update on whats up please? by the way I love the new look on the log in screen, now we will know when grid is up or down and why, Thanks Im loving this life hehe. Life is good here, then again life isnt too bad offline either, but Im enjoying the SL life,

    Keep up the Good work

    Love you guys.

  223. Femina Street says:

    Uh oh 8mins over and counting oh dear I need my fix.


  224. MilosZ MilosZ says:

    Typical of the Lindens: Add a grid announcement status to the login screen but don’t update the status when they are running late.

    BTW: I pay you guys over $200 month in tier/linden purchases the least you could do is let my comments post to the blog.

  225. Simo Voss says:

    I think there should be a competion when the grid goes down…..

    The 50th resident to log in after the grid goes back up should receive L$5000 from Linden Labs…


  226. Haden Divisadero says:

    Me things there is a traffic jam in SL Entry … Someone inside throw me a tp please?

  227. NuVanDibe Kafka says:

    If you really expect people to accept warnings that short, then we really expect you to have the grid up at TWELVE PM SHARP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly, i wouldn’t care, but you guys are JERKS lately. And blaming it all on hackers is not an excuse, it’s rude.

  228. lilunai laurasia says:

    i canยดt logging yet

  229. Cyth says:

    October 25, 2006, 7:00 am Second Life is currently down for a scheduled update. The grid will be closed from 7:00 AM PDT/SLT to 12:00 PM PDT/SLT, and you will need to upgrade to the newest version to login afterwards.

    Is it not 12 noon SLT yet? Actually I checked before pressing “Submit Comment”. 12:07 PM PDT
    Let me click “Connect” once more…..
    Login failed at 12:08 PM PDT
    Grid still showing offline.
    LINDEN LABS, can we please have an update on thr REAL time you intend to open the grid… or just let me in to tinker around with the Lindens, I promise to bring the virtual beer… maybe a fatty too.


  230. BoomSpeed Kumsung says:

    So, are we gonna get in or not?
    I am inviting some friends who have some HIGH expectations of Linden for some reason, may be the fact they’ve heard so much good about it?

    Then why not be good, eh?

  231. EmKay says:

    hmm… Offline

  232. TJ Ay says:

    OK, it is 12:09 PDT /SLT ??
    Whats up guys ??
    You have a clock at your computer ??


  233. jeffery Heart says:

    Be nice they are playing with your SEX Pose balls and need to finish TESTING all of them.

  234. Neil Claxton says:

    software if complicated and frustrating, it’s only 10 min late.

    They can’t do a good job if people go ballistic and want a rollback just because the fixes haven’t fixed wat was hoped.


    Nobody else is getting in so i wouldn’t worry about getting to work quite yet.

  235. Ekio says:

    Ok I love to just come and read all the gripes and fun that goes on here while the grid is down. Too funny!

    Hopefully everything will be fine at the reopen time so that we can all log in. I really need a break from my rl.

    I had to laugh at the comment about saying lol in rl. I havn’t said that, but I have used a few of the other terms commonly used in SL with DH. He just laughes becuase he says Im finally becoming a geek.

  236. simcore says:

    Well, I had a blast reading you all, while waitting (just installed my OS from scratch while waitting).

    Especially from you, wint, good info.

    Keep up the good work, LL, and hope that all goes well.

    See you on the “Second” side =)

  237. Captain Clipper says:

    I went to the doctor and told him I did! Told him my real-life had merged with my second life and couldnt go to the circus anymore. Every time I did I would kneel by Masters side. The doctor sheilded his eyes from my ‘bling’ and proceeded to fill out the Section 28 form. He said I had a serious case of optical rectacalis and proceeded to explain:

    “Its when your optic nerves get mixed up with thos of the spine, intestines and rectum. Gives you a shitty outlook on life”

    “Nay!” I said “I’ve got new client software and no longer see the missing image, it reamins a bit laggy but my Outlook is fine!”

    Why did I have to spend three months on that ward? Eh? Is SL going to compensate me for that amount of downtime from my life 1st or 2nd? Nay! Get a grip Lindens. ๐Ÿ™‚

  238. Dude Rust says:

    Is it just me, or is today’s post oddly missing in any Lindens contributions????

    Just an observation….

  239. roberto says:

    Hmm now im not being picky but i want it up. my website gives me 99.9% uptime. wonder what it is for sl, seeing as it costs the same a month as my website. haha

    ((taps his fingers))

  240. Daaniel Westinghouse says:

    so is anyone else peeved right about now?!?!

  241. Sonoma says:


  242. Ekio says:

    ROFL I so didn’t even look at the time when I posted.

  243. James Monrue says:

    The nice login status screen just says “loading….” for me. I think we broke it with everyone viewing the front screen. LOL

  244. aggressor says:

    Those geeks have fun with letting us wait… I have the pictures in front of my eyes… all with I Love Linux Shirts and LOL’ing

  245. David121 Finsbury says:

    This might just help me decide to pay or not.

  246. river Ely says:

    Unless there has been an earthquake or similar, LL has no reason not to tell the customers why there is another delay in returning the system to the users, can someone local, like, In the US, ring San Fran and see if they are still on the same planet, because obviously their systems are not.

  247. Nataly says:

    grid is up! ๐Ÿ˜€

  248. drmello says:

    I wouldn’t mind if they said. “Look guys, sorry it’ll be another five hours.” At least I could put it out of my mind maybe eat something. But its the not knowing. Watching the little hand spin….. Is it time? I feel like I’m playing Russian Roulette with my own door keys… Come on mello, it’s just a game. mmm……

  249. Un4given Spoonhammer says:

    /me starts Zuma again..

  250. BiggaBDizzle says:

    I have never seen a linden post in here before Dude Rust, but i dont read these very much anyways so….

  251. Morgana Shi says:

    Maybe you missed the smiles on mine or something… I think all of us who wrote after 12PM are just joking around:)
    Besides, I have been on Skype with my fiance…… so the need to see his av is not crucial enough for me to actually be nasty to the Lindens:) I appreciate everything they do, probably more than most do, because of the fact I don’t have the ability to step outside and see the real world like alot of others can.

    Try reading into most of the posts, before you smack out fingers for insulting the Lindens…. you will notice laughter behind the words half the time:)

    Morgana Shi

  252. ncl says:

    It says offline – but i logged in just fine
    be nice peeps.

  253. Petrus Serapis says:

    [quote]I know what they are doing, they wanted a go first so they are leaving us all out here in the cold.
    Hey, Lindens, We Pay so we should Play!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/quote]

    [quote]โ€œWaaaaaaaah!! You guys stink!! Why donโ€™t you fix what I want you to fix?!?โ€[/quote]


    [quote]calm your selves ppl geeze so there a few min behind or a few hours who cares there breaking there backs to make the game good and keep it smooth chill already its a blog and shouldnt be used to critisize them there working for you not for the hahas of it[/quote]

    [quote]โ€œShut up!! LL is the cooooooolest! OMG!!1!โ€[/quote]

  254. Anymonous says:

    Mabye their getting it on ;>)

  255. Anya Southard says:

    WOOO HOOOO, I am in

  256. Jaksoi Pak says:

    What do you mean you’re late? How did this hapen?….I thought we had protection? omg my lifes over…

  257. Helena Kirkorian says:

    Alabaster Homely, you made me laugh so hard I allmost peed my pants! (ehm… the LOL thingie, it happened to me too, so don’t worry > help is on it’s way … hears the ambulance sirenes in the streets all over the world ๐Ÿ™‚ Ans I also dreamed SL dreams, I see it makes my life richer.
    On some previous posts:
    SL means a great deal to a lot of people who come to live out their dream here and who are we to judge or to criticise others? Just watch, listen and learn…. Find solutions, help each other ๐Ÿ™‚
    And be happy ๐Ÿ™‚ In RL and in SL!


  258. Daniel Westinghouse says:

    I’ll call san fran

  259. TJ Ay says:

    Uhuhu, by the way, 13 past 12 PM PDT ??
    Ahem, any way that you open now ??
    You know we are ALL waiting ??


  260. River Ely says:

    Bets are on, how long till it crashes. 1 hour, more, less I bet 50 it will crash withing an hour od starting.

  261. Celeste says:

    Not sure who asked posted this..but if they read it they’ll know its for them. I do know it was a new person.

    SL has scheduled downtimes for upgrades every other Wednesday from 7am-Noon (12pm) Pacific Time..or California time. I’m Eastern Time Zone so that is 10am-3pm my time. Hope that helps some Europeans a bit. Since the upgrade/maintenance was today another isn’t scheduled for 2 weeks. They post on Monday or Tuesday, sometimes earlier, a reminder that it will occur. On occasion they will announce it is cancelled for that week due to bugs or whatever.

    If you don’t read the blogs OR the website. The announcement is on the log-in screen as you wait for that blue line to go across its slider. Read those! They contain decent information for you!! Don’t complain about it being down and last minute. The Wednesday updates are NOT last minute, maybe last minute cancellation, but not last minute we are closing down for this “scheduled” update.

    Good Work LL, Keep it up. Can’t make everyone in the world happy, no use trying.

  262. Nad Gough says:

    k, I’m in and the missing image bug has been smashed! Everyone’s nekid.

  263. Nikki B says:

    I’m in…!!

    Thank you Lindens :0)

  264. Billy says:

    Nevada got tired of california and pushed it in the ocean :O

  265. neil Claxton says:

    not only that I was rezd to arshiba instantly with textures! that’s never happned before!

    GAME ON!

  266. pablo says:

    ok, but why can not u check new version in other servers while we playing old version, and then we all goes ok, closed only 30 min or so…?? but its ok.. i wait.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  267. Devyn says:

    HAHAHAHHA im in I win

  268. rianneashley says:

    I wanna play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heehee waiting …… la la la

  269. Dana Surya says:

    *shaking uncontrolably*

    Hello, hello? HELLO! – common, open up, need my sl fix for the day….please?
    Pretty please?
    I,ll be your friend if ya open up…(then delete ya off the list later) ๐Ÿ™‚

  270. River Digital says:

    It works now.

  271. Winter Ventura says:

    Cyth Says:
    “LINDEN LABS, can we please have an update on thr REAL time you intend to open the grid”

    They did.. 12:00 PM was the INTENDED reactivation time.

    It’s all of 12:15 now. Since they run on “Bay Area Standard Time”, there’s a +/- of 20 minutes to any time estimate.. so they won’t be “officially late” for another 5 minutes yet.

    Now, if there were based in Eugene, Oregon they’d have another hour and a half.

  272. Medusa Reiner says:

    Patience dear Second Lifers! Pity use poor Europeans – we got nothing much left of the day – it is already 20:15 here in the UK – and I want to see my gal! No chance today as everyone piles in like lemmings!

  273. Simo Voss says:

    Was I the 50th????

  274. rianneashley says:

    mine keeps freezing…………….grrrrrrrrrrrr…lol

  275. drmello says:

    Why am I making posts and they aren’t being displa….OH here I am. Hi everyone I finally got moderated in.. mmmm… forgotten what I wanted to say now.. sorry……. carry on. ๐Ÿ™‚

  276. Tony says:

    The grid is open and running smoothly!

    LL: Kudos to you!

  277. rianne says:

    nm ….I am in. oh yeah!

  278. holly says:

    Damn it !!!! when is it coming back online ?
    its SO annoying when a time is given and then nothing happens !
    At least give us an ETA

  279. Neil says:

    I crashed it we’ll see if that happens again

  280. doopsy says:

    ITS Open!

  281. Simo Voss says:

    Amazing…. hardly another blog comment since the grid was opened…

    Let me be the first to say TY Lindens for opening the grid. A little overdue, but hey I’m later for work in RL nearly every day!!

    PS. Was I the 50th?

  282. drmello says:

    Well done ANYA I wish I was in. I am just sitting making phantom posts to mysel…… WEE I AM IN TOO… Now what was it I was going to say?…. mmmm… sorry everyone… Carry on.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  283. Femina Street says:

    Nope Simo its in my bank now.

  284. River Digital says:

    Just crashed after 5 mins .:(

  285. Simo Voss says:

    Is the Blog grid down now…???…

  286. VTripp says:


    Just got this:

  287. Simo Voss says:

    Ahh, man….Well I try harder next time….I rekon that if I click the button 1 millibleam after it goes up, i stand a chance of being 50th…Well done Femina..

  288. Dan Daidig says:

    I like these breaks. I get time to catch up on the blogs. Very amusing! I want SL back now .I need a fix!!

  289. Lewis Nerd says:

    All I saw at login was a black screen saying “Loading….” and I just hit connect and I’m in.

    Hopefully I can do that each time and not have to look at the front screen clutter.


  290. rotten says:

    How many k did people have to download? Mine is still going…!

  291. Gillian Waldman says:

    I am not trying to log-in (trying to earn Lindens…err dollars at a RL job) but congrats to LL on what appears to be a succesful roll out based on the deafening silence here ๐Ÿ™‚

  292. Bobcat Worsley says:

    Jeez! Can’t people have a little patience and decentcy? your the one useing thier server so you take on the risk of anything you have on their server. Please people Calm the heak down, Yeah sure it sucks that SL is down. But don’t you think The whole reason SL was made, was for you?
    I am pretty sure they are doing thier best to work the bugs outta thier new stuff. Not everything new seats it self properly in old stuff. I know that for a fact. I mean how can the Lindens help you if all you are doing is putting them down and yelling at them. and FYI sentances in all caps get you nowhere, its just ignorant. Yeah sure you will get attention, But who wants to help somebody who is acting all immature? Maybe if you report your problems in a Respectful way you will get your help in return the same way. Cmon, if it wasn’t for the Lindens we wouldn’t have The Great Second Life world we have now. They started it! Yeah sure The programing isn’t perfect and needs improving But thats what the programers are for and the preview grid!
    If you are that impatient Download the preview client and come to the preview grid that the Lindens keep open fer us. I go there to try and find any bugs there may still be and I use the open areas to improve my building skills and work the bugs out of my Projects (things I am customizing and or Editing) I don’t waste my time complaining about how Long its taking to get the grid back up or how I can’t hangout with my friends. and yeah I have lost a few things
    But I do what I can to keep myself informed on what bugs are still aloft.
    as of now I am fine with my situation In SL. I can’t do much until I can find a job again.
    and if there are times when Both grids are off and you can’t play, You still have your first life, your more important life. Without your first life there is nothing there for a second life so take the time to instead improve your first life, and let the Lindens handle getting your Second Life back up. Your second life is just an extra, you can still stay alive without it. Its great to have a world to bring your inner self out. but nothings perfect. Second Life was created by Us Humans and its Human to make mistakes. so you can’t expect them to Fix every little bug within the next update
    From my point of view the Lindens take the role of God, and Being God is the hardest Job EVER. cause you are responsible for everything that inhabits your world and resposible for keeping an eye on you inhabitants.

    Anyways.. I should end this before it gets too long. Be easy on the Big guys They are there for you and they are Fixing this so its a better experiance for you. sure, they Benefit from it moneywise cause you will pay for it. But i don’t think the Lindens are heartless bastards. They’re just really powerful people who Also live Real lives and are incharge of a Vast world Full of a Vast majority of people with a Diverse community of personality. (I hope that made sense)

    Sincerely, Your Friendly HouseCat, Bobcat

  293. walter says:

    The warning was given 10 minutes before taking the grid down. I got it just fine and had plenty of time to finish up what i was doing, clean up my working area, and say good byes to everybody on my friends list.

    Stop complaining about stuff that did happen.

    Besides, don’t we all get announcements about updates two or three days in advance? Everybody knows Wednesdays mean updates from time to time. Not like it was an out of the blues shut down or anything.

    Bleh…bleh at all of you that like to moan about the smallest of things.

  294. Bobcat Worsley says:

    Uhh wheres my Informativly huge comment I posted?

  295. Johnii Nowhere says:

    I’m in…
    1. i am rezzing as a female shape instead of normal.
    2. HUGE packet loss…

  296. Beebee says:

    I have tried three times to download the new version. As soon as the download starts my anti-virus kicks in with a “known virus found” warning and stops the download. I’ve removed Second Life and will try to reinstall it. Anyone else having problems?

  297. Ethan says:

    Running SL on a 1.33 GHz MAC iBook G4 with 1.5 GB RAM.

    The program does not run…crashes upon launch each time I try it.

    I have:
    reinstalled it
    redownloaded it and then reinstalled it
    made a fresh user and logged into the computer as new

    I also clear the cache each time I try to start it….and oh yes, I have tried to run it from the app folder instead of from the disk image.

    Doesn’t work.

  298. Laylah says:

    Well Im kinda happy the update went not totally bad ( at least to now ) But all people I asked having packetloss issues, their bars go crazy.
    I have err a really fast business connection, I never had the bar turn red on me.. and totay…. if it wasnt maxed out that was like ohhhhh I can walk without going into the ground…. darn there I am again sinking to the ankles.

    It is kinda disrupting the movement and I’d love to see it fixed. I talked to all my friends and renters they ALL have the same issues

  299. Stacey Sugar says:

    Well here are some issues:

    1. Major Packet loss
    2. Invisible avatars, intermittent when using scripted pose balls.
    3. Odd crashes for no reason.
    4. The web enabled SL frontend doesnt load.

    Other than that its perfect :/




  300. S Toonie says:

    Is no one else having an issue with textures saving? When I change a texture in appearance and name the clothing, it’s there. But when I log out and back in, or pass it to someone, it goes back to default white. Anyone else seeing this??

  301. Celti Surya says:

    What is going on? I can’t stay logged in for more than about 3 minutes without crashing! It’s crashed about 6 times now. Great update. pffft.

  302. Lewis Nerd says:

    Also reporting major packet loss (around 10%), am on an 8mb broadband connection here, and have tried playing with the bandwidth slider to various positions high and low.


  303. Kathy Morellet says:

    10% to 15% packet loss here.

    SL virtually unusable.

    Any ideas?


  304. Jenna Fischer says:

    I am seeing no major problems, and i seem to be rezzing pretty fast. No complaints here!

  305. Yiffy Yaffle says:

    I havent logged in yet but if the new client is anything like the preview one i saw earlier, i just wana thank LL for adding news colums and stuff to the login screen. it might take time to load up but its better then not having any at all. Your catching up LL good work. I hope the missing image clothes are gone though. ๐Ÿ™‚ But if i log in and find myself naked with big hairy hobbit feet im gona scream. ๐Ÿ˜›

  306. Beebee says:

    I reinstalled Second Life, took forever to get in, have crashed within 5 minutes three times in a row. This is so frustrating. Can’t teleport. Seems to lock at about 25% then stuck. Can’t even stay in the same spot for 5 minutes.

  307. Johnii Nowhere says:

    1. Re-baking fixed my gender issue (stop laughing)
    2. Less but still alot of packet loss
    3. Have not crashed once

    Make sure the permissions are set right on the textures… (that bit me)

    Right now it looks like a success to me… Thanks to all the Lindens, Lindenettes and other assorted Kratchetts.

  308. Beebee says:

    Have to add, still seeing the newbies wearing Missing Animation clothes. Well, before I crash anyway. I have cable, P4 and all the goodies, btw.

  309. Revons Rutabaga says:

    Packet loss with the inability to teleport anywhere.

  310. dj lurra says:

    The search for online people doesn’t seem to be working.

  311. Brodie Rothschild says:

    Transactions total is not synced with the My account L$ totals or the transactions are not updating.

  312. Pumpkin Cookie says:

    well all i can say is nice log in page still cant tp home since new dl lol an search works hit or miss lol

  313. Tod69 Talamasca says:

    Encountering lots of packet loss. Will wait & try it later.

  314. Jeroen DeGroot says:

    Crashes every few minutes. Complete regions going down.

  315. Allen Harrington says:

    Typically it take me 1 min to download @ 512KB/s an update on non Wednesdays update days and 3 min on a typical Wednesday update. But today my upload rate 23KB/s that’s 15 mins. From what I’ve been reading above, the first thing I’m going to do is clear my cashe in my preferences before going into the game. That might avoid some of the problems.

  316. Allen Harrington says:

    I get upload and down load terms mixed up. Everything I was refering to above had to do with downloading the update. Just wanted to clarify.

  317. Simen Bader says:

    I cant log on, tried several times. This message shows up: Unable to connect to second life. The system may be down. Please try again in a few minutes, or click help for advice and a link to the system status web page.

    I cant go to the status page either, but i can go to other sites, such as
    Please help

  318. Zareena Quine says:

    *Anyone else missing inventory items? about 3000 (75%) of mine have run away -.-
    *also got a huge packet loss of up to 10%

  319. luciftias says:

    packet loss maxes at 1.9% in Terminus. Perhaps worse than before, but if so, by a statistically insignificant margin…

  320. S Toonie says:

    Is no one else having the texture problem I described? I can’t finish any designs *sigh*

  321. angela Ge says:

    im having issues with buying lindens in world.. i think i purchased about 2000l and then it gives me an error saying authentication couldnt complete, then i see the packet loss going red, my whole window freezes and i cant loginto sl anymore.. what’s going on? please tell me!

    Added to that…why is it that with every update you guys break something which was working earlier?

  322. Vanessa Vanbrugh says:

    I am not having a packet loss issue, but it takes about 10 seconds to attach something, instead of it being instant

  323. Sticky says:

    Every time we have an update.. Hmmmmmmmmm…. Pulls out hair …. as soon as i get on SL locks up….
    While i’m in a winging mood … ppl i know are looking to buy land but all they see is land rental.
    Ummmmmmm dont land sales mean LAND for SALE … rental shoud go into classified dont you thing or perhaps another place in search


  324. Okynne Pawpaw says:

    Hiya, erm there’s a few of us UK folk that crashed out, and can not get back in.. Thought it might just be us but hearing a few other reports too.

    Crashed, got in, crashed within the minute.. did that three times and still now its even difficult to load up the SL site.


    Oky (I was dancin, dimmit!)

  325. teddywishbringer says:

    Land sales listings aren’t updating either. I’m staring at the same pieces of land that SOLD OVER AN HOUR AGO!

  326. Dave Koli says:

    Even after dragging the app from the .dmg to the applications folder, I’m still getting the viewer crashing on launch on my Intel Mac Mini, OSX and SL 1_12_3_4.

  327. I submitted a report to already, but I can not launch the new version on my MacBook Pro (yes, even after following the directions and launching the app from the Applications directory). It does launch the application, shows me the new release notes and then completely seizes up and generates a crash report. No word back from Linden. Anyone else having this problem? Any work-arounds?

  328. Jamie says:

    Okay your update sucks cant log in fix it!

  329. Jordon Jensen says:

    Shakes My Head…………An another amazing &*$)up…………nothing is better…still gray…still lagged to hell….still packet loss…FROM YOUR END…..still bandwith problems….

  330. lazygardens says:

    So far, I have been told to download the update THREE TIMES

    I managed to log in once, but was directed to a “nearby” grid on the Beta grid\1

    And now the update installation is failing!

  331. lazygardens says:

    Found the problem … the earlier version of secondlife.exe stayed running as a process, even during uninstall.

    Killing process and deleting the directory manually and re-re-reinstalling seems to have done it.

  332. Seeker Yuequi says:

    I had a lot of lag at first… packet loss was 10 – 15%

    Logged off, cleared cache, and all seems to be better now.

    So far so good for me.

    Remember, the Lindens are trying to do something VERY complicated on MANY levels. Don’t forget to give them the credit they deserve also… not just the complaints. They are human… in RL at least. ๐Ÿ™‚ And as humans, they need the thanks as well as the bitches. We all do.

    So for my part, Thanks to all of you who make this happen.

  333. Blanche says:

    Lothlorien is GONE… and Arwen’s cottage too, with all the pretty flowers and free boat ride and the ship in the sky and all the pretty sky balconies….

  334. Rokky Ristow says:

    Here’s one “noob”‘s comment. It’s 10:30 pm EST on Thurs., Oct. 25. After responding appropriately to the new download instructions upon my initial log-in about an hour ago, I got first a “download complete” message followed by an error message reading (my quotation marks):

    “ShellExecute failed. Please try again later.”

    So I did — logging off, rebooting, etc., e.g., as many variations of “try again later” as possible. Same error message. (Yes, I initially allowed the program to access the ‘net when my virus/firewall protection queried.) But still, after repeated tries, no connection to SL.

    Anyone else get this message? Solution? Scanning the comments here, I don’t see anyone weathering the same issue. Is it my computer? Or is it just heavy traffic and all will be resolved in the morning, EST?

    Thanks to anyone who cares to weigh in. — RR

  335. throwdini says:

    Add me to the list of people who can’t get the new client to launch in Mac OS X 10.4.8 (PowerPC G5, 2GHz, 1GB RAM). Anybody have success conquering this? My gut tells me it has something to do with the web interface on the launch screen, but since it won’t launch I can’t really say. Are Intel Mac users having better success than PowerPC users?

  336. Will you confirm that there is a problem with the payment system? I have paid and been paid and nothing shows up in the transaction history. I have not seen it posted by anyone at LL. LOL

  337. pup witherspoon says:

    Transaction History is NOT Updating – however the L’s appear to be making it to my account – but this is a real problem. .we depend on that spreadsheet to run our business and track our income/expenses.

    What’s going on ?

  338. Tony Tigereye says:

    The transaction history isn’t updating for me either. this needs to be fixed ASAP!!!!

  339. For those who really don’t want to see the login screen, you can bypass the login screen altogether by adding the -login switch to your SL shortcut

    On a standard windows installation the shortcut’s target field would look like

    “C:\Program Files\SecondLife\SecondLife.exe” -login YOUR-FIRST-NAME YOUR-LAST-NAME

    replace the YOUR-… with your avatar first name, avatar last name, and your password.

    You can make two shortcuts, one for starting direct, as above , and one for starting with the login screen, for when you want to select your starting location or change preferences before starting or possibly look at the stuff on the login screen.

    I have one for starting direct on my Start menu, and use the one that SL creates for when I want to see the login screen.

  340. megs says:

    look your program keeps crashing wtf

  341. S Toonie says:

    Third post about this. Anything I create as clothing is picking up the default “new pants, new shirt” once the item is passed to another avi or when I’ve logged out and logged back in. Please someone update on this.

  342. Ashrilyn Hayashida says:

    S Toonie: I created a shirt, renamed it, set it to be green and zebra-textured, and passed it to someone. They wore it, and it showed up properly. I don’t know what to suggest. :\

  343. S Toonie says:

    Maybe I should have been more specific. I think I was in my first post. This is with textures uploaded SINCE the update. I upload, I create, I save. When I then pass it or log out it defaults to a “new shirt” in appearance and on the avi while staying “green zebra striped” in inventory.

  344. Lewis Nerd says:

    I can’t find the “Turn off the unnecessary clutter on the login screen” checkbox in Preferences, could someone point me in the right direction please?


  345. ariannaoranos says:

    I logged in yesterday, about fifteen minutes after the grid went back on. While the sim I was in looked pretty much ok and the avatars didn’t stay grey or with missing textures on them for long, I noticed that the two parallel bars on the screen’s top right went red for almost the whole time I was logged in – I think this means there was heavy packet loss – , whenever I stood up from a poseball (for instance a sitting poseball on a chair and whatnot), I spent a few moments flying high like a bird in the sky and the movement and camera controls responded with some tardiness. And then it crashed. I’ll try again today.

  346. s toonie says:

    Okay one last update on my texture issue..apparently it’s not only textures uploaded after the update. I passed a full perm texture to another avi that was uploaded before the update. The second person created the shirt and it defaulted to new. However, it seems that after 3-4 hours if you keep using it, it finally sticks. I’m not sure WHAT that’s about.

  347. Tara Tagore says:

    Help !
    I have downloaded the new version 3 times now and as I am in Tonga at the moment trust me its not so easy ,3-4 hours each time, every time i launch it , it quits on me
    was working fine till update… now can not even launch it , I am on a mac

  348. curtisboy123 yorkshire says:

    Has anyone noticed this yet, when i tryed to log into my account today i couldn`t it always seemed to say (login failed, make sure caps lock is off or the name and password is correct)

    what is the problem with it?…

  349. Nad Gough says:

    @Lewis Nerd
    “I canโ€™t find the โ€œTurn off the unnecessary clutter on the login screenโ€ checkbox in Preferences, could someone point me in the right direction please?”

    @Lewis Nerd (earlier)
    “All I saw at login was a black screen saying โ€œLoadingโ€ฆ.โ€ and I just hit connect and Iโ€™m in.”

    glad I could help.

  350. Jonathan says:

    I don’t know what this was supposed to fix, but I have had more crashes in one single day than I have had in the entire month that I’ve been playing.

  351. Rokky Ristow says:

    Still cannot complete the download and install — same problem as I reported last night:

    After doing the download I first get a “download complete” message followed by an error message reading (my quotation marks):

    “ShellExecute failed. Please try again later.”

    So I did — logging off, rebooting, etc., e.g., as many variations of “try again later” as possible. Same error message. Even tried disabling the firewall and virus protection. But still, after repeated tries, no connection to SL.

    What’s going on here?

  352. rokkyristow says:

    I can’t complete the full download/install process after trying for some time last night and then again this morning. After starting the download it APPEARS to run through to completion as I got first a “download complete” message. But that was then followed by an error message reading (my quotation marks):

    “ShellExecute failed. Please try again later.”

    So I did — logging off, rebooting, disabling firewall/virus, etc., e.g., as many variations of “try again later” as possible. Same error message. But still, after repeated tries, no connection to SL.

    What gives? Scanning over the remarks here I don’t see anyone else experiencing the exact same issue.

  353. Gillian Waldman says:

    I crashed several times last night and my packet loss was almost entirely maxed out – even at 1:00 a.m. ET (11:00 SL time). Some sims never rez’d at all…even after log-in.

    Very disappointed in the upgrade so far…just as many missing images as before…

    Hopefully this evening will be improved.

  354. Dovic Battery says:

    Maybe it’s just me i dunno.. but i’m not bitching about the latest update, just stating facts.. everything was running pretty good the last few days, now we update and its taking forever to rez up for me…and i even lowered my settings so i wasn’t trying to push the limits.. just seems odd i have seen people say how much better it is ,when for me it is a lot worse than the previous update.

  355. Fron says:

    There is no way to normally play SL now. The situation is much worse than before upgrade to 1.12.3. Boys… there was a lack of testing, ha? I am a paid user & and i’m little dissapointed….

  356. sierraguy says:

    I’m completely blocked out after the upgrade. SL application crashes before the login screen appears. No problem like this since my ‘birth’ in August.

    Apple Power PC G4
    Latest version of Mac OSX

    Tried to download a new version and just replace the old. The .dmg folder won’t open.

    Have spent over $100 real USD in SL, just spent $50 on a sexgen bed. I would like to play with my friends and stuff!

    Can LL please acknowledge the issues in the official blog? Whats the timeframe for fixing? Can you be Mac spefcific in your instructions. Also, many of us are not high tekkies….

  357. ariannaoranos says:

    Packet loss is atrocious. It’s always firmly in the red and sky-high. And chatting sometimes can be a bizarre experience, like an interview with Syd Barrett: you type NOW and what you typed appears two or three MINUTES later. This is ridiculous. Also, when you stand up from a sitting poseball, you go flying in the sky. Ugh. Thumbs down. Linden Lab should have addressed THESE issues, they should have ensured that moving, chatting and rezzing would run smoothly rather than making artsy-fartsy login screens.

    Fancy-pansy login screen: useless and should NEVER have been a priority

    Smooth and fast rezzing, moving, chatting: THAT’S what LL should have ensured.

  358. Gillian Waldman says:

    I like the new log-in page a lot. But what concerns me is the packet loss (never ever had this problem before) and atrocious rez’ing problems. Hopefully everything will return to “normal” soon. I know that the Lindens are working on it but this is critical to the residents and must be the priority. I can live with the missing images if I can at least see my house again soon…

  359. Ace Middle says:

    Since downloading the latest version I am unable to connect. Where do I go from here?

  360. Rizzi says:

    Heya, any word on when i might be able to log on? sayin theres a problem from too many people O.o

  361. Honnou says:

    I’m having the same problem as Ace Middle – I can’t connect at all.

  362. I am seeing sizeable increases in packet loss compared to before. Ping Plotter studies using the standard Linden ping address show these aren’t a local ISP problem, but originate closer to SL’s hosts.

  363. ariannaoranos says:

    “2:55PM PDT: Since the grid reopened, we have received reports of packet loss, teleport failure and other abnormalities in-world. These appear to be caused by heavy traffic. We are working to increase bandwidth and expect this will resolve the issue. More updates to follo”2:55PM PDT: Since the grid reopened, we have received reports of packet loss, teleport failure and other abnormalities in-world. These appear to be caused by heavy traffic. We are working to increase bandwidth and expect this will resolve the issue. More updates to follow.”

    Well, LL should NOT have gone on this publicity frenzy BEFORE increasing its bandwidth. No, I refuse to believe that this heavy traffic must be solely attributed to the Yahoo! publicity. SL has been featured in many magazines (computer-related AND otherwise) and newspapers worldwide very often over the past few weeks. Guess what? Those features were invariably translations of press material already available on SL’s website, so I am led to think that LL did in fact endorse this heavy publicity. Let’s face it, LL’s management doesn’t know how to schedule its publicity campaigns, something entirely unacceptable, knowing that they are, for the most part, seasoned top-ranking staff from software companies.

  364. Lisu Fabre says:

    With the amount of noise in the comments field attached to this post I’d be surprised is this was read by anyone… but here goes:

    After the update my Mac OS X SL client would crash every time on start-up before I could log in. I have found the problem in my case to be related to a setting in settings.xml at this path:

    /Users//Library/Application Support/SecondLife/user_settings/settings.xml

    it has to do with the UIScaleFactor setting:

    this causes me to crash on start up

    this allows me to start up ok:

    I can change the UI scale factor to anything with no problems while SL is open, but if It is 0.8 or below on startup then SL crashes.

    if in doubt remove the settings.xml file and then try to start up – SL will create a new settings file. Just be sure to not set the UI Scale to 0.8 or less.

  365. Lisu Fabre says:

    Tying again – realising that I can;t use %lt; or > in my posts ๐Ÿ˜‰

    With the amount of noise in the comments field attached to this post I’d be surprised is this was read by anyone… but here goes:

    After the update my Mac OS X SL client would crash every time on start-up before I could log in. I have found the problem in my case to be related to a setting in settings.xml at this path:

    /Users/%lt;yourusername>/Library/Application Support/SecondLife/user_settings/settings.xml

    it has to do with the UIScaleFactor setting:

    this causes me to crash on start up

    %lt;UIScaleFactor value=”0.75″/>

    this allows me to start up ok:

    %lt;UIScaleFactor value=”1″/>

    I can change the UI scale factor to anything with no problems while SL is open, but if It is 0.8 or below on startup then SL crashes.

    if in doubt remove the settings.xml file and then try to start up – SL will create a new settings file. Just be sure to not set the UI Scale to 0.8 or less.

  366. Malcom Dunheved says:

    I enter todai in SL but after the lol in in only few seconds the system become fozen….I try to re log in again many times but the result was always the same…. anyone can help me?


  367. ariannaoranos says:

    A turtle suffering from arthritis wouldn’t be THAT slow.

  368. i’m seeing 50%-60% packet loss in spurts, even when a sim isn’t crowded. big red bar on the left.

  369. i also saw a IP 17 port 33298 being used by the Linden Labs server and being rejected by our network firewall, a port number which is *not* documented in the online information regarding firewalls. is this a new requirement? i unblocked it, but i don’t know if this is a range or a singleton channel.

  370. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Packet loss is still all over the place, as of right now.

    Bandwidth issues have not been resolved as far as I can see, if what you mean by bandwidth is related to this packet loss.

    I hope you mean you are still working on the packet loss.


  371. Tervicz says:

    I’m sorry, but the lags and bugs seem to hit not only my SL client but the rest of my computer as well. I’m concidering removing the client if the problems continue. I will report the bugs.

  372. Sae Luan says:

    I’m having the same problem as S Toonie. Everything I have created since the update clothing wise has shown up as default “new “clothingpart”” in appearance mode, but when I check it against what is worn in my inventory, I am still wearing the shirt called “skull shirt.” Sometimes the shirt is just fine until I go into appearance mode to edit it, and then it immediately turns white and back to default. This happens with all my clothing parts that have been created since the update, even using textures uploaded before the update. I obviously am having a hard time making any clothing to sell because of this.
    This is really annoying…can you please address it?

  373. yes, the packet loss comes and goes. if i haven’t rebooted my entire system for a while, i no longer dare bring up SL client. also, increasingly, it doesn’t play well with other things running on the system. (running WinXP SP2.) for someone very much into “always on”, that’s bad, as i typically run a browser (FireFox), a day planner, and an editor, always. i would run external chat, but i think that’s askin’ for trouble.

    some hint: even when your client is fresh, when you TP into a world, simply don’t move for several minutes. then try to turn. if packet loss drops off, you’re past the point where it’s critical.

    expect it to spike later, however, for seemingly random reasons.

    Saturday night, SL was essentially unusable for me. i don’t know if it was the sim i was on, the number of people, or the weather. lag was horrible, not necessarily well correlated with packet loss spikes.

    a question to the Lindens: how reliable is the packet loss measurement? is there a Knowledge Base writeup about it some place? i’d like to run my Ping Plotter the same way and localize the problem. i still am willing to accept the idea that there’s something with my setup or ISP that could be wrong. that would be GREAT. i could DO something about it then. but if it’s Linden Labs, that’s beyond my control.

  374. Cocoanut Koala says:

    As far as I can tell, it’s on the LL side, because it started with the new update and hasn’t improved at all. Saturday night was terrible for me, and so has been today.


  375. Ruby says:

    I can’t get this new version to work on my Mac (OS 10.4.8) at all! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    No SL for me.

  376. Renton Eretz says:

    I would like to add to the reports of heavy packet loss (lag). It has been about 10 times as bad with the latest update. I don’t accept the reason being heavy traffic. The difference between this update and last is too large for it to be an increase in traffic. I prefer the previous situation with missing textures to this increasingly frustrating experience. Not only do things I say appear minutes later, but also out of order! And forget simply walking around.

  377. MrKnowitAll says:

    Just a shout to say good job. I like what I’m reading.

  378. Jayzsucks says:

    I’ve just about had enough of all of it how about you?

  379. Bumpers says:

    Wow. Thanks for such a great post!

  380. ScoutBadges says:

    You guys rock. Keep doing it!

  381. BeadsareNice says:

    What in the world is he talking about?

  382. homebased says:

    I have no idea what that was all about?

  383. So some dude lost a bet and is changing his name to Peyton Manning? Poor guy. That’s pathetic, just like the Bears performance!

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