[CLOSED] Updating Your Credit Card Issue

[UPDATE 25 April 08, 3:40 pm Pacific]

Our payment processor has fixed and tested the process.  All card operations (including updates) are now running within normal time frames.


Due to an issue with our payment processor, we are unable to update your credit card information at this time. Attempting to delete and update your credit card will be indefinitely delayed. You may enter card data but it will not be active in our system for potentially several more hours .

If you have valid credit card or payment information, you can continue to USE it with no problems- this only affects updating card information, or initial card data entry.

Updating Paypal payment information is completely unaffected.

We are working with our payment processor, and credit card updating will work as normal as soon as their issues are resolved.

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149 Responses to [CLOSED] Updating Your Credit Card Issue

  1. Lillie Yifu says:

    The recent problems should be a lesson that the most important thing is infrastructure. Please pull work on non-critical pixel pushing such as

    “Facelift” of forums
    “Facelift” of blog

    And focus instead on getting underlying issues such as

    Asset Server
    Payment processing, including stipends and credit cards
    Server stability
    Client stability

    It is time for Second Life to be a product company, and products work at least some fraction of the time. It would be helpful if more patches from the open source community were accepted, more beta testing went on, and the jira process made accessible in world more easily… though the inclient browser does work to fine jiras.

    You will hear this a thousand times. In cases like this, I hope LL will make sure that people who are affected by this issue will have time to switch cards to make payments.

  2. Darien Caldwell says:

    Does this have any bearing on the fact that Residents are being banned in SL and left with no recourse to get their accounts restored? Read my blog for more details: http://dariencaldwell.wordpress.com/2008/04/24/lls-secret-shame/

  3. So how can pay if i dont have any credit card?

  4. Meta Starostin says:

    The teams working on web related issues and hardcore SecondLife client issues are completely unrelated. Also they are 2 different teams.

    If they pull web-related teams off, Linden Labs will probably have to lay them off!

    Glad you are not ruling the roost. Typical poor thinking & and philosophy from fools who know nothing about innovation, software development and high-end network engineering.

    Hell its totally amazing they have come this far with it after only 5 years.

    ummm – have you contributed anything in the way of code?

    Its an Innovation company!!!!!

  5. River Ely says:

    Offers thoughts of support for the teams in Linden Labs, the need to be open about failures cant be the best moral booster for hard working teams.

    I invite friends using Second life to keep this in mind when making comments. Whining and Moaning only fuels apathy and we need our Linden boys and Girls to be top notch, A1, super fantastic, Coolio, Hunky Dory as they provide, overall, a great experiance that is unique in this (or any) world. Go Team.

  6. Blinders Off says:

    @1 Lilly. You are 110% right… and LL has been told this 110 bagillion times…. and sadly ignored it about that many as well. They put thousands of man hours into developing Windlight while far more important things go unheeded. I’ve pretty much given up on the company. Waiting for the next one to come along and eat their lunch.

  7. Blinders Off says:

    @4 Meta. 5 years? Uh… try 8.. and counting. And after 8 years of coding, the SL platform should be stable as a rock.

    Lillie is completely right. And to use your own condescending phrase… good thing you’re not in charge of SL. Oh wait… maybe you are… LOL


  8. What else is left for the Lab to break??????

  9. Emile Destiny says:

    Ooh I have problem with login now, could not login, Is login unable to use now?

  10. saddeneyes says:

    @8 The program system itself 🙂 , or maybe come in SL and break everyone sims up and say oops it was a mistake . I called LL today about my new CC and they didn’t have a answer for me but look they are talking about it on the blog . Now LL what gives , you say if you have any billing questions contact us . Well I did and the dumb guy I talked too said , ummmm I really can’t tell you about your CC . I was like how did you get your JOB ? he hanged up on me . Well if he was hired as a billing support person shouldn’t he know about CC and other payment opitions ? I guess not huh LL ? ? ?

  11. toric says:

    Can’t help but wonder if this consolidated blog gives people an unrealistic impression of how things work. Visually there is the impression that LL speaks with a single voice, and the little category tags and bylines don’t really make the different teams or their roles very evident. On the other hand it is amusing to watch all the screaming at the wrong people.

  12. @ 4
    @ 5
    Speaking the honest truth is not Whining and Moaning !!!!

    Praise it all you want, but I have to wonder how much REAL MONEY you have every invested in world.

    And keep in mind with out the people bringing real money in world there would only be a hand full like yourself and the 40,000 or so BOTs.

    Business people are pulling out daily, this last month alone has killed I don’t know how many.

  13. Neural says:

    @10!!!!! Don’t give them ideas!

  14. MR Little says:

    Yea fix the issues!!! in fact get the guy who cleans the office toilet to help make the servers stable!! OH and when the fedex guys stops by have him check out the networking issues.

  15. Happi Homewood says:

    Don’t worry… be Happi 😉

    Keep up the good work, LL 🙂

  16. Masuyo Aabye says:

    Do people think that everyone at LL knows how to fix asset servers? Somebody who knows how to do clientside programming can fix the current issues? are you for real? it’s like asking a train driver to pilot an aeroplane.
    asking other teams to stop thier work because of other issues is also stupid, why should they stop while the other teams continue to work?

  17. Meta Starostin says:

    “…I have to wonder how much REAL MONEY you have every invested in world.”

    Thousands. All investments have risks. the $US is one example. LOL

    “And keep in mind with out the people bringing real money in world there would only be a hand full like yourself and the 40,000 or so BOTs.”

    Then it will run faster without the JUNK.

    “Business people are pulling out daily, this last month alone has killed I don’t know how many.”

    Business has a false expectation what Second Life is let alone the Internet technologies and the World Wide Web. Also business looses millions on the Web as well, trying to replace it with bricks and morter.

    No wonder there is an USA recession!!!!!!

  18. Jopsy Pendragon says:

    Telling the dazzle team to fix the payment processor is like telling a dermatologist to operate on your heart.

    There’s lots I’d like to see improved in the world of Second Life… not least among which is the rampant savage negativity that greets nearly every single blog post.

    If you people are that discontent… go find some place that makes you happy and stop poisoning our world.

  19. nicole bourne says:

    is buying lindens being affected by this? because i just got jipped out of 30 bucks. >.<

  20. nina says:

    well clearly ll need to restructure then. retrench the dazzle ppl for example, and hire on people to fix the asset server and whatnot.

  21. This is nothing usual. More of the same.
    Screw me Linden long time.

  22. Lillie Yifu says:

    The teams working on web related issues and hardcore SecondLife client issues are completely unrelated. Also they are 2 different teams.”

    So you are saying they are hiring the wrong people who don;t have the skills to work on important issues.

    That’s not an excuse, that’s an indictment of management.

  23. Lillie Yifu says:

    “Do people think that everyone at LL knows how to fix asset servers? Somebody who knows how to do clientside programming can fix the current issues? are you for real? it’s like asking a train driver to pilot an aeroplane.
    asking other teams to stop thier work because of other issues is also stupid, why should they stop while the other teams continue to work?”

    An airline company that hires too many train engineers is in real trouble. A heart surgery unit hiring dermatologists is badly managed.

    Feature creep when the engine is unstable is bad software design and methodology.

    Putting communications directors on pixel pushing in a company with known communication and documentation issues is a waste of resources.

    Having fanbois and girls call people stupid who are pointing out facts and realities… is a good way to convince serious people that a company has gone into a bubble and doesn’t listen.

  24. Remus Lykin says:

    I’m not fully agreeing with your statement that paypal payment information isn’t affected. It’s been affected for a long time, making it impossible for me to use even though I do have a verified paypal account. Perhaps you should look into that?

    I’ve also had problems with using my credit card for both my main and my alt accounts suddenly. A problem that dates back over a month.

  25. Riven Homewood says:

    it’s a matter of setting priorities. If you think something is important, you assign enough people to fix it – unless you have decided it can’t be fixed and it’s better to concentrate on something else.

  26. Meta Starostin says:

    They have people SPECIALIZING in:

    1. Relational database issues
    2. Network engineering issues
    3. Operating System issues
    4. Client software issues
    5. Server Engine issues
    6. Web related issues
    7. 3D creators

    and many more specialities and they all have separate priorities.

    All have different skill sets, backgrounds and methodologies.

    Some people can only see the overall view, perspective and abstract and they assume this and that. Must be management types, “power users” or the other IT expert types – you know – they sit at every desk at the office.

    This is why South Korea has replaced USA as HQ of IT.

  27. Kahn Fused says:

    I would like to point out two things to those who sneer at those of us who are lacking in technical know-how when they post a complaint in the blog to the effect of “please fix stability issues, pretty please.” First of all it many be that the person handling billing does not have the correct skill set to go banging around on the asset server, but without knowing beans about “real innovation” or “serious network engineering,” I think a little common sense reflection should allow someone to draw the conclusion that a company has some finite number of payroll dollars. Further someone, as a dissatisfied customer, might reasonably suggest that those payroll dollars go into, say, getting people with the right skills to go bang on the asset server. Additionally, in response to the fanboy cries of “you’re complaining to the wrong people, idiot.” It is a bit difficult for the average pleb in SL to have their concerns heard. True, there are office hours, which *is* a good thing, but figuring out with whom to speak and when and where that is is not exactly the most user-friendly of experiences for the uninitiated, unless there is a blog post about it, and that is, unfortunately, not the norm. I do appreciate that SL is highly complex, and that the freedom of users to create virtually anything they can imagine is unparalleled. It is this freedom afforded the users of SL that causes many of the difficulties in finding and fixing issues as they arise, but once content creation becomes an exercise in frustration, the chief draw of this platform becomes much less enticing.

  28. Gaius Goodliffe says:

    @22: “So you are saying they are hiring the wrong people who don;t have the skills to work on important issues.”

    Nope, that’s not at all what was said. In addition to hiring people to work on those issues, they have also hired people to work on other issues. Your suggestion that they simply lay off the people who work on other things was just silly, as is the suggestion that they shouldn’t have hired them in the first place. Companies need to do many different things, and thus must hire many different people with different skillsets to do them. They no doubt hired accountants and payroll managers too. Are you going to call that bad management because the accountants and payroll managers can’t help out fixing asset servers, so they “hired the wrong people”? Are you going to call for them to quit doing their jobs too while the problems unrelated to their jobs are worked on by others, or idiotically assert they hired they shouldn’t have hired anyone to do payroll?

    “Having fanbois and girls call people stupid who are pointing out facts and realities… is a good way to convince serious people that a company has gone into a bubble and doesn’t listen.”

    There’s a huge difference being “pointing out facts and realities” and what you’re doing. They don’t listen to people like you of course. No one with any sense would…

  29. Jenta Doodle says:

    whatever you do DONT install dazzle.. i dont care about the forums or blogs but with the amount of bugs now DONT add anything to the client which with no doubt will have more bugs than there already are..

    i am sad and disappoined linden labs does not help us against content theft 😦

  30. Trained Observer says:

    oddly i think ll is in the clear on this one, i think it is the company that processes cc payments that is having the issues.. not sl itself. i could always of course be wrong, bu thats how it read to me.

    “Due to an issue with our payment processor nos server.. it means an outside source i believe.

    However while ill give a pass on this one.. please fix all the other stuff that is broken and put on hold the stuff we dont need yet LL.

  31. Shai Khalifa says:

    For those of you trotting out the argument yet again, different people have different roles, so don’t expect them do crossover….

    The issue is that financial resources are being put into promoting projects which do not add anything to the core issues of stability and scaling.

    Instead of expecting web people to do database work, your argument should be – get rid of or scale back those people, and use the money you’d be paying them to employ people who can work on the core problems.

    Once that’s sorted, then look at the frilly bits – at the moment LL is not spending the money that WE the residents pay over each day and week and month efficiently and effectively.

  32. saddeneyes says:

    @15 What good work you talking about ????

    The last time LL really did do anything is when we had sonic chasing us around on our lands or when grey matter was all over the place because then they had to come in game to fix the bug/bugs …

  33. Nowayout4u Loon says:

    Perhasp with the the recent change in CEO’s various issues might be address. Credit Cards issuers generally are the problem with gliches…Yes, there are issues and problems in SL and yes I spend many $$$”s in world.
    I keep looking for one of you highly tech savy individuals to help resolve the issuse. I’m always blown away that someone was able to create SL in the first place.. Keep improving Linden Labs and hopefully one day we shall have a stable world…You think?

  34. Meta Starostin says:

    Shai is simple

    They interrelate.

    A project might require a DB Admin changing database structure before software developers/web developers can code and test.

    Why you would want to concentrate on only one singular aspect? Would not work. It is ALL TEAM WORK.

    I have been in the industry since 1978 involved in database, networking and software/web development. These skills have hardly ever been used simulataneously except on very small projects.

    Some of you have not got a clue (except for the multitude myths) on how a development team co-exists nor the multitude of problems that needs to be addressed that you don’t even see.

    Go and do a Comp Sc. degree and get 5 years experience – then come and talk tech. And for heavens sakes keep your non-IT management skills well away from our Industry – It is irrelevant!

  35. Tegg B says:

    OMG, it’s all LL fault again that the banks CC system is bjorked. The banks are infallable of course as are ISP’s and anyone EXCEPT LL.

  36. iliveisl says:

    i’m sure it will be up very soon. i do like some responses that tell you to focus here rather than there. lol, like the do the pay dealio rather than the forum. not only do i know that LL has many employees but you sure would not want me as a graphics person trying to code the pay info stuff!

    good luck! 🙂

  37. Chicken Little says:


    Oops! My bad! Only the campers flicking prim boogers across the fence :/

    OK, back to your camping chairs!

  38. Vryl Valkyrie says:

    I doubt I get a response on this from anyone who cares but I have not been able to update my paypal information on THIS account in over a year, even after countless tickets.. There is a REAL problem and someone needs to do something.

  39. Masuyo Aabye says:

    ON TOPIC: Any ETA on when this’ll be sorted? i have the urge to upload textures and create. can’t do it with no L$ though D:

  40. Haroldthe Burrel says:

    Billing issues nothing new with LL. It’s a back and forth tennis match between the bank that has given approval and the LL call center that simply shrugs it’s shoulders. Neither can facilitate what the third party transaction company fumbles and the bank, call center, and individual are all at the mercy of an entity no one can contact. Been going through this every month now.


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  42. Linda Brynner says:

    I could not agree more on #1
    I only see 1 company: Linden Lab, it’s THAT simple.
    They should pull themselves together.

  43. kfakk2 says:


    1. kill all
    2. restart
    3. play stargate
    Thats all.(plz show pics of server rooms)

  44. dumisani says:

    Can you please consider asking those of us with transaction processing experience to help you build your OWN payment gateway, e-wallet included? Then LL can connect to its own acquiring banks directly, be PCI DDS compliant and deal with ML through an AML module using several databases in the US, EU and Oz. These tools are available and they are NOT that expensive, in fact I know they are not because ours can be used in a revenue share basis, with minimum capex involved as can many others.
    Training staff or hiring staff to operate such a gateway is also NOT a hard process for LL to tackle at all. If only the Linden currently handling the 3rd party gateway and your anti-fraud / AML software API can come out and ask for help! Or find another Sidewinder Linden or Torley Linden to handle this – WOOOOTTTTTT – my hopes would be so much higher then 😉 IM me anytime for some help 🙂

  45. Poof Toonie says:

    My CC update wouldnt go through..luckily i made enough lindens to pay my tier for a month…hopefully it will be resolved soon…These are Growing pains…How perfect is your world?

  46. IAm Zabelin says:

    Meta @ 26 … you may be right about the specialists, as they certainly don’t have Specialists at IP (Content) Protection!

    Whats really ironic is how much effort gets put into issues like credit card problems … where LL has the potential to lose a little money (perhaps some interest on payments etc), but major issues like Content theft which are DESTROYING in-world businesses are not even on the agenda!!!

  47. Azlyn Slade says:

    OH I see, so that’s why I paid you $25 a few weeks ago for a past statement and $25 two days and have yet been able to log on when I only owed $25. Got cha! Calls to support have failed, email has failed, maybe a linden will look on the blog and say, oh, er, crud, we messed up. Can ya help already?

  48. S J says:

    @44 I will say it *again* if the content is being downloaded by a client that means IT CAN BE COPIED and there is NOTHING no one can do about it. Not LL, not Microsoft, not you, not me. Just look at movie publishers and the ongoing war with piracy…

    I’m sick of all the whiners, you obviously hate SL and LL so just leave already!

  49. dumisani says:

    @44 IAm, there is never something like a little money loss in the credit card business 😉 LL is a merchant in the interchanges and that means they bare a LOT of risk and loss from fraudulent transactions. My concern is as yours but equally for RL issues as for SL issues, i.o.w. they should be dealing with each in earnest and try and resolve them asap, both in-world issues like content theft, and real world issues like card processing. It should never be a toss-up between the two as each enable the other.
    I would strongly encourage LL to employ RL staff who may not know SL, but do know payment processing/AML well, and to have them take the load off those LL staff members who know SL well and who can then find the time to focus on the in-world issues as you mention and resolve them once and for all.

  50. Linda Sautereau says:

    I rarely respond to these comments because I’m a very busy person (read…I have a REAL life), but couldn’t resist. It is very apparent that many of the “residents” of SL don’t have a clue as to how to run a business, for if they did, they’d be running REAL businesses. SL is many things to many people, so LL has many masters. For some it’s just fun, for others it’s a way to make money, for still others (like corporations, it’s a way to market their products and services. That means that there are many, many decisions about allocation of resources that LL has to make daily that we don’t have a clue about. If they told us about every decision that is made, how would they get any work done?

    This firm has grown exponentially over the last 5 (8?) years. Statistics show that a new firm does not make a profit within the first FIVE years of operation. What began as a game has become an institution with all of the issues and problems that come along with it. If you are THAT concerned about what LL is doing and have the expertise to fix their problems, apply for a job and go help them out rather than throwing stones at a firm that has provided many people a way to become wealthy by sitting on your butts in front of a computer screen. A little less whining and a bit more patience and understanding could go a long way toward making this a better community for all of us!

  51. I love Second Life. I love Linden Labs. I’m just happy to be alive and be able to play in SL.

  52. Roy Flanagan says:

    Alot of comments on LL, I agree with post 4, it’s amazing they’ve come this far in 5 years. And everything they do is new, it’s not new to connect alot of people to each other. But to allow them to create and modify the playing field is totaly new. They are doing everything they can to give us a fun product. And if we don’t like it, just don’t play it. But please don’t complain endlessly. They know their product is not perfect.

    If you can do it better, please go and do it. If not, please shut up.


  53. Mieke Abdallah says:

    My best friends sl account has been closed without a word. Does anyone know where to turn or who to talk to in order to get it opend again?

    Thank you

  54. sniper2670 says:

    1-i havent credit card haw ican can pay
    2- what mean the promotion code in registration instraction

  55. Raul Crimson says:

    @50: Roy, I agree people have the tendence to complaint a lot, but i think the point is we are not gamers, we are customers.

    I can understand that to manage a system like Second Life is not easy, and i’m sure they are doing their best, but it seems is just not enough. Maybe is a question of bad luck, but in the last month all seems to work in a bad way. Problems with Rolling restarts, really bad RC versions, problems with voice, assets, land store, …

    We have to respect their work, but we have the right, as customers, to ask for a quality service, this is not a Beta, or at least, is not supposed to be a Beta.

  56. Leather Chaffe says:

    I note how quickly the alleged experienced IT people forget the recent open cattle call on this very blog for geeks “to save the Grid”.

    I’m of the opinion that if they could fix the problems they would and would not have issued an open call for resumés for qualified people.

    On the topic of the blog entry: In my 10+ years experience in Internet technologies architecture and development, I can say that stuff happens with payment processing providers (like cutting off accounts if the volume or risk is deemed too high; I know it happens because I’ve seen it with my own eyes). Glitches also occur in processing engines. Processors also can be cut off by their providers for a number of reasons including security issues. Or the processor no longer supports a particular bank because that bank won’t deal with them. The list goes on and on. A processor can drop a client if there’s too many charge-backs even.

    Don’t mistake me for an LL apologist. In a case like this, it can be outside of LL’s control. All they can do is work with the processor, keep after them on a ETA on correction or in the case of being dropped, find a processor that can get them up and running faster. There simply *is* no way to predict how long correcting the issue can take. (In that respect, client companies really are at the mercy of the processing companies they deal with.)

    Read the post again — only those who are updating credit card info are affected. Those who aren’t updating shouldn’t have problems buying or selling L$. Paypal is not affected. If push comes to shove, switch to that in the meantime, if possible. Once the matter is rectified, you can do the update.

    Inconvenient? Yes. Earth-shattering-oh-my-gawd-I-can’t-run-my-business? No. Will it be fixed? Absolutely. It’s central to LL’s revenue-earning.

    Don’t forget as well that L$ can be converted to USD and used for LL fees (if your L$ will cover it). I doubt LL will cut off accounts over this. If that’s a concern, open a support ticket (hopefully someone will answer it) or if you’re paying enough tier, get on the line to Concierge. This type of issue affects a minority of users.

    On an issue like this, I’d counsel patience and use the alternate available, if possible.

  57. hugsalot says:

    Lillie Yifu said:
    >> The recent problems should be a lesson that the most important
    >> thing is infrastructure. Please pull work on non-critical pixel
    >> pushing

    And then have these people do what? You really want these people “fixing the infrastructure” It’s not like every Linden employee all have interchangeable skills and job descriptions.

    Sure some times developing new functions and features when the base product is screwed up CAN lead to more problems down the road, but you can’t just give these people the day off from work.

    But if all you can do is point out the facts, and I argue you don’t know all the facts considering you’re only seeing what the Lindens show us (which is damn near nothing). With that said, I’d like to see you do better.

    Plus from what we DO know you exagerate the hell out of it making it sound like second life doesn’t work AT ALL. Yet you call us fanbois “stupid.” You’re the one making assumptions as to how Linden Lab operates, which isn’t stupid, but it’s extremely ignorant.

  58. Happi Homewood says:

    @30 saddeneyes:

    There’s really nothing to worry about, so my advice is…

    Don’t worry… be Happi 😉

  59. mant says:

    are u going to address the current problems inworld anytime soon???

    stale money transfers
    failure to tp
    unable to open groups change informations etc
    the list goes on….

    /me waits for the blog anouncement…..

  60. Alyx Jonson says:

    Why should I worry about this – according to inworld, I don’t have any payment info on file https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-1429 but they still take the money for my account every month

  61. saddeneyes says:

    @58 That is called as LL says a glich in the system, We are working on the problem as you speak or type this in the blog lol, Have you notice even after 59 Posts , LL still didn’t come in and answer any questions why this or that is happening. They don’t want Phil to know they did a REALLY BIG BOO BOO THIS TIME …….

  62. Don’t you have anyone overseeing these kinds of issues? Surely you get some kinds of reports that certain things are going to be a problem if XYZ is not done? You can bet if I have a problem on my horizon I’m proactive about resolving it before it shows up like the eternal bad penny. I can’t believe LL had no inkling it was going to have a processor problem BEFORE it happened.

    The problem many users have with LL is not that things go wrong. It’s that they wait until they do go wrong to do something about them, instead of finding solutions to known problems before they crop up again AND that it seems as though LL does not give a bad penny’s worth of concern or common decency for it’s CUSTOMERS. You can call us residents if you so desire. When I spend upwards of 200usd per month on the lindex, of which LL always takes its service fees and off which LL is making money in terms of the tier fees of store owners where I shop etc., I am a CUSTOMER. As a CUSTOMER, I have the right to expect a modicum of actual SERVICE.

    Whatever else LL is or is not, it is not providing decent SERVICE.

  63. mant says:

    well i totaly agree this service is not aceptable one bit, they really need to put a HALT on all the new USELESS CRAP and really go to town on fixing the current RE-ACCURING problems………..

    one day …. one day will they listen to the people?? this has been going on for months possibly years?? the same problems time and time again effecting the ability to run any kind of buissness in this place.. ggrrr its anoying…. and already i can see numbers droping this will continue if this service keeps up .. its really time something got done. COME ON!


    ANOTHER week of BROKEN SEVERS 6 weeks OF BROKEN BUSINESS TRANSACTION THIS IS SICK LINDENS how long until you FIX THIS….. are you waiting until every business in SL has failed and closed up shop? or until they can not pay there tiers for the month and lose there sims and land?

  65. Tired SIM Owner says:

    Don’t bother calling support this morning, Spike has decided its easier to hang up if he does not like the question.

  66. mant says:

    WELCOME TO THE WEEKEND ——– the most crucial time for buisness in sl but OH nothing works !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Just wonderful… Well looks like my island tier payment wont be given then since I just updated my info 🙂

  68. Web Page says:

    I wonder how many people leave because of lack of features compared to how many people leave because of instability, lag, major hiccups (such as this) and all around amateurish behavior on the part of Linden Lab.

    Additionally, I wonder how many people would subscribe or purchase land if the interface was light blue instead of dark blue compared to if the frame rate didn’t suddenly drop to 1 frame per thirty seconds as frequently (or – novel idea – EVER).

    I’d wager that nearly nobody leaves because of lack of features, there is no “notify” list of people only willing to join when the interface is B/W instead of W/B, and I’ll guarantee that newbies aren’t as aware of new features that they don’t know they wouldn’t have had two weeks before as they are of lag, crashes, and griefers.

  69. Cappy Frantisek says:


    It never was and never will be!

  70. mant says:

    i dont think LL care anymore they have made untolds of profits to be fixed up for life i should expect, so now they sitting back and relaxing and not careing this is the impression i get now.

  71. Knowl Paine says:

    What does LL have invested into SL

    Anyone who is interested go to http://www.IBM.com and take a look at how much a sever cost. You can find them by typing severs into the search bar.

  72. shawnwirtz tiki says:

    Lost 70 % of sales consistantly over the past 6 weeks

    Lost 600. x 3 over night on 3 islands I had to work hard and save in sl to buy

    Has to still pay 295. per month for 3 islands that lost 600.– of value over night and have so many tech issues the past 6 weeks lost 70% of my sales

    I really think that you should not charge the old island owners who paid 1600 for an island shouldnt have to pay for 2 months their sim fee to make up for the instant 600 dollar loss

    Do something to help us out your running all the hard working business owners into closing our doors

  73. Tired SIM Owner says:

    Hooray.. As I said before, I think its time for a true credit and not an offer of openspace land which just raises our long term expenses. That’s not compensation for loss.. its hidden sales

  74. Kyder Ling says:

    God would you LL haters leave the blogs? Seriously, saying that LL is teh doom3d isn’t doing a damn thing and you aren’t helping by acting so childishly.

    I have seen MMO’s have more problem than SL and those people aren’t as rabid as you guys are.

  75. mant says:

    yea but theres a slight difference with MMO’s … care to guess wat that is?????? i wonder… AND NO nothings been done over the past god knows how many months we got the same problems neglating our ability to work constructivly we have every rite to complain when and where we want and i will continue to complain untill there is atleast a middle ground of stability but rite now there isnt.

  76. mant Says:
    April 25th, 2008 at 8:45 AM
    “well i totaly agree this service is not aceptable one bit, they really need to put a HALT on all the new USELESS CRAP and really go to town on fixing the current RE-ACCURING problems………..”

    WOW! You are SO right!
    But I thought this was Second Life blog, not Microsoft. huh. :\


  77. mant says:

    well they could be using microsoft products might explain all the problems lol !!!!

  78. Wooly says:

    So in the meantime I’m looking at not one but TWO nice juicy mainland parcels, that I can’t buy because I can’t give LL a CC and I refuse to hook Paypal to my banking info (which would take a week to accomplish anyhow).

    Thanks LL for yet another wonderful effing weekend during which I’ll wonder why I’m even considering paying for the privelege of playing a game that’s broken 3/4 of the time

  79. Cat Cotton says:

    Oh dear…this is not good.

  80. shockwave yareach says:

    It is because of pathetic performance and quality issues that I won’t buy land or build a business inworld. I can make more in RL without all the broken infrastructure.

    *zips a thumb across a couple of grand* See this Lindens? This was supposed to be yours, as I planned on getting an island at the beginning of the year instead of renting part of one. But no longer – I have lost all confidence in your product. And until it has run almost perfectly for half a year, that will not change. So while this customer isn’t say goodbye, he IS closing most of his wallet to you.

  81. Norma Desmond, junior says:

    hello!! this is over twelve hours now! will all access gift cards work when you have fixed this?

  82. RichD says:

    I, as an IT person, am perfectly aware that the web team is going to be useless at fixing the asset server. But on the other hand if calling in the FedEx guy or the bathroom cleaner will be helpful in getting the job done, and then by all means do it. I think what is bothering us most is how they push their glitzy new client, or show us a brand new forum, yet we hear nothing about what’s going on to address the issues that are really bothering us. Unfortunately we in the US are far too familiar with this smoke and mirrors tactic that is employed by our government to attempt to distract us from the real issues. So to LL, Please continue to evolve the look and feel of the client, and please improve the blog and forum, but what is most important to us is that you tell us & even more importantly SHOW US, that you are making every effort that you can to fix the current problems, and you’re using every asset at your disposal to stabilize what’s already here.

  83. Joker Opus says:

    It makes me lol so hard when I read these blogs; some residents are SUPPRISED when something gets broken.
    Live with it or leave – I don’t care if they break things as long as they fix it.

  84. Big Mike says:

    This should have been fixed by now…i mean then again its LL…guess no one is buying anything and/or paying their tiers, so they should be complaining when payments dont go thru…i dont invest, but this happened at 10pm slt last night…its now 12pm slt and not even an update on wtf is goin, but they can fix the regions being offline, go fig…

  85. Alvi Halderman says:

    So if i am using PaPal Nothing Happens?

  86. Sphire Ziemia says:

    That’s it!!! (In regards to this and stale transaction isses) Seriously, I’m selling my land and downgrading to a basic account. Why should I pay tier fees on land when I can’t make money because my customers can’t buy my products? And I’m also turning all my products to no transfer so when a stale transaction occurs again and again I’m protecting my business and can offer products to my customers with a peace of mind. I have never ever seen so many transaction issues in the last two months! And I haven’t heard one word from Linden Labs about offering land owners compensation. So there happy now Second Life™?

  87. Plum Planer says:

    I am so happy i still are on a free account … and as long as these troubles keep on going.. I will never upgrade . I used to spend at least 100 Euros a month in sl but with all the downtime i am not even able to spend that anymore

  88. Chmarr walcott says:

    hey also dont forget ot actualy punish the hackers you have still have in SL which for some reason you refuse to get the feds in on even after i posted you all the physical evidence i had.

    also dont forget to apoligize to the innocent ppl thats been messed over by the gackers.

    weird this
    hackers hack into accounts get over 1/2 million accounts (including credit card numbers home addys etc) = nothing happens to em there still in SL using alts


    LL’s report to the fed = “theres no hackers in SL”

    uuumm ooook then explane why so many people are sopoooooo getting hacked and why so many people have been affected and all those hackers get away with murder.

  89. bigmoe whitfield says:

    They might be able to offer more free things for land owners but why would they in there right minds offer so many people refunds. thats like taking food out of the employee’s mouths. Yeah think about the people that do the work and there family’s. Ok I shut up now

  90. musha says:

    88@ um explain this, this is news to me. I have been told by ll themselves when I joined that the members profiles and credit card system is totaly seperate and encrypted.

  91. Neiko Nurmi says:

    It’s quite “alarming” this trend of having asset server problems as weekend loads increase. While I must accept Prospero’s claim that this is a “hardware issue”, the frequency and timing of these server problems seems to coincide with increased server load…

    New hardware or perhaps a complete retooling of the asset server configuration sounds like it should be a priority.

    It is also alarming to hear many of the “old timers” say they are throwing in their hats…doesn’t give us newcomers much hope for a stable platform to conduct buisness.

    The concept that there is always someone out there to fill the void is a prcearious one at best, I hope the new “captain” realizes that the old addage “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” is quite appropriate for this situation…

    Wishes he had a spellchecker…:)

  92. Leather Chaffe says:

    What’s become really obvious to me is that people neither read the post nor the comments I left earlier.

    Those of you who have payment info on file already are not affected by this unless you need to *add* or *update* credit card info on your account.

    Paypal is not affected by the problem.

    Read comment 56 — there are lots of reasons why LL would and could be having problems with their payment processor. I’ve witnessed many of them in my time as an applications architect (and I have 10+ years experience in Internet technologies).

    LL is truly at the mercy of the processing company or companies they deal with. If the processing company is having a failure of its technology, every client that processor has is adversely affected.

    Also, credit cards expire on the last calendar day of the month and year shown on the card. If your card is expiring on 04/08, it’s good until 2008-04-30. You’re likely okay for April ’08 tier and L$ purchases.

    You might have a problem with May however. Instead of crying the blues on the blog comments, open a ticket (or if you pay enough tier, get on the line with Concierge) over the next few days and work out a solution with them.

    LL staff know that not all customers are going to be able to use Paypal. Even if it takes a week to set up a Verified Paypal account, you have time to do it. If you prefer not to do Paypal, then get with a Linden and work something out. I don’t believe for a second they want to seize land or kill accounts because of this problem any more than you would want them to.

    I don’t think LL is going to start seizing islands and jettisoning people’s inventories and closing accounts over this issue just yet. Very likely the problem is temporary for the processor and may take a few days for *them* to fix. As soon as they do, LL will have problem free updates again.

    This is a bread-and-butter problem and LL’ll be on the processor to get it fixed.

    Nowhere does the blog post say that you can’t charge to your card on file. It says updating the information is problematic at this time and the update may take several hours to complete. Paypal is not affected so it may be an alternative for some users.

    I’m the first one to say, SL has stability issues right now. Stability of the platform should be LL’s #1 priority. In the past few days, I’ve noted things are a little more stable. I’ve been TP’ing fine, my inventory doesn’t look like it’s missing items, I’m able to pay rent and be paid for purchases and I’m not experiencing horrific lag.

    I find it ironic as many have commented that when it comes to tier and billing, LL systems are never broken.

    Still think so?

    To summarize what I’ve just written:

    If your credit card expires this month and this issue is affecting you, then open a Support Ticket for a billing issue and express your concern to LL, or call Concierge if that service is available to you. (I wouldn’t be surprised if they already have a count of how many user accounts *are* affected by this.)

    I’d bet you a Linden Buck, LL will tell you — “Don’t worry about it; we’ll put the billing through just as soon as you can update your card details,” or ask if you would use Paypal. If you can’t, they’ll work out something with you. I’m willing to bet they already have a policy and supporting procedures in place to deal with this bread-and-butter “crisis”.

  93. IT Protestor says:

    Several people have pointed out that people on different teams cannot stop and work on other diverse projects. This is true, but there’s an easy solution.. outsourcing. The web and forum development can easily be handed off to some company in India or China for a significant reduction is cost. It’s not ground breaking stuff, it’s just web apps. With those savings they could hire some more programmers and network specialists to work on the core systems.

  94. Chmarr walcott says:

    contact me in world its the same name there as it is here

  95. Leather Chaffe says:

    @93 — In my experience, work performed by offshore Third World IT companies “for pennies on the dollar” ranges from poor to fair. They’re fine for basic work and before it’s used it needs a clean-up.

    Skip back in the blog. LL posted an open call for resumés from qualified people “to save the Grid.” There’s a shortage of qualified people in IT, period. I suspect LL staff are so busy right now putting out today’s fires they can’t even think about how to introduce the next round of changes.

    And all too often in software development, companies get caught up in feature-bloat and forget to take care of the basics.

    I suspect LL staff is really hurting right now. They’re running like mad to put out the fires and just when they think, “Whew! That one’s out,” another one crops up.

    Oh, and asset services issues are not new to SL. They were going on long before I rezzed in-world. Right now, things look stable.

    Let’s hope they can stay on top of it. Though I suspect right now their staffing issue is preventing effective change control and planning.

    Again, I’m not being an apologist. Let’s just say I’m seeing a lot of the same issues elsewhere.

    They might want to rethink their approach too. The Microsoft way of releasing software is not a QA approach. It’s put it to market as fast as we can and fix the bugs later approach.

  96. Meta Starostin says:


    Thats correct. Offshoring has become unpopular
    1. The perceived cost savings has not come about
    2. The quality of work is poor (I’ve seen it)
    3. Security issues.
    4. Offshoring steals local professionals jobs.

    4. Check the IT related Union sites on this one.
    3. Have you not seen reports on stolen credit card information and holding private data to ransom?

    Unfortunately there is rampant age discrimination, temporary immigration, outsourcing and offshoring that has ruined many IT professionals valuable careers.

  97. San Francisco is Metaphor for Fools says:

    The world-wide visibility of SL is going to make San Francisco the new metaphor for dufus people who look at their navels while the real world passes them by.

    If SL is not reliable by Monday then forget cashing in. Turn this thing around this weekend or forget it.

  98. Katt Linden says:

    Thanks for your comments, everyone. I appreciate how very much you care about Second Life.

  99. Mavi Beck says:

    Nothing’s working….againnnnnnnnnnn!

  100. Grant Lefavre says:

    Dammit, a while ago you asked people NOT to do transactions, inworld, No All Clear has been given and there is abosolutely nothing about it on this blog???? What is going on?

  101. Come on Katt says:

    @ 98 the question is how much you care.

  102. CatDeville says:

    This same argument goes back and forth, no matter what the original blog post is about. If comments are permitted, we’re going to see this argument crop up…
    Position 1: “Fix the core functionality *first*”

    Position 2: “They’re different teams and unrelated.”

    You’re both right. But what those taking position 2 are ignoring is that *from a strictly business perspective*, is that it’s management’s job to task resources so that position 1 is managed. If you don’t your business goes under. It’s pretty much that simple. It doesn’t matter the nature of your business, whether it’s an “innovation” business or a hot dog stand, that core problem is the same.

    What those who understand business are saying, is that SL needs to prioritize how they manage threir resources so that their functionality is stable, before they over commit resources to ‘bells and whistles’. And what that means from a management position is that you hire the staff that you need for the critical tasks *before* you expand staff for non-critical tasks. No, we don’t expect the janitor to fix the servers. But we expect management to hire more server engineers before they hire more janitors if the janitorial staff is meeting and exceeding their target goals while the asset server staff is always drowning.

    And some of us actually *do* know enough about the IT profession and “innovation” to know that a) some of their staff should be able to be cross-tasked (will have talents in multiple areas), and to disbelieve the claim that there aren’t sufficient qualified IT professionals out there.

    We know this either because we are IT professionals ourselves, or most of our close friends are IT professionals who are either unemployed or underemployeed because of things such as the dot com crash and offshore outsourcing. We’ve seen bright and qualified people in all segments of IT have their careers halted or ruined by the type of problems that @95 and @96 describe, and watched the IT world change because they’ve become discriminatory (in the bad way) and insular. We’ve seen overqualified people settle for 30%-50% cuts in salary and watched them have to settle for “entry level” jobs while entry level applicants were unable to enter the field because companies were asking for unreasonably high qualifications for entry level positions, while at the same time “laying off” mid- and upper level IT staff because they had enough experience to cost them too much money, to minimize their “bottom line” because they weren’t managing the business end of their business.

    I’m not saying that’s what’s going on at LL. I’m too new of a resident to fully understand what’s going on at LL, and I’m not the type to just guess. All of the above speaks simply to general trends that I’ve observed over the last decade of living with and around IT professionals.

    And I understand and expect that SL is and will always have asset server “hiccups”, and crashes will always occur (and those crashes are not *always* a client or asset server side problem,) but I know that the last month or so has been horrendously unstable compared to when I first logged on a few months ago. I also know that if the grid had been this unstable when I first learned about SL and other virtual worlds, I wouldn’t have stayed and played – I’d have sought out a competitor.

    So, what I do see as a resident is that those who are expressing position #1 do have a valid complaint, one which I have *never* seen LL acknowledge or speak to, and as a customer service professional I recognize that as a really bad trend.

    In the many times that I’ve seen this crop up, I have repeatedly seen other residents pop into the conversation with their mantra of, “They’re not the same team! They’re not the same team!”, but I’ve not once seen a Linden or the person posting the blog messages say, “We understand your frustration, and we want you to know that we’re taking the following steps to resolve the functionality problems… ” (We’ve heard them say that they understand their frustration and assure us that they’re working on it… but they never tell us *how* or update us on what progress is being made. So that “we’re working on it sounds hollow.)

    Granted, I don’t have time to read every blog post or every comment, so it’s possible I’ve repeatedly missed it, but at this point I would expect LL to have a pre-worded post of their own to address the issue each time it was raised, to “nip it in the bud” and help to refocus the conversation on the original issue(s), which is updated regularly with what is actually being done to resolve the problem.

    Perhaps this is why they’ve hired a communications professional to handle these issues. And if, instead of worrrying about face lifts, that professional is allowed to focus on ways to better communicate to the residents what’s going on to resolve the issues which are of deepest concern to them, then that will be a positive step in resolving their frustration.

    At any rate I hope that LL does find a way to resolve those functionality issues, and to provide the communication and customer service necessary to keep their economic faction afloat as they do. You see, I think this whole package (of SL) has just such wonderful potential… I think that SL has such great potential in so many ways. But since LL has established an inworld economy which connects with and translates to the RW economy, and that aspect of SL provides a good bit of the fiscal base of keeping SL running, not speaking to those issues, not taking a Customer Service broader perspective has the potential to errode that base and destroy the business from the base up. I don’t want to see that happen. I’m selfish that way… I’ve invested my own time and energy in SL, and see potential for the manifestation of my own dreams and economic progress in SL. And none of those dreams will come to manifestation if the management doesn’t stabalize the grid and start taking a broader customer service approach to satisfy their “paying customers” and maintain their financial base.

  103. Jo says:

    CatDeville Far TMI for a friday night Zzzzzz

  104. Renee Faulds says:

    @98 Katt

    Yes but how much do you care about us as “customers”? When hundreds of core SL businesses are going under from the asset server issues. Your post is like the saying “RESOLVED”. I have read your posts and the blog is “RESOLVED”.

    You post is close to laughing in our faces….

  105. iliveisl says:

    see? that was not so bad all. good job gang! i get really good support anytime i need it from LL. thanks all 🙂

  106. Grant Lefavre says:

    Katt, I’m sure you appreciate how much we all care about Second Life, but such platitudes are meaningless without some action to show us that YOU care about US

  107. Zandor Maltese says:

    Meta Starostin i have been in IT for over 25 years. so if you don’t mind i will say something. this client software has been no better than BETA software for 5 years. sure it’s an Innovative company.
    who from what i’ve seen get their code to work and instead of working the bugs out of their code. they leave the bug’s and start on something else. if they would fix their code base first than then add things on. it would be great for them and even better for their users.

    their are other 3d worlds out there that work great and if they can do it. i’m sure LL could if they would get their priority’s in order.

    just because someone says they need to fix the viewer is no reason for someone to flame them. they are just stating facts.

    as long as LL has had this code they should have 99% of the bugs worked out. and if the developers they have can’t do it then find some that can. thats how business works. if the people you hire can’t do the job you get rid of them and get some that can.

  108. Jopsy Pendragon says:

    We’re are little yeasties in a petri dish gobbling up all the resources.

    And when we run out… we blame the petri dish.

  109. Paulo Dielli says:

    Oh man… this is getting worse and worse. WTF with these credit card issues… PLEASE FIX THE CRASHES !!! Damn….

  110. Meta Starostin says:


    Your comment is welcome, however, you are forgetting a few facts.

    The features and functionality of ALL commercial and in-house software is is mainly demanded from its user-base without exclusion. Period. This is what generates what we call “scope-creep”.

    ALL projects I have been involved in, priorities are set by those in the know and have full working knowledge of the system they are working on; this excludes the end-user.

    Changes to a single part of any complex system, or sub-system (including a simple single line change in the code) WILL have an impact on some other part of the system.

    Typical Client/Server Scenario
    The SL server-side software is continually expanding, improvements and new features etc (e.g. Havok) and will continue to do so for decades to come. What will drive this? The answer is to take advantage of speed and improvements in hardware (server and network technologies) and network operating system capabilities – these will always be upgraded, especially Linux seeing that its open source. Singularity is just around the corner, but not here yet, because of hardware constraints – especially Artificial Intelligence applications. (see Moores Law)

    We don’t have high speed fibre-to-the-node Internet connections yet like Hiro in Snow Crash or fibre optic motherboards and CPU’s.

    Havok has only recently been deployed and will take a few patches yet to clear issues that have not appeared in Beta testing now that its under load but thats life. Taking the fact that the server-side software caters for much of the functionality of SL, the client software will also need changes, otherwise it simply becomes redundant which is why we are all forced to upgrade and basically fundamental to ALL client/server applications for decades.

    Additionally there is the Second Life Beta grid which is completely separate to the main Grid. This is what the Linden Labs developers should be concentrating on and get it rolled out, meanwhile maintaining the deployed production version.

    I don’t know where you have been Zandor, but I have worked on many projects on contract over the years. Many of these projects involve maintaining and enhancing software much older then Second Life – some of the mainframe applications were 25 years old written in COBOL – some of the WAN/LAN applications were 10-15 years old and distributed client/server applications.

    Until not very long ago 3D animation applications were limited only to the desktop – eg 3D Studio Max, Lightwave and Maya etc. The Internet simply was too slow to cope——AND IT STILL IS!

    If you think other 3D Worlds are better then I have to ask the question – Why are you here?

  111. saddeneyes says:

    Katt Linden , If LL would fix what is broken and not worry about making the website or blog better looking , maybe not so many ppl on this blog including me wouldn’t be putting LL down so much, But in my pass 3 yrs in this game LL just don’t CARE ONLY FOR USD$$$$$$$$$ … Which in my book is REALLY REALLY SAD …. MANY ARE LEAVING EVERY DAY . LOOK AT THE LOGINS , there was a time we had over 60,000 online now you lucky to have 30,000 … That should tell you something right there … but maybe you are dumb like the rest are you just DON’T GET IT !!!

  112. U M says:

    Problem is KATT says she cares but she only answer questen she cares about. She never answered mine in here posting about ” I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU” Well Then again how many of these lindens are not reborns.

  113. pantaiputih korobase says:

    @ katt 98: this is a very substantial post 🙂
    cave: irony!

  114. Adham DeCuir.. says:

    Sigh….. LOGIN DOWN.. Yet Again!

  115. BlueBORG Potluck says:

    /me sends a box of tampons to the lindens my gf uses these to stop the bleeding maybe it will work for your script kiddies with all this BS you all are feeding us… just fix it already.. im so damn happy i’m not paying for this type of service and i pitty those that are..

    BTW Katt you fit in just fine typical linden “we care” Bull $hit.

  116. [21:32] The system is currently unable to process your request. The request timed out.

  117. nimi says:

    CAN”T LOGIN!!!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!


  118. Marx Dudek says:

    Yep. Login down. Explanation, please?

  119. Ree Indigo says:



    Yeah, it’s old.

  120. Ok, eejits, SL is a total mess, logins are down, inventory is down, profiles are down, where’s your flipping blog post already? Resolved…. e___e

  121. la le lu says:


  122. migth want to post on the freaking blog that the service is down on a friday night and what you plan to do about it!

  123. Dolcevita Rossini says:

    it will come the day and only campbots are in sl. Is that the future from Secondlife????

  124. maya says:

    helppp i cant loginnn.. and i need a cig.. LOL

    no really i cant login whats up? i was about to finish someth and go to bed 😥 i need to finish it

  125. phantom republic says:

    Okay … next issue … TPs, inventory, and IMs aren’t working.

  126. Rhonda Nessen says:

    Ummmm, can’t log in……….again………?? No blog posting anything about log-in’s disabled, am I crazy??

  127. bob buberben says:

    i am confused.

  128. maya says:



  129. Stacey Rosewood says:

    Can’t login.. TPs broken..

  130. Renee Faulds says:


    LOGINS BORKED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THIS IS INSANE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TOTALLY IRRESPONSIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. Gracie Jun says:

    OK!! Now I can’t even log into SL!!!!

  132. Cappy Frantisek says:

    I’m logging in right now. I’ll post again when i get in……

  133. Private Hicks says:

    Game over man.. Game over…

  134. Elysium Eilde says:

    oh good, another friday night full of planned activities and the grid is down. Should I just stop planing things the one night I have the entire night to be in SL? LL loves to tell the “real world” about “real business” in SL. Well, real businesses can’t run when their prime hours are borked every other week.

  135. Ceejay Writer says:

    No inworld warning – I was in mid-chat with my partner tonight, finalizing our plans for the one night a week this earth’s timezones let us play together.

    guess that skiing trip and a week’s catch up conversation will have to wait.


  136. Nichole Fadoodle says:

    cant login either.

  137. Nalin Nungesser says:



  138. Did the hamster die?

  139. Syldavian Government says:

    You have crippled our important work now, but we will not hold that against you. Also after reading these posts I do believe many of the people who own SL accounts need to learn some patience and how to address the people who bring this fine service to them.

  140. Marx Dudek says:

    Seriously. Almost every Friday night without fail this is happening. Can we have an explanation as to what’s causing it this Friday?

  141. Gracie Jun says:


  142. Nalin Nungesser says:


    We’re all being as patient as we can, seeing that we all can’t log in.

  143. Rhonda Nessen says:

    Oh well at least I won the bet of not being able to log in Friday night hehe easy $20!!!!

    Plzzzzzzz fix log-ins!!!!!!!

  144. maya says:

    not even a damn post saying whatsup yet? cmon LL.. wake up..lol we are here all stressing! and i should be sleeping already if i could had a chance to finish what i was doin.. im freaking out with SL really..

  145. Cappy Frantisek says:

    Unable to Login. I’m sooooo glad I don’t pay anymore…..

  146. Datapanic says:

    CatDeville has it right!
    Me? 25-plus years in IT…

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