Rolling Restart planned for Tue April 29/Wed April 30

One of the changes that went out in the 1.21 Server codebase enables us to alleviate database load caused by “spare” simulators – processes waiting to pick up regions after a restart. Unfortunately, a bug was found that prevents us from enabling the service. The bug did not hold up the 1.21 Server deploy significantly since it affected hosts in only one of our co-location facilities, and the new service was disabled within a few minutes of this being noticed for those hosts.

To send out a fix and reap the benefits of lower database load we need to do a follow-up rolling restart to 1.21.1 Server. (We’re as thrilled as you are.) There are no behavior changes. No new viewer is required. Each region will be given a 5 minute warning and then restarted.


  • Monday 4/28, 5-6pm: Pilot roll to 1 or 3 racks
  • Tuesday 4/29, 5-11am: Roll to half of the grid
  • Wednesday 4/30, 5-11am: Roll to rest of the grid
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97 Responses to Rolling Restart planned for Tue April 29/Wed April 30

  1. Meade Paravane says:

    Any more details on how the change to the spares sims will impact restarting regions, Joshua? Like, does this mean a region is more likely to come up on the same server after a crash?

  2. Thanks for the info 🙂

  3. The database alleviations are going to make a huge difference. Thank God for no new behavior changes and new new viewer being needed. That’s dank transactions. Thanks

  4. pantaiputih korobase says:

    good luck!

  5. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    Good to hear that work is done on making the databases have an easier life 😀

  6. Looking forward to it. Anything that helps stabilize the entire grid as a whole is always welcomed.

    I know there are a lot of people who vent on this blog, I certainly hope they realize what this (and all) server upgrades are all about.

    Thank you, Jaoshua for the touch-base. 🙂

  7. Darien Caldwell says:

    I hope this leads to greater long term grid stability. Then perhaps some other ailing parts of LL’s system can be worked on, such as the customer service and account management.

  8. Cat Cotton says:

    Didn’t we just do this last week? Perhaps over the weekend as well? LL is starting to sound like a broken record.


    Tell me again how this is suppose to make the platform more stable?

    I’m so tired of not being able to just enjoy SL.

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  10. Cat Cotton says:

    News & announcements from
    [RESOLVED] Support Portal Maintenance Tonight: Now 9pm-Midnight PDT Sat 26 Apr 22:00 PM PDT
    [Resolved] Database, asset server issues. Sat 26 Apr 14:15 PM PDT
    [RESOLVED] – Group Payouts Delayed Sat 26 Apr 07:12 AM PDT
    [DONE] Rolling Restart for 1.21 Server Deploy Wed/Thu/Fri

  11. Tommy Bongo says:

    Thank you so much LL! Keep up the good work – you are doing a great job keeping the grid stable.. Don’t stop!


    grr cannot upload textures why is there NEVER any INWORLD OR BLOG POST WHEN these issues happen its been 10 mins already an NO BLOG POST! KATE YOUR COFFEE BREAK IS OVER!

  13. Eileen McCallister says:

    Since last restart the sounds in my objects and gestures stopped working.
    I asked around and some confirm, others don’t have the problem.

  14. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    Considering the frequency of your having issuse like this during and after a patch, the frequency of you declaring a problem [RESOLVED] only to [REOPENED] it shortly thereafter our faith in your ability to actually be able to manage and maintain SL is becoming severely diminished. Good luck with this since it appears luck is the only thing you may have to count on, skill seems to be missing.

  15. Cincia Singh says:

    @8/10 … Cat … we can read … improvements will come only with additional software updates and restarts … chill, relax, and lighten up … it’s not as bad as the blogs make it sound … it’s probably worse but it is JUST A GAME … a little perspective please 😉

  16. Katt Linden says:

    Meade, Digital, Danktransactions, Pantaiputih, Jessica, Ari — thank you!

  17. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    It’s nice to finally see another response from someone who is working to improve communications between LL and your customers. One thing you might try to improve communications is to instruct the various otehr bloggers on teh meaning of [RESOLVED]. Posting that a problem is [RESOLVED] only to post that the very same problem is [REOPENED] shortly later means that it was never [RESOLVED] in the first placve and does nothing but anger and disillusion your [PAYING BUT FOR HOW MUCH LONGER?] customers.

  18. R. H. says:

    Glad to see you keeping a good humour about this Joshua

    “To send out a fix and reap the benefits of lower database load we need to do a follow-up rolling restart to 1.21.1 Server. (We’re as thrilled as you are.)”

    Guess what?
    We are not thrilled
    I am not paying for this forlorn 8yr Beta test now
    or any time soon.

    Bon Chance
    Hope Multiverse doesn’t catch up in the market
    while you FINALLY iron out some bugs


  19. Jarekia says:

    Well I hope it works, I have only been a member for a little over a week, at first I was able to log on and play, now I crash constantly when signing in or when playing and changing hair and teleporting.
    I am so glad I didn’t pay for a membership, I WOULD if I was able to stay on.
    Tahnk you.

  20. Aminom Marvin says:

    Stability-enhancing stuff like this is welcomed, but in the large scheme of scalability it seems like just a temporary fix.

    Can us residents, who feel the growing pains of SL daily, get some info on what LL’s plans are, both short and long term, to fix the major problems of SL? Showing us a gameplan would inspire confidence and show determination to deal with SL’s problems.

    We are in the dark here. Lack of knowledge leads to fear. Fear leads to anger. And anger leads to ranty blog replies D:

  21. Donna says:

    Thanx for the Info! Would help to be able to get Online in the first place *wacks the crappy PC* lol
    Great job guys, great job Katt!

    @Katt. You’re new? Your role is? Taking suggestions?

  22. I thought things are already very stable, if it gets better that is just brilliant!

    However since Katt is on the phone … 😉
    Do you have any news about the “tripping bug” SL has become an earthquake for many of us, very hard to build things especially tiny designs. Havok4 is not good to me 🙂

    Anyways I appreciate all the effort being made, the quick fix of the RC and the inworld messages on the latest failures etc…

    That’s clearly a change and people can you you listenend to us! Thank you for that!

  23. Strange Mandel says:

    I’m really tired of not getting paid for camping in SL. I leave the PC on for hours, return to what appears to be all well, but when I stand no money is paid to me. Given energy costs, I’m losing money with Sux Life!

    Yes, Second Life officially sucks. I’m actually beginning to hate it and hope a competitor comes along very soon. SL is getting to a point that it deserves to die a slow and painful death.

  24. Prospero Linden says:

    The patch specifically rolled out in this release is just a bug fix to code rolled out last week which is not yet active.

    We have a little more than 4,000 simulator hosts in Second Life. Each one of these runs up to four regions, or up to sixteen “openspace” regions. If a host isn’t running any regions right now, or if it is running fewer than the max (4 or 16), it has one or more “spare” processes. Right now, spares poll the database every 5-6 minutes to check to see if there are any regions that should be run but which are down. Typically, we have a few hundred spare processes out there, so if a region is down, it comes back up right away.

    Unfortunately, all of this “spare polling” puts a fair amount of load on the database. Ideally, we’d like to be able to bring more spare machines online without having to worry about whether or not we’re facing the odd concept of “too many spares”. That would allow us, for example, to anticipate new land being delivered by having plenty of spares available before those in land management actually deliver new islands or new mainland.

    The 1.21 release includes a new central process that will manage spares and will manage the assignment of regions to spares. No longer will every spare process out on the grid directly it the central database. Rather, it will contact this management process and ask it (a) what to do, and (b) when to ask again. The code is already out there, but currently it is only running in “load test” mode. That is, we haven’t yet changed the way that regions are assigned to hosts. First, we want to make sure that the management server can handle the load of all of the grid out there polling it. (So far, that looks very good.)

    Because of the bug in the new code, the servers in our Phoenix data center (which currently are less than 10% of the total servers) are not yet contacting the manager in load test mode. The roll this week will allow us to complete the load test, and then turn on the functionality that will reduce the load on the database.

    This isn’t the end of the road, because there are other things that hit the database, and we’re continuing to work on other avenues of reducing load on our central database.

  25. hmr1000 says:

    your database is very definately not working well at this moment. I just tried to log in hung up at the load region, and precache steps and then when loading was finally done got clothing still loading, and everything including the house I was logging into was gone. This happened eight days ago for an entire day when you were having database problems and happened to a friend of mine last night as well. When I logged off to take a nap about 11 30 est things were working well and this has occirred between now and then, and given my expereince with the events of 8 days ago, I can safely say it comes from something you at LL have done and not from my computer.

    I and a lot of other people are paying for a service you are not delivering, and apparently paying for a degree of skill on your part you do not have. I have lost track on how many weeks you have been promising the 1.20 upgrade would bring bast improvements and all I have seen is more and more overall instability on the grid. Maybe it ti time for someone in charge at LL, assuming such a person exists or cares, to tell you either to produce the changes you keep promising or take your services elsewhere and replace you with some people more capable of fixing this mess.

    I am placing this item here in this blog for two reasons, one it applies directly to the state of the database, a question that this blog remarks upon, and to because reporting this as a bug does not good as I did that for most of a day and the problem remained unresolved. Here is hoping the squesky wheel really does get some attention and that others who may be caught in a similar situation will not blame it on their computers and instead put the blames with Linden Labs where it belongs.

  26. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    Cincia Singh Says:
    but it is JUST A GAME … a little perspective please

    Actually LL promotes it as being much more than a game and there are many paying customers who have taken them at their word and endevoured to make it something that will be truly revolutionary. However with the current levels and trends in reliablity this will never happen, Many content providers are becoming fed up with the constant high level of problems and the inability to run any kind of business in SL with all the alerts to not do any transactions and are leaving. At the current rate it will not be long before SL and LL become nothing more than the answer to an Internet trivia question. I will mourn its passing as I was someone who bought in to the promise.

  27. Cat Cotton says:

    @15 Feel free to pay my tier fees.

  28. Cincia Singh says:

    @26 … I understand, hon, but … never confuse marketing with reality, never confuse reality with a game … there are hundreds, nay thousands, of content providers in SL and more coming to the shops all the time. So, if some content providers aren’t happy charging hundreds and/or thousands of L$ for their products let me be the first to show them the door and wish them well in a RL where the challenges are more daunting and the consequences go beyond having to listen to someone flame you endlessly … and by perspective I meant try something new when what you normally do won’t work, I’m sure SOME part of SL can entertain you. I won’t mourne any passing until it is dead, buried and the daisies planted.

  29. C. R. says:

    @23: You camping bots are half the reason why SL is as unstable as it is. You’re causing load on the system for no benefit. You’re also causing the list of “popular” places to be useless because that means nothing but places filled with camping bots. The sooner LL prohibits “camping” altogether, the better.

  30. Cincia Singh says:

    Aww Cat … it really IS about the money isn’t it? You pay your tier sweetie and I’ll pay mine … and my premium membership, and all will be well.

  31. Masuyo Aabye says:

    Camping is a crap mark on SL. Not to mention it probably adds way too much overload to the system. think about it. say theirs 10,000 campers online, thats 10,000 regualr L$ transactions to be made and 10,000 idle avatars connected to the system.
    If anybody thinks that camping is a viable means to get money on SL then they’re stupid. Is it that they don’t want to actually put a few $ of money into it?
    YOU’RE BEING USED. hello? wake up call? they just want the traffic count while you get 1L$ every 20 mins.
    Get rid of camping LL. All those extra transactions cause too much strain, all those idle accounts are wasting your resources.
    Oh and keep up the good work on keeping SL running. If it was broken like people moan it was then how come there’s 58,000 online?

  32. JeSteR says:

    как за регистрироваться?????

  33. R. H. says:

    Masuyo Aabye Says:

    a lot, but has no research and couldn’t back up his/her/it’s opinion if life depended upon it.
    Camping, whether you like it or not, IS a viable means of obtaining some consistency and landing an anchor unto this world.
    I regularly camp a couple of avatars and the income pays MY tier on a small plot on a Private Estate.
    Wake Up call for Masuyo Aabye : If all these avatars are “idle” , your own words, then where prey tell is the load they are causing?

    Get a clue then come back and sit at the grownups table.


  34. Meade Paravane says:

    TY for the details, Prospero!!

    Pheonix datacenter??? That’s news to me – LL is up to 3 of them now?

  35. Draig says:

    I too get frustrated by the frequent.. ISSUES.. But I realize that’s theres gazillions of people, Objects, Scripts, Sims et al running simultaneously, And people are constantly finding new ways of using SL to do things I’m sure even the Linden’s hadn’t expected. Needless to say I can see them running around constantly to cover up newly discvered leaks, And generally deal with a technology and idea that’s years (If not decades!) ahead of it’s time. As good as modern servers and machines are these days, I doubt anything of this kind has ever really be done before so as much as it sucks, I for one am going to stick around and see where this experiment in social interaction is headed..

    Then again, I’ve only been here 3 or 4 days so far..

  36. Sling Trebuchet says:

    “We’re as thrilled as you are.” ???


    There’s a certain note of human-to-human here which is no way even remotely replaceable by the likes of the intensely irritating jokey “the database is feeling better now”.

    Added to this, there has been a distinctly disturbing interruption to the recently normal “we’re kinda screwed right now” actualities and blog posts.

    I sense that a whole culture is under threat here.

    Don’t you realise that if you ‘fix it already’, that a whole purpose of life will be extinguished for some of us??


    I was adapting to Armageddon.
    And you take it away from me????????

    Just kidding with the positivity 😉

    I’d just like to say that I’m very unhappy with you because my ice-cream melted while I was typing this.
    You should be deeply ashamed.

  37. Noisey Lane says:

    There is no doubt LL must innovate and take some risks in implementing new processes – otherwise, there is no ‘revolution’ or advancement that will get us past this difficult time where people’s demands and expectations do not keep up with technology.
    Converging all the elements that make SL what it is means relying on outside service providers and remote hosting. There are inherent problems with this that affect all ISPs from time to time including EFTPOS transaction failures (read real money in real life) – usually due to database loads or hardware failures – sound familiar?.
    New features and code will always be a part of SL so if you’re not into a long term ‘beta test’, well… so long and good luck!
    Maybe LL could ‘freeze’ a solid build and allow people the opportunity to use a ‘retro’ version of SL with minimal features to satisfy all the ‘don’t-keep-adding-new-features’ brigade while still striving to innovate and improve the virtual world experience.
    LOL I haven’t finished writing this thought before it dawned on me that’s almost certainly not possible – or practical.
    LL is much more than a game but Cincia does have a point. We need to keep things in perspective. Despite what the conspiracy theorists say, LL want SL to work as much as we do. Sometimes things don’t always go according to plan.
    I guess what I’m saying is; deal with it.

  38. phor darkstone says:

    i do like the idea of a mon/tues/wends for restarts/upgrades(gives you the rest of the week to sort problems out before the weekend crush)

    that should be the norm not the exception.

    not considering breakage and security exploits, i’ve always found it odd that they would attempt code upgrades late in the week,when any sane IT shop would wait till the following monday.

  39. Renee Faulds says:

    Thank you for the update and catching the bug so fast Joshua.

    Joshua and Prospero – thank you for keeping us informed.


  40. Mazok Nishi says:

    “I regularly camp a couple of avatars and the income pays MY tier on a small plot on a Private Estate.”

    Great, are you able to understand that some indiviuals pay for your Tier with L$ and a certain amount of there Efforts, and what they get ? A System needless hammerd with thousends Accounts useless placed in the world just to provide a cheat ?

    Camping is one of the most urgent Problems within SL but Linden seems to avoid to get rid of it, only one simple change would cause the whole Camping System to collapse REMOVE THE TRAFFIC DISPLAY or at least change the way it is calulated. The Result would be great 1. we would get “real” SL Usage Numbers 2. we would get Rid of thousends of Accounts just polling the Grid, with a myriad of Requests and so on … yes Camping is a easy way for Newbies to get L$ but there are many others, and the dying of Camping will lead us to many new currently unthought of ….

  41. Ciaran Laval says:

    Prospero is this linked to the new land store too? I’m just wondering about the mention of spares before those in land management deliver new estates and mainland.

    Katt no divide and conquer tactics please :p you have to love us all, I’m sure it’s in the small print in your contract!

  42. IAm Zabelin says:

    Sounds great, good luck.

    PS: Can my region be rolled out last? 😉

    Yeah BOTS SUCK … get rid of ALL bots. Real users are battling to get connected … why should there be thousands of bots online. Either that or find a way to ID them, them kick them when real user connections go crazy.

  43. hugsalot says:

    Spare sims? Eh? Database issues caused by spare sims? What the hell is a spare simulator?

  44. aSwede says:

    @24, Prospero

    I just have to ask: why implement a pull method when push is often more suitable when managing resources like this?

    Idle hosts register as idle, and when there is a sim that needs to be run, the server pushes the info to whatever host is waiting in idle mode (with managing to let openspace sims run where it’s suitable). This also adds central control, letting the OPs team know earlier when you run out of spares since there is no need to wait them 5-6 minutes for polls. As an added bonus you can have thousands of spares online, silently waiting for a job, without it putting a strain on the server.

    Letting the server manage the info will take away *all* polling and, to me, makes more sense since the hosts are just dumb clients waiting for something to do.

    Turning it into a push implementation also helps with testing a little, since all you need to do to test the algorithm is to add mocked hosts of different types in the idle list and let it run.

    One could perhaps view this as an instance of the observer pattern, the hosts wait for the data model (which sims need to be run?) to change and then they get an update in the form of a sim to take care of.

  45. Paulo Dielli says:

    Will this have any positive effect on the many many crashes I get since the latest regular AND rc viewer?

  46. Datapanic says:

    Keep up the great work! I am glad to see that:

    “DEV-12952 (and numerous pjira items): llTargetOmega item rotation sync restored.”

    Seems to have worked from the initial 1.21 rollout.

  47. Prawnyloks says:

    Some return to stability for me would be wonderful. Since the “upgrade” a couple of weeks ago my home sim has been virtually unusable. Popping in for a couple of minutes here and there before crashing out isn’t very helpful when trying to run a business there (ticket has been raised – STILL waiting for a reply).
    Being a Mac user seems to complicate issues further. I’m certainly staring to feel like the “poor cousin” in SL. Which is odd really as Mac users are on the increase.
    Currently this is the most unstable I’ve known SL to be since my arrival in Oct ’06, so please, please, please.. a return to stability is desperately needed!

  48. Katt Linden says:

    Hey Sling, sorry about your ice cream! Really, thanks for the positives. Ravanne, thanks for your comment about the [Resolved] etc – I think you actually will see some changes with that, I know the team has been discussing that same issue.

    Ciaran, of *course* I love you all equally! Even if I can’t call everyone out by name, I still appreciate what you have to say.

    We’re working to get you all the information we can, and yes, thanks, Donna, I’m the new Communications person ( and I’m very happy to hear your suggestions,

  49. Roblem Hogarth says:

    -sighs- Folks… I’m a huge SL booster. No no, I realy am!!!

    But I have to say. Its realy hard to plan around a 48-ish hour window… I mean realy, waiting 9am -to 5pm is the running joke, more than than that just isnt funny.

    Look I have been there, and now I’m on the other side of it. Event planning is crazy hard. Please understand… I long for the wednesdays down times. you could plan around it. if it didn’t happen Great! if it ran longer than you thought it would ok, fine. but not knowing anything is the worst.

    …Ok hope someone reads this

  50. Another rolling restart week !

    Glad to have it to fix the OpenSpace lag issues (they are still there).

    PS. Thanks Katt for teaching other Lindens where to enable comments. Leaving them disabled only forced customers to post elsewhere and was counterproductive.

  51. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    Is this going to happen? or has happened?

  52. Nicky Winterfeld says:

    Hey everyone,
    Im New to this second life website and I’m having so much trouble trying to find where I’m supposed to create my avatar. I dont know what to do. If someone can help find out how to do this i would really appreciate it.


  53. Sean Heying says:

    Prosero says: “Because of the bug in the new code, the servers in our Phoenix data center (”

    Ooo, So is this an additional to CA and TX or a replacement for one?

  54. sloopy cooder says:

    I’m concerned about a new datacenter… History proves that the links from Dallas to SJ are not stable – and now we are adding a third to the mix. Now we will need stable links between all three! More to go wrong!

  55. Burgess Miles says:

    it’s now 4.08 am and the restart haven’t even started yet. SL is, AGAIN, behaving very very poorly!!! Tp’s don’t work, clothes doesn’t rezz, prims doesn’t load, gifts are lost…to mention a few issues. FIX THE BLOODY PROBLEMS BEFORE INTRODUCING NEW STUFF!!!!

  56. Burgess Miles says:

    we’re stil trying to get dressed…it’s been more than an hour and a half…

  57. aSwede says:


    As far as I can see, it’s supposed to start at 5AM, unless you’re referring to the pilot rollout.

  58. JessiMcCaw says:

    Well at least you guys can get in… logins have been failing on me for an hour now lol 😛

  59. Phoenix Ember says:

    Promise to be good, crosses fingers & wishes LL luck!
    May I please log on now? :))

  60. Penolope says:

    *sighs* White screen of death when i try to log in..then crashes..lovely

  61. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    still no word if the monday was even done?
    love them updates geesh…

  62. Mortus Allen says:

    Masuyo people have to start some where, those of us either unwilling or unable to use our credit cards out of the gate have all Camped or Money Tree Farmed when we were new. Some still do to top our account and try to be self sufficient in SL while our finances are tight RL.

    Masuyo find me some other form of in world income that pays decent that a newbie fresh off OI can do, and I will relinquish the belief that Camping is a necessary evil.

  63. Dylon says:

    @58 an hour huh JessiMcCaw. I haven’t been able to log in since Saturday. I submitted a ticket through support even tried to get into forums for some Resident Answers and couldn’t get in there either even though I was logged into my account. So this post my be off topic but where else can I go. I just bought my PC not to long ago and it was working fine even with the new (Second Life Release Candidate) and then when the asset server went down I haven’t been able to log in since the crash logger pops up and say “Gathering hardware information,App may appear frozen,Sending to alternate sever,try 1” so anyone have any suggestions love to hear them >:-\

  64. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    Can we get an update on this?

  65. Max Demar says:

    There are businesses of varying sizes watching SL for potential use.
    With the large financial gains that LL could benefit by these companies, I would assume that LL is going out of their way to make SL as stable as possible. New “things” are nice, but SL is and has been feature rich. It would seem stability would be the one and only goal until events such as those that have happened over the recent past would be eliminated and the grid would have zero downtime other than normal reboots of the servers.
    I have referred literally dozens of people from business to SL, to sign up, log in and experience what we all do, see, are inspired by, and amazed by SL’s people, creativity and commerce. I’m looking forward to the time when log-ins and TP’s are taken for granted, crashes are not known to new people and the only restarts are routine server reboots.
    SL, to me and many others, is an extension of 1st Life, and quite possibly the future of the web.
    Kudos to the hard workers of LL, for their time and effort to keep this experience available to us.

  66. Jack Abraham says:

    Katt, Prospero, I’m sure you’re as eager to get this fixed as we are. Scheduled downtime is far, far better than crashes. It gives me a reason to get out into First Life.

  67. @ Mortus Allen and ALL other campers…

    An idle AV still has data being sent between client/server, which takes up bandwidth/resources. You want a way to make L$??? Do what other content creators have done; make something people want; simple as that. If you prefer to sit online camping for hours at a time doing other things in RL, just to make a few pennies; more power to you… All it takes is a lil’ creativity, building knowledge, and textures to create something people desire… When people desire your work; you will make L$ (and MUCH more than you ever could dream of while camping when you find the gold vein)…

    On topic…
    Hopefully the rising/sinking while floating bug will be addressed in this release 😉

  68. Gaius Goodliffe says:

    Phoenix? Oh dear. A number of my scripts have dropped dead today, they’re returning error 408 when attempting to use llHTTPRequest to my backend servers, which are hosted by GoDaddy which is located in Phoenix. I know when you use an llHTTPRequest to try to contact a address, you get the same error. Is the blocking that LSL does for llHTTPRequest now nuking GoDaddy-hosted sites as well, by any chance, because you’re sharing hosting at a common datacenter in Phoenix? This is, well, pretty disastrous if that’s what’s happeneing. I’ve already filed a support ticket with GoDaddy on this since I thought it was on their end (I can make HTTP Requests to many other sites just fine), but now I’m starting to wonder…

  69. Gaius Goodliffe says:

    Wait, actually, I get a different error trying to contact with llHTTPRequest. Okay, it’s probably nothing… probably… I hope.

  70. Gaius Goodliffe says:

    Okay, I can definitely confirm the problem’s on GoDaddy’s end now. Forget I said anything…

  71. Marcus Llewellyn says:

    Just curious… were any Lindens planning on updating this blog post on the status of the rollout? Are are we just supposed to presume it’s all going smoothly? 🙂

  72. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    heh has ANY update ever gone even close to smooth lol

  73. pepita says:

    yea wold be nice if they post when the restart wil begin…toght was 5am sl time…just waste my time….

  74. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    [Update 2008-04-29 5:30pm] We will be pushing another pilot roll to the same 3 racks as yesterday. This will occur at 5pm today. The roll is complete. The schedule below has been updated to reflect this.

    [Update 2008-04-29 9:15am] Just to confirm the earlier update – we’re officially rescheduling the rolling restart to Wednesday/Thursday. The schedule below has been updated to reflect this.

    [Update 2008-04-29 6:00am] Because of the ongoing network problems that we are struggling to resolve, the rolling restart has not begun yet this morning. It will almost certainly be postponed; the rolling restart is likely to happen Wednesday and Thursday mornings instead of today and tomorrow. More information will be posted here as it becomes available.


    So I guess they are trying thier best to hide anything that will look bad like shoddy updates lol figgers

  75. Kristiane Uriza says:

    Day 4 now and still cannot log on.

    Sent a ticket to LL and apparently there are still problems with the databases.

    Really hoping I can get online soon… have urgent things to attend to in SL.

  76. WOW Katt, I have to hand it to you. Some of the complainers on these blogs are so disrepective. Personally I would love a perfect SL. However I don’t believe LL and there employees get up everyday and say. Gee! how can we piss people off to day in SL. OR gee! I want to write endless explanations as to why the technology we have is not doing what we expected it to… I would like to personally Thank all of Linden Labs. My experience has been good. So I think you, LL has a handle on whats happening. Sometimes I am inconvienced but not as inconvienced as RL. lol. And BTW thanks for giving me updates on whats happening.

  77. U M says:

    Laughs at the perfect statement……you have alot to learn. Again what people want is LL to have more human interaction…. if you havent bothered to read the comments here….( which you havent )……LL has a long way to reach its users since they have distance themselves so far away people are losing hope. Depressing? Well no. Is their a possible postive outcome……..I believe there will be. When LL starts beliving SL is full of loyal users that ( well those that pay ). ALong with sharing the human resourse with those paying commerical islands I will say then well be balanced. Until then we still are in a dark ages of little hope and alot of BS that LL continues to read us…..

  78. Angus Dudek says:

    Your not alone. I have the same problem and wish this would be taken a little more seriously and let us folks know who are out of SL and can’t get in what the problem is and how it is being handled.

  79. MarkByron Falta says:

    I almost long for the days when I was a noob and lived in ignorant bliss of a rolling restart. Now those words fill me with nervous trepidation as I realize the fix may break more than it fixes. Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

  80. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    Here it is, Wednesday, rapidly approuching the time when this should be completed according to the orignal post and not one word of update on this. Katt, if you are supposed to be incharge of improving communuication between LL and its customer base you are falling down on your job. Nothing will disillusion and anger your customers lke poor communucations and poor communications is what we have come to expect from LL, you have so far done little to change that expectation. Major services are failing regualrly and we get “happy happy joy joy” posts about roads. new content like roads is nice but totally useless considering things like sim crossing problems and the asset and database systems failing constantly. Fix what is broken and keep us in the loop.

  81. Urantia Jewell says:

    @ 80 Ravanne,

    I was as miffed as you are about the lack of posted updates until I found out that all updates on this matter, as well as any Status Updates are posted on a new page:

    I suppose I’ll get used to looking at the new page for updates but it was much simpler having to look at ONE page only for info about the grid. Oh well. 🙂

  82. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    Just one more way it seems for LL to obsure what is going on. Check the Blog. Check teh blog. Check the blog. hmmm? Lets not put the updates on teh blog like we’ve told them we would, lets put it somewhere else and just orphan the post already on the blog.

    Nothing like clear, open, honest communications.

  83. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    I think I figgered WHY they moved it to twitter.. because we cant comment on it that way. I’m betting they are gona be getting rid of the blog totaly soon that way investores wont see customer complaints or so they seem to be thinking lol

  84. coventina dalgleish says:

    There are certainly problems with SL but the server roll outs are to add further stabilization to the platform and not roll out more bells and whistles. The amount of data required just to support campers must be massive. I have never understood camping from the money standpoint. Sitting for hours for 4 cents to 20 cents per 20 minute period there is no economy in this I might suspect you are spending more on the electricity to power your system than you earn. Well, unless mom and dad pay the bills. When all you have to do is spend 4 bucks for 1000 Lindens. Also the wear and tear on your equipment is another consideration. As far as the traffic goes, when the payments for traffic stopped the method of determining the traffic should have changed. When we look at locations for new vendors the first thing we look for are campers there is no sense in using a location that generates traffic from campers as they are there to make money not spend. So, traffic does have a reverse effect when created with campers.

    During the rolling restarts the grid does behave poorly no doubt about that. I know the blogs have been more open now but this is one subject that really requires no comments as it is a function of maintenance. Just state there will be rolling restarts and leave it at that if there is a problem let us know. What does it matter when they begin and when they end you most likely re log more often than a re start drops you. Yes we do pay to play, well some of us do, but we were never guaranteed a 24/7 active service and I would say if you can not live with in the constraints of the game go do something else.

    Being here for 3 years I have seen times when the game worked better than others but recently with the introduction of H4 things seem to be going in the right direction. The data management system seems to be the focus of the techs now and more power to them as it is the heart of the game giving us more reasons to complain than any other single item. I suppose you can roll data servers and asset servers into a single item, not knowing the structure intimately. It would seem they are intertwined and when one fails the other suffers.

    I do have one request for the lab when this platform becomes stable please leave it alone for a while so we can enjoy it with out the introduction of more things to bug out. We do not need eye candy updates every week we just want a place that does not create more irritation than real life.

  85. U M says:

    “I have never understood camping from the money standpoint. Sitting for hours for 4 cents to 20 cents per 20 minute period there is no economy in this I might suspect you are spending more on the electricity to power your system than you earn.”

    Many have been saying this for a very long time. There was one time a real nut told me “My electric is no more then 25.00 a month for a 2 story home? I laughted I said oh you must be living with your parents. Well little minds about money and having their computers run 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Shows indeed those that don`t pay bills are the campers etc believing this concept of thinking. same idea goes for money tree farmers, pick campers etc. The worth doesnt equal the total value.

  86. U M says:

    83 Tristin Mikazuki Says:

    April 30th, 2008 at 2:18 PM
    I think I figgered WHY they moved it to twitter.. because we cant comment on it that way. I’m betting they are gona be getting rid of the blog totaly soon that way investores wont see customer complaints or so they seem to be thinking lol

    oh sure, specially since a read only blogs/and Forum would solve alot more problems then blog trolls starting problems out of bordom…..

  87. So why can’t you list the 2700 down regions for 3 minutes? Git a blue message, but couldn’t find the post, because it’s been shifted to another site so all the appalling outages, downtimes and problems no longer appear on the shiny web page to mess things up and put off new mugs coming in to the game…

    You said the regions will be inaccessible, what happens if you are in one? I guess I’m not, since I’m still in mine.

    If this is an example of better communication, it’s failed spectacularly from the very start.

    So now we have status on the viewer main page, and miss out on any potential important blog posts.

    Go back to the way it was. If you FIXED the ruddy thing instead of adding in shinies, like we have been asking for over 2 YEARS, then we wouldn’t have to complain so much, and you wouldn’t have post after post of borks on the web page messing up the con trick for your corporates prospects would you?

    Second Bork®. Your Imagination. Your Grey World. Our Incompetene. ™

  88. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    @87 I really dont think they care lol yes they say they do.. but the actions say something very different its also why more of the smaller girds are popping up and less people using 2L..
    It would have been nice if they listened to project open letter.. but after seeing the responce from them we should all have realized they wont listen to us no matter what.

  89. When will this sinking/rising while floating bug get fixed??? I am NOT very happy that I have to buy a tool to stop myself from sinking/rising while floating. It’s 30 days now, and this is STILL happening (Some of us fly while building, and for something to be broken that has worked for YEARS is unfathomable)… PLEASE get this off of the back burner, and bring the floating mechanism back to a working stasis…. 😦

  90. Cappy Frantisek says:

    Yay, can’t do crap again. Database unhappy? Or is it just useless!

  91. Wow; I think an incredible amount of censorship has just begun on this blog, or the blog is taking forever to post. If this posts, then it is surely censorship 😉

  92. Linda Brynner says:

    Since the server update, SL is again laggy as hell. brrrr.
    I have set all preferences to low and still everything renders slower,
    although the bandwidth shows a bit higher than before.
    How odd can it get.

  93. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Well I will give the new server side a few days but the first observations are that it needs more work. I never crashed on a tp until this version plus the freeze lag times have gone up radically now you can expect up to 2 minutes of frozen food. The data servers are dead slow with profile rez not completing requiring up to 10 hits.

  94. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    This is becoming well just pathetic you people do not seem to be able to do anything confidently teleports are again borked logged off no log on nice going.

    It seems as if you people have no idea of what you are doing just using the game as a dart board. Well thats the way I am beginning to feel why bother to take delivery of my new island if I cant even teleport to it. Keep up shooting yourselves in the foot and you wont have any support from we old customers.

    As long as you look at it as a joke you will be the joke and we the fools for hoping after hope that you pull your heads out soon for a breath of fresh air so you can see whats on its way from the mist targetting you

    Again another day when the upgrades have failed

  95. U M says:

    Yes but we have a pretty HOW TO DO…………….Well then again who cares if we have 30% borken game to start with………Pointless waste of human resources……….

  96. Long Term Business Owner says:

    @30 Cincia Singh

    Cincia? You on crystal meth?
    Or using daddies CC?
    Basic Business Model:

    Customer pays for service that service provider outlines.
    Service Provider does not provide the service initially outlined but continues to expect customer to pay the same fees.
    Customer gets angry.

    Doesn’t take rocket science to work out the basic fundamental issue here.

    I can only assume your trying to antagonise people here, “playing” dumb as no-one in the world can be that brain dead.

  97. Long Term Business Owner says:

    I have been saying this for a LONG time now.
    Just as ANY company that monopolises a particular market..because they are the only provider of that service.. LL wont “really” pull their fingers out until they have some competition.
    Right now, where else are the content creators gonna go?
    There isnt any other world like SL..and all those that say “Im gone” log in under one of the alts.
    LL can see this.
    I doubt very few people actually leave or take action.
    You mark my words… ( and it will come ) when there is another SL type world out there…LL will be hiring, firing, and bending over backwards to keep their customers.

    There is no ship to jump to right now.. so LL will take their merry time safe in the knowledge that ” we dominate the virtual world with rl economy market”

    British Telecom used to be the only telephone provider, they treat customers like crap, cutting them off if they were a week late on their bills…charging what they liked.
    Then the law changed and they HAD to rent their cables to other new companies….all of a sudden BT were cutting costs, more relaxed on late payments, going ” all out ” to keep their customers..

    Its exactly the same situation and I dont blame LL for their attitude… its common place when you monopolise a particular market.
    And of course they are going to hide the blog comments..thats exactly why the twitter has been released.. LL dont WANT potential customers/business seeing the disgrace of their paying customers…whether its deserving or not.

    I cant stand here crtitising LL.. ” walk a mile in my shoes” and all that.

    Yea I lost money from my business…but I have no choice but to wait and hope LL sort it out.

    I understand the frustration of piss poor customer care however,
    THAT is disgusting.
    I call accross seas to get “some” help on the fact the New Search doesnt work for me and never has and I get told to issue a support ticket and we ALL know where that where.

    I havent even bothered checking to see if they have responded.
    I begged them to look into it
    We pay money.. I pay a lot $500 a month…i EXPECT as a customer to have CUSTOMER service.
    Dont refer to me as a”resident” or by my SL name when I am talking to LL staff… you take money from the “real” me
    But refering to us ” customers” over ” residents” puts us in a metal state of mind of ” customer deserves service”
    “resident = part of the community ”
    Its all BS.
    I hate the lack of customer care…its THE most patronising pathetic CS I have ever had the misfortune of having experience with.

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