Snowball Fight! Snowball Fight!

Beginning at 5 AM – 7 AM the first of our series of snowball fights has started in the region Carpentaria – Make your way over and grab a snowball. Find your resident snow fort and have a blast! The Lindens await you!

A second snowball fight region is now open from 5 AM – 7 AM. Head over to Kovari – !

ROUND TWO: Get ready for round two of our snowball fight day! We will be in regions Cossus and Egan at 11 AM PST – 1 PM PST! Please continue to enjoy ice skating and snow throwing at Carpentaria and Kovari.

TSL We are headed your way too! We’ll see you in TG’s Coelacanth at 11 AM PST !

ROUND THREE: (Final Round!)  Between 3 PM – 5 PM PST, Linden’s will be in any of the following regions:  Eldridge, Hatton, Solomon, Hume, Kariba and Chukchi.  Last two hours of snow fight fun!  Come join us!

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42 Responses to Snowball Fight! Snowball Fight!

  1. WarKirby says:

    Carpentaria is full. And the surrounding sims are packed with people who can’t get in D:

    It would heave been an idea to do it in several places at once, maybe?

  2. Nice a snowball fight.
    When teleport would be working to that location, maby we could come there…. but…. again… to bad that is not working.

  3. Pattigee Paine says:

    Can’t get there from here. Thanks for invite, tho. Story of my life, invitations, but no way to get there……….lol

  4. Kara Harkins says:

    Umm … ever think of doing these things on multiple sims that are next to each other? We have more people in the next sims banging the walls of the sim repetitively that you have in yours!

  5. How is it from 3am – 5am when it starts at 6am?

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  7. WarKirby says:

    Kovari is full too <_<

    Methinks someone didn’t think this through too well..

  8. Mona says:

    Kovari is now down. I think we won……….. :/

  9. Kara Harkins says:

    I *finally* get into kovari ….. am almost at the snowball fight …. then you take the sim down and log me off? Lame Lindens, Lame.

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  11. Montana Corleone says:

    Don’t tell me the asset servers lost the snowballs lol

  12. Ponk Bing says:

    Hobo Railroad Hub in Calleta is the only alternative if you wanna fling yellow snow with stones in!

  13. Kugel says:

    Hang on … beginning/open 3AM-5AM … and this was posted at 5:33AM ????? Have I missed the plot???

    Still.. a nice effort from LL for the holidays.

  14. yeah…. it realy is a fight. not with snowballs but with teleport to that place. think the ones that get to that sim have won the fight ???
    well…. LL… damn nice job again, but to bad we cant join

  15. Dekka Raymaker says:

    I enjoyed that but it wasn’t until it was finished that i realized my AO disabled the snowball shooter 😦

  16. Alyx Sands says:

    What about doing this A) in more than one sim and B) at more different times and locations in general?

  17. Chiyo Linden says:

    I think we underestimated how many of you were so looking forward to being able to throw things at Lindens in world without worrying about being kicked for it. 😉

    We are working on improving things performance wise for the next round.

    Thanks to everyone that was there and for everyone who wasn’t or couldn’t get in, please try again in the rounds to follow. It was wonderful fun. 🙂

  18. Connor Sachertorte says:

    RiversRunRed gave away a snowball fight goodie as part of their vodafone promotion ages ago – if its still available on vodafone island, you can go pick one up and get you own snowball fights going!

  19. Steph says:

    So, that’s what you’re all doing instead of fixing the horrendous lag that’s been plaguing us since the “upgrade”. I’m just trying to take an object into inventory – 5 minutes so far, and still not there. Happy Christmas!

  20. RacerX Gullwing says:

    Ever think about using those way cool snowballs that actually do something when you hit some one. Much more satisfying. Deevyde Maelstrom makes a free snowball called a Brainiac Snowball that works just like yours only if you hit someone there disabled a moment while they fall on there a@@. Or are you scared you would never be able to get up?

  21. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    Just an idea for events like this: Would it be possible to create an instanced sim? One that creates a copy of itself if the original sim is full. I mean, if only 40 people can participate, it’s a bit pointless.

    Having an instanced sim that comes up on 5 servers or more if needed would be a nice feature for business owners as well. Shop full, new instance with the exact same vendors pops up, new teleports are automatically redirected.

  22. Daniel Voyager says:


    Any ideas why there is nothing posted about the snowball fight on the Teen Grid on the SL Blog?

    Also why Teen Grid is getting MG notices during the day?

    Thanks Again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2008
    Snowball Fight wooot!

  23. HealthStar says:

    My house has room to hold 10 people… I think I’ll invite 5 million people over. Hmmmmm

  24. Harwood Hax says:


    why do i even bother to click on these anymore??

    LL does something nice for the holidays…
    the blog junkies continue to whine…
    really… isnt there a star-trek convention going on or something???

    FOR ONCE>>>> can it just be the holiday season!?!?…
    .. is it too much to ask for not to hear this continuous nihilistic crap for ONCE when someone does something nice for ya?? really… the EMO crap gets old after a while…

    .. really, if ya want attention so bad…. buy a dog!!
    wait… ill buy one for ya…..

    … after all..

    … it IS Christmas……

    MERRY CHRISTMAS anyway… folks…

    … and because it’s never said… and i find myself attracted to this game like a crackho is to a rundown building on a friday night….


    … IGNORE THE EBINEEZER’S OUT THERE… THERES plenty OF US that LOVE what you do… ya.. things could run better at times… but c’est la vive!!


  25. Lukas Mensing says:

    Technical question:
    I don’t have a regular snowball script, can I use a psitech snowball launcher instead?
    Tactical question:
    Can you publich a list of the lindens we can shoot and where and when they will be?

  26. Lukas Mensing says:

    Pfff…forgot the main thing:
    Happy Christmas to all (including Lindens!) and very very specially all the concierges! these guys/girls do great work!

  27. Hevenz Vansant says:

    hahahaha # 25 :p

  28. Hevenz Vansant says:

    On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me, “Secondlife that was lag freeeeeee”, take it away folks :p

  29. You all were awesome!

    Hats off to Erica Linden for being the only frog at the Christmas event!

    Merry Xmass yall…

  30. Yacobheimer125 Voom says:

    A Second Life Christmas Poem

    Twas the night before christmas
    and all through SL
    the lindens, those people
    were running like hell

    ’cause 45,000 residents here
    wanted to come and give holiday cheer
    well, the teleport system went up in a tizzy
    that left even the oldest residents dizzy
    and has stranded my client
    not one, two, or three
    but four time stuck staring at the
    teleport bar, woe to me…

    And on
    that jolly domain
    the residents write
    “O please refrain,
    from planning events
    in that one sim
    that will crash very promptly
    when a person comes in”

    Oh Linden Labs,
    We understand
    that the vast knowledge
    of the source code at hand
    is to dangerous to release
    for hackers and scams
    will take the money
    from our residents’ hands

    But next Christmas
    how ’bout making some fun
    by planning ahead
    and working ’till done
    So that next Season
    when Christmas comes through
    the sims will be working
    and no one will sue

    Happy Holidays everyone! Even to LL!

    – Yacobheimer125 Voom

  31. Penny says:

    I had a great time! Bagged plenty of Lindens, discovered that Jeremy looks exactly like a RL friend called Jeremy, called Pathfinder a poodle, watched as Matthew got hit by so many balls simultaneously in the …. ummm ditto …. that the poor guy must be singing falsetto now and I’m dying to know what Harry was making.

    I’m ready for another one.

  32. Charltina Christensen says:

    Congratulations Lindens on the Holiday Event. I couldn’t get in, but that was fine;it means the event was successful and try it again. I totally agree with Ishtara Rothschild you have the technology already because you will use it on the new grid simulation you are developing. I know just at my SL wedding we had over 200 but only 60 or so could stay at a time without crashing. As We all look to the future of possibilities of Secondlife I hope we continue to hear the voices of those that give so much to the creativity and succes of its growth. SL has been built with alot of fortuitous innovative thinking and some points the residence, sim Owners and a variety of artistsb and builders have helped Secondlife be. For 2008 would it not be wonderful to have a place for the Ishtara Rothschild , Eye Dangle’s, Eladon Galsworthy, Cookie Carmicheal, Brombo Alonzo and all the other great Creators in Second life and residence can indeed contribute to the solution processes. I believe there is a huge difference between acheiving a goal and reaching a vision. The 1st means there is a limitation of aspectation acheived the second there is a vast horizon for the future and we can see it together by collectively listening and smiles cheering each other on. Warmest regards for a Prosperous Healthy and Blessed Holiday season and New Year Merry Christmas to everyone.
    I am Charltina Christensen Queen of Gentle Breeze
    Wife of Deathstalker Paine King of Gentle Hearts Touch
    from Our home to yours be blessed.
    P.S to the Concierge Team You all have been doing a tremendous job. HAPPY Holidays and thank you.

  33. sirhc DeSantis says:

    One thing I wondered at the snowball fight (yay – bagged 3 Lindens! Thanks LL!) is it possible to text chat in mouselook? I rarely used it and I hadn’t noticed I could’nt. Or did I miss something?

  34. @33, sirhc DeSantis:
    Last time I checked you can just hit Enter to open the Chat bar in Mouselook.

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  36. SL Player™ says:

    I always wondered when any major holiday comes around, why is it that the creative folks at LL do not go all out with creative builds that would be aw inspiring to even the best of the best of builders.
    Here they got the Governors Mansion with no indication at all it’s even the Christmas holiday. No lights around the mansion not even a big beautiful Christmas tree. They got over 2,000 prims to use and nothing!
    That place should be the show case of the Christmas holiday spirit in SL! With free gifts to give out and maybe even have some brave soul at LL to play Santa Clause and people could sit on his lap! How about it Philip. LOL
    Instead they chose a rather barbaric way to show their Christmas spirit. =*(

  37. Sherry Greggan says:

    YAY! Snowball fights!!!!
    What better way to spend an evening than lobbing snow at Torley Linden.

    I may have been crippled with Lag and had to re-log several times… but i my opinion it was worth it. 😛

    Merry Crimbo!!!!

  38. Alyx Sands says:

    Thanks everyone, it was FUN!

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  40. sayuri sodwind says:

    well i try to get in on snow ball fight several times coulnt… could be planned beter?
    Also with figts happening across several grids. and target sight in mouselook for 2008, snowball shooter.

    anyway LL heads up her comes text snowball at u all : >>snOwBall)))
    for not planning this better. An another thing please dont put snow man building contest in midddle of night for some us europeans, like did this year!! ;-( sob

    but not totally a whiner .. on second day chrismas second life gave to me a safe inventory..reee !!!, with no lost prims…
    and a ..
    Secondlife that was lag freeeeeee”, take it away folks :p

    (yep where is santa claws Linden?) maybe remove sinks for month december??)

    anyway happy holidays and merry chrismas to all plus good less carashy new year!!

  41. says:

    anyone got a snowball launcher?

  42. now it’s time for the virtual myspace snowball fight 2008 @.@

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