Second Life Maintenance [COMPLETE]

As previously announced, Second Life is currently closed for scheduled maintenance. It should be open again by 11am PDT (18:00 GMT).

Things are going according to schedule. I’ll post updates here if there’s anything to report.

[Update @ 11:00am PDT] We’re finishing up final testing, and expect to open momentarily.

[Update @ 11:08am PDT] Testing has completed, and logins are re-enabled.

Reminder: We plan to have a rolling restart of all regions later today to pick up some high priority fixes.

[Update @ 2:30pm PDT] The rolling restart is in progress. It’s progressing in a wave heading down across the map. As I type this, it’s at y=1130, so approaching the northern continent of the mainland quite rapidly. Each region is given a 5 minute warning, then restarted. The restart only takes a few minutes, so you can teleport to another region (either much further south or further north), wait a few minutes, then teleport back.

[Update @ 5:45pm PDT] The rolling restart completed slightly after 5pm, and the inevitably post-roll cleanup is mostly complete at this point. Thank you for your patience.

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236 Responses to Second Life Maintenance [COMPLETE]

  1. caela shepherd says:

    Fingers crossed you all get it working:)

  2. As you post updates on the progress can you include some of the details on what you do as you wait for the reboot to come up? We need some juicy gossip while we wait!

  3. Lol says:

    The comment was published around 18:30 GMT *lol*

  4. Keith Islander says:

    /me penches a tent. waiting for the game to reopen.. Wow im an SL Addict

  5. Karyn says:

    Translation: The Gameboys that the grid runs on are being updated! LoL

    Anyway it’s good some work is being done on the grid to make it’s health better. πŸ™‚

  6. Proxima Saenz says:

    Very good to hear that Joshua.
    The way Linden is doing this now is an improvement for SecondLife.
    Even the many explanations on the Blog are better.
    I have my patient back again and am waiting till the grid opens again.

  7. Keith Islander says:

    Any notes on exactly what you guys are working on.. I see the last post.. and lots of strike threw lines.

  8. Rukkia Yifu says:

    Whats with all the ‘Downtimes’? When I first came into SL for a month there was not a single downtime and now there a downtime every 3-5 days?

  9. Psistorm Ikura says:

    seconded, Id love to hear what precisely is being changed, also in regards to the server code updates πŸ™‚

  10. SirHiro says:

    This sucks for my first visit.

    And my friend Aleen Torok says its really bad. She cant log in for 1 day. I dont think this sounds like a good game if its shut half the time.

  11. Well I can’t wait for it to open again, as usual. But do take the time you need, I’d rather wait a bit longer than go through all sorts of teleport and rez problems again.

  12. Eldrad Fonda says:

    As previously announced, Second Life is currently closed for scheduled maintenance. It should be open again by 11am PDT (18:00 GMT).

    Things are going according to schedule. I’ll post updates here if there’s anything to report.

    So far so good?
    But how long will it last till you find something wrong?

  13. kinkykitty says:

    *grabs the nearest blanket and waits* Any one know about getting a mic set up on winamp as when i do it crashes : /

  14. Palywolf Bacon says:

    Is it me or is maintenance a little.. too frequent?

  15. Kobra Stein says:

    your times off by an hour 11 AM PST is 19:00 AKA 7pm GMT as its nearly 18:00 here now in the UK

  16. HeartPaws Poultry says:

    I have paid for many things and havent recieved them this has been an ongoing thing in SL I also have an apartment I pay 599 a week and many of the times I have logged on and it seems the apartment dont rez nor do I and also most of my cloths are missing and my hair if any way possible this can be fixed thank you very much

    HeartPaws Poultry

  17. Dave Talamasca says:

    @5: If they knew that, life would be grand and all the bugs would be fixed tomorrow. I’m sure LL wish they had prescience as much as you do.

  18. Delicia Halderman says:

    Wednesday maitance day, What fun

    Hopefully they will fix all the problems that we have been having this week so far due to the new download and install of Voice

    3 hours of waiting till second life is back up, Anyone have any ideas if Beta Grid is up or is it down too??

  19. andrew johnson says:

    i glad the second life getting stable so hopefully the second life would be more better

  20. hooligan balboa says:

    hey ho!! here we go, just one question really, what time GMT will you expect to have it up again? think you may have made a lil mistake with the times there josh!

    other than that yay for linden labs (smiles)

  21. Berry Steinhoff says:

    Thank you for the update. Do you mean 18:00 +1 British summer time tho ? In which case, 19:00 local time.

  22. Marianne McCann says:

    /me crosses fingers and hopes updatesday goes okay

  23. Dennie Ling says:

    I think there are lots of people complaining about all sorts of things that goes wrong with LL according them, however I do think that those people should appreciate the fact that they can play a game like Second Life.

    To LL I would just like to say that I would appreciate it if you guys could let us know what kind of updates you are working on.

    Thanks in forward.

  24. kinkykitty says:

    ohhh no not that bristish summer +1 that was confusing the last time lol

  25. Ruadeil Zabelin says:

    I didnt even know there was maintenance.. well according to the timezone.. it should go up in a few minutes right? I’m gmt + 1, and it’s allmost 18:00 here… i guess they didnt include summer time/daylight saving

  26. Maarten Supercharge says:

    I’m pretty sure you mean open @ 19:00 GMT, since PDT is GMT -08:00

  27. Neelix says:

    *sigh* update again? here we go with all bugs

  28. Javert Sewell says:

    GMT time on the blog is accurate. Local time means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Having the PST and GMT seems an excellent halfway house.

    I do hope all goes well . . have so much planned for tonight. . . .

  29. Ruadeil Zabelin says:

    19* oops πŸ˜› (moderator, please combine these 2 i cant edit haha)

  30. Paulyta Miles says:

    Please chat IM is very big!!!! i want old IMΒ΄chat.
    Second Life crashed very much =(

  31. Arven Dagger says:

    Hopefully it can fix some of the slight lag and crash spiked there have been recently, then I can finish scritping my HUD without worrying about losing the script.

  32. Mizar Korobase says:

    Thank you very much LL, glad to hear you are making server updates at last. Hopefuly this will improve gridwide preformance and stability when it is done. I would very much like to be kept updated on your update status if possible. If not, I understand, it is equally important to maintain focus on the task at hand.

    Either way, keep up the good work.

  33. Execution Ihnen says:

    I’m in England, UK. GMT Time. And SecondLife ALWAYS! Gets the GMT + 0 time WRONG. I don’t know if they’re on GMT – 1. But they say the grill will be open 18:00 GMT. Which is 10:00 SLT.

    So you’re an hour behind.

  34. Revolution Perenti says:

    hope this stables the platform better, seems all week even today before you decided to close the servers that users servers are acting up a little.
    resolving to login.cgi, failed tps, inventory going missing. or clusters going out of sync or named not working as it should.
    good luck with the updates linden labs πŸ™‚

    Revolution Perenti

  35. Crusader Superior says:

    “Please download for stability and performance enhancement” HA!!! when has that ever happened =/ Update my butt, better for lindens maybe. Seems the same old cursty performance it always is when i get back on it and let me assure you its not my CPU,G.card or internet But as always GOOD LUCK! Plenty of room for improvments as always XD

  36. Lets hope you can do something about the constant lag on bussy places and the unbelieveble slow rezzing everywhere.

    Also , since I started sl in 2006 I am stil wondering why you choose for this moving system. walking in sl is always and will always be a problem when you dont change it. I played many games before and there was walking never a problem, you just clicked in front of you on the ground and your avatar walked to that spot. also you could click “follow”on a friend or person and automaticly you walked behind the person. So is that not better?

  37. Delicia Halderman says:

    Hooligan Balboa – Have you figured out how many hours ahead you are of SL or SL is ahead of you???

    Like SL time to me is 8am and my RL time is 10am so I am 2 hours ahead of SL time

  38. Bibi Book says:

    Would be kind, if we get an update about the region problem.

    Yongnam as one of the regions not working well now since days still does not work.

    Will this be solved today, too? If not: How about a region list and some progress information? – The blog entry from saturday is a bit old now.

  39. Bradley Bracken says:

    When do I get my lost inventory items back? When do I get reimbursed for the money I lost? Why don’t you stop adding new things til you fix the old bugs? Why don’t you bring gambling back? Are sploders legal? Is outlawing sex in SL next, it is illegal to prostitute in the US afterall?

    I’m not really concerned about any of those things….I just wanted to help some of the usual flamers get it out of their system. πŸ™‚

  40. Eris Coage says:

    Agghh, I’m tired of these updates. Every Wensday. I’m a Gorean RPer and I have things to do. :{

    I guess it’s for the good of the cause though, right?

  41. Catherine Durant says:

    Hoping this update will fix several bugs including tp, rez and “ghosting” objects. Life’s getting expensive replacing necessary items in our club. Thanks for listening ~ let you guys get back to it πŸ™‚

  42. paybak epin says:

    *pouts* this is no fun :’C . i wannuh go on SL.. but.. buttt.. butt i wannuh GO on NOoooowwwwww!! *crys an whines an pouts even more* :/
    ~paybak epin πŸ˜€ ~

  43. xephina xie says:

    wonders once the grid is back up if my head will be up my backside, im bald or my shoes are being imed by some of my collegues.

  44. Lady Ames says:


    What about the minimap, will it be fixed?

    Mine doesn’t work properly

  45. Serenityfirefly McMahon says:

    hopefully it will stop items getting lost when rezzing them and also make teleporting exconomical and lag less, good luck with the updates

    p.s also its 10am pdt/sl time to 18:00 gmt

  46. Ro Winkler says:

    roll eyes and shake head, other update? if it improved some thing and it stabilized SL would be wonderful.

  47. grafunkelheit Nagy says:

    I hope SL is coming up befoe 21PM/Germa Time *lol* . I Will make my set. HAHAHAH


  48. Draca Mills says:

    try clearing your cache, some of my items were missing and that fixed the problem

  49. Truly Sands says:

    So I am assuming this means it is 17.00 GMT??

  50. Charles Forman says:

    Woohoo you guys rock, keep it up!!

  51. Nek Market says:

    I hope this will fix some issues I have been having lately, I have lost two outfits, both of my favorite Hammock from Relic, and a HUD:( Hope your updates works and crosses my fingers for you great people who looks after us! Keep up the good work.

  52. Nometet says:

    One thing that’s confusing me… It’s currently 18:09 GMT but it’s 10:09 PDT. I’m more than a little confused…

  53. Loic Collins says:

    Gents, before starting to complain about SL and its lag and so on, why not look at your proper equipment.

    Yes, I had the last weeks trouble with lagg, and inventory not delivered, and then started to look around on my proper PC and the stuff that was running there in background.

    So I shut down everything, from the Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messanger, Skype, to the services that were running on my system just because I needed them outside SL.

    And what was the result? WOW, the lagg dropped, rezzing went faster, and problems with delivers? Yes those stayed, but even then it became less.

    Voice? I don’t use. Not of lagg or so, just because I don’t see a sense in it. But it is there, so I won’t complain about it.

    So before yelling to LL, please first look at your PC or Mac or the machine you’re accessing SL with, and find out if there can’t be a origin of a problem.

    And by the way. If you run SL, often cleanup your disk, as the cache easily starts to get dispersed on the disk, and the disk access the creates a HUGE amount of lagg.

    Greetings to all. And you guys at LL, keep up with it. Maybe they’ll understand that in communication over Internet for such a thing as SL, both parties can be the origin of the problems.

  54. Szia Shilova says:

    Please note: the GMT time given is not actually GMT but UTC. The GMT has shifted one hour because of the summertime. That means that for example the Netherlands would be GMT+2 if you read the post, while it should have been GMT+1 for them.

    This confusion occurs because GMT (Greenwich in England) shifts in summertime. The UTC timebase does not. So maintenance should be done by 20:00 for the Netherlands, not 19:00.

  55. Alaine Carnell says:

    Pulling up in my huge RV …parking / camping outside sl and waiting to get back on..
    Time for a tail gate party…getting out the cooler filled with drinks and passing some out to friends….burgers on the grill And playing some great music…This could be a long wait . I hope everyone is hungry lol

  56. Naemi says:

    I appreciate the advance announcement of a grid downtime including a specified period of time very much.
    It is a real improvement to the former more surprising downtimes which had happened in the past sporadically.

    Keep it up, Linden Labs! πŸ™‚

  57. Matt says:

    thats 19:00 in GMT not 18:00

  58. Delicia Halderman says:

    HAHA Bradley have to agree with you there it was Stupid of SL to ban Gambaling and where SL comes from is one of the main troutist attractions cause Why???? cause theres gambaling

    As a Stripper in SL I worry about my job about it being banned as well, We used to have Slingo from 11pm SL time on and I really do miss hanging around a couch with my co workers and playing Slingo

    SL really needs to think about where they come from before they start banning things cause there one of the hot spots in trouist attactios that i have heard

  59. Admon Dagger says:

    We do pay for our service in SL, so it’s fair to expect a certain amount of quality, but keep in mind LL is streaming an entire, experimental world to your computer, I think it’s fair there are bugs and problems, especially considering the exponential growth SL has seen over the past few months. Keep up the good work LL. And if all else fails, blame Philip, it says so in his profile πŸ˜‰

  60. Phoenixa Sol says:

    Gee, while you’re in there, could you check and see why we cannot permenently shut off voice feature on our land? it is our land.. right? we pay monthly tier on it. No matter how many times we disable it, it just comes right back on the next log in. Sorry, but I’ll pass on what I consider to be noise pollution.

  61. Rehula says:

    I hope all the things become good after the maintenance =]

  62. PF Philbin says:

    Everyone, please keep in mind that once the grid does come back up it well get slammed with 35,000 people trying to login, rez, transact, and teleport, all at the same time. This severely overloads the grid’s communications abilities. So, before everyone jumps on the Lindens screaming how they borked things again, give it some time. It always takes a few hours of uptime before things start returning to normal.

    During those first few hours, patience is a virtue. When search does not pop up results immediately, or the map doesn’t show things immediately, they usually will if you will give them time. I believe many times when someone complains that something is broken in SL they are simply not waiting long enough for it to happen.

  63. Troy Childs says:

    Uh… The beta not suppose to be working. I attemp to lot in and get a feath fresh inventory error.

    Also Dont trip and break and make the grid worse.

  64. XelaXXX Hotaling says:

    “I have paid for many things and havent recieved them this has been an ongoing thing in SL I also have an apartment I pay 599 a week and many of the times I have logged on and it seems the apartment dont rez nor do I and also most of my cloths are missing and my hair if any way possible this can be fixed thank you very much

    HeartPaws Poultry”

    It happened to me alot also, but then I figured It was the place that was messed up, not Second Life, so try a different location to log-out at, It should help!!

    XelaXXX Hotaling

    Also If you enjoy racing, (Goes for anyone on this Blog) just IM me In Second Life, I work at a very nice track, we will be getting a new sim In a few days, we do race for money as the prize, but If you are Interested just IM XelaXXX Hotaling (Me), skyangel Spitteler, or Virgo Babii, thanks and hope we get this Grid open before 11:00 AM!!! XD

  65. candee book says:

    good luck with the updates Lindens….looking foreward to being able to log back in πŸ™‚

  66. Troy Childs says:

    eh never mind. dont you just hate sending in a issue report. then think oh what the hell ill try again. then it decides to work. lol

  67. Nek Market says:

    Bradley Bracken! LMAO! Must feels better now getting it all out of your system! I definately got good laughs from you post.

  68. paybak epin says:

    PF Philbin @ 27.. thats the smartest thing i ever herd in the last few months!!.. and the most true!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ id take your advice anyday!

  69. Pinkangel Pennell says:

    I also agree downtime is good, and hopefully it can be kept to two hours, but then again take as long as is needed to bang out the bugs. I miss SL but can do other things while I wait for it to come back up. Please no mess up with TP’s and inventory just when I got mine straight again!!!~~~~~

  70. The constant mantenience of Second Life on behalf of Linden Labs proves only the Lindens’ constant improvement and stabilization of the game. This shows true dedication, and proves why Second Life is the most dynamic, original, and creative online game of all time.

  71. Ann Otoole says:

    if LL was actually serious about enforcement they would write a utility to detect certain scripts running in sims and shut those sims down until the sim owner did something about it. i bet if island owners were made accountable for what goes on in their property you would see a lot less “speakeasy” establishments. and automatic byte code pattern recognition could go such a long ways towards reduction of griefing.

    personally i would prefer the core functionality work properly. like high resolution graphics for my DUAL SLI to render instead of having resolution throttle bandaids on code they don’t understand enough to fix.

    hope it all goes nice smooth and slickity on the update.

  72. Marty Gausman says:

    isn’t it 11:20am now?

  73. vaixav mclaglen says:

    if voice coz more scheduling maintenance, so keep it in your garage, we dont need it its again a thing whose cause LAG and crash
    and 11am its 20:00GMT lol
    FUN and FRIENDLY!!!!
    Persons like me are bored to see just camp zone in top 20and 60% of logged ppl are just here to camp and sleep!!!! Where is the fun??? and how owners like normal ppl can make money if camp zone keep all the traffic for AFK ppl!!!!
    I want SL like i known it before, with the best sl clubs , GOL, arsheba, bad girls and others in top 20

  74. Foy Sodwind says:

    Invatory……. Food for thought of sl viewers to come.. Invatory that is like windows style.. Flolders n all. Really not that hard is it? Just a thought :)))

  75. Marty Gausman says:

    ok, my fault….there r 9 hours between sl-time and my time, sorry

  76. yuna gandini says:

    It should be open again by 11am PDT (18:00 GMT).
    whahaha thats like 20 min ago “:D i think they mean 19.00 GMT πŸ˜€

  77. Delicia Halderman says:

    PF you sound like a Linden or a Linden helper lol with that comment

    I’d like to add the day Voice came into SL was a monday if I remember right

    Monday and Tuesday SL was like running a turle as nicely as i can put it and was whole both days TPs were down, search was down, profiles were down, logins were down most times or took hours to get into SL, failed to rez our own AV showing up smaller then usuall

    Everything that chould go wrong went wrong those 2 days

  78. jonrachelle juneau says:

    uh….and hey yall….if u dont like the heat get the hell outta the fire……make more room for us that dont complain about everything….

  79. Vilixan Fallon says:

    It should be open again by 11am PDT (18:00 GMT).

    That is 19:00 GMT or for the most europeans 20:00 CET please when you use GMT times , please use the right ones. Here in Holland we are in GMT +1 and its now 10:20 am PDT and that is 18:20 GMT or 19:20 CET

    the Grid is stil closed for an other 45 minutes πŸ™‚

  80. Szia Shilova says:

    Yuna Gandini: read my post, number 22.

  81. Anita Koenkamp says:

    Great to see again and again how hard you guys work to mak SL better and better again.
    Can hardly wait to go online again.
    Thank you all for making sl such a great experience for us all.
    keep up the good working

  82. Berry Steinhoff says:

    While Linden diligently improve the grid for us folk, I had a read of this article on Was anyone here effected by this? I wonder if tighter moderation into virtual banking practices is on the horizon.

  83. Welody Lyne says:

    Will u fix Vista bugs ?

  84. Xavier Irwin says:

    mmm…. I wonder if we can have a timezone map somewhere on the sl website…..

  85. Hunt Oh says:

    yay! i hope we have voice maskers i want to be a chipmunkkk sooooooo badly

  86. Nia Dinzeo says:

    You guys should all count your blessings. I recently moved to the country and do not have high speed available less I want to fork out 300$ up front for a satelite so I am running sl on Dial-up and been stuck in my front yard for over 2 weeks as lawn furniture 😦 I wish there was an update for people like me with crappy internet providers. Anybody want to set up a charity fun to aid in my sl withdrawels and buy me a satelite?????

  87. Vivienne says:

    @ 19

    “Is outlawing sex in SL next?”

    The Lindens and SL will most probably survive the gambling ban, but they wonΒ΄t survive a sex ban. And they know. I bet they rather would move to a liberal european country (Netherlands f.e.) than ban sex. So do not worry.

  88. Dimitri Lammers says:

    Well you can tell who is and who is not working in IT….
    The guys over at Linden have had a rough week (I can tell I work in IT). Give the guys a break and let them do their thing….

  89. Destiny Halderman says:

    Delicia Halderman – whoo hoo go Sis, that my sis telling like it is I totally have to agree what everyone is saying with SL being like this week and say to my own experince since i been playing SL since Jan

    I have never seen SL as bad as when Voice came into the main grid

  90. Anousjka says:

    Hope they will fix that auto transparent view in edit realy anoying.

    And that freaking keyboard bug that makes keys change place.
    That rotten bug is there for months.


  91. Rhin Forti says:

    *Joins the line of peoples camping outside Sl’s gate, waiting for opening* It’s ok.. I have downloads and such to do. At least it seems efforts are being made to clean things up a bit :3

    Oh, to those in Britain and other points asking the time difference in PDT… Don’t know if you have the same viewer as we do in the US, but the current time PDT is in the top-right corner of the SL welcome screen you login from, right below grid status. PDT is the time used in SL as well, so whatever time it is in SL while you’re playing is the time in PDT.

    “AT the sight of the furry-face, the time will be exactly 10:24am PDT..”

    ~~Rhin :3

  92. Vara Sheridan says:

    I can’t wait till the grid is back. I’m busy decorating my new place. I just hope that later I don’t encounter teleport and rez problem.

    Hope it goes well this time πŸ˜‰

  93. Xavier Irwin says:

    and i think its 25 minutes late???? any update :))))

  94. Szia Shilova says:

    Anousjka: those are client-side bugs, they won’t be doing that now.

  95. BUNNYYYYSSSS says:

    Man .. this sucks.. sjees non profi.. This is realy nuts.. shutting down every time.. you know whate this is gonna cost your residents.. ever thinked about thate?????? Pull up some sandboxservers to work on.. Would be beter to take some lindens from you for every sec the grid is down. bringinging up voice.. even before you handle your main?

  96. billyy broek says:

    i just can’t w8 i think because of my computer (that is so fckng fast)
    i will be one of the first who plays second life…

  97. Xavier Irwin says:

    oh darn, so it is 7pm in england. Now I’m well confused! LOL Keep up the great work, in the remaining 35 minutes HAHAH

  98. Wienerschnitzel Writer says:

    It is VERY good to hear that things are comin along, as CRASHUNG has happened like CRAZY to me and my buddies. My computer automatically restrarts randomly in the middle of the game, and it thinks SecondLife is a threat when it lags up. Any way I can stop this issue? Thanks, wienerschnitzel πŸ˜€

  99. Anousjka says:

    Aww to bad, well lets hope they make a note of it to take it along on one of the next updates.

    Thnx for responding Szia :))

  100. Szia Shilova says:

    No problem

  101. Lin Pera says:

    I am not addicted. I am not addicted. I am not addicted. I am not addicted. I am not addicted. I am not addicted. I am not addicted. I am not addicted. I am not addicted. I am not addicted. I am not addicted. I am not addicted. I am not addicted. I am not addicted. I am not addicted. I am not addicted. I am not addicted. I am not addicted. I am not addicted. I am not addicted. I am not addicted…. please, when will this torment end?

  102. CandyGurl Bing says:

    NOT TODAY!!!! ANYDAY BUT TODAY!!! POUTS!! “All Messed Up”

  103. Shan Bright says:

    Szia writes “This confusion occurs because GMT (Greenwich in England) shifts in summertime. The UTC timebase does not. So maintenance should be done by 20:00 for the Netherlands, not 19:00.”

    Actually darling, it doesn’t πŸ™‚ During the summer, the UK switches from using GMT to using BST – but GMT doesn’t shift. In GMT *and* UTC, it is currently 17:28. In BST – currently local time in the UK – it is 18:28.

    Have a look at – you’ll see them both there.

  104. Annabel Vuckovic says:

    re Post no 30 from Vilaxon Fallon, what are they on about? GMT is GMT is GMT. It happens that at the moment in UK we are on BST (British Summer Time), sorta daylight savings in american! Well that is GMT+ 1 hour so in Holland Vilaxon will be GMT+2 hours……is that clear? lol!

  105. Anonymous says:

    Map doesnt show things immediately? maybe NO ONE here has paid ANY attention to the fact that the “green” hands representing the classifieds on the map are gone and have been since December of LAST YEAR! It took a call from me to concierge 2 days ago to make them aware of this situation! 9 MONTHS! THAT IS DISGUSTING! (he said they (DEV) will look into it, see what “broke” it and try to fix it asap… I ROLLED ON THE FLOOR after that, as it was a confirmation that the Lindens really don’t spend much time in world (AND DONT SPEND L$ ON CLASSIFIEDS LIKE WE HAVE (Of course; they dont need to, but anyone with half a brain can see the “green” hands are non existant) Hopefully, things will get better one day…..

  106. yuna gandini says:

    hey just let me place ommand will yah πŸ˜€ lol

  107. billyy broek says:

    damn where i live its 19:30 by now and i am going to bed early for a meeting…
    i only have an half hour to play second life…
    well i hope i can see secondlife as fast as posible (tomorrow)

  108. Geo Meek says:

    Is there live voice help and if not may i ask why?

  109. Delicia Halderman says:

    Nope still have 30mins to go yet till there done, its now 10:30am SL time i just loaded up and seen

  110. Cody says:

    While None of us likes to see SL go down for any period of time, I’m glad to see LL is back on the offensive.
    Squish those bugs, guys!
    *offers a very large flyswatter to assist*

    -Cody H.

  111. Maxx says:

    Oh no, not another update. I wonder what expensive item I’m going to lose and not be compensated for this time.

    I’ve got an idea for an update, it’s called “Stop Screwing The Customer”. Companies like Blizzard and Sony have already released it.

  112. Have fun in the last 29 minutes of downtime! Downtime until 2:00 EDT.

  113. Vara Sheridan says:

    w00t 28 min. more…can’t wait πŸ™‚

  114. Prevo says:


    GMT never changes – its a world constant – at the moment we are on BST which is GMT+1 (i’m in the UK) and therefore 8 hrs ahead of SL πŸ™‚

  115. suite sella says:

    oh ^ lol my bad

  116. Matthew Dowd says:

    @22 GMT doesn’t shift – GMT is *always* the same time as UTC

    The time in the UK (and incidently in Greenwich itself) shifts by one hour, that that currently in the UK, so that currently we are in BST (British Summer Time) and not GMT. In fact the UK is currently in GMT+1 (and the time in Greenwich is GMT+1)

    At the time of writing this the time is 18:30 UK time, 18:30 BST, 17:30 GMT, 17:30 UTC and 19:30 CET (Central European Time)


  117. Joel Ra says:

    Id like all my missing items back,i doubt ill ever see them
    again though.
    Anyone else had their account hijacked so sl can try fixes
    for missing invent items?

  118. Vincent Moller says:

    The Netherlands will welcome Second Life for a more liberal viewpoint.
    Ok, this is a scheduled maintenance, but I hope everything goes well after the latest update.
    I look at the positiv side, they are doing there outmost to solve problems. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.

    I hope you will solve inventory problems, My recent items tab is becoming quit full now.

  119. Szia Shilova says:

    You’re right, LL only made it look like that in their post. I thought I knew it all but i got as confused as the rest by it. Thanks πŸ™‚

  120. Revolution Perenti says:

    well things not gona be perfect as linden labs most ly push 100% once all 3 revisions are into 1 release rather then having seperate builds.

    lets look what we have [MAIN RELEASE TREE] ->Voice Team (which has just been added recently->mono team which is planned in weeks to first look->windlight planned for firstlook->stablize the platform

    so expect this not to be 100% just yet but as long we can play the game , script,build code and do as we did before there wont be too much to worry, there will be bugs, if you find bugs please goto

    second-life is a community project and soon server code will be open source too like many other open source projects, Linux, Apache , php etc

    Revolution Perenti

  121. Kitten Vacano says:

    Are you at LL going to ever fix the inventory bug where recent inventory is full and both inventories pop open all files whenever you buy something or pick something up?

  122. Wienerschnitzel Writer says:


  123. billyy broek says:

    why just why…
    now it’s a fackt that i won’t see SL untill tomorrow…
    and than like noon…
    well all the waiting for …

  124. Geo Meek says:

    Is there a place to get live voice help?

  125. Koroz Kline says:

    Cummon LL… Im on my last fingernail…. feel the shakes startin…..hallucinatin… Im stood at my PC adopting a DNA pose…. waaaaa!!!!! πŸ˜‰

    BTW …. GMT is GMT … it dont move (ok..we will ignore any errors on the atomic clock) !! Right now… in sunny UK its GMT+1 aka BST (British Summer Time). Use SL time … we live in SL…. so stop whining about what time is it where, and when, and for who !!!

    Remember … time is the fire in which we burn !!!

    SOBS…… dont make me go play SWG…. pleeeez?

  126. Nek Market says:

    *looking at everyone as we camp by the gate* Why don’t we polish the brass gate of SL and redo the stone walls awhile… show Lindens we understand their hard effort and hopes they do not drip a drop of sweats in their keyboard/computer:P

  127. Howl Slade says:

    Yes i have to agree that the update information that you provide us on the blog is great. Theres nothing worse than just sitting here not knowing. However i still feel that some work is needed in regards to items not rezzing and being lost out of inventory. There is also lag issues especially on my land… But apart from that its an awesom game and its taking up lots of my rl time LOL….

  128. Sliver Sands says:

    Hi Guys you all need to know that GMT NEVER moves .. also it is now known as UT = Universal Time. Local time here in the UK right now is BST = British Summer Time and it is one hour ahead of UT or GMT (which ever u prefer.. so 18.00 GMT = 19.00 local time … les than half an hour to go for all of us : ))
    See you in there xx

  129. Koroz Kline says:

    ….. and what @48 said too.

  130. Manuela Collas says:

    Please, don’t forget to fix the function ctrl alt 6 to make waterland more visible…. It didn’t work anymore with the latest update

  131. Aylin Daviau says:

    I never reply to these things. The comments are usually always the same and there is also never any response.

    Until now, thankyou Joshua, it’s such a nice change to have some type of answers and even if they arent the one’s people want to hear, they know they are being listened too and not ignored.

    As for things being messed up I have to agree with another poster when I say, there are thousands of people trying to log in when it first comes back on, of course its going to be a little slow…have some patience and be glad your back in.

    Or, perhaps you may need a better computer.


  132. hooligan balboa says:


  133. Rick Marikh says:

    Kandie Rossini πŸ™‚ I just love you

  134. Kasolai Nighbor says:

    I know if I beg for this enough maybe it ‘could’ happen… πŸ˜‰

    Common LL, support the Ageia PhysX cards ! They can handle all the water effects, physics, and probably particle effects too! Giving everybody with a card like that a nice speed boost!

    I know I can’t possibly be the only SL player with an Ageia card ??

  135. Liz Link says:

    Keep up the good work!
    We needed this:)

    *Xavier Irwin is the smartest person in the room*

  136. hckaryn says:


    A suggestion that maybe in the future base the SL time on GMT instead of PST or PDT. It would make things so much easier.

    Anyway time to enjoy a little RL for awhile! πŸ™‚

  137. Damascus Dagger says:

    Ive been on SL since Feb. and have seen my share of issues.Some have gotten better ,while others have gotten MUCH worse. i guess it comes with the territory.Kudos for the extra info lately thats a plus.For everyone else .. we need to make SL better internally as well as having LL deal with software .. We , as residents CAN make a difference …i Do every day adn will continue to do so.

  138. Pip1 Boa says:

    @22 Szia Shilova

    The GMT doesn’t change into summertime.


    Regards Pip

  139. Vault Story says:

    are you gonna fix the recent items tab i can’t find a dnag thing there takes forever i used to use it to find things in like 1 min now i might as well look it up the reg way in normal items folder

  140. billyy broek says:

    think you are xD

  141. Inge says:

    I’m missing “My Library” which is weird as you cant delete it or anything, and missing Items worth over 15000 L$ … i just hope ill get it all back

  142. Ann Otoole says:

    things must be improving. most complaints are related to the time zone implications of an outage rofl!

  143. Revolution Perenti says:

    havoc planned soon Kasolai Nighbor still W.I.P as i herd its turning out pretty well.
    cant wait till use that and update the sims and use hinge and joints physics.

    Rev πŸ™‚

  144. SirHiro says:

    This has been down for so long now, please hurry up. i want to start my first time.

  145. Wienerschnitzel Writer says:

    20 minutes! If u can’t wait, count down every second of it on here and post:D lol Jk haha I really cant wait….MWUHAHA Lol…

  146. Charles Forman says:

    why are people bring gambling into this? This is an update peeps, not about gambling, they for right now banned gambling and theres nothing we can do about it. Maybe one day SL will wake up and smell the coffee that, this is only a game and should be treated as such, but for now this is only an update. Just my opinion.

  147. Brin Barbosa says:

    Linden labs should now realise that SL is an international concern and stop being Xenophobic with respect to their current TZ operations. The maintenance stoppages should happen at convenient times for all. The Linden Time should be in the centre of the two densest User regions which (although I would NOT swear to it) suggests to me between Europe and US. So… why not make Linden time MID-ATLANTIC or GMT -3? This makes sense and gives everyone a balanced inconveneience period.

    If the downtime today had been at 9am until 11am Mid-Atlantic that would be equivelent of 4am – 6am PST and 12 pm in London and mid afternoon in central Europe AND approaching midnight in Parts of Australia and New Zealand… all at times of LEAST IMPACT to everybody!!

    SHIFT WORKING can work you guys!! We expect it from airlines and shipping and postal workers et al; We expect it from you too. Get on it and expand your International consciouness. Using PDT as the time standard for SL is banal!

  148. Prevo says:

    thinks its about time he finished making that world clock with 12 time zones

  149. Vivienne Daguerre says:

    I think you do a wonderful job. I have seen how you have deployed many, many bug fixes as of late, slowing down the introduction of new features. Of course there will always be things go wrong at times, no matter how carefully you beta test things before releasing them. Sometimes it is all in how you hold your mouth. πŸ™‚

    Goooo Lindens! I am a fan!

  150. billyy broek says:

    i think after the update the loggins will be much faster…

  151. Wienerschnitzel Writer says:

    Haha Ann, and yet…ur soo right πŸ˜€

  152. Fiona says:

    Maybe I am the only one … but I think watching all those people waiting here soooo impatient to get back into sl is just hilarious! Sit back and relax… ;)do something in real life…

  153. billyy broek says:

    i mean they need to make SL quicker!

  154. man,you guys are the best despite some of these ungrateful ppl

  155. Nia Dinzeo says:

    Top 10 things to do when the GRID is down
    10. Clean the house ( you know you havent done this sense the last down time)
    9. Change the babies dyper so what if its clean you’ll get a head start!
    8. Feed and water the dogs we know you have the bag ripped down the middle so you dont have to get away from sl to do this but it would be something dif.
    7. Dump the crumbs out your keyboard and try to get those two keys from sticking you spilt the coke on last month
    6. turn you computer off for a little while let it cool down it is tired from your 24/7 sl adiction,
    5. Call your mother and let her know your alive and this doe not mean yous sl mother
    4. Check your other email not the one your offlines are sent too.
    3. Watch TV you know BB8 has started and you can catch up online with all the episodes youve missed
    2. Take a real bath not a 5 minutes shower
    1. Go stand on the scale in amazement at how great your sl diet plan is working!

  156. hooligan balboa says:

    lmfao at what prevo said

  157. Digital Digital says:

    Keep up the great work Linden Lab, I hope that things are more stable when we get back in πŸ˜‰

  158. Delicia Halderman says:

    Lol yeah lets keep this thing flowing till they let us back on, we just got to keep talking about anything

    things we miss in SL like sitting with co-workers playing Slingo now its banned so we cant play it :((

    about worrying about our own jobs me as a stripper I worry about everyday something coming up about stripping being banned but lets hope they dont do that cause they will lose alot of people to that

    anything at all lets keep this comment thing going all

  159. hooligan balboa says:

    well whatever time zone you are in we have what looks liek around 20 minutes to opening time. ill be taking bets for the next 15 mins or so!! oooops did i say bet! lmfao

  160. Yamaha Harley says:

    Hey , long live SL , we need constructive and Informative observations In comments , love to see the new WindLight , have a look all here for views and YouTube glimps

  161. Wienerschnitzel Writer says:

    Yea, we need there to be all time zone clocks available, convert it to OUR TIME and then WE WOULD HAVE LIKE 40 LESS BULLETIN COMPLAINT POSTS! Lol…sheesh. Good job guys, lets finish this up. ( I hope the lag and tps, etc. are better) πŸ˜€

  162. Revolution Perenti says:

    in RL we follow our RL time so in SL lets follow our fellow Lindens Time,
    so can we get off this topic now πŸ˜‰

  163. Howl Slade says:

    tut tut hooligan πŸ˜‰

  164. Wienerschnitzel Writer says:

    Stripper on a game? Thats said…people would pay to get *Action* on a game…they must be pretty lame, along with urself, Deleicia wow. haha what a loser. Why don’t you head out in real life before it is banned GAW lol

  165. Tonio Roffo says:

    guess they are doing great since they didn’t post any update…

  166. Szia Shilova says:

    LOL Hooligan

  167. Wienerschnitzel Writer says:

    Lets see if we can get this count to 1000 before SL opens lol

  168. hooligan balboa says:

    you are only coming through in waves, your lips move, but i cant gear what your saying.

  169. Brenthals says:

    I was working on my AO, and had it on the ground when all of a sudden – CRASH – and no more ZHAO unit anywhere to be found. Typical anymore it seems.

  170. Delicia Halderman says:

    Lmao Hooligan yeah lets place our ____ lol hey i didnt say it, its what all of you are thinking

    I say 2pm SL time everything be running good or like a turtle

  171. Prevo says:

    Take ya time Lindens – just get it right – i dont wanna start coding only to lose it all again – thats what happened last time i tried to finish my world clock – set me back ages – and i’m a lazy sod – so i didnt start it again.

    Lets all say the Linden prayer people πŸ™‚

  172. Wienerschnitzel Writer says:

    Whos with me?!?! *CRICKEt, CRICKET* Lol

  173. Cheyanne Beerbaum says:

    (( Starts singing to herself and shoots spitballs at everyone while she waits )) HAHA Gotcha . Updates arnt so bad people. With out them we would still be back in the day of ….um …..Typing everything out instead of saying it . ((( watches the clock and takes aim again ))

  174. dwlejuew says:

    I am glad these guys don’t work for N.A.S.A. lol

  175. Zigie Capalini says:

    I think we should all wait and give them a chance .. we couldnt do it so let them get on with it … woohoo roll on

  176. Nerketur Kamachi says:

    @7 Though off-topic, yes there is a way. Just relog. That fixes all my problems. xP

    Heh. Thanks for the warning. And…

    @all about times: People, open the SL Client, (if it’s not auto-login), ands look in the upper-right corner of the client. You see SL time, (PDT) there. Go by 11:00 AM on THAT clock., and all should be fine xP

  177. Delicia Halderman says:

    Prevo you know it??? i have the gesture for it but i cant remember it

  178. SirHiro says:

    OFFTOPIC: This game costs too much. I think if i paid using my money i would be about 100 Pounds Stirling. This is really bad as a good game like RuneScape is 3 Pounds Stirling. Second Life you need to reconsider to get future high popularity. As in england it is hardly known. i Knew this from typing SL into google.

  179. Wienerschnitzel Writer says:

    hehe i totally agree , Prevo πŸ˜€

  180. Revolution Perenti says:

    πŸ˜† Prevo lets hope we dont get our daily crash now πŸ˜›

  181. Ann Otoole says:

    dang it i though it would be open at waxing moon time! drat!

  182. BUNNY says:

    @Digital Digital.. i can see you not playing long here. Afther december 2006 lindenlabs playing wildcards in rollbacks. And seems update downgrades.

  183. Nia Dinzeo says:

    I hope this dose not come with an update it takes me 9 hours to dl it on dial up 😦

  184. Sensual Fold says:

    This is off the subject i know so dont start whining about it, i know it is. Did everyone notice that the classifieds are now paied “weekly” not monthly? I saw no notice of this going up or changing, im glad i caught it im just warning those who havent. As for the update, l guess we’ll see what else doesnt work after it.

  185. myes machine says:

    wow @ 53
    sum1 spends wayyy 2 much time in front of their comp

  186. Wienerschnitzel Writer says:

    Umm okay…anybody got a status? Lindens…anyone here?

  187. Compmark Vella says:

    Just a quick question while everyone is sitting arround waiting. I own land on a sim that has all kinds of lag. It is rated bad by my plugin that rates sims. Do they ever repair or replace these sims? It has been that way for over a month that I have owned the land. Who di I contact fo help on this. Just wondering as I’m stuck with it. Thanks for any help.

  188. shyenne Torok says:

    As to missing items, i have lost close to 1,000 items that i had on my land. The library folder that you get in the begining has completley disappeared! I would love to get my items back, any news on when that might happen? And I paid someone 200L the other day and they never recieved it, but it shows as sent in my transaction history, what about our losy money LL?

  189. Anonymous says:

    Amazing how many post MULTIPLE posts (sorry had to to relay this point) LET OTHERS COMMENT! (Taking up 1/25 of the blog is NOT fair to others who wish to post πŸ˜‰ Sheesh…

  190. Revolution Perenti says:

    for those of you who want to pray to our linden gods here is the prayer

    Our Lindens, who art in the Labs,
    Hallowed be thy prims.
    Thy Grid-dom come, thy will be done,
    On sims, as it is in The Preview.
    Give us this day our daily crash,
    And forgive us our Spammery.
    As we forgive those, who greif against us
    And lead us not, into private parcels.

    πŸ˜† Rev πŸ™‚

  191. Delicia Halderman says:

    lol yeah were all waiting for it to open but now the comment thing is getting smaller

    we have to keep this thing going as long as we cant log in we should just talk about anything and everything due with SL till they let us in

  192. Yamaha Harley says:

    WindLight WindLight were forth are thee , bring apon the slings an arrows , give the longing for truth and destiny beauty , with glorious eruptions of light and color …..

    Geee I guess I’m board…

    laughs ….

  193. Jessi Escape says:

    😦 looks for a local SA………… going into serious withdrawls here …..

  194. SirHiro says:

    Quote: Prevo lets hope we dont get our daily crash now


    Why dont my comments get approved?

  195. Lego says:

    *Jeopardy Theme*

  196. Khady Freund says:

    Lindens, good luck. My fault to have an event announced before you …arg, well, anyway, doesntΒ΄t make any sense to complain

  197. marisa says:

    grumbles a bit looking at the loooong line ahead…tries cutting in place
    πŸ™‚ pitches a tent and chills

  198. hooligan balboa says:

    ok then sheesh LMFAO

  199. Rai Mathy says:

    hey when all this was happening i lost my whole library and i was using some of those textures for a current project anyway to get those back?

  200. Howl Slade says:

    Your anonymous so does it matter…. πŸ™‚

  201. Wienerschnitzel Writer says:

    MY GAWD REV πŸ˜€ Where did that come from? Wow. hehehe

    And anonymous…what are you talking about…ur too scared to put ur real name πŸ˜€

  202. Kim Schroeder says:

    Hi @ all who are struggeling with the different time-zones, like I did before!
    I found a perfect little tool, called “InstantTimeZone”, which now shows the SL-time in my taskbar (helps with counting, too^^).
    10:49 AM in SL and 19:49 in Germany πŸ˜‰

  203. Kasolai Nighbor says:

    LOL rev !

    Have to remember that prayer

  204. Koroz Kline says:

    I agree with @77 Sheeeesh !!!! ***rolls his eyes***

  205. Meredith Colman says:

    When I was a child I had a fever, my hands felt just like 2 balloons! lol. thanks for starting it hooligan.

  206. Delicia Halderman says:

    Says the Linden gods Prayer for everything to be ok when we get in

    Our Lindens, who art in the Labs,
    Hallowed be thy prims.
    Thy Grid-dom come, thy will be done,
    On sims, as it is in The Preview.
    Give us this day our daily crash,
    And forgive us our Spammery.
    As we forgive those, who greif against us
    And lead us not, into private parcels.


  207. SirHiro says:

    8 minutes till 11AM PDT

  208. Wienerschnitzel Writer says:

    Come on…lets get it to 500 posts AT LEAST…8 minutes or so…GO~~~~~~~why are u still reading this, post bulletins! lol heheh

  209. Nek Market says:

    To #82 AMEN!! *checking to see if I can log on yet*

  210. Hotie Lane says:

    just another post lol

  211. DaQueenB Houston says:

    *Sits & smiles gracefully as she writes down the many things to do later on today when LL is forced to take the grid down to update the update for today. * “Quirks a smile & fades back to sleep* rofl

  212. Revolution Perenti says:

    maybe i should stop posting but we cant resist , and i just SL so much i post everywhere in sl or out, mentoring, classes list goes on

    but thats why im Rev πŸ˜›

  213. Szia Shilova says:

    Agreed with Delicia πŸ˜€

    @Sensual: Thats the same as announcing you’re going to kill someone. “I told them before I did it, so its okay”. lmao

  214. Kasolai Nighbor says:

    Ugh… beware ATI Catalyst 7.8 !

    I install it on x1950pro card and no icons and acceleration disabled in windows XP!

    Catalyst 7.7 works perfectly tho. πŸ™‚

  215. Yngwie Krogstad says:

    Re: #23


    Delicia Halderman Says:
    August 15th, 2007 at 10:12 AM PDT
    HAHA Bradley have to agree with you there it was Stupid of SL to ban Gambaling and where SL comes from is one of the main troutist attractions cause Why???? cause theres gambaling

    As a Stripper in SL I worry about my job about it being banned as well, We used to have Slingo from 11pm SL time on and I really do miss hanging around a couch with my co workers and playing Slingo

    SL really needs to think about where they come from before they start banning things cause there one of the hot spots in trouist attactios that i have heard


    This is way off topic, however, it is certainly not stupid for SL to ban in-world gambling. Do you remember when you first signed up, there was something called the TOS that you agreed to? Perhaps you should re-read the LEGALLY BINDING agreement you have entered into with LL. One of the things you are bound by is the fact that you will obey the laws of the state of California. Guess what? That means not only the laws the state has passed, but also United States federal law. I don’t care if you’re in the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, or Bangladesh, United States federal law does in fact apply to everything you do in SL, like it or not.

    And, according to US federal law, it is illegal 1) for any US citizen to engage in any online gambling, and 2) for any online gambling site to be run on a server in the United States, no matter the citizenship of the people involved in it. So, every single casino, card room, or any other location with one of the banned gambling devices, is/was running online gambling on servers in the United States. Blatantly illegal.

    Stupid to shut down gambling in SL? Not at all. Necessary and long overdue.

  216. poor man says:

    Maybe the upgrade will wipe out my debt! πŸ™‚

  217. Wienerschnitzel Writer says:

    Haha DaQueenB, thats classic, very funny haha and soooo true

  218. Xavier Irwin says:

    @57 awww lizzie.. GET A HEADSET! Love ya!

    And at 78, I so love that, I’ve said it four times in the last hour!

  219. Sensual Fold says:

    szia, just warnigng people

  220. Only 5 mins to go… Can’t wait to get back to (s)Life. I wish that they would do updates at night.

  221. Szia Shilova says:

    Np, just being bored here and dragging everyone with me πŸ™‚

  222. Wienerschnitzel Writer says:

    Yea Yn guy, very correct πŸ˜€

  223. j17my j says:

    its 18.55 second life still not running hmmmm… cmon hurry. the reason i say this is because iam a millionaire in real life but cant seem to become one in second life!! why is it so hard? any suggetions???

  224. Koroz Kline says:

    …. and now…the end is near…. and so i face the final curtain……

  225. Revolution Perenti says:

    lol Szia

  226. Cheyanne Beerbaum says:

    Well since were all praying here ….. Oh little man in the puter …..Please give me more money and give me a really hot avie …and have that wierd dude with the HUGE HEAD stop stalking me. He gives me the heebie jeebies. Thank you and AMEN πŸ™‚ ( winks )

  227. hooligan balboa says:

    i think people like ziggy hicks from the former casino known as goldrush may disagree!

    personally i think its great they stopped gambling, but anyway 5 mins and counting, im laying odds of 25/1 that it wont be ready on time any takers??? LMFAO

  228. Delgado Cinquetti says:

    Excuse me if I may have already over looked it in the previous post, but the correct times are listed below your names in this blog. Hope this helps. DC

  229. Sensual Fold says:

    i think its crap though to rip people off that way……….shitheads lol

  230. DaQueenB Houston says:

    RE: #90
    KUDDOS~! U go Miss THang! TY for doing the homework cuz this is WHACK!>.>WTHHHHH? smdh@ LL for this one cuz ya’ll knowwwwww better! Good looking out Yngwie I am going to check into that as well….sniff sniff do i smell a petition coming from somewhere?

  231. Kasolai Nighbor says:

    Do I get the last post ?? πŸ™‚

  232. Hope says:

    Asking myself why there are actually so many lags and problems with Second Life, i hope that the grid will be retablished on time…
    It is 10:55 and i think that we are all waiting for news…

  233. Ann Otoole says:

    boop boop de boop

  234. Nek Market says:

    WHOOT!!! Facing the curtain with everyone….

  235. Prevo says:

    MMMM decides not to get into the whole gambling issue on here and just waits for the grid to open then i can see what has been deleted from my inventory – hope its stuff i didnt want again πŸ™‚

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