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[Resolved] Database, asset server issues.

[RESOLVED 10:00 PM PDT] These issues have been resolved.  Thanks for your patience. [UPDATE 8:38 PM PDT] We are still trying to nail down the problem. Thank you for your continued patience. [REOPENED 6:25 PM PDT] We are currently experiencing … Continue reading

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[RESOLVED] – Group Payouts Delayed

[8:51 AM – RESOLVED] – The manual process has been completed and all group payouts have been run. – Matthew [8:38 AM – Update] – Our engineering colleagues have identified the issue and are running the group payout process manually … Continue reading

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[Resolved] Stipends are going to be taking longer than before

[Completed 10:41am] Situation with stipends has been corrected. As anyone who has been here long knows, Second Life is a world that is constantly evolving and changing. Many of those changes are a result of growth. As our population has … Continue reading

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[CLOSED] Login issues and some In World Features not available.

[10:29 AM] The patch has finished rolling in world.  We believe this should solve the rash of stuck presences which have been interfering with some residents’ login attempts this morning.  We’ll be monitoring service portal requests to double-check.  Thanks for … Continue reading

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[RESOLVED] Inworld Money Transactions Problematic at the Moment

 [RESOLVED 6:33pm PDT] These issues have been resolved and you should now be able to perform in-world transactions as normal. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused. [UPDATE 4:47pm PDT] While we continue to work on the issue, … Continue reading

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Some Regions Currently Unavailable

[UPDATE 5:55AM] The best news is we were able to head off the problem before it became worse and things should be returning back to normal as we speak. : ) The bad news is 400 regions are currently offline … Continue reading

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I see gray people… and they walk around like they don’t know they are gray.

[Update 3:08PM PST – Kate] Good news!  We believe we have fixed the texture upload issue and residents will regain color in due time.  We will continue to watch this and update you here.   Again, thank you to all of … Continue reading

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