[RESOLVED] In-world and Website performance issues

[RESOLVED 2008-04-18 9:40am PST] – All issues are now resolved and you should be able to resume activities as normal, including website access.

We updated the configuration recently to attempt to improve performance. Unfortunately, the change appears to have decreased stability. We are reverting to the previous configuration and taking measures to minimize disruption. In the meantime, please avoid (and be aware of) in-world transactions timing out, teleporting being effected, logins failing, inability to change group tags, inability to rez or “Take” items.. among other issues. Please see http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Service_Disruptions#Central_Database_Cluster for more technical info.

The website is also reporting the grid status as down and is, at times, preventing access to the Support Portal (as well as other areas). We are working as quickly as possible to restore services to their normal capacity.
Please watch this announcement for further information.

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152 Responses to [RESOLVED] In-world and Website performance issues

  1. Belial Zadeh says:

    weeeeeeeeeee kend! lol

  2. Anonymous says:

    Let’s hope this is fixed soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Batman says:


  4. Sans says:

    This is getting a bit ridiculous…

  5. Kiersten McCullough says:

    omg! i spend too much RL money on here for all these “problems”. will it EVER end??

  6. Esch Snoats says:

    Fix 1 thing, break 10 others. Sounds pretty typical to me.

  7. Belial Zadeh says:

    @5 No, quit!

  8. Zag McMillan says:

    Increased performance, but decreased stability…
    /me has a strange feeling of Deja vu…

  9. Dingthat Bellman says:

    Speechless, which as anyone who knows me, is as rare as hens’ teeth.

  10. Kissa says:

    LL I know that you all can do better then this , 3yrs being a paying member supporting your pay check every month with others who buy in lindens just like me. We don’t come in game to know what 3 hours and boom nothing is working again. Whatever you all are doing fix it so we all can have fun again in SL> It is getting really boring anymore , why come in game at all and know that maybe 3 or 8 hours down the line we have the same issues since we have been having since the beginning of the new year. I would rather have blog on my land or sonic crashing me around then to deal with this crap every day .. like old saying goes same crap different day ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Ratings of SL is going to go down soon LL if you all don’t fix what is broken . People is going to start to leave then what we won’t have no more SL ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  11. Alfons says:

    Second Life is second stress! Good luck Lindens…again..and again…and…

  12. Belial Zadeh says:

    I don’t know about anybody else but I’m getting ready for a nice cosy weekend of real life! ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Dolcevita Rossini says:

    Thank you LL, too late, i lost again some (no copy) stuff :(((

  14. Raudf Fox says:

    It’d be nice if they had a new pic for the main webpage that is in yellow (compared to the gorillas banging on things image) that cautions users about in world problems. When the main page is up, that is.

  15. quadboy1 says:

    it is back

  16. gazza shabazz says:

    Hi there anyone know why i cant sen a support ticket to it keeps coming up with Error creating new Ticket: anyone help me on this please?

  17. Lonny Miasma says:

    Somehow I am left speechless …. now.

    And sorry for the inconvinience ……. (this frase is somehow missing?)

  18. Belial Zadeh says:

    @10 is that same crap different day, different crap same-day or different day different crap? lol

  19. Lyselle Munro says:

    /me hopes that this will take care of the IM issues that have plagued me for the last couple of weeks. My friends & I have had to resort to using e-mail & google talk to stay in touch ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    At least I now know why I’m crashing every time I breathe…

    Thanks for the info on the problems! Annoying as they might be, I’d rather know that it isn’t just me!!


  20. U M says:

    OH lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Bee Mizser says:

    Good ole Borky Life. Nothing ever changes.

  22. Story Bachem says:

    Tell me something new !!! ***:(***

  23. River Ely says:

    You rolled it out and it didn’t work, this is the first time obviously, Team, Roll out gently and be ready for the unexpected.
    best of luck with your roll out for business here are depending on a day that is smooth.
    Do more trials before inflicting your users with more updates.

  24. Samantha Sachertorte says:

    Yes, the weekend is almost on us again and guess what The Linden bunch have screwed it all up again

    PATHETIC isn’t it

    Will they evr learn – Will they ever Listen

    I doubt it very much

    Complete Joke

  25. Stoo Straaf says:

    The only good side to all this is that you’ll push away all the people who can’t be doing with the stress of running a business in a failing world, and then there’ll be more customers for those of us who do stay.

    I’ve invested US$8000 in SL over the past 10 months. Not made a penny back yet, and unlikely to at this rate. But I don’t walk away from that kind of investment. Yet.

  26. Umbra Lunardi says:

    By my count this is day 22 of an unbroken string of days where major breakage occurs in world. UNSATISFACTORY

  27. Good Exchange says:

    Awesoooommee !! In other words: We exchanged the performance by stability !! OMG ! ahahahaha


  28. Lyselle Munro says:

    @ 14: Very good idea!!!

    Hey Lindens! Check that idea out! Shoot, even some kind of bar at the top or bottom of the screen that was red, yellow or green depending upon status would be really useful both on the webpage & on the login page ๐Ÿ™‚

    Really good idea…kudos!

  29. norbo sands says:

    Again we are warned to avoid in-world transactions. I had a small business that was covering my tiers and even gave me some extra money to spend.
    Last month I di dnot earn enough to cover my costs. Seems I also don’t earn enough this month. I’m afraid to spend money and don’t receive anything return and so are others.
    If Linden is not going to solve that problem I fear a lot of those small business will give up and go back to a free account. Chatting with friends is also possible without owning land. And is finally no big difference to how it is now – only less costy.

  30. Shipper Sodwind says:

    You Guy’s ever test these fixes before you deploy them?

  31. Dekka Raymaker says:

    “In our continuing effort to improve your Real Life experience, we have taken Second Life temporarily off line for maintenance.โ€ฆ”

  32. Jenny Carlos says:

    What a joke. Ive never seen a SL viewer with as many crashes as this release candidate too lol.
    How many days in a row is this now?
    I sure hope someone actually debugs SLs code and starts to actually find the bugs and fix them this is WAY out of hand.

  33. Rusalka Writer says:

    Tastes great, less crashing?

    Seriously, I already drive an old Porsche. I’ve got the pleasure of unreliable performance in RL. I don’t need it in SL.

  34. Zaphod Beeblebrox says:

    Sun is shining, it’s not too cold outside, go for a walk or visit next door’s cafe, eat some cake, have a cappucino, watch peaople pass by and let LL fix the issues..

  35. Draak Eagle says:

    LL, please take 5 minutes to look at the downtime history and tell to us what you have to say about this, I know the SL community is growing everyday, but before making any update on the servers do you make any stress test ? or a test with more than 5 avatars logged on it ? Please take everything down to do your business, so we won’t be so disapointed. I think you guys should go back to the time when you used to make a real planned update. I miss the time (2 years ago) when we just had to wait every wednesday few hours to see a stable SL. You are loosing A LOT of customer, and seriously why paying for a premium account with a downtime of 30% half a month… well this was my 2 cents, I just feel sad about a platform I loved, don’t know how many persons will stay if you continue this way. Anyways keep up the work, I cross my fingers for you guys.

  36. Toad Mougin says:

    I’ve been in the computer industry for many a year, so am usually quite tolerant of problems with SL due to its cutting-edge nature etc etc, but these last few weeks they’ve really been taking the piss :((

  37. Belial Zadeh says:

    LL Team: “Hey Philip shall we test this thing before we roll it out or just do it?”

    Phillip: “no, just do it. These idiots will carry on paying and playing regardless, it’s not like they have an alternative!”

  38. @ Raudf Fox

    I spoke with concierge last week with the same idea; a traffic light, and LL said they are about to revamp this system we currently are using (removing the blog based info and moving it to a website) which will have something similar they said. I look forward to this as it will be a great thing to look at a page to see if things are borky or not ๐Ÿ˜‰

  39. Nibb Tardis says:

    There hasn’t been a single day this month that we haven’t had 2 or more hours of down time. I hope you are considering a partial refund on tiers and maintenance fees this month.

    What would happen if you had to put up with your phone or electricity going down for 4 hours every single day for a month ?

    Linden Lab, your customers need a sign right now. Not lip service. Compensation.

  40. Hey, what about decentralization ?! So one part of the grid can at least stay online while the other is patched or worked on. Yeah ! SPLIT THE GRID !!!

    Build up a secondary part of the grid, in London, Frankfurt, Paris, Tokyo or somewhere else… ๐Ÿ˜€

  41. Screwed Land Owner says:

    I love how you screw all your land holders by dropping their investment by 1/2 but keep the montly tiers the same……..Why not support your existing land holders by reducing montly tiers OH! and keep run time high! Don’t you have a beta grid to test all this stuff in before unleashing it on us?

  42. U M says:

    Any chance to get this fixed before weekend?

  43. Shadow Lusch says:

    Another day…..another problem.

    This is day #17 LL….keep trying….you’ll get there I’m sure.

    Just hope I’m still alive to see it.


  44. Mar says:

    @14 (“Itโ€™d be nice if they had a new pic for the main webpage that is in yellow (compared to the gorillas banging on things image) that cautions users about in world problems. When the main page is up, that is.”)

    How about a picture of an avatar banging his/her head against a brick wall? *g* The text could even be changed to read something like: The Grid is down so go bang your head on things.

  45. Sophia Debevec says:

    Ok where’s Bill Murray, this film was better when he was starring in it not me!

  46. Alicia Sautereau says:


  47. Clearly illustrates they have absolutely no clue what they are doing. It’s a bit ike all the updates they have shoved out over the last 18 months that promised better performance but ended up making things worse.

    The ONLY thing to do (apart from firing the lot and starting again, which I hope the new CEO will do), is to STOP all new shinies, rollback Havoc and Windlimp to 1.18, and the server code, and install the necessary hardware and systems, with a load of spare capacity and performance, BEFORE you ad in anything else in the future, or let more people in.

    The way you are going you never fix things when they get broken, then you add in more land, more people, more shinies, more bugs, and have no clue where to stat looking.

    The word Lindened certainly is getting a lot more usage these days…


    1. lindened

    verb: Screwed up, botched, ruined. Something is said to be “lindened” when a situation is made worse by an action that was intended to make things better.

    This word originated in the Second Life community in response to the chronic troubles following Second Life upgrades.

    My brakes were squeaking a bit so I got them worked on – now they are completely lindened – it won’t stop at all.

  48. Chi says:

    Ya know I love how people just complain and beat down on LL for what they try to do for the performance and stability of the game. Yes, it sucks, Yes its been bad, but at least they are trying and keeping everyone up to date with everything, which is a big improvement compaired to how things used to be. SL shutting down and no info on the blog. They are trying, sometimes just doesn’t work out like they hope.

  49. That’s why I asked last week to postpone because now EU prime time is beginning my frigging sim is down, i am coping with tons of complaints and why? Because you can’t get ANYTHING done as planned! I know it is complicated and THAT IS WHY YOU DON’T DO THIS ON A FRIGGING FRIDAY!

    I am sick of your shit and done being reasonable!
    I am gonna hire Criss Angel to make your management vanish!

  50. Oberon says:

    I agree with some of the other comments, please get SL fixed so that we can be online and not expect some kind of issue to pop up every half hour or so. The problems have become totaly ridiculous lately. Especially since the last set of viewer updates that were supposed to “fix issues”. Since then all I have had are problems teleporting, and having anyone more than a few meters away become all pixelated and move in slow-mo. If the viewers haven’t helped they’ve made things worse. PLease do something to really fix the problems. Or like Kissa said people will start to get too frustrated and leave SL. That would be a shame because I believe it has a lot of potential to be as much a revolution in digital comunication as e-mail was. But only if we can be online and not expect this kind of trouble and frustration.

  51. Goody says:

    HEY Lets have a remembrance day for Second Life and mourn its
    eventual passing!!! Yesterday was a disaster and didnt resolve anything!
    Lets all vote by our feet and not login and refuse payment – five of my business friends have!! and although with Lindens it takes time, as they ensure they got their quid pro quo!!
    They have cancelled their accounts too!!!!!
    Once Lindens close down they’ll have plenty of time to play with themselves!!
    Lets go top the new game!!! MInerva!!!!

  52. Greta Gazov says:

    Now that’s a surprise, it’s another weekend and once again SL is getting wonky. How are we shop owners supposed to make money for the tier if transactions fail? How are we content creators that you Lindens claim are soooo important for SL supposed to create content if we can’t even rezz a simple plywood box? This is really getting annoying. I am sure one day the sentence ‘we are fixing it’ will be written on every Linden’s tombstone …

  53. I don’t mind when things go wrong as long as you give us notice in-world…

    WHICH YOU DID!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I just got a message stating to watch the blog for info. This is exactly what you need to do when these things happen. Thank you!

  54. Darling Brody says:

    Plug a Quantum Core into the servers to give them the power boost they need.


  55. Renee Faulds says:

    Phil – where is your 2/3rd’s of my $54,000 monthly land tier ?????

    Renee Faulds

  56. MB says:

    updating configuration, rolling server deploy, why are you doing this on a friday? the thing will crash again over the whole weekend anyway, even without funny updates.

  57. Lyselle Munro says:

    @ 35: I was thinking exactly the same thing myself the other day. At least if we went back to a scheduled maintenance every week, we’d have a little better idea of what to expect, as it is the entirely unexpected bouts of instability which seem to annoy people the most. I’d much rather plan my week around a planned outage than have a mess of things lined up to work on & have them left hanging when the system burps…

    The real problem on their end, it seems to me, is that some of the issues just aren’t going to develop during limited testing or even slow rollouts. I’ve come to wonder if they might really need us online in large numbers in order to gain a better idea of how the grid is handling the updates. I mean, problems or not, the real test of any update or change isn’t going to happen until the grid is bubbling with activity. Least that’s how it looks to me playing armchair quarterback ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. mazok Nor says:

    Stunning … LL Weekend is comming and again Services Fail, great Work Guys … just a useless pray take the Grid offline for the next 2 Days, fix the Stuff, Refund the Land / SIM Owners, everyone will appreciate it.

  59. Susie Chaffe says:

    This is all a result of the same script the Lindens have been testing over the past 3 weeks…llSetSimCrash(integer Random, list [Weekend_Days]);

  60. Laurent Kesslinger says:

    Here’s a clue: between the last few days and this one, the majority of reactions have called for greater stability. Stop increasing alleged performance at the expense of stability. “Restore services to their normal capacity”… I shudder to think what that means – more complete down time for all of SL?
    As for those who point out RL is out there: good luck investing money in the RL world, those of us who have spent RL money in here are rapidly losing our sense of patience and humor over this latest Linden fiasco.

  61. U M says:

    Tired of complaining, bit*ching, etc………….Just fix the game……. IS it too much to ask.

  62. Damanios Thetan says:

    I suggest splitting the blog in two pieces… one for ‘news’ and one for ‘technical updates/issues’.

    Technical issues/updates/platform changes etc. are now a daily or even hourly process. I appreciate the constant stream of information. But it’s now so common that it’s probably better to separate it from the ‘public speech’/news channel that is the blog. This is fairly common for large service providers etc.

    On the matter of the failed rollout/config update. This seems to become the rule instead of the exception of late. Maybe time for (another) procedure evaluation? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  63. Raban Laborde says:

    this is ridiculous.

    Every day around this time inworlsd issues.

    I am a CIO .. if i’d give such service to our cistomers (and our DB is around the same size as yours, lindens), i’d be fired.

    I’ll never pay for a premium with such a crappy QoS. It’s time to go to other metaverses instead. SL is getiing senseless.

    It makes really no sense to wait until the asset cluster breaks down on a daily schedule – it should be maintained and enlarged before it crashes down. This kind of keeping money back keeps your customers down… i’ve stopped every business at the last “Weak asset period” in August – this time shows me, that this was the correct decision.

    What you are doing is not the future of the internet – it’s the funeral of a fabtastic idea. Why are Anshe chung and iIBM diversifying to other metaverses? Why are big player leaving here?

    Stopp putting money in “new eyecandy” noone nedds – gett your database on the feet for a longer time.

  64. Kissa says:

    @49 ~ How about we have LL give us more strip pay, pay for all the money that was taken from us when this all went down way back when.
    I remember when they had it on the grid beta for months before the deployed anything . Now it is okay lets deploy it cross our fingers and hope that nothing goes wrong . then BOOM !!! OMG we broke 20 more things plus the same thing before dis deployed everyone . here comes the venting people lmao

  65. U M says:

    Have a bad feeling that existing members might have to pay more……..something has to give. This can`t continue like this

  66. Another Friday wonder. Another broken promise NOT to do updates on a Friday. If you’d rolled this out in the afternoon like normal, we would have been shafted for the entire weekend, as per usual.

    You KNOW the asset/database cluster is borked and has major major problems, you have tried unsuccessfully to update and upgrade it 4 times this year already, so WHY OH WHY do you keep adding load to it? Any brain cells left in California, or have you all smoked too much wacky baccy?

  67. Harmony Deschanel says:

    Looks like another morning / afternoon of standing on my build platform playing Tiny Empires….

  68. Sandor Balczo says:

    I remember, a few months ago, people complaining about planned outages. They protested and protested and protested and finally got what they wanted but I feared: background updates while they are in-world doing their own things, which seems to be 80% running a business and 20% shopping. And they now complain about the instability that comes with these background updates.

    In Italy we have a saying: you cannot have a full vat and a drunken wife at the same time.


  69. Kissa says:

    Well if they would have a MUCH BIGGER sever maybe there wouldn’t be so many in world issues. but you are so right @61 if you did this every day same time almost you would be FIRED . Think us paying members who do pay for LL pay checks every month we can FIRED some of the lazy bones that break and thinks up some of this crap????

  70. archie lukas says:

    Performance and reliability have been poor for some time now
    so the fact its got worse must mean its bloody terrible.

    This is officially quite sad.


  71. Mortus Allen says:

    I honestly have no problem with LL fixing the issues as long as they are FIXING the issues not just patching them up. The asset server failures are just getting ridiculous. I have been here for almost 11 months and there have never been so many asset server issues.

    I just want a nice stable asset system… like they used to have where if failed every so often but not often enough to effect residents day to day SLives because there “May be an Asset Server issue today.”.

    Please, Second Life is great when it works, but please fix it up and make the asset system stable again.

  72. LazurusWolf Writer says:

    Sorry LL this is getting a little bit long in the tooth. I personally have not had many of the issues that other users have suffered. I would just like to see you try and deal with the ISSUES and the BUGS. That the both exist on the viewer an the in world experience first.

    You have consistently added more features and bugs with those features and never once dealt with the ongoing ones like the lost inventory’s and the asset server not working properly and the list goes on and on. It’s high time you deal with the issues that really get on people’s nerves and stop adding more things to SL to make it more or less unstable when it already falls over on pretty much hourly basis.

    I also want to ask why are you not supporting ATI graphics cards and you seem to be bias towards Nvida this is stupid when there is a two horse race and my pc can run everything on it through my card but SL just falls over for me every 20 minutes because of the poor graphic driver support for ATI cards. That annoys me even more so when I have to log back in every half an hour due to a crash that is caused due to your lack of support to my graphics card. Please get this issue sorted out for all ATI owners.

    I do think people will leave and I can’t honestly blame them for wanting to either there is nothing worse than something that is online and does not work you even notice the slighter lower numbers of people online on a regular basis when you come on here and I think unless something drastic is done it could spell Doom for SL and all those who love it and have remained loyal to it!

  73. U M says:

    @67 and those jobs of RAH RAHing the game. The all Linden club way of hiring has to stop.

  74. Farris Fargis says:

    And to think that I pay a couple of hundred dollars a month for this! I must be losing my marbles. Or, maybe I’ve already lost them!

  75. KellyM Watkins says:

    Sits happily in her loves arms on the beach waiting for all this to blow over ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜†

  76. What a bizarre day! I was hitting the refresh button trying to get the damn SL website to function and clicking links on the “system is down” page and I got something I have never seen before.

    It said LL control center webcam.

    And sure enough it was the webcame, and there was Phillip pacing on and off the cam while a long equipment console had a bunch of long haired fat guys running around plugging in what looked like those old telephone patch cables. At one point one of them pointed over to a series of screens that were all having v-hold problems. Phillip actually spit his coffee all over this guy and started yelling and pointing. Somebody with “it’s Pat” written on her/his shirt then stood in front of the camera and a second later the web page reloaded itself and the webcam wasn’t there.

    What is this?

  77. maya says:

    oh damn just dont close and dont have issues tomorrow -saturday- at 4pm SLT please please.. its my wedding dont screw it up xD haha
    its the only thing i ask ๐Ÿ˜€

  78. eku Zhong says:

    sun shining??? where?? where?? its raining and 2AM here… major insomnia and SSDD
    TGIF means The Grid Is Fssked??

  79. Tommy Parrott picks up 2 marbles on the ground (now knowing where they came from) ;wipes them off and hands back to Farris Fargis….

    Tommy Parrott hands the Lindens a bigger hammer…

  80. Kissa says:

    @70 I have to agree with you 1,000000000 % , I am one of them devoted customer but in this last year of my 3 yrs in game … just plain out tried of the crap . there is another world almost like SL out now think maybe I will go and check it out today . Nothing else better to do cause LL seems to not understand fix bugs, fix issues , don’t deploy unless the other things are fixed FIRST !!!

  81. U M says:

    also the communicate box with its little box that you can check are not reponding at times as well…….strange? No just broken codes.

  82. Kiran says:

    Why not just notify users when SL is UP? (versus when it’s down) It might save some face.

  83. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    Farris the only way 2L will listen at all is if you tier down otherwise they will just say they understand and they care but this mess wont change.. ie a2edlie lol

  84. Netsah Kurosawa says:

    So easy to complain when you you do nothing, just seizing the opportunity they give you to have fun… Linden Lab is working to make our experiency of a Second better Life. Off course all is not working well each time but the error is human. And it’s by making errors that we can make something better after. So off course they could make more beta tests. I agree fully with that. But isn’t it OUR fault if they try to make faster updates, cause WE are all always complaining??

    Have a nice week-end ya’ll and good luck to the team.

  85. Zaphod Beeblebrox says:

    @67 Well if they would have a MUCH BIGGER sever maybe there wouldnโ€™t be so many in world issues.

    You really belive in Santa and the easter bunny do ya? lol
    I tried to picture this, but couldn’t cause i fell off of my chair laughing so hard. Imagine LL’s HQ..one (1!) server in the basement doing all the click clacks, roflmao…

  86. Ravanne Sullivan says:




    (SHOUT mode off)

  87. Walentine Andersson says:

    I would love to be a fly on the wall on the next boardmeeting at Linden Labs.

  88. U M says:

    laughs……….you know if you want to rah rah it up fine but please…….you are not going to find any friends here at the moment. love these kissey up linden types

  89. Looking back at the past 6+ weeks of instability, technical problems, repeated warnings not to spend money, teleport, etc, I fear the outrage is progressively changing to apathy. How long can people be expected to be passionate about SL when all we get in return is problem after problem. Sooner or later, more and more people are not going to bother checking to see if it’s operational, if it’s safe to use. Folks find other things to do during the times when SL is nothing but frustration and futility, and gradually they won’t remember to come back and see if the grid is up and the asset servers are happy. Phil promised stability at the beginning of this year, what we have seen is just the opposite.
    Much like the gist of this blog. “We tried to fix it but instead we made it worse.”
    I’m not angry or outraged anymore. I’m just disappointed. That’s all I’ve got left.

  90. Thili Playfair says:

    1 % ?

    Err yeh this is another fun weekend, i cant image LL feel when they have workhours set fri-sun “oh great , now i have to fix SL breaking down again~.~,bring glue and bandage?”

    SL is to big for its own good this “scaleability” is starting to crack up and every week, not only weekends now show its time you dropped everything even the people who has nothing to do with fixing bugs should stop adding anything, this is starting to get really boring .

    Weekends = “afk time” cause i cant do anything without the fear of loosing it, mentally :p or objects in SL.

  91. Ann says:

    May I suggest having a minimum of 10 busy sims testing for at least a week long before rolling out upgrades? The Beta grid testing OBVIOUSLY is not accurate enough! It’s not how fast you solve the problem, it’s how stable the solution is going to be. SL is a heavy drug that is wearing off fast! Please take your time testing those upgrades before rolling them out. THANK YOU!

  92. Zaphod Beeblebrox says:

    /me really has a giggling fit here

  93. Kissa says:

    @82 OMG please why you kissing butt , LL MESSED UP AGAIN … you telling me you aren’t yelling and screaming in RL . please . you must be a noob or a really new person in game .. well I’m not and I’m TRIED OF THIS CRAP . Same issues every day since the beginning of this year and they still aren’t fixed :((((

  94. Alan Orantes says:

    LL When will this all end cause every time i come on its a new problem or the same problem every day. please start getting stuff done the right way and STOP with adding new stuff and start fixing the problems that are going on now. if this keeps up i will leave SL cause why would i want to play game that has so many problems ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  95. Rado says:

    GO! GO! Linden.The sun and the star have shone even in difficult circumstance. We believe.

  96. Harmony Deschanel says:

    @81 Actually SL won’t listen if you tier down … because if someone sells their land, someone else buys it … they just transfer who pays the tier fee. That’s one thing that frustrates me … I pay a few hundred dollars a month because of land holdings… and If I leave SL, they’ll only miss my $72 / yr I pay.. Someone else will own the land I sold and pay that tier fee. Linden Lab won’t notice it.

  97. Moll Dean says:

    May I suggest you LL to block all (I MEAN ALj) bots? If you have this power I think is a good opportunity to test.
    I DO BELIEVE that almost 30% of in-world population today are bots… Runing programs that are causing all these issues. There is some of those robots that use TP system every each 5 seconds. They do that to visit lands for sale. to create avatar name list. for scan and to find camping devices.

    Listen to us.
    These LL allowed robots are more dangerous than Lamers and Hackers and they are the over-population here.

    Any comments? Please.


  98. U M says:

    @89 it never was/or/is……………..LL has stated this in the past. They reach a happy point then they release. There is so much they can tedst before the release. They are under deadlines from higherups.

  99. Linda Brynner says:


  100. Bucky Barkley says:

    Who is the tech lead? The VP or CTO? Is it Joe?

    Why do they not post here? What is it going to take for them to communicate?
    Anyone at LL paying attention to PR 101?

    The main question to ask Cory at wherever he is applying these days would be:
    “So, what state did you leave things in at your last job?” It is amazing that he rarely communicated, and even moreso that the current tech lead is so quiet.

    The last 2 years of ‘choose your own work’ and ‘do it with style’ are coming home to roost…

    Someone is going to write a hell of a book about all this.

  101. Kalle Contepomi says:

    Kudos to the Lindens for sending out a notice about it inworld. Now stay sharp and fix these annoying disruptions. Happy bug hunting guys.

  102. Kissa says:

    Sorry but this blog has been closed , glad you all had fun venting cause us at Linden Labs don’t listen to any of it we are sitting here laughing at you all …. rofl

  103. U M says:

    @99 that seems to be the only thing they done right today. Really hope they solve this problem ASAP.

  104. Emily Lelouch says:

    @ 52 Darling ,that is a great idea :-))

    The Region Song is offline, can we have it back please ?

  105. Fogwoman Gray says:

    What is breaking my heart is seeing the people who built much of what is beautiful in SL quietly getting disgusted, selling out and going away. All the wonderful and talented builders and scripters who started when this was a silly idea….I just want to sit and cry each time one of them sells and leaves. But I keep hearing that it isn’t fun anymore. When people have time to come inworld and build it is no longer possible. That is the true shame. And shame on LL for failing those who created much of the beauty in this world.

  106. Kissa says:

    @103 that is so true but you can’t tell LL that the paying or non paying members builded Sl what it is today . LL takes all the credit ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  107. Marc51 says:

    @103 Exactly!!!

  108. Jay Townsend says:

    There really isn’t much to say anymore. These problems are now the norm. You know every day when they crop up it is costing inworld merchants RL$, you know people are paying you hundreds *raises hand* and sometimes even thousands of dollars a month for your service and yet you seem to think it is perfectly acceptable to provide this level of brokeness on a daily basis. You know that you loose accounts because of these issues every day, some paying, some not, many that would have turned into paying accounts, and many that fund the merchants inworld that are paying the larger chunks of money to LL, yet you seem to not care at all about that. Even if it is only 10 people a day that log off and never log back in because of the problems…after a month (and it has been more than that that we have had these same problems day after day) that is 300 people plus all the friends they tell their experiance to that we will never see. How can a company not care about that? It says alot about you that you don’t.
    I am tired of hearing that the people that work on dazzle don’t work on bugs or issues. That this team does that and that team does this and all of the other excuses why things “can’t” be made better faster. The JIRA is loaded with posted bugs that need assigned and fixed, the clients are a joke of bugs, crashes and memory leaks. The grid has mass problems daily, the server code is plaged by bugs. There is no part of the SL experiance that works properly, or even smoothly. And we get voice, WindLight, Dazzle, web page redesigns, html on a prim, UI changes for the sole purpose of UI changes. All of this, every bit of our experiance bugged and broken and we are told time after time, – we are working on it, we don’t have the manpower, the enhancement people don’t do bugs. To me it sounds like it is high time to transfer some enhancement people and web designers and make them bug hunters and asset server installers.
    Any company that cared the least little bit about losing customers EVERY SINGLE DAY to preventable problems would make that goal #1 they would eat breath and sleep fixes and support.
    My rant is over, these arent things that haven’t been said time and time again, over and over, for months and months, by many different people and I have no reason to think saying it yet again will do anything except for maybe make me feel a bit better as it has been proven to us that concerns and complaints like these fall on deaf ears.
    So..thanks for what you do right, and for the blogspot for us to complain about the things you don’t.

  109. b00tsy says:

    all i know that the last month i made far less money then normaly…and making money is the main reason why im still on SL…. im certainly not here for the lag and crashes that spoils the fun i could have in SL. besides that, with all these “improvements” like wind/light and stuff you need to have a really fast pc to even play at all. The average person on SL like me doesnt have that, we are just playing on a standard pentium 4…

    and im still experiencing un normal memory usage (memory leak), starts out normal, but after like 10 minutes i have to relog cos my pc cant handle the large amount of memory usage. and under normal conditions my pc should be able to handle SL just fine…

    and on a side note, the early wind/light viewer worked fine and i could use all features…now i suddenly cant anymore. i dont see now what others can see. that sucks when your building things…not knowing how others would see your builds. hell i cant even use the glow function when im building.

  110. Darien Caldwell says:

    Makes me glad I have a day job. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am really pulling for all the hardworking, dedicated people at LL to come through and have all their initiatives, like Today’s rollout, Intermezzio, and other stability enhancements to pan out and help restore the grid to a predictable degree of stability. *keeps fingers crossed*

  111. mimi says:

    every day i get about 5-10 people complaining they didnt get items they payed for. Unlike Linden Labs I am decent and help them. I wish you would put some more effort into this and inform resident this is not the shop owners fault but YOUR fault so we dont get all the cursing. But its in vain to say this because we all know you will never do this.

  112. River Ely says:

    I proposed 18 Months ago to have separate grids, COMPLETELY for different areas of the globe, to provide resilience and then they can do roll outs evenly without affecting the majority.
    That was 18 months ago. LOL, maybe its taking a while for them to let it sink in. (speak to Amazon guys they did it already and never miss a beat)

  113. Amaterasu Cinquetti says:

    Sighs. Can’t sleep and was hoping could catch a little time in SL.

  114. iliveisl says:

    sheesh, I hate it when that happens! well, no worries from this happy resident. it’s all in the quest for becoming better, and I am all for progress.

    good thing Edison did not quit after the first 1,000 times!

    lol to all the nay sayers, go make your own virtual world platform ;p

  115. Alfons says:

    Bought an open space sim…price dropped a few days later…sim installed…and no refund possible… Ok…no problem…life goes on.

    Some days later the performance dropped…building became a risk…

    Weeks later…still waiting for it to be fixed…problems every day…stopped building…

    Trying to sell my old land…sl kept on crashing…who will buy…giving it away…

    I am sure you are doing your best…but even for a die hard sl fan…this is getting hard…

    Friends are trying to sell out and leaving…

    Good luck fixing it Lindens!

  116. U M says:

    amater well it seems some of the problems are clearing but in world still looks a little unstable…………

    Usagi M

  117. Payne Samiam says:

    We left SL about a year ago and came back recently, I hate to say it and didn’t believe I ever would but SL was better back then..

    Instability and crashes have increased, more shiny more addons but less stability more bugs.

  118. Ciaran Laval says:

    I know things go wrong, I know you’re trying to make improvements but this is really starting to bite, what one earth is going on?

  119. Guru Dreamscape says:

    Reverse engineering needs to be implemented to get to the bottom of the constant database failings, once the problem has been located, then fix it… It seems there has been too much skirting around the real issue at hand, prevention rather than intervention is needed for a system such as LL is attempting to run at the moment. It would appear to me that whatever is happening behind the scenes is a deep rooted problem, one that has manifested itself in various forms, and now has come to a head with the recent updates of the past month or so, i would suggest to LL to ensure that their own upgrades surpass their actual needs for their infrastructure by at least 50%, thus they have breathing space to deal with anything that may crop up in the future…in fact make that 100%, so that theres a total relief grid in place for anything that may go wrong in the future…

    We care about SL, and for many of us it hurts when all we are getting is constant problems, peoples feelings are shown in the nature of the posts on here, we the people are powerless, but those at LL hold the key, what they have created in SL is truely amazing…when it works without glitches… I for one hope that they take heed of all thats suggested, mentioned, and said… G x

  120. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    Just another day in SL(tm) wich isn’t my Second Lifeยฎ anymore, but an unstable 3D platform instead *grins*

  121. richard says:

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  122. Marsh says:

    Couldn’t some of the problem be that there are just too many members and too much inventory for the database to hold? How about going through and deleting any account that hasn’t been logged in for over a year? Also how about limiting the number of inventory items that basic members can hold and giving paying premium members unlimited inventory. I am a basic member and wouldn’t mind having to limit my inventory in order to have better stablity on SL. Also, is there possibly a way to get rid of the loads of bots around that are taking up space. I don’t mind people camping for some lindens here and there, but the bots are ridiculous.

  123. Alura Elvehjem says:

    I’d REALLY hate to be in your collective shoes…

    Customer Service is the mainstay of any major business organization. Those companies that fail here (in customer service tend to lose business eventually (it can happen very quickly) and the “bright shiny” vision and hope they brought to the world through their vision and manifestation of that Vision starts to stutter and then the SHARKS come and tear you to pieces. Sigh

    I REALLY like SL. My fiance hooked me up in 2006 and I love the power to create and recreate and explore. It can be a wonder land to a person who’s life is filled is absolute responsibility. A place to play and grow and expand. I applaud the vision, the courage, and all the “players” in the field who co-create SL.

    That said. Here’s what I see as the Major problems. Stability has become a biggie. I know that Havok4 was supposed to get you there. And in some ways it did. But it created a monster of another sort. For those of you who Work in Linden Land, your minds are filled with the newest geek toy, the best, the greatest. I know more about the Geek mindset than anyone would suppose. It is a very insular world. You don’t really realize just how limited the resources are of those that don’t devote every extra cent they have to upgrades and the newest tech toy. Your world starts to become tunneled. You get OUT OF TOUCH with people who are USING your product. This happens because when you ask for Volunteers…guess who volunteers to try on your new products?? Tech type people. Not the ordinary users. We wouldn’t dare. I can’t speak your language. Did anyone consider that?

    If you are marketing to the Gamers (World of War Craft types) then you are ON SPOT. If you are marketing to the world, to provide a whole new way of interacting, doing business, expanding markets, A new cooperative venture that has the capacity to outstrip the Internet and create New and Healthier paradigms of international interaction (see VISION) then you are definitely barking up the wrong TREE.

    While all the lovely bells and whistles (hey I Iike Windlight, Dazzle etc..so shoot me) are wonderful to experience, with the currrent upgrades and even with my lovely dual core Mac I cannot SEE them anymore. So I have to remember them with fondness and do my best to keep creating between the crashes and the gridwide problems. Like I said, I feel badly for your workers. That peak into the webcam sounds HORRIBLE. Who’d want to work like that? You’ll lose your talent. They can find work elsewhere on another Edge and be much happier. WARNING!!!

    Someone AT THE TOP has to do some serious Soul/SL searching and come to terms with both the VISION of the company and a solid, GROUNDED (based on Consumer NEED/not WANT) way to implement a more STABLE environment without the bells and whistles. Those who want to experience the new adaptations should be ENCOURAGED to explore the testing areas and try their computers out on them.

    ETC ETC…and yeah, I KNOW YOU KNOW…But did you KNOW we did???

    I’d love to see the ground again. smile.


  124. Broccoli Curryยฎ says:

    Thats it! Im buying 5 sims now!

  125. Makes me glad I sold my last sim. I just can’t see paying $295/month for service like this.

  126. Flower Balogh says:

    A lot of us are paying for a service that is not being provided. When will the Linden Lab company realize that a class action law suit can be filed based of poor service, plus damages for losses of in game transactions.

    Linden Labs, stop the upgrades, stop the new ideas……….start to address your systems

  127. YeahME says:

    I need somebody to rant on… it’s hard to keep a business running here since nearly a month… at moment it’s a waste of money and time as well… happy weekend @ all…

  128. Ann Otoole says:

    oh for God’s sakes please get some real help. Hire some consultants and get the big dogs in there and send the paper tiger wannabees packing. sheesh.

  129. Flew says:



  130. U M says:

    i bet the cost of islands will drop 50% more by end of the year because at this rate LL needs al the funding they can get. and less serverice

  131. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Get rid of the bots.


  132. Happi Homewood says:

    Don’t worry… be Happi ๐Ÿ™‚

  133. Alto Collins says:

    I was sooo thrilled when Havock 4 rolled out and I finally stopped seeing gray everything…but…and there’s always a but in SL it seems, this crap is getting soooooooooooooooooo old. Yes…warnings are nice, what would be nicer (especially for those of us who PAY for this ) is a stability.

  134. U M says:

    coco lets hope so, but as LL has stated they have no reason to at the moment. lets hope they get things going.

  135. Great work Linden labs. I’m glad Second Life is running so smooth. It’s great you hammered all these bugs out….

  136. Marsh says:

    Just to add to my previous post have:
    1. basic members have a limited inventory
    2. members with credit card info on file have a limited but much higher than basic inventory allowance
    3. premium members have unlimited inventory
    4. LL delete old accounts or never used accounts to free up database space

  137. Samuel Geiger says:

    As a former beta tester and QA member for a software company that actually makes money (and products that work =P), I’ll let you all in on a little secret that LL won’t share with you. All the bugs and broken things in the game that have been there forever…. well…. they won’t be getting fixed. EVER. Once you get things buried too deep in code, the only way to fix it is to scrap and start over. I’ve seen many promising games go down because of this. LL just doesn’t want their investors (if any are left) to realize that the whole framework that is SL is a lost cause so they keep coming up with new excuses as to why their cosmetic fix didn’t work out. Anyhow, I’ve only logged in twice for a total of 5 minutes in the last 2 weeks and have never felt better. You sheep don’t need SL. Remeber there were instant messengers that worked before SL, and there will be instant messengers that work long after SL’s doom.

  138. Philosophia Destiny says:

    Hey I’m willing to wait it out!! I don’t expect perfection. So if u wanna sell ur land/SIM, send me an IM with detailed information ๐Ÿ™‚ Philosophia Destiny

  139. Trin Bailey says:

    ooooohhhh…… it i said to be “resolved”….


  140. Stoni says:

    Renee Faulds, is there a blog or somewhere I can read about what happened? I see your posts here to Phil but don’t know what it’s about.

    I’ve just about given up on SL. I used to log in every day and now it’s about once a week. The frustration level is just too high. Everything I tried to rez last night said, “Object not found in data base.”

    Soon it will be, “Stoni not found in data base.”

  141. Bratty Childs says:

    @ ScrewedLandOwner (40) who said:
    I love how you screw all your land holders by dropping their investment by 1/2 but keep the montly tiers the sameโ€ฆโ€ฆ..Why not support your existing land holders by reducing montly tiers OH! and keep run time high!
    AND @ Nibb Tardis who said : There hasnโ€™t been a single day this month that we havenโ€™t had 2 or more hours of down time. I hope you are considering a partial refund on tiers and maintenance fees this month.

    What would happen if you had to put up with your phone or electricity going down for 4 hours every single day for a month ?

    Linden Lab, your customers need a sign right now. Not lip service. Compensation.

    At the risk of sounding cynical..I think we have mistaken LL for “someone who gives a darn”
    They know the place is addictive to most, and have no problem taking advantage of us all. I can’t think of any other venue..utility, store, restaurant where I would continue paying for the blatant disregard that is served up here.

  142. Happi Homewood says:

    @119 richard, very interesting, ty ๐Ÿ™‚

  143. Magnus Stovall says:

    I wonder why you also don’t make this announcement in game as well, but no, it seems like someone really doesn’t want to take the time to handle their public relations properly, a major problem ever since I joined SL.

    And yes the game ratings are going down, jsut do the research on the web, for those of you working at Linden Labs, becuase of situations like this happening more and more. Yes it si new technology, but before you start using your subscribers as guinea pigs, you should re evaluate your testing procedures.

    Not only that, you already had one federal court rule in essence that that the way you conducted business so far, and there is another who declared that when we purchase something, it is considered as merchandise…hmmm maybe I need to start printing my transaction history and talk to my lawyer.

    Either way, this game is not becoming worth its value or investment, due to issues like this. I do hope you manage to get things turned around becuase eventually someone will come out with something better, and LL will find itself in real trouble.

  144. U M says:

    well we are near another blog full people that feel sl is going down the toliet with our money be flushed down the same drain……….

  145. Chandra Jun says:

    There was a comment above about some of the issues are due to SL growing. The Log in screen shows that in the last 60 days SL has had 1.267,826+ log in’s. But I have to ask, how many times we crash and have to log back in? So what is the true number?

  146. Gypsy Tripsa says:

    I am a sim owner, creator and merchant in SL and have a big investment in real $ and an even larger investment in time and energy. I feel committed to stay involved with SL because of this committment. My concern is that those without a monetary commitment (in other words my customer base) will leave due to the borkedness of SL. There are alternatives to SL, and they will all leave due to frustration.
    Please, please, please….stop with the enhanced features until you fix the basic problems. I would rather do without all the bells and whistles and have a stable but plain and basic experience!!!

  147. Bratty Childs says:

    @marsh (134)
    Couldn’t agree more. I once particpated in another online game where if you didn’t log in at least ONCE in 90 days, you were deleted, paying member or not (of course the monetary investment wasn’t as high as here, re:tiers etc)
    Also..why are there UNLIMITED free accounts available? There should ba a limit of one per customer..if you want an alt, or extra you should be forced to pay.

    These 2 things would not only decrease data base load..I’m willing to bet it would stop a large amount of the griefing that takes place too.

  148. Serious Serapis says:

    There is a critical lack of leadership at Linden Lab, both executive and technical, that is clearly showing in the inability to fix anything and responsible for the death spiral the grid is currently. Changes go in one day and are pulled out the next. Nothing seems to be tested, it is all just guess work as to what the underlying problem is and sheer hope that the latest “fix” actually makes things better and not worse. I work with developers everyday. They all want to work on the bright-shiny thing, none want to track down and fix a pile of bugs. At some point, leadership needs to kick in and drive the team to do what is needed. Right now, what is needed is to fix the database and server performance and reliability issues and deliver a client that 99% of the people can use.

    However, beyond the multitude of technical problems which may get fixed eventually, there is a larger problem with decimated customer satisfaction/loyalty that will be much harder to recover from. “We apologize…” only cuts it for so long. Many of us are out real dollars, some of us thousands of real dollars, simply because our customers can’t log in, can’t get to our sims once they are logged in, or can’t complete a transaction once they finally get to us.

    No one seems to be addressing the restitution of our costs and people are getting severely frustrated and fed up. Some are choosing to simply walk away. Trust me, you can’t afford to lose these people. They are what make Second Life what it is…not Mono, Havoc or even WindLight.

  149. U M says:

    Don`t know about you but my FPS are dropping every week with these updates and fixes…………..

  150. Medhue Simoni says:

    Thanks for ruining another weekend of sales. You know most of us can not keep dealing with these problems. Get it fixed and leave it alone for a month, so the businesses in sl can recover. Can we please be a bit more intelligent about when these things get done and the timing of their release and implimentation. Making improvements on fridays does not make any sense.

  151. Belial Zadeh says:

    weeeeeeeee kend!

  152. Ann Otoole says:

    that wiki doesnt say diddly so write a real one.

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