[RESOLVED]Inworld Issues and Logins

[RESOLVED 22:58] The network situation appears stable, so we’re sounding the All-Clear. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

[UPDATE 22:18] Ops says the network problem has been fixed, we’ve regained contact with the rest of the world, and things should quickly be returning to normal. We’ll be monitoring the situation, and if no further complications arise, we’ll be giving the all-clear shortly.

There is a major issue causing problems with a number of inworld services, including problems with profiles, teleporting, and maps as well as interfering with logins. Ops is investigating and early indications are that we are being affected by a major networking issue. Please monitor this post for updates.

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  1. Branzen Lanzius says:


  2. Taeghen Bade says:

    Again? It almost seemed like it was working for a day or so, too.

  3. Nearly 90% of logged residents just crashed. That seems highly “major”.

  4. Tired SIM Owner says:

    You company really needs to get its yit together

  5. Kitty Tandino says:


  6. Branzen Lanzius says:

    I was told verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry slowly in chat that a server went down. How will we be compensated for down time?

  7. Haroldthe Burrel says:

    Full Of Fail………another day at LL.

  8. Kandy Tomorrow says:

    Ooh, another problem with SL…imagine that….

  9. Cappy Frantisek says:


  10. Liana Pera says:

    I’m freakin’ psychic.

  11. Tired SIM Owner says:

    @4 a day? .. you must have not been hear earlier.. try a few hours

  12. Nalin Nungesser says:

    Well at least you got around to telling us. Thank you Twilight.

  13. OMG..what we gonna do now

  14. Timos Albatros says:

    Forgot to feed the hamster? :p

  15. Devlynne Hastings says:

    Big time OUCH!!!!!!

  16. Netsuko Yoshikawa says:

    Well, the bigger a network gets, the more vurnable it gets.

    I’m crossing my fingers for you guys at LL.

    Also, in before the first angry flames. Brace yourselves πŸ™‚

  17. Sasha Holden says:

    Oh well what is new.. gotta love them bugs πŸ˜€ lets do more updates to mess things up and not fix the first bugs there are first.. damn sorry frustrated 😦 i was building

  18. carmichael says:

    ok i dont know exactly how it works but maybe the grid should be split in several grids,instead of 70,000 residents for one database,split it in 10,so that at least not everyone is out at the same time and i imagine easier to fix and a lot more happier residents

  19. M Linden what ya gonna do. Its time to get to work new Mr. CEO!!!! Your company is crumbling to the ground. How’s that customer service background ya got helping us right now???? I’m sure P Linden is laughing at us right now…

  20. colemarie soleil says:


  21. Disco Simons says:

    Oke Again Hare Wi go (*_*)

  22. Viper2k Rogozarski says:

    Just great I have a Auction going and I can’t get back to it, FIX the damn thing now and forever so I don’t have to drive out to San Fransisco and Fix it my self

  23. Butch Kappler says:

    /me whimpers ‘Can you let just me in? Pretty please?’

  24. Furo Lane says:

    AGAIN ? .. I wonder if this is the shape of things to come .. hmmm

  25. Took you guys long enough to figure out there was a problem here…

  26. Bambee Pelous says:

    Major Networking Issue…. sigh

  27. Sophy Jacobus says:

    No kidding…I more and likely just lost my cool ass armor i just got done with “:/” snice somebody dont know how to work the things ^^

  28. Elysium Eilde says:

    “being affected by a major networking issue.” um…what does this mean other than you guys still can’t figure it out? PULEEZ do not have a repeat of 3 weeks ago, i have too much to actually do.

  29. Reposting since apparently you people ate my comment. I said, nice of you to notice the issues over 20 minutes AFTER the fact. On a prime time friday night gaming time. Get real and wake up.

  30. Vryl Valkyrie says:

    Umm yeah there is a problem.. active users online dropped from about 50K people to 13K in a matter of minutes, yet it took LL 15 minutes before they noticed to even post here. πŸ™‚

  31. nimi says:

    13,505 ppl who get in SL is only BOT and LL employee??

  32. This happened just when I was playing truth or dare and the dare was: Go to a newbie area and shout out ‘I NEED A NOOB!’ and then I crashed and I can’t get back in now my friends will think I went home with a Noob.

    Thank you M. Linden, your New Era of Stability is off to a roaring start.

  33. DoctorEigen Flow says:

    I have a spare APPLE II PLUS, that may help to keep SL online next time. It will run in compliment to all the TRS-80s you guys have now… let me know.

  34. Wooly says:

    I’m shocked.

  35. shanti says:

    Chicken little has been clucking….hear that????

  36. Aya Pelous says:

    I just crashed a half hour ago….and cannot Log back in…Logins are a major issue and transactions, and Teleporting, Uploading…whatever happened to Maintenance days? I remember when you guys took a day to just fix things in world to keep it stable. How about going back to that?

  37. Hu says:

    bad day for a sim opening 😦 at least we had most of the people through already

  38. Jane Nolan says:

    Man were not gunna get in for a long time :/

  39. Jeremy Marquez says:

    Get better equipment lol

  40. Syldavian Government says:

    Man you guys need to chill, I was waiting long enough to see the new post, the whole of you are jumping on this one now, give it a rest and go do something else.

  41. Ugh, everytime i bring up the map in world, it freezes then crashes me like 5 times. I find that Highly major, and needs to be taken care of. Infact theres alot of things in SL needing fixed lol.

  42. colemarie soleil says:

    I’m just straight up laughing is that okies?

  43. Jay Townsend says:

    unbelivable. i mean….i just dont have anything to say anymore. this is beyond words at this point.

    /shakes head and walks away

  44. Nessa McGinnis says:

    I was sooooo in the middle of something. Could we do this another time??? Have network problems I mean?

  45. JohnCarlo Forzane says:

    sweet xD

  46. I love the new game we as impatient residents have developed… see how fast we can fill 150 comments. We’re getting real good.

  47. Mecahella Koba says:

    If i had a linden for each 5 minutes SL went down, I would have billions of lindens in the last year alone!

  48. Adham DeCuir.. says:

    Im so freakin bored tonight that I could slap my mama. Please help my mama out and fix this ISH… πŸ˜‰

    XOXOXO, Adham πŸ˜‰

  49. Stephanie Misfit says:


  50. Xaos Theas says:

    well at least i know it’s not -my- problem.

  51. Luna Fratica says:


  52. O m g!! AGAIN! *Growls* Figures! Seriously fixxxx thissss sh*ttt

  53. methos5000sewi says:

    There goes my plans for my Friday night. Was just about to rendezvous with a friend…what a pity.

  54. NickCA Dittmann says:

    major network issue, harrumph.

    What happens when M’s phone rings at 3 am?

    So much for the benefit of the doubt.

  55. Vanity says:

    GRR!!!! Fix it NOW

  56. Krystaly says:

    Yup kinda figured that out half hour ago when I tried transporting and crashed and couldn’t get back in….typical

  57. Jig says:

    Ahh thats why… not i need to find something else to keep me up.

  58. JennLynn Westland says:

    Great start to the weekend!

  59. erald Haas says:


  60. Gloire says:

    Not one of the pissed-off ones- I’m actually laughing quite hard at the moment. And I’m only writing this because the timing is just so incredibly perfect that I had to share…

    At this moment in Caledon, on the little island of Middlesea, there’s a little Russian Orthodox church, and right now it’s full of people, waiting. Waiting in vain.

    I was literally on the threshhold, a half-second away from walking down the aisle and geting married, when everything died. Man, whatever took us out absolutely nailed the perfect moment. I couldn’t have done it better if I’d orchestrated it myself.

    Thought someone out there might enjoy. πŸ˜€

  61. Rubinho Decuir says:

    So yeah i don’t think Its just inworld now…your Log-in’s are down as I’ve yet to be inworld at all.

  62. Cineldera Markova says:

    another friday night and we cant get in because sl is having problems. hmmmm, how odd !

  63. Renee Faulds says:

    Waiting for annother BS post from Katt Linden :


    Katt Linden Says:
    April 25th, 2008 at 4:36 PM

    Thanks for your comments, everyone. I appreciate how very much you care about Second Life.

  64. Rhonda Nessen says:

    Still tapping on the puter desk waiting…..lol

    Guess I will get some sleep tonight and see what tomorrow brings πŸ˜‰

  65. Simman Federal says:

    Really now.

  66. Jenofeve Alter says:

    It’s awesome that this site gets on to reporting sl issues so quickly, that helps a lot, to know its not just my computer, thanks πŸ™‚

  67. Agent Tairov says:

    Didn’t we just have “Major Networking Issues” with your ISP two weeks ago? Shouldn’t they have fixed it permanently by now?

  68. Arcadia Jonson says:

    Poor M Linden….Taking the blame already…

  69. dancer Dallagio says:

    didn’t we just do this? friday night meltdown revisited. nice to see that it only took half an hour to post this on the blog; SL(R) is looking up.

  70. T0Much Takacs says:

    Let me see. It’s a weekend and SL is in the crapper. A strange sense of deja vu is coming over me.

  71. Vessus says:

    😑 this is getting to be ridiculous….

  72. Shawnee DeCuir says:

    *studiously ignores Syldavian*
    Of course, I forgot, it’s the weekend … the weekend when people actually have time to enjoy SL and it has ‘problems’. Oh joy of joys … two more days of log in problems before the next work week.

  73. this coincided with a griefing incident we had on Selby…. wonder if they are related?

  74. maya says:

    yay TY for informing us, LL! (no im not being sarcastic now)
    hope u guys can fix this quickly for all this ppl, now me.. imma go sleep and dont finish someth i was doing for my business when i just crashed.. πŸ˜₯
    in my opinion u guys should take a break from improving SL, to make it stable, without issues almost everyday.. and then when that happens, could start again SLOWLLLYYYYYYYY improving it..
    (i dont even agree that windlight is not separated anymore from “normal” sl.. my game lately has been running way slower, and much more “lag”.. hmpft.. and the best thing is that i cant even make sea shinny.. still wondering why, would love to have an answer for that)

  75. Sherilyn Loring says:

    just another friday-night/saturday-morning is this what 3rd or 4th in a row? typical. oh; there may mave been a saturday/sunday in there too.

  76. Locked OutAgain says:

    The problem has lasted a half hour already.

    So, how about updating “http://secondlife.com/status/” ?

    That is where the error message says to look.

  77. Myst Toshi says:

    Okay, is it me, or is it that every since they bought that other company out, SL has been MORE unstable then ever???

  78. Bambee Pelous says:


  79. Are we there yet?????

  80. Kimberley Recreant says:

    Why did it take so long for Linden Lab to blog about this?

    I haven’t been able to log in for ages.

  81. toric says:

    Dudes, you like need more tubes or something.

  82. Leora Burton says:


  83. Milli says:

    The weekend and SL’s borked? No way!!!

  84. Cineldera Markova says:

    I think it is all down. watched the #’s go down on online users.

  85. ciar says:

    why does it always take so long for LL to let people know about the outage instead of having us trying to login for a half an hour before the the blog is posted.

  86. Allen says:

    Ya i’m new and this kind of sucks

  87. Clang Bailey says:

    @20 Nah. Then you’d just have 10 grids that are down all the time.

  88. Car says:

    Yeah, I’m getting the whole “Something has gone wrong…blahblahblah” SL is getting worse and worse every minute. I cant even stay logged in for 10 mins without it freezing up and dying. 😐 It’s really annoying.

  89. Renu Berry says:

    Hey does everyone know that there havin login issues and sims crashing again……ok…oh wait this is SL, sure u did..old news

  90. Sasha Holden says:


  91. Willendorf Marksman says:

    OMG, this is getting to beyond a joke, seems every day we are having a “Major’ crash, malfunction or some type of disruption.

    come on guys

  92. anyone want to play Halo 3?????

  93. shanti says:

    Oh an here is an idea – give people 4 weeks for a solution or layoff. Funny the motivation that provokes. If my business dies, I leave. If everyone gives up for same reason – ……. I am just one lowly person but seriously i am REALLY close. And only saying that because i stick around through a lot. I am a stubborn person when i want success. But i also know when to give up and its getting super close…..

  94. Michel says:

    Oh, wow, really?
    In SL?
    On a weekend?
    Unheard of!
    (This is getting REALLY ANNOYING! So much so that I have a tag on (in the rare occassions where SL actually works for me) that says “ANNOYED by SL!”; I recommend everyone else to do the same, let’s see if they start getting their act together once they start seeing people all around with tag complainning about their poor performance).

  95. Lakota Howlett says:

    you don’t even want to know what i was in the middle of…

  96. Butch Kappler says:

    I think what I hate most is how generic this posts is. Basically “Something went wrong and we’re trying to fix it.” We *know* something went wrong. We *hope* you’re trying to fix it. Can you be a little more specific then ‘Oops it happened again’ because really.. that went out of style a long time ago..

  97. Miri Ella says:

    *Yawns* Ya don’t say…

  98. thumper says:

    This is really starting to get quite annoying and you all want us to be apid subscribers not until you can keep this thing up for 1 month nonstop

  99. C E says:

    come onnn guys .. get it working.. this is getting rediculous. I’ve been with you guys for years, got an account banned for a reason I still cannot grasp, and yet..I’m still here.. I enjoy Sl this much to stay..but this.. is getting aggrivating

  100. Marianne McCann says:

    I’m seeing slowdowns and failures on sites on the web outside of Secondlife.com — something major going on on the ‘net tonight?

  101. Arcadia Jonson says:

    Honestly…I thought I finally got banned or something…

    Thank M it’s a server issue….

  102. Santana Destiny says:

    Would be nice if they do something about this “issue”.. and not only “investigate”

  103. Problems again, Folks.
    Logins for me and all of my friends are not working. the error message “Something unexpected has gone wrong” Keeps coming up. It’s not only my computer, so i believe there’s more network issues abroad in Second Life than we think.

    Get back to us, Lindens. We need this fixed. D:

  104. Pirjo Pau says:

    When is ThirdLife coming out, the SL is getting old.

  105. Kazujaki Chrousch says:

    The only thing that can be said: ROFLMAO

    Nah,they’ll fix it quickly as ever xD

  106. @38 I agree… more *scheduled* maintenance, less sudden shut-downs. Hell take 2 weeks with the grid down to upgrade for all i care, just give me more than 4 consecutive hours without disruption please.

  107. Magnus Stovall says:

    Hopes LL doesn’t want to go public, oh wait minute if they did then they would have to become honest

  108. Nad Gough says:

    Thank gawd we has folks who can jump in and get this problem all fixed up right away and stuff! What with … lessee a few months back… you said 60% of the programmers were dedicated to fixing bugs. You were kidding us about that weren’t you.

  109. Viper2k Rogozarski says:

    You guys need to Keep us updated in world with this sht. I mean it’s not like I can just say oh Im gonna relog now cause the servers are down

  110. DiSSENT says:

    Hey guys, remember us? We’re DiSSENTiON. We’re still awake and active.

  111. Hikari -The Tired Dancer Who Just Lost Tips- says:

    thats majorly horrid. To have my dancing interrupted RIGHT when I was in the middle of an important job earning me MONEY D:.>;;;

  112. Stephen Posaner says:

    ok twice in one day glad i was not in the middle of another build I think even the free accounts should be compensated some how. im a free account but this inhibits my work for other ppl in SL

  113. Galilla says:


  114. sexy says:

    A few hours ago you had it offline now this

  115. Naima aya says:

    Weeeeeeee, again, again and again. I’m so frustrated, I was all night on a fashion contest now the voting time SLβ„’ is giving his nice shot. WoooT.

    Unable to loginβ„’ lool.

  116. Tired SIM Owner says:

    Get everyones butt back on BART and fix this damn thing… you cant even make 24 hours and quit pointing at everyone else.. Your customers your problem

  117. Lars Donardson says:

    wow..it’s officially weekend now πŸ˜€

  118. Cheyenne Legend says:

    Sighs, lag was bad then froze now cant log in, I know you guys work hard to keep it going but it does seems the problems are constant, would be nice to see it stable.

  119. Trevor Crow says:

    I work on a massive network in RL so I Feal your pain there LL

  120. Britney says:

    opps I did it again… ayea, ayea ayea

  121. Daphne says:

    so, the upgrade is going as planned i see…

  122. Minx maggs says:

    this is crazy… everyday there is something else… sl is just like rl giving way to many headaches… and we pay a monthly fee for this and have people left right and center scaming others on sl that runs a business and we the clients can’t get help from these scamers either!!! Ahhh venting there but sheesh… sl should be better than this with how much monet it rakes in:)

  123. Traverse Janus says:

    Why do I have a feeling there is no monitoring of basic SL process parameters? How often could you detect problems simply by watching the concurrent resident number? How about number of TP failures, transaction timeouts and database errors. Each major problem today has had noticeable precursors.

  124. antie says:

    Well it is friday afterall. No friday is complete without mayor issues!

    Meh. I am going to bed.

  125. erik kayo says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! seriously? MARK I HOPE YOU CAN IMPROVE THIS..

  126. I got some strange blue message that had a question mark and only said Second Life. I think that may have been an attempt to warn us that there were issues but.. the message got lost somewhere.

  127. Cacho Rossini says:

    it will be a surprise the day that SL works just near normal…
    every day a different issue, what is wrong with you?

  128. *rolls eyes*
    It’s a friendly day in the neighbourhood…can we have a week without something being borked or having “issues”?

  129. phantom republic says:

    and inventory too — check your asset servers AGAIN today

  130. Kramu Clip says:

    It’s common now. Amazing will be the day SL works normal, without no issue.

  131. Dobhriste Tellig says:

    god you people take this to serioius listen to youselves

  132. Un Happy camper says:

    Do we Not matter anymore.. This is beyond funny… Ok we all do have a RL, and this Sl world is how we chose to spend out RL time.. I sure wish I could backcharge for my time spend waiting for a safe grid to use my RL money on…

  133. la le lu says:

    i like to ask the same, why is ll so lame?

    you should be able to monitor your systems 7/24 and recognize it early when nobody can’t login.

    fix it. now.

  134. PlatinumPanther Signals says:

    *passes around the drinks until we get back in*

  135. Kaos says:

    Is 24 hours without a major screwup really too much to ask? All I ever see in the blog are reports of the same three types of issues… yet all I see released in patches are SHADER updates… sweet!

  136. RoseWolf Thorne says:

    Well, seems the crap never fails. And here it seemed that LL Finally had things going well then BOOM, Chit hits the fan and everything falls down lol. Oh well, Least they are on the ball about fixing things.

  137. PrincessLolita says:

    Well this is what happen to Princess if you are looking for me
    (((Smiles)))) Sorry

  138. Trained Observer says:

    *laughs* everyone at squees disappeared except like 3 of us, then a few minutes later.. i disappeared and was back in real life.. linden labs for the win!

    I even said to my partner, hey did it get quiet in here? she said ” yeah” then i got kicked too. too funny. thanks for the laugh ll πŸ™‚

  139. Really do wish that LL would get its act together and solve some of the issues so that we do not have so many log in issues or system crashes. Getting really frustrating to plan training or meetings and the system crashes on you.

  140. Coyote says:

    wow, 50,000 online, down to 12,000 thats a little dip, those little inworld issues have caused most of us to go involuntarily outofworld

  141. colemarie soleil says:

    AHAHAHA Lakota
    I’m suprised comments are still on on here still
    anyways =/
    not a good start XD

  142. usagi destiny says:

    how sad i was having such a great time with a friend of mine well i hope itworks by tomorrow i got to say sorry to him for leaving like that

  143. takoa razor says:

    Newbish …….. suxs stuff down ……….


  144. Ashelyn Dryke says:

    D: it was at 27,000 something online one moment to 14,000 something the next…


  145. Oh wait I forgot, its not an issue, its a new feature.

  146. MarkByron Falta says:

    Interfering with logins is an understatement.

  147. Netsuko Yoshikawa says:

    Well, that’s what I call a good amount of sand in the gearworks.

    Almost 30.000 residents crashed in less than 10 minutes?

    What’s happening? Somebody set the data-center on fire?
    I really hope somebody just accidently pulled a plug or something πŸ™‚

  148. Lumpy Ballinger says:

    I wonder if we will ever have an issue free W/E????????

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