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Second Life Viewer Susceptible to Quicktime Security Flaw

We were alerted a short time ago that a QuickTime exploit has been discovered which may allow an attacker to crash or exploit the Second Life viewer. The Second Life viewer uses Apple QuickTime to play videos and streaming media. … Continue reading

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[RESOLVED] Second Life URL Handler Exploit

Note: ¬†This was¬†resolved on the Public Issue Tracker, but never closed on the blog until now.Our apologies for any concern this untidy loose end may have caused. — teeple, 28 Mar 2008. Due to a URL handler vulnerability, we advise … Continue reading

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Embracing the Inevitable

In 1993, NCSA released their liberally licensed, but proprietary, Mosaic 2.0 browser with support for inline images arguably heralding the start of the web as we know it today. In an act of either acceptance of the inevitable or simple … Continue reading

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Missing purchased items returning

The bug causing the occasional missing inventory on re-log has been located and corrected. All new purchases will work as expected. All inventory purchased since 2006-10-11 and before 2006-10-17 18:00 SLT is being returned to the Lost & Found folder … Continue reading

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Web Services Serialization Format

Linden Lab’s upcoming web services format is simple, consistent, robust, readable, flexible, and covers all necessary information faithfully represent REST systems. We will represent all data with two container types for structure and a set of atomic types serialized to … Continue reading

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Second Life IPC

Other than back-end asset storage and lsl generated calls, the interprocess communication in Second Life falls into one of three broad categories. The low latency messaging system over UDP with application state and packet reliability, remote procedure calls over HTTP … Continue reading

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GDC 2006

As the years have passed I have been reaping diminishing returns from the lectures at the game developer’s conference, so I spent most of my time there in roundtables. This offered a great opportunity to talk to the more interesting … Continue reading

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