‘Inside the Lab’ podcast with Philip Rosedale

I’m happy to introduce a new podcast series entitled “Inside the Lab.” You can download the first installment here.

Featuring CEO and founder Philip Rosedale, the podcast covers the growth of Second Life and how Linden Lab has dealt with the technical challenges of scaling the world, the encroachment of the real world into Second Life, Virtual World industry trends, and the growing competition.

Next year I’ll talk with different Linden Lab team members about what they’re doing in Second Life and how that impacts your experience. I’ll also be looking for your feedback and comments about the types of subjects you’d like covered in future podcasts.

Happy Holidays, see you at the snowball fight!

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38 Responses to ‘Inside the Lab’ podcast with Philip Rosedale

  1. nimrod Yaffle says:

    “Next year I’ll talk with different Linden Lab team members about what they’re doing in Second Life and how that impacts your experience.”

    It would be great if this were quarterly. :/

  2. Tess Greenwood says:

    I believe by next year they mean after New Year’s, not next December πŸ˜›

  3. amilie anatine says:

    Phillip your timing is impeccable.

  4. Gully Miles says:

    It would be good if Philip could find time to say something on this blog about the departure of Cory Ondrejka.

    I’m sure a lot of us are wondering what difference that’s likely to make, and not just from an engineering perspective. For example, Cory was responsible for the idea of residents owning the intellectual property rights to their in-world creations.

    Every other website is talking about it. Not mentioning it on the blog doesn’t make it go away πŸ™‚

  5. “Growing Competition”
    ummm, maybe because they listen to their users.

  6. Please embed these podcasts into the blogs feed. It’s not a podcast unless you make it available to feed readers.

  7. Phoenixa Sol says:

    There was a ton of snowballs waiting for you at the snowball fight, come and get your fun!

    (thank you for the information!)

  8. Prim Paine says:

    One topic i would like to see addressed is Voice and does anyone know if there are any “Voice exclusive sims” out there? Seems most had their fling with it and the popularity is going down even at the larger camping sites strangers were making new friends and chatting out loud together and now, nothing! Happy Holidays All!

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  10. Buxton Malaprop says:

    Yes, please either properly embed the audio into the main blog feed, or run a separate RSS feed for it.

    No feed == not a podcast. “MP3s on the web” do not constitute a podcast on their own.

    If LL would like to hire someone to help them with podcasting, I’m available and would love the opportunity to live/work in Brighton! πŸ˜€

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  12. Jessicka Graves says:

    Glad to see LL is working on what’s important, reviewing the year that they progressively screwed up SL, and made most of the community angry with so many different things, man I just can’t wait to see this laugh-riot.

  13. ActionJackson says:

    Anyone notice that pronouncements from Philip come up on the day preceding a holiday (or at least a holiday week)?

  14. Yes, start a feed – put it on iTunes for starters.

  15. cinnamon Daniels says:

    catherine linden uses the term “encroachment” in the introduction above. she could not have used a more apt term, as my dictionary definition of encroachment says, “intrude usurpingly on”. now who is intruding and usurping me hon? and why? or don’t we know why a lot of people are in second life?

  16. Bobo Decosta says:

    This ain’t a podcast!

    I agree with #4 that we should really get some official news about cory. It’s even mentioned today in my local newspaper for god sake! It came next to the news that the amount of active users in europe is melting like snow.

  17. Tegg B says:

    Hmm didn’t really tell me much more than common knowledge, no sneak previews on next big things.

  18. Avid Supporter says:

    Next should be an interview with Torley. Catherine could ask hard-hitting questions about how much he enjoys creating his Tips.

  19. Bucky Barkley says:

    For a company so much about openness and communication, it sure is telling that Philip wont say much about Cory.

    The best next steps for LL in 2008:

    * bring Cory back as a technical contributer, and then hire a seasoned CTO.
    * Philip becomes Chief Evangelist. Get a CEO that can handle a company at this stage of the game
    * Lose the Tao of Linden. The ‘choose your own work’ thing sure didn’t do very well over the last year. Need CTO/CEO who are not afraid to dicate priorities, lead internally, and proactively communicate with the residents on the blog every week. If it means that a prima donna or two leaves because they cant work on their pet project, so be it. The mission of SL and the belief amongst the residents that this is worth the effort are much more important.
    * Need a VP of Community that can truly write and get policy communicated clearly the 1st or 2nd time, not take 3-5 blog posts. Someone with international experience that is not in over their heads at this level. Robin needs to focus on what she is best at.

    Lots of the 2007 mistakes were very predictable (AOL dialup crisis as one example). What hurt LL more than anything this year was to cling to startup managers who were not up to the task of running a company with 200+ employees and 50k concurrent users. The Board of Directors has been asleep in this regard, by allowing this to continue for so long.

    The thing that worries me is that 3rd parties with money to spend will quickly flock to Virtual Worlds that are run well, and away from SL. The two biggest challenges for SL in 2008 are going to be stabilty and credibilty.

    I wish SL a lot of success in 2008. It’s where I put in a lot of time and effort!

  20. Yngwie Krogstad says:

    Would be very helpful to hear a concise and frank discussion of what happened and why regarding the departure of Cory Linden!

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  22. Domchi Underwood says:

    Funny how the whiners are always loudest everywhere. You can never please everybody, and sometimes you shouldn’t please everybody, but from what I’ve seen so far, you sure can’t accuse Lindens for not trying.

    I for one think that Phillip and Lindens are doing great job. I don’t say that they don’t make mistakes – we all do (and God knows I’ve submitted a lot of issues in JIRA) – but they certanly don’t deserve all the bashing they regularly get on this blog. I’m not saying that everyone should pretend that things are fine when they aren’t, but come on, people, BE NICE. If you have complaints, give your concise and meaningful feedback and help Lindens instead of trying to emotionally rape them in comments.

    The Phillip/Cory affair has been handled tactfully by both of them, they both said what they wanted to say to the public, and frankly, apart from that, it’s none of our business. They had some differences and decided that Cory should go, and that’s perfectly fine. I hope that the new CTO will bring fresh insights to LL and that we’ll all profit for that. This kind of change is, in my experience, almost always good. As far as I’m concerned, Phillip has proven that he can make tough decisions when he needs to. And I think that Cory will enjoy his newly gained freedom from SL codebase – it is tough to part from “your baby”, but you don’t want to hover over it like a hawk when it’s having its first sexual experiences… if you will pardon my metaphor. πŸ™‚

    And about “growing competition”… let’s be frank here, SL is the bleeding edge of virtual worlds right now. There are currently only two other significant VWs out there – WoW and EVE online. And both are only games, not platforms. I do encourage competition, I really do, but right now, there is no real competition to SL.

    Listening to all this comments, I really do wonder, if whiners are whining so loudly now, how would they react if the next SL client version rendered their Windows unbootable? EVE online players had such joy two weeks ago.

  23. Darien Caldwell says:

    Informative, thought provoking, and completely unrehearsed.. πŸ™‚


  24. Fellatione Aabye says:

    First of all I want to appologize for being a whining … NOT TOLERATED PESTY European (instead of a Moral Abiding American .. The New Morality Crusaders of the world … a country that exports more of the filtiest Porn in the world … Shall not say a word about Iracq … Get your soldiers home guys and girls … and honor them … all … they deserve it more than you ll ever know )

    @16 Bobo Decosta

    Indeed … Europeans are melting like snow on SL … Maybe that the Europeans aren t happy about a Platform with more loose treads than anything else??? (4thousand and some buggs NOT FIXED) (Downtimes a go-go)

    Or are Europeans more picky upon Quality and Stability of their beloved platform ????

    Don t forget that They (Linden Labs – without any prior announcement forced upon the European Landowners the VAT )
    Don t forget that They (Linden Labs – Banned in-world Casinogames .. on so called laws (I honestly think that it only was to please some friends at a 3th party company called Aristotle-Integrity)

    Also don t forget the multiple downtimes provoked by the ….. (keeping polite) updates who I m convinced were NEVER tested before release (would like to see your faces .. if a Mechanic didn t check your car … when he repeared the brakes … ) ….

    Sad to read that Cory is gone, well All the Luck to you Cory .. (At least he kept the honnor to himself by leaving his brainchild ….
    who has grossly been messed up lately )

  25. WarKirby says:

    Next year is a little over a week away

  26. Harle Armistice says:

    I can tell that you guys and girls over at LL have been making an effort to be more personal in how you’re being informative lately, and I have to say I think it’s really making an impact. Showing us usage and stability reports for the year/month whatever is nice, but hearing or reading people talking about it candidly and from a point of perspective is much more reassuring.

    I’ve always enjoyed hearing Phillip talk about Second Life, he kind of has a way of making me feel enthusiastic about the platform and the premise, especially during difficult times for Second Life.

    Anyway, thanks for the podcast! I hope that communication between Linden Labs and the residents will remain as personal as it has seemed in the past week. Maybe Hamlet’s article about communications quality has made an impact?

  27. Marc Montague says:

    Second Life in 2007

    I believe that Philip has described his view of 2007 and I appreciate his words and his view of the future. But with saying “…we are all in this together…” is easier said than done.

    We weren’t in this together when Linden Lab decided that ALL of us needed to follow the anti-gambling laws, and we weren’t in it together when only the EU-Europeans had to be V.A.T.’ed, which effected, if followed by the Linden Labs statistics of September 07, more that 40 % of all unique users.

    I am fully aware that, due to Linden Labs move to Brighton, United Kingdom with their billing department, an obligation to follow this particular law has been given Linden Labs no other chances than to obey to this taxation law.

    But having said this, and listened to the challenges described by Philip from his technical view point, I foresee as well a far bigger challenge for Second Life’s premiere status in the virtual economies. The customer service and the information flow needs to be brought up to speed to enable Second Life to grow in a healthy and steady rate. As you can see the last two months (Oct / Nov 07) the growth is minimal in the vital factors of unique users (Free accounts and premium accounts) as well as in premium account holders itself.

    What will need to be brought onto the agenda for Linden Labs in 2008 is to establish with the users a process to get a governing body together to establish rules and regulations of growth in land and membership. Even if Second Life has a 1.000.000 USD exchange between it’s users it has to be monitored and regulated more to establish a continous and healthy growth over 2008 on vital memberships as premium accounts.

    Nevertheless, I believe that Second Life has a good future in 2008 and wish all Lindens and Residents a “Merry Christmas” and a “Happy New Year”.

    Marc Montague

  28. Kasper Bender says:

    please make a xml feed for this witch i can use in itunes?

  29. Tegg B says:

    Yngwie Krogstad Says: “Would be very helpful to hear a concise and frank discussion of what happened and why regarding the departure of Cory Linden!”
    Never happen, when was the last time you read a concise and frank discussion about a CEO and a national department manager disagreeing resulting in one leaving from any other company it happens at? Wouldn’t help at all, it would just fuel a drama fire.

  30. A thing still puzzles me highly. The economic statistics… on the
    SL website. It is so weird. I scan prices of land every week on all
    continents and private estates. Even when the prices are sky high at
    times the statistics show around L$ 6.20 per sq.m.
    I don’t understand how the data for that key is computed.
    Inworld prices are totally the opposite since a month.
    Is it that Linden what to communicate the prices artificially low ?
    At this moment they are sky high for about a month.
    What is the source and mathematics behind that stat ?

  31. barry joseph says:

    When Philip was asked: What are you most proud of this year?

    He responded:

    “I am most proud of the uses of Second Life in education that have started to happen, because personally I am just really into that. I have a bunch of teachers in my family (and my background is in physics), and I am just really interested in how you can use Second Life to teach science. The things that have started to happen in the latter half of this year around education is just really, really amazing. For me that emerging use is the thing that I am most proud of.”

    As an educator (primarily in the teen grid) about to launch the first New York City high school class using Second Life on a daily basis, to teach an interdisciplinary freshmen level Science curriculum, that was awesome to see.

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