New Highway Routes – LDPW Poll [UPDATED]

So our gangs of skilled Moles are ready with the components to expand the Second Life road network. We’ll try to match the roads to the terrain, and to the existing road styles … but our eager little insectivores have some creative ideas, too.

For the first wave of expansion, we’ve identified half a dozen routes in the “Atoll” continent. Here are the proposed routes and the survey. Make your choice!

We’ll give the survey until at least Friday to run, and then we’ll put the LDPW to work. Wave when you see a mole in a distinctive orange vest, and remember to “give ’em a brake” when you’re driving in a construction zone.

[UPDATE on 1 May 2008]Β Β  We’ve had 653 responses to the poll as of 2:18 pm SLT today. 35.9% of the respondents chose Route 1 as their first choice, followed by Route 2 with 25.8%. Route 2 had 25.7% of the second choice votes, followed by Route 1 with 20.0%.

Routes 5 and 6 never got more than 7% each in the first and second choice polls … third choice voting was spread pretty evenly among all the routes.

Our moles will begin work immediately on Route 1. Thank you for your votes and the discussion!

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150 Responses to New Highway Routes – LDPW Poll [UPDATED]

  1. Masuyo Aabye says:

    Voted πŸ˜€ Roads are great for exploring SL.
    This is to answer people who are going to ask why you don’t just put road textures on the terrain (cos i know there will be people saying this)
    Impossible. sim textures works much alike to prim textures, they repeat themselves over the sim so any road textures would alos repeat themselves over the sim, it just wouldn’t work.

  2. sirhc DeSantis says:

    Like the idea of this project and cast my vote – and i don’t even own a vehicle

  3. My vote has been cast; of course, I am biased… LOL

  4. Jahar Aabye says:

    I have a couple of decent cars and motorcycles in my inventory, but aside from a few race tracks and the Balance vehicle area, I haven’t really had a chance to use them much. I might check out some of these roads, they sound interesting.

    However, my experience has been that one problem with driving in SL, and the reason why I generally stuck with racetracks, is that sim crossings are still a bit rough (as they are with all vehicles). I understand why this is, of course, and I understand that it’s difficult to really find a good solution that won’t create more problems in terms of network lag and such.

    I’m just throwing this out as a suggestion, that if you guys want to expand the roads, it might be nice to take another look at sim crossings. At the very least, maybe put up warning signs on the roadways.

  5. Meade Paravane says:

    Route 6 seems to be 1/2 to 1/4 the size of other routes.. Am I missing something or is there something special about this one?

    Also, there’s a small red line just left of center on the ‘all routes’ map that doesn’t seem to be on any other map – route 7????

  6. concerned says:

    Great news,been wanting to see this for a long time i have explored every road many times and new routes are badly needed.

  7. Chilko Tardis says:

    No teen grid? Damn you.

  8. Dwayanu Weyland says:

    What happens if the road route goes thru *my* land ?

    And, how do you tell what continent you are on ? Pointer to large scale SL map anyone ? Thanks πŸ˜‰

  9. Autumn Heyse says:

    I bought roadside first land in the southern continent 2 years ago. Some residents have taken it upon themselves to try and build a road along the edge recently and did a decent job of it. It would be nice if the Lindens would get a volunteer road building crew together to just canvas the grid. I know I would sign up.

  10. Seann Sands says:

    Yes! My tenants have been wanting roads forever. Please expand this program to the rest of the mainland. We have empty linden road areas all over the place. And it would help newbies see more of the grid.

  11. Autumn Heyse says:

    @8 The roadways are premapped out before the region goes live. You can see the winding tracks of dead space if you look at the map. Its very obvious when looking at new sims for sale. You can see a river of blank area that is not for sale running through the yellow or purple on the map.

  12. Daniel Voyager says:

    What’s happening with the Teen Grid LDPW? or have you forgot about us?

    IT would be good if you could include the Teen Grid more often in future SL posts and not leaving us out! ty πŸ™‚

  13. Isadora Fiddlesticks says:

    lovely!!! anything to make SL a better place earns my vote, once i figure out which one is best…:)

    kudos to the LDPW team!

  14. Kettu Keiko says:

    I for one will *not* be looking forward to this if it goes through my land, I prefer the wild state it is in now.

  15. Blake Sachs says:

    Back when I was a noob I’d go driving across the mainland roads for hours at a time. I miss those times… I didn’t even mind the lag mostly.

    Now with Havok 4, it’s become somewhat more enjoyable again. There should be a lot less problems with vehicles getting stuck on region crossings and lag πŸ™‚

  16. Doug Falta says:

    @12 Daniel Voyager

    Dan, I know you’ve heard Blue at his office hours. =p Lawyers…

  17. SexySteven Morrisey says:

    Building highways through LindenLand when you SHOULD be building non-polluting magnetic bullet trains? Shame on you for contributing to the global warming crisis in Second Life! ;-p

  18. i really don’t drive (Hey! I can FLY!) but I voted. Roads can be fun even without a vehicle!

  19. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    I am just so excited about the prospect of roads in SL, especially considering that the asset server is failing again, can’t open notecards, can’t access the contents of prims. Pretty much par for SL lately.

    Yeah, roads will make everyone forget that nothing else works.

  20. Autumn Heyse says:

    Asset server problems? Drivers don’t need inventory, once they cross the sim border they are bald and shoeless anyways πŸ˜›

  21. River Ely says:

    Ah, the smell of the smoke, the dazzle of the mirrors, second life beautifies. The other things like stability, viewers, asset servers can wait until roads that are good as far as the sim boundary are in place.

    Of course we can all fly and teleport so roads are important, why?

    We must keep in perspective the changing sounds of twitter to eliminate and alienate the replies the lindens love to see, so now replies to a twitter blog, what ever it is! It may not make your inventory be available, or allow for improved performance if your a nVidia card user, but for a few souls that want to sell land, they can elevate their prices as their new ‘road’ runs along side…

    Wow, think of all the ad farms that can be created along the endless miles of prims linked to look like roads. I say look like, because they are totally impractical and completely needless. Not roads, but endless prims leading to disjointed sim crossings.

    Bitter, not me, I have a group of islands and the last thing we need, is roads, just better sim crossings so the users wanting to play on the OpenSpace sims can do so without sinking below the water or endlessly flying off to infinity….. Region Handover failed, hairs up your ass, but its ok, thats where your boots are anyway. But in Dazzle, so pretty, so useless, so unwanted, so much effort that could be used to rectify the faults, is now used, to plant pretty prims, with asphalt textures, yellow lines and as a signature for SL, going nowhere, but using valuable resources to do it…

    I vote ‘No’… (But it will make no difference as they are already committed to march to the beat of their own, ominous drum.

  22. Martin Magpie says:

    Waits for the land prices around the roads in the lastest “fad, trend, thingy” Triple over night. Then watches a sea of billboards clutter the highways and byways.

    Mmmmm nothing like the smell of progress in the morning. I’m actually kinda glad that SL is changing again; it had lost it’s zest for me in the past year. Gotten rather bland and predictable. Who knows maybe this is the start of something grand.


  23. Martin Magpie says:

    @20 sing it with me πŸ˜€

    “I’m on the highway to hell!”

  24. Mitzy Shino says:

    You NEED to do Ezquerra and a few surrounding sims…..

    please please please please

    I’ll even pop out of the house and give milk and cookies to the road workers!

  25. Ric Mollor says:

    Wave when you see a mole in a distinctive orange vest, and remember to β€œgive β€˜em a brake” when you’re driving in a construction zone.

    You are kidding, right? In many hours of exploring the incomplete and unused roads that exist I have *never* seen a vehicle in use. I have seen many abandoned where their drivers have undoubtedly slid off into ravines or off the roads and apparently were unable to resolve things.

    Vehicles in SL simply don’t work. It may be possible to claim they do if one is able to accept sub Atari 2600 quality physics and then restrict the driving to within one sim only.

    But full speed hauling across the landscape like in or an actual driving simulator? With a sim crossing after sim crossing to negotiate? Not working now and probably never will.

    However, like most of the ‘improvements’, it will make very pretty still photos.

  26. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    Why does this have the feel of “Bread and Circus” in ancient Rome?

    /me hears the sound of a Linden fiddling.

  27. Dahlia Trimble says:

    Will there be some kind of exception in the good governor’s land permissions so rezzing a vehicle on a road is possible?

  28. Puppet Shepherd says:

    While you’re building roads, will you have the moles put up fire hydrants and trees for me to lift my leg and pee on along the way? That would make me a very happy doggie. And the ad farmers who you seem to be having trouble getting rid of are getting mad at me for peeing on their signs, so I’m sure they would appreciate it too if I had something else to mark.

  29. Obvious Schism says:

    I’d really like to see a good railway network. It would be great to travel round like that just hopping on and off the train at interesting places. Why, I’d even drive the thing given a chance. And its a greener form of transport. Choo Choo!

  30. Mitzy Shino says:

    After having a look at the choices I elect not to vote.

    Is this not the new continent?

    How about doing things in the order that they were set down? hmmmm?

    Some of us have been waiting a long time for the roads in our neck of the woods.

    Please use some sense, build the roads out in the order that the sims were released.

  31. Someone who knows says:

    WHO THE F NEEDS ROADS? It’s not as if sim crossing would actualy WORK with a vehicle.

    What’s next btw?

    Food? Beds for logged out avatars? Subways? Plumbing?

    Amazing how disconnected LL are with their own world. You created the grid and you SIMPLY DON’T UNDERSTAND IT ANYMORE. NOT THE GRID, IT’S TECHNOLOGY NOR THE PEOPLE OR WHAT THEY’RE DOING ON IT.

    Makes one sick to even think about it.

  32. Jo says:

    Blow the roads, the least of SL problems- distraction maybe for common folk but…. .I admit SL can be bland and predictable for peeps that don’t invent and test the boundaries creating things. But for us that do it is very frustrating that things mess up and no longer can we hold down the “Ctrl” key and mouse to rotate stuff. The bloke I live with and work with has a more progressive mind than mine often I have to shout at him often to “come back and do this right before you move on to your next idea” I am quite happy to be a gopher and develop ideas, but I like many need solid groundwork. I hope the new CEO of Linden Lab can see both sides of the coin for the progressive and the gofers.

  33. Next is a sewage pumping plant, look for it in Bay City!

  34. Mrc Homewood says:

    i like the idea it be a great start or just something to try out, there are alot of cars out there i know are just iching to drive around lol

  35. I have to agree with those who ask what’s the point, since one can fly short distances and teleport long distances? I suppose it is a sort of nostalgia trip to drive in SL, sort of like the folks who re-enact wagon trains in RL, but I can’t see using roads very much at all.

  36. les says:

    I recall driving on roads 3 years ago.

    If you drive faster then a walk nothing rezzes. You have to keep stopping and waiting for the road in front of you to rez. Kinda pointless except as eye candy.

    I wont even mention the (everlasting) issues crossing sim borders…

    If you (the lindens) want a Useable vehicle area contact me, Les White. I’ll give you a low impact road race track to replace the mess you have in the vehicle area near busy bens.

    btw, TG people…know your role! You guys are just there for legal issues. A scapegoat. Get over it or come to the main grid. It’s not like ID is checked…

  37. Oryx Tempel says:

    Hooray! Haven’t read all the comments, but don’t forget to make them rezzable, so that we can drop our vehicles on the roads.

  38. Oryx Tempel says:

    @30: No, this is not the new continent. It’s Heterocera, the second continent.

  39. Datapanic says:

    I think it’s a great project, but I would prefer the cobblestone road that Vektor Linden placed at the beginning of Route 5 in Mocis to continue as a cobblestone road through at least Gabara – it matches the scenery, especially in Gabara! In the 1.5 years I have had land in Mocis, I have not seen much traffic on the road, except for horseback riders. I would be kind of sad to see the trees removed and pavement installed where this part of the road is – it gives a nice ancient road looking affect.

    BTW, please tell Data Linden the cube “Mailserver” he left in the middle of the road back in November is still there (!

    Also, thank you for finally upgrading Mocis to a Class-5!

    And, please fix SLRR!

  40. Marianne McCann says:

    @33 – Sewage plant? But we already have the griefer containment pond!

  41. I think that having a road system is a great idea……… but what about the lag thing?
    Anyway, good luck and when it is done I will definitely be there!
    showing support is what sl is suppose to be all about… don’t forget that everyone!!



  42. uh-oh says:

    Wow this is great news. I enjoyed exploring the roadways and meeting new people on the way.

  43. U M says:

    Many details here πŸ™‚

  44. Gabriele Graves says:

    Absolutely fantastic – glad to see the LDPW doing something about the roads. Thank you very much πŸ™‚

  45. Marianne McCann says:

    Sorry for the extra post – cut off before. As these routes are planned for the Hetereocera Atoll, will they match the existing roads in appearance (cobblestones) or will they be more like the roads seen on Sansara (asphalt)?

    While on the atoll… any chance of fixing the trains as well, or maybe finding out what happened to the missing lamps around Iris?

  46. As a lot of people have said, what is the point of road that goes from one sim to another sim when crossing a sim border in a vehicle is as jarring as it is now? It’s not always successful, and it’s doubtful you’d even stay on the road after the crossing.

    Dont’ get me wrong, I’d love to go driving, so how about fixing that?

  47. Argent Stonecutter says:

    How about finishing the roads you started and just left hanging *almost complete* in the middle of nowhere in the Southern continent? There’s one halfway through our sim, just stops dead in the middle, and then there’s a two and a half sim gap and it starts up again… I’d rather no road than an incomplete one.

  48. We plan to build roads on other continents — the survey of the “Atoll” continent (Hetereocera) got done first!

    And we’ve mentioned before, the Moles wouldn’t be writing Havok code or database fixes, anyway! No code goes unwritten because a Mole is digging holes.

  49. sirhc DeSantis says:

    Hey I forgot I had a horse – ok pos def behind this. Any one know the virtual methane output of a gee gee? Only organic pesticide free VirtuHay ™

  50. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    33 Michael Linden Says:

    April 29th, 2008 at 3:59 PM
    Next is a sewage pumping plant, look for it in Bay City!

    Great idea since lately SL reliability has been heading down the crapper.

  51. Teen Grid Ignored? says:

    Once again, no mention of TG. I’ve posted on so many things, even at the very tops sometimes (under A Concerned TG Member). Still doesn’t matter.
    TG needs a blog, a site, and some full time Lindens.

  52. Aaron J. Freeman says:

    Looks like the technology will soon be there, to re-establish the rails between Tullip Tree and Jubata. Oh, and the Oculea crossing needs to be scripted, so the rails unphantom, when in use.
    Now, if only the Physics Engine wouldn’t send our vehicles off world, at the Jubata border…
    Also, we should probably have a Jira, for reporting the no-rez roads. In Purple, things can be rezzed on the GSLR, for sailing across Cyclops.

  53. Knowl Paine says:

    Attention Moles:

    Thanks for the roads! I voted for the roads that appeared to have the greatest distance.
    I just hope that some regard is given to adjacent landowners. I understand some of the complexities involved in road expansion and realize that some compromises will have to be made.

    One area of concern is the finished height of the roadway. Many roads in SL are either to high or to low compared to the surrounding areas. It would be good ideas to set the roadway slightly lower than the surrounding area so landowners can lower the land to blend smoothly with the road. There is nothing worse than not being able to raise the land high enough to meet the road.

    Guard Rails: In some areas they are well suited and look great. There should be a way to contact someone to have the guardrail removed from roadside land? Maybe there could be rules to have a GR removed. Things like you have to own the land for at least 90 days.

    I hope that our Moles can keep on working long into the future. There many different groups who have constructed roads in SL and if you try to contact one of them you often get no reply.

    Currently if you have a problem with a road in your region that’s about it, it’s your problem.

    Go Moles !!

  54. BlueWall says:

    Yeah, driving is a fun thing. You have to keep an eye on the mini-map to slow down for the sim crossings :).

    Please scatter some rez-points throughout the system. That would be nice for the “rare” (lol) occasion that a sim crossing takes you out πŸ™‚

    Good luck with the project!

  55. Hevenz Vansant says:

    this is the longest ive seen a blog post open that wasnt already at the cap point of 150 posts. πŸ™‚

  56. Hern Worsley says:

    I can understand the mertis of linking up the land via routes and paths etc thus maintaining a certain amount of neutral space in the process but are “roads” the answer? I mean they are not the most beautiful part of RL and they barely serve a purpose in SL since we can all fly and teleport something more creative would be great to see. Do we really need to make SL a toy town RL boring copy what a waste..

  57. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Wonderful! Yay for roads!

    (Not too wild about the sewage plant, though.)


  58. Speed Racer says:

    Here is an idea… how about LL builds road over all the sims they have rolled out since 2005? What an concept… to put roads on land that was set aside for roads. After all these years, lets waste more time on a vote. I know many land owners who bought their property along planned roadways all over the grid that – shockingly – have not had roads installed. Why would LL cut so many odd paths through a sim and leave them empty? Well, after all these years it remains an unanswered question. Putting a road on the grid in is not brain surgery, or is it? Let’s have more votes so we can feel LL is doing us a favor by living up to their promise from years back.

  59. alf lednev says:

    If I want to drive cars about, XBox 360 Grand Theft Auto 1V will win hands down over SL.

    SL has far more major problems than trying to distract over some basic building and scripting.

  60. Distilled1 says:

    rout 7 lol yeah thats mine right in front of my place that N-S line off Rt. 3 to 4 I think… hope that goes in as well with rt. 3

  61. Dytska Vieria says:

    Don’t forget to add bike lanes and sidewalks!

  62. Pretty Shiny Things says:

    Route 4 please!

    Routes are such a realistic way of exploring SL especially when you are walking or running along them and seeing each thing appear slowly ahead of you. It can take hours to see the route when doing it this way rather than flying but it certainly is a better way to experience it. Make sure there are creepy old abandoned buildings and farmhouses along the way, they make it fun!

  63. Shug Maitland says:

    Years in the making! Finally Roads! —– but wait, not all roads are equall —– Note to Moles: survey the roads first, pick a road style to coordinate with the surrounding builds! TY

  64. Masuyo Aabye says:

    are people stuoid or what? it’s not LL building the roads, it’s a team of SL residents who have volunteerd to help make SL better who will be doing this. also not everyone who works at LL knows or works with databases.
    And people asking what the point of roads are, well when was the last time you explored the current road network or traversed the SLRR(SL railrioad)?
    get out of your sex club , stop with your sad,desperate cybering and explore the virtual world.

  65. Zack84 Burton says:

    @64 HERE HERE!!! The Lindens have said time and time again that the public works will not take away from the companies stability efforts. I’ve owned road-side parcels and some of the best conversations I’ve had in SL resulted from visitors exploring their way through the mainland. My current home is next to a future road site and I very much look forward to the day that it’s in place. Yes, SIM crossing can be tricky but try taking a car,bus, limo with multiple seats.. It can become absolutely hilarious when you’re amongst friends. It’s obvious that a great many SL residents want roads… I’m glad to see so many people supporting the fact that LL has listened to us on this one!!

  66. Tsu Goodliffe says:

    Not to be Rude, but wouldn’t it be better to actually get SL Stable, Almost every day I see “Resolved” on the Log in screen, log in and things arn’t working as normal, what has been resolved, and as some others post, Roads hardly ever get used, normally people just leave there freebie bikes laying around and sim crossing with a Veh, is almost impossible because you end up having to re-log or you lose your avatars budy, we all know this to well. Please Put the Energy into not “adding” New things but Fixing the issues at hand, instead of adding fancy roads that hardly anyone in sl will use even if they say they do then why aren’t they using the ones that already exist hmm?

    Because chances are they are clubs dancing etc, Please Lindens for the love of Second Life, Put this energy and time into not adding things but fixing things. I have been in sl since 2002, and This is getting out of paw, I Love sl, and I know my post is ab bit out of place but I want to state what I think

  67. Broccoli Curry says:

    Is there any particular reason, apart from the fact it would take a little longer, that all the roads can’t be laid down instead of just one route?

    I understand fully that the ‘moles’ are volunteers – not programmers that are being distracted from other more important tasks – but I’m still interested … did you ever get my app?

  68. Martin Magpie says:

    @33 and @48
    Michael Linden; LMAO you rock.

  69. T B says:

    Roads are good, whether they are driven on or not, they bring order to a sim so you can walk from oneside to the other without dodging banlines and walking through 6 residents yards. 2046m of road in a sim mean 2 less neighbours to fill the sim with prims and lag you, possibly one less club too. You can tell which way to put the front of a house so you don’t find the front of your house suddenly facing the large flat side of a neighbours house.

    What does concern me are all the little jobs and missing roads, , the road in Hantu dissappeared 12 months ago and my support tickets have meant nothing. Other sims around have scripts turned off so vehicles stop dead on the border, many roads have trees and bushes growing in the middle of them. Some roads just end in the air.
    I am also concerned that this texta drawn road accross the map may pass through residents properties and some nice looking builds on that continent. I am hoping it has been mapped at ground level, or is existing land set aside for this. I’d hate to see roads going nowhere, stopping because a resident rightly so refuses to sell.
    Also I think the newer continents should be sorted in higher pirority, they are easy to do, no surveys needed because the roads were planned before sale, anyone buying land along a road on the misbelief that it was going to stay green forever is out of luck, and will probably complain about their land value rising due to it.
    And lets get a plan happening on the sim crossing problem please.
    I have roadside rezzing platforms for people in Andraca and Desire if you need to rezz a vehicle, and I hope other people do the same.
    And lets shag this lag by getting rid of the bots, and get spending people back in world rather than leaching bots. I got spam bombed 3000 odd IM’s to my email in an hour this week, the Spambot gets around the limit by sending the spam from 1365 different sims, the bots are bouncing between 23 sims per minute, that’s got to be causing problems for us like the normal weekend chaos, the grid just can’t support all the bots and people on weekends. It’s ironic to hear people running dozens of traffic bots complain about transactions not working and sales figures dropping πŸ˜›

  70. Garmin Kawaguichi says:

    Please, could you test the status of the prims on the rods and SLRR? Il would be a great idea to remove the phantom status!!!

  71. Wilma Philbin says:

    Love roads! Great initiative, looking forward to walking, riding and driving around Hetereocera. Flying and tp works fine to get from point A to B, but travelling is about discovering the things you didn’t know were there.
    So many creative and inspiring places are easy to miss when you fly above them.

    As late as a year ago when I was new to SL I went on a railroad trip. Stunning way of travelling. Please fix the railroad next.

  72. Patti Frye says:

    About a year ago Linden had the idea of a train rolling through Second Life. There was a lot of hype, just like the road idea is drawing. Has anyone rode on that train in a while? I have. In a few places the tracks are missing and I never saw anyone else riding on it…ever! Give it a few months and the roads will start falling apart as well. If it is allowed to rez a vehicle on a “road”, a lot of garbage will soon collect, making it impossible to drive very far without running into something. I wonder what will be next…Gas stations that charge L$4.00 per gallon? Toll roads? Personally I would be happy just to get through an hour without crashing…Has everyone forgotten we have Teleportation in SL? And Oh Yes…WE CAN FLY!

  73. Nimil says:

    yay roads! we drive on the roads all the time. lots of fun and you get to discover mainland alot easier than if you were flying.

  74. Dilbert Dilweg says:

    Ohhh eye candy!.

  75. Lance Corrimal says:

    /me hits @25 over the head with a MLCC twin

    stay away from the freebie cars dude.

    on a sidenote, how are chances that the roads will actually be usable? so far i yet have to find a piece of linden road where rezzing is allowed…

    /me goes back to motorworld to try the jump again on the trike.

  76. Alvi Halderman says:

    Damn cool idea………
    i think 99.9% Of the cars will be freebies…….

    thx god i have a 2500LD car..

  77. Belos Seiling says:

    In some modern equipment used for various navigation purposes, there is a function called ‘Predict’.
    Wouldn’t this be a nice idea to implement in SL, for all moving vehicles on land, on water and in air, to make border crossing more easy.
    Whenever a vehicle moves, there is always a possibility of a computerized predict of movement, this predict could likely be used to “prepare” the neighboring sim for an arriving vehicle.
    Would be fun to test if it was possible to use this kind of function to make sim-crossings smoother.
    Think about the road traffic this function would enable – Simwide traffic.

  78. Raven Primeau says:

    I love the roads, frustrating as sim crossings can be.

    Once the current problems are ironed out with SL as I’m sure they will be I will be back on my Vespa tootling about with my love Evy exploring the sights good and bad and discovering unknown shops and builds in a leisurely manner and not crashing into banlines and being bounced by sec orbs.

    If you dont want to use them fine, if you have a wonderful group of islands doesnt need them then fine and lucky you. But please think, shut up mouthing off because some of us care and want to put a little back into SL so others like me can enjoy the pleasure of a quiet tootle about.

    Rezzing areas would be a welcome addition for sure with autoreturn set there wouldnt be much of a problem with litter and I would like to thank those residents who thoughtfully set a little land aside or their own for that purpose.

    As stated above, the *Moles* are not Lindens but ppl from the community who don’t mind setting a little time aside to improve SL for all. Please be thankful ppl like that still care enough and don’t diss them or LL for showing a little concern and effort.

    *HugaMole! you know it makes sense*

  79. Alicia Banks says:

    Sl is going to be like a video game
    A big city with cars, taxi, bus, plane, bike…!
    it will be a new way for people to find a job in sl! and not getting boring!
    flying also will be banned later!
    But TP will be not! hehehe!

  80. Harle Armistice says:

    Great news, I love that LL is still committed to improving the mainland, even after so much growth and change. I’ve always felt that road networks brought the overall flow and aesthetic of Second Life together much better, where they exist. You feel like you’re in a neighborhood, or a city, instead of just some disconnected parcel surrounded by an endless ocean of more disconnected parcels.

    I am curious why all of the roads aren’t connected, though. That would be kinda nice. If there are existing roads that do connect it and aren’t displayed, it’d be nice to see them(maybe in a different color).

  81. Barry Reiter says:

    I do like to see more roads, but if I could vote for it, I’d go for fixing the old ones first πŸ˜‰ seem to be lots of places with just parts missing

  82. Raven Primeau says:

    Yes it would be good to have a small fixit team/mole scouring the existing roads repairing/replacing broken and missing sections.

    Would probably only take a couple of moles to make a big impact, residents could report sections inot a central point maybe.

    Good suggestion Barry πŸ™‚

  83. Argent Stonecutter says:

    BTW, Route 6 appears to be the continuation of the great wall. That’s the *only* road outside the original continent that I’ve ever been down more than once, and it’s worth a visit. The way it just stops in mid air is really jarring.

  84. Pol McLaglen says:

    Maybe we should have rez spots at sim borders just in case a sim crossing borks a vehicle?

    And what about continents without linden land running through them? One advantage of making sims with Linden Land in them was that even if everyone put land barriers up, you can still walk/drive/fly across the sim. Maybe future sims should have Linden Land passages built in…

  85. Egil Milner says:

    Maybe I’m just half asleep, but I don’t see any numbering on the map so that I can tell what route I would be selecting in the poll.

  86. Toad Mougin says:

    Advance warning – as a British person I will be driving on the left, ignoring the conventions of all you forrin types with your strange ways.

    Oh, and vote for route 1 if you don’t have a preference – I’ll make sure there’s a free rezzing area for everyone to use on the corner of my plot :))))))

  87. Nye Mu says:

    @78 & @82 Rezzing areas must be included otherwise how are we going to get our various transportation actually on the roads? Hope they dont overlook such a basic thing as that. A couple of moles to just flatten the existing roads to indicate the final level would be nice so that those that want to can build at the right hight in preparation.

    Think the idea is fantastic cos Ive always wanted to own a greasy cafe on a major road.

    Before this all hits could Torley do a quick VidTut on setting land permissions, like object entry and autoreturn so that private landowners next to roads don’t get all upset about cars etc being abandoned on their land or people wandering onto it to rez a truck.

  88. Hi all…

    Nice… very cool idea… after we can enjoy of ours vehicles πŸ˜‰


  89. Netsah Kurosawa says:

    Roads in a “dreams” world based on creativity, and where you can fly everywhere, feel free with not all the worst things of real life, it’s the most STUPID idea I heard from you Linden Lab…
    If you go against yourself that’s not a good way to make us trust in you.

  90. Sindy Tsure says:

    Just because it’s something you don’t enjoy doesn’t make it stupid, Netsah. Lots of people enjoy exploring the grid via the roads. If nothing else, it provides ban-line-free access to largs parts of it and a path that you can follow instead of wandering aimlessly.

  91. melanie78 Alter says:

    Does developpers video games are working in second life???

  92. Norma Desmond, junior says:

    I appreciate the volunteers-that’s very gracious–but rezzing is so slow I don’t see the net value to the grid. WIll adding more scripted items help performance? How will lag be–better?

  93. Phoenixa Sol says:

    Apologies, but it’s a wee bit hard to conjure any excitement about roads in SL when there is a recent bug so serious that HUDs, Dance spheres, chims and AOs flat out disappear when detached causing people to lose thousands of Linden worth of animations. Those who use them strongly advised to vote on JIRA 6110 for a fix.

    Some vehicles even have a HUD to control them, so yes this issue directly affects this lovely topic and thus I’d appreciate this comment be included in the 150.

    Then of course by all means when this issue is fixed, go enjoy the new roads and other shiny toys.

  94. Mimi says:

    Take a look at Broccolis application lol.

  95. Dex Trenchcoat says:

    Bravo LL!

    My Driving Club and I look forward to cruising down these new roads when they are done. Sadly most folks have no idea that driving is even possible in SL, (newbies just dont know, and most “Oldbies” are basing their opinions on what it was like 3 years ago or more.) but I when I buy a car I use it whenever possible, I drive to friends houses, sometimes even to stores or places like Yadni’s Junkyard. I am hoping to organize a trip to the Second Louvre soon too.

  96. Raven Primeau says:

    Some people really do seem to think with their Ars@s here don’t they!

    Roads are not scripted!

    It’s not Linden Labs staff doing the work, so will have no impact on work carried out by Grid Monkees.

    Do people actually read the blog or other posts before typing out such inane garbage. You don’t want to use the roads then fine, don’t. Theres untold features in SL I don’t want to use but I don’t whine on about them cos they’re of no use to me.

    As for issues with the grid, as stated above >>THIS ISN’T BEING DONE BY LINDEN LAB’S STAFF, BUT BY YOUR FELLOW RESIDENTS WHO DO CARE ABOUT SL AND HOW IT LOOKS<< so it won’t stop the team sorting out missing skirts, broken scripts, vanishing huds and all the other really annoying things wrong in SL doing their work….other things of course might well :).

  97. Razor says:

    Cans the moles delete some addfarms on the way?

  98. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    My world, my imagination? Hmmm. I imagined SL with no roads at all! We can fly dammit, what do we need roads for? And how are those vehicles owners supposed to drive across region boundaries? You can’t even WALK across a boundary sometimes!
    I see so many cars stuck up trees or in a buildings walls on the edges of regions – its obvious that drivers are able to drive around safely only on their home ground. So tell me, what IS the point of roads in Second Life?
    – from a happy pedestrian and flyer.

  99. SL says:

    Roads .. great idea ?!

  100. i suggest using this Texture for “Danger Sim Crossing”
    Roadsigns .. a mixture between the
    Side Wind Warning from Sweden and the
    Slippery when Wet from the U.S.
    and the Ungarded Level Crossing Sign
    from Ireland —

    UUID: c4058786-7acd-9a51-b9d1-22e6a4f4dbda

    also we need suggestions for Road Signs like

    – Griefers along the Road
    – H**kers Ahead

    any moar ideas ?

    best regards

  101. Darien Caldwell says:

    “Caution: Blingtards at Play”

  102. hugsalot says:

    what about the people who own land on the path of these highways? Will land owners get paid to sell their land off, or moved to new land? Do people really want a useless express way next to their home? Do we REALLY need this in the first place? Why isn’t there a poll option for “none of the above, do something else truly constructive instead.”

  103. Distilled1 says:

    I drove yesterday from my land in November (on road) to and through “texas” (caught the RR, yep a decent car will drive nice on the SLRR;) ) and over onto the atol road over the water further south, my start was all grass but its so nice to just drive along…to coble stone roads you slow down at the sim boarders and stop a second thus allowing things to rez.

    great way to explore I even fly and walk them, its nice to explore that way.

    rez points are needed though and I will be adding one on the corner of my land ant the sim crossing today…

    I needed one yesterday as I lost my vehicle from a sim cross and flip off the great wall into a security orb 😦

  104. Petronilla Whitfield says:

    I’m so glad that work is being done on the roads! Yes, we can fly and TP, but that doesn’t help those of us who want to take a quiet stroll or walk a dog. I recently moved just to get a parcel next to a (as yet unpaved) road so that I can take my dog for walks to and from my property.

  105. River Ely says:

    Roads CAN be scripted. Scripted to contain a vehicle in a given direction/velocity and for preparing the sim crossing ahead. Roads can be scripted to enable continuity of handover between prims. Roads can be scripted to behave almost like rails.


    They can be simple prims with an asphalt texture. Who cares when you can Fly and or Teleport?

  106. Kuroyanagi Habsburg says:

    @102 I didn’t own land in Heterocera and I don’t visit to use the road system, but the roads where I used to have land in Corsica and Nautilus are just empty lands where roads were planed by Lindens. They’re owned by Governer Linden. No need to purchase land from anyone the highway is already there, just unpaved.

    To me this *is* constructive and I’m glad that they’re finally getting around to filling in some of this neglected infrastructure. I use roads on the mainlaind continent from time to time. I’d love to vol. my time time help just build roads, but I’m not able to meet requirment guidelines at this time.

    When you’re bored it’a quite fun to hop on a bus full of friends and try to crossing as many simborders as you can before falling out.

  107. MarkByron Falta says:

    I agree with @102 – the poll is rigged. Why build a grid road system that isn’t used based on poor physics, region hand-off issues, land permissions, and so on. I do believe that setting aside portions of a region as protected land is a good thing to allow for natual property divisions, plus to allieviate region congestion, both visually and from a simulator resource usage stsandpoint. This could done as part of the creation of each mainland sim and/or residents could donate up to a certain percentage of region land as protected. Sure would be a great alternative to ad farm plots.

  108. Argent Stonecutter says:

    You can get a different sim crossing sign at the south of Noonkkot, where I set up a couple to warn drivers of the dangers of misaligned prims. πŸ™‚

    They should be free to copy, if not IM me and I’ll fix that this evening. I didn’t make them and I don’t recall where they came from offhand. I’ll make the “Lindens at work – road fines doubled” signs at the end of the road free to copy too.

  109. JJValero Writer says:

    On more than one occasion I used one of these roads using one bicycle or car and I found the following problems:

    1 .- It is difficult to find a place to rez one car.
    2 .- Currently it is impossible to travel great distances without falling at least once.
    3 .- Sometimes it’s easy to crash with a lineban of one adjoining parcel.
    4 .- Thousands of small plots of 16 square meters with ads spoiling the landscape.
    5 .- The most serious problem is when you pass from one SIM to another.

  110. Bubba B says:

    This is great news! I am behind improving the roads 100%. I only wish we could do all six choices. Some people will get roads that improve the value of their region and others will be stuck with barren, useless protected land most likely forever. I know there will accusations of the survey being “gamed” or somehow being unfair.

  111. coventina dalgleish says:

    Well again more diversions to remove the focus from the real problems still infesting this environment.

    I came up to check if there was any information on why my island just went through a restart and was rolled back to the last version of server software. But, alas nothing in the blog the land of little current information.

    I suppose if the game was functional this would be an interesting idea but honestly I have seen very few vehicles of any type that are just not clumsy in their operations. Roads seem a passing thought except for recreation in a world where teleporting is the standard form of transportation. Again more smoke and mirrors to defocus the population from the critical issues.

    Come back when things resolve (rez) in world and lag is not the prime concern of those who play. Oh and scripts that work fine for 6 months suddenly cease to operate, a vendor that keeps shutting down.

  112. Kaliach Loudon says:

    Roads? ROADS?!

    Well now that’s an excellent idea! By all means lets not address capacity and stability…
    Let’s not make sure teleporting works.
    Lets not make sure DB architecture gets up to spec.
    Lets not address routing and network capacity.
    No! Instead let’s add more fluff nobody cares about.
    While we’re at it let’s ignore the fact that for a traveling resident the new client leaks around 800MB per 4 hrs or so, In fact so badly it gets my 2gb machine to swapping….

    Most of all I sit here wondering what the HELL you’re thinking when, as many others have pointed out, basic things like sim crossings don’t even work properly half of the time.

    And while typing my character is actually very busy walking into the great blue void as I apparently crossed a sim line. Right now I’m surprised my head isn’t attached to my tush just yet but I’m sure that will be arranged shortly.

    Says the mantra one more time:
    *address stability and capacity*

    I do love this game and have no intention to leave in the foreseeable future so the only recourse I have is keep stressing where Linden Lab’s focus should lie right now.

  113. Argent Stonecutter says:

    That’s a good point. Why are all the roads set to no-build instead of allowing build but having a short return time?

  114. Alexianna Gossipgirl says:

    I can totally agree with (112 ) Kaliach Loudon there are things that the Lindens need to work on before adding roads and other fluff.

    but roads will be a great idea once the other flaws in the Second Life Grid are resolved

  115. As I’m currently writing a road trip along one of the first roads in SL, I’m very excited about this πŸ™‚

    The All-Roads-On-One-Map doesn’t seem to match the breakdown below.

    Also, can we have roads 1 and 2 with connecting roads like the spokes of a bike wheel?

    HeadBurro Antfarm.

  116. Xe Oh says:

    Fabulously following the road to extinction!

    I’d prefer walking paths so narrow that cars are not allowed. It’s much easier to meet people walking.

    For those that like to drive why not just expand and improve the race tracks?

    Why think Brown (noise and other simulations of air pollution) when we could be thinking Green (simulating clean air, less noise, and user friendliness?)

    SL (trademark here) could be an excellent model of the future of our planet. Why must we continue to think inside the box and mimic the real world, when the opportunity for invention in-world has an endless creative potential to effect the real world?

    Me? I’m goes shopping for an oxygen mask and ear plugs ^_^

  117. S Lemaire says:

    Great I bought property that fronts a road looking forward to construction

  118. Sumiko Yokosuka says:

    This is kind of pie in the sky, but, at least to me, it would have been more interesting to gather some of the more tech-oriented residents in SL to devise an entirely new transportation methodology rather than just mimicking what we have in real life, which is millions upon millions of cars emitting greenhouse gases sitting on jammed ribbons of asphalt and concrete.

    SL could have gotten together with the Department of Transportation and academics to use the worlds here as testing grounds to solve real life transportation and even energy problems. Unless, of course, someone actually invents a teleporter in real life.

    Keep in mind that I have no tech or science background, so maybe I’m talking out my ass, but it would certainly be great to put the heads of the so many brilliant people who frequent SL to use to help thw wider world community.

    Oh well.

  119. Ener Hax says:

    omg! i have so many cars and motorcycles! do you have a traffic flow system in place yet! here i come! =D

    @Sumiko: very valid point indeed. we often do mimic rl isl, it’s a shame too. there are lots of ways to stretch our imagination. but I am guilty as well, i tend to make buildings that use the paradigms of the real world.

  120. Just a thought….

    People think IP theft is rampant now? Simply imagine if someone WERE to invent a teleporter… They would essentially have your “bits” (your compositional makeup) and could replicate your physical being with ease as they have the information (bits) to reconstruct you upon arrival….

    This will never happen; just like “warp” speed; what you see in movies is VERY unrealistic, due to this thing we call physics. If we were to just “jump” to light speed like Gene and George wished we could, we would be FLATTENED by the G forces (yes, there are G forces in space; albeit much less, but present nonetheless) that would take place from moving instantly to warp speed (In order to avoid this, one would have to ascend to warp speed, (after all, we are only fragile humans)) and considering propulsion requirements of today, that would require a fuel tank LARGER than the earth to accomplish (AND MANY lifetimes (We only have one), so to the dreamers; continue to keep dreaming, as in that state of consiousness is as close as you will get to either of those two πŸ˜‰

  121. Lucinda Bergbahn says:

    Roads can be nice for those who like to travel by vehicle, but I would like to know what LL is going to do to prevent the roadside from being parceled up into Ad Farms! I don’t spend a lot of time on the mainland anymore- but as I recall the existing roads leave lots of little jaggedy edged parcels that become prime picking for ad farmers.

    I agree with the poster that spoke about smoke and mirrors- come on LL could we focus on things like eliminating asset server problems- fixing the bugs that fill the Jira, continuing to improve search, etc etc. Residents are fully capable of creating their own content including roads- real infrastructure is what we need- you know things like reliable databases and asset servers- HELLO!!! Anyone listening out there??

  122. la le lu says:

    hehe.. yeah. sim crossing.

    and who really needs cars? they are bad in-world and they are bad in real life. we all can fly. make a open travel height with no secure bot ejects, no parcel full, no object entry denied. give us long distant air travel, also over the void water.

    keep your ground sealing, endless grey autobahn.

    and give technical issues back to this blog and open it again for comments.

  123. Simon Kline says:

    I came to talk about this in Michaels office hours today, but there was no Michael!

    Are they held on a different day or am i missing something?

  124. yuriko nishi says:

    useless until you fix the sim boarder crossings -.-

  125. Sean Heying says:

    As Katt, the MIS-communications manager, has basically removed all chance to question about a power supply outage that will affect 2700 regions!!!!!

    “We cannot list all of the regions that may be affected but if yours is one of these please accept our apologies for what we anticipate to be a few minutes lack of connectivity.”

    My question is: Can you list the IP range that will be affected? We can see if we are in that simulator from the client.

    See why comments are needed Katt, and see why ONE blog NOT TWO is better?

  126. Robin Peel says:

    Now that SL has been good for a few days. I like the idea of the roads. The people that are working on this I would think are not the same ones that are working on the performance issues.
    i like getting on my vehicle and traveling the roads. I found one that goes for I think over 10 sims before it stops. its fun. Teleporting is good for getting around quickly, flying is good if not for all the do not enter parcels, the security orbs and such. The roads are free of all that. i am looking forward to seeing this project. YEA!!

  127. Again, I gotta mention that the “Moles” working on the roads, for the LDPW, are contractors … the LDPW doesn’t have any engineers/code monkeys! Well, a couple of the Moles are good at LSL. They wouldn’t be fixing server code or reducing lag if they weren’t pouring asphalt.

    Ideas for monorails, wierd hover-tracks, galloping animals, etc. have been proposed as alternatives to “paved roads” but for the first round we’re going with flat road-able surfaces.

    There are a few building tricks that can help with Region boundary crossing, the Moles will do what they can there.

    No Residents will be forced to provide land for the roads. Probably, they won’t even be *asked* to sell land.

  128. LS says:

    It will be nice to have roads to drive from sim to sim, but do you think you can fix the bug when you walk across a prim walkway from one sim to another causing you to fall through the prim as if it were phantom right after you cross?

    I sure hope the ‘roads’ they are building aren’t made of prims, lest you see the same results when crossing sim lines.

  129. I am the developer of Etopia Island which models examples of sustainable development. I want to chime in to say that creating a road network is a VERY BAD IDEA. I would strongly suggest you create a rail network instead like the rest of the work has. If we are trying to “help” people get around and provide a matrix of areas to be developed a rail network is 100 time more efficient that roads in addition to helping all of us deal with the issues of climate change, sprawl and the incredible expense in keeping it all in working order.

  130. Distilled1 says:

    so today I drove from November up and aropund I think Route 4 all the way to a cobblestone road found 2 incredible Linden waterfalls and rivers a really nice camp free canoes and had a blast… mind you I have been in SL over 2 years I did not know this stuff exisisted.. do you fall through at sim crossings? yes even on land and not prim, but I have to say I don’t have much issue like it was, maybe I know now to slow down at each crossing and stop moving fwd and let the sim accept the prims I am on and me…

    #129 I would love the rails to work, the main land has lots of rails I have never seen them run :(, nd the roads are there always have been… just never completed, again do you people read? its not the Lindens building them its a group of US starting to finish them up, I for one hope it finaly gets completed! as well the rails get some new life as well, and maybe a people mover or other mass transit systems, theres a lot that can be done, I love to explore and flying is fone as is walking but TPs are well to easy, you loose the fun of seeing whats between point A and B

  131. Cocoanut Koala says:

    OK, I see that all mention of grid problems, log-in problems, rolling updates, and the like have been moved to an area where we can’t comment on or ask questions about them.

    So that means the only place to comment on any of that is – here! In blog entries on another topic.

    Dandy! That shuts up all that, then!

    Do I have this wrong?


  132. Electronics Aeon says:

    Just a suggestion..or merely my 2 cents..why are we limiting to roadways/vehicle-use

    What about polling the building of: walkways/footpaths/tracks, bicycle ways and rez a bicycle, broomstick ways (rez a broomstick), one of those human tubes (like off the Jetsons), skating way (rez roller skates, skate board or ice skates), a really long travelator..just to name a few.

    Also, will provisions be made for comments to be entered on for comments corresponding to the grid status report notices?

  133. richard says:

    well i need car insurance?

  134. Umphrey says:

    This is a shameless plug for a feature request on this very topic I posted on the JIRA yesterday… have a look.

    Can’t wait for the roads!

  135. Hulk Ah says:

    Nice idea to spend time on stuff like roads, but isnt stuff like theft not a *little bit* more important?

    Linden lab has still never (not 1 time) answered why actual textures are not deleted from the server as dmca’s require. They are simply breaking the dmca law with this. I would like it if people with legal backgrounds would look into this. as far as i know they should not just take away the link to the infringing material (ofteh the ‘skin’) , but the actual infringing material (the texture the skin is linked to) Anyone with info about this, please send me a message inworld

  136. Razrcut Brooks says:

    SL Roads, like SL homes, are nifty at first for psychological comfort but become stale with time. Raise your hand if you honestly spend a great deal of time A) driving a vehicle already B) “living” in your Sl homes?? Be honest. We spend more time collecting homes and vehicles, decorating and landscaping, terraforming and test driving, than we actually USE these items in the long term.
    Having said that, I am all FOR psychological comfort…so build away Moles!

  137. Leslie says:

    You need to make the new roads, and current roads, Build and script
    enabled with a 5 minute auto return.

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  139. Carlos Cameron says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you but where exactly are those maps from? You can’t tell nor does it show. Plus, with all the scribbling on the maps you have no idea which end is up to begin with.

    More importanly, I’m sure many of those who voted know as much as I do which is nothing since it didn’t show anything worth voting on.

  140. kenzie hastings says:

    I do drive in SL road and also sail. I almost drove all the possible road of this with scripted car or high prims car. There are many trap in these road, especially, it put of a corner of 4 sims adjacent. Definitely will av and car tear apart from different sims. Sometimes, it is the car has problem too. Many car only look nice, drive like hell, even the slowest speed. And I think those creator even try them out by themselves. The proposed mainland is nice choice. There is another mainland covering with lot snow. It have many trap or bug, nearly can say it is not a drivable land. I hope LL will also consider the sea path. There are already many blackage by private owner. Why LL design the bottle neck way to the sea and also sold out that land after?

  141. Jo says:

    Thursday 8.18am here in UK transaction history is not showing. I am gonna plant messages where I can from now on. Everytime I inform/ask for help I get a negative response

  142. Nyalee says:

    I dont do the mainland thingy..
    But wheres the “DO ‘EM ALL” number?

  143. Nyalee says:

    Also, sorry for double posting, 141 I feel your pain, I too am having this problem??

  144. Broccoli Curry says:

    One big problem has never been answered… in SL, do we drive on the left or the right?

    We shouldn’t just automatically follow US practice. Around 1/3 of the world drive on the left – but I’m not sure how that translates as per the population of SL. if anyone wants to read further.

  145. Jessicka Graves says:

    Why is LL more focused on “traveling” SL now? I know all the bugs, problems, issues, and what have you aren’t really top priority, but updating the showcase and popular places, and now this? I can see the road we’re driving on, and I couldn’t give a bleep less.

  146. Cero Felisimo says:

    Vote is cast. I may well have to purchase a quality vehicle just so I can enjoy the new highway. Will it be “autobahn” rules?

  147. Netsah Kurosawa says:

    @90 if you like so much roads then go walk on them in rl. I have nothing against roads in rl. It’s the best way to go from a place to another. But in SL we can fly everywhere and tp.
    And for that person who talked about going around with the dog… -.-‘ you have parks for that in SL.. If you really want to roleplay that far then you should know dogs prefer green parks than roads.

    And what about people who doesn’t want to see a road near their homes ?? I have some homes looking like paradise beachs, private places and I don’t want a road there.
    Why are you trying to make SL looking more and more like the Sims ??? I have nothing against the roads that already exist on Governor Linden’s places. They look fine and don’t bother anyone but I am AGAINST more roads everywhere.

  148. pantaiputih korobase says:

    @144, are you kidding? we either drive in the middel or randomly left or right πŸ™‚

  149. la le lu says:

    give us the tech blog entries back. now. and open the comments. got it?

  150. Razor says:

    @135 True. The only place we actually use the is the bedroom.

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