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[CLOSED] Updating Your Credit Card Issue

[UPDATE 25 April 08, 3:40 pm Pacific] Our payment processor has fixed and tested the process.  All card operations (including updates) are now running within normal time frames. ***** Due to an issue with our payment processor, we are unable … Continue reading

Posted in Customer Service, Service Status, Website Status | 149 Comments will now immediately fetch you the latest release version of Second Life, no questions asked. We figure out your operating system based on transparent information that is included in every HTTP web request made by a common browser. However, … Continue reading

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Land Store Re-Opened, Now with More Space

The land store upgrade is complete. Here are the changes: I expanded the reservable area by 300 units west, 100 units north. The land store now displays the X, Y coordinate more for many “unavailable” messages. In order for you … Continue reading

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Land Store Downtime Next Monday: Upgrade!

The Land Store will be coming down next Monday in order for us to attempt an upgrade. Several improvements are planned: We will expand the reservable area by 100 units on the west, north. We will now display the X, … Continue reading

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Website Load is a Balancing Act Now

When I started doing operational work, we only had 2 webservers, and that was more than plenty.  They had been fairly well configured, performance-wise; most of the time, they just sat idle, actually. The media attention, the growth, and new … Continue reading

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In World L$ Balances Not Updating After Buying L$

I’ve already covered this earlier with Blue’s post, but it’s worth repeating again: If you use the in-world Buy L$ feature to purchase Linden Dollars, your L$ balance in-world will not automatically update. Any of these conditions will fix the … Continue reading

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[TRANSCRIPT] Technical Town Hall with Cory Linden

The following is a transcript of the Technical Town Hall with Cory Linden, held on December 20, 2006 @ 2:30 PM PST. Cory Linden: Good afternoon and thank you all for showing up. It has been far too long since … Continue reading

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