Second Life 1.18.0 Release scheduled for Wednesday, July 11th

We’ll be releasing Second Life 1.18.0 on Wednesday, July 11th. The Main Grid will unavailable from 6am-12noon PDT (13:00-19:00 GMT) during this time. New viewers will be required following the release. The Beta Test Grid will be available during the downtime.

More details, including the preliminary release notes, can be found in these posts:

Final release notes for 1.18 will be posted to the blog early next week. Note that the list will be fairly short – the bulk of the fixes mentioned in previous notes regarding 1.18 have gone out in the form of Optional Viewer Updates and Rolling Restarts of the grid. The best summary of the actual changes unique to 1.18 is summarized here:

[UPDATE] The Beta Grid will be offline for a short time during the update, due to necessary maintenance work being performed on the asset servers. The expected downtime for the Beta Grid is 7:15am – 9:00am.

[UPDATED] Final release notes added below.

Final release notes for 1.18.0 are:

Release Notes for Second Life 1.18.0(5) July 11, 2007
* Message system changes to support transport via TCP (HTTP) as well as UDP.
** More details are available here:
** And here
* German language added to the Windows installer
* Updated translations for German language viewer
* Updated translations for Japanese language viewer
* Updated translations for Korean language viewer
* Viewer “channel” (Release, First Look, etc) now visible at login in the lower right corner next to the version number

Bug fixes:
* Fixed SVC-286: deleted fully-permissive objects owned by others skip trash
* Fixed SVC-251: Death teleport fails when teleporting to a home point you no longer have access to
* Fixed MISC-273: Enrollment fee is incorrectly deducted if you belong to max. # of groups and try to join new ones


And since folks have been asking…

“What do the numbers in a release version mean? E.g. 1.x.y.z? And why is it sometimes 1.x.y(z)?”

These version numbers follow a common convention in software engineering of four numbers. The common definition of w.x.y.z-style release numbers is; using that terminology, Second Life has only had one major version change – from 0.x beta to 1.0 release. As Second Life is a constantly evolving service and platform rather than a traditional monolithic software application, we have no current plans to increment the initial number.

Prior to 1.15, Linden’s interpretation was to use the second field to denote a substantial new feature or sizable release – for example, 1.14 had render pipeline improvements, 1.12 had groups and estates improvements, 1.11 was a revamp of the UI layer, 1.10 introduced flexies, and so on. The SL History Wiki has unofficial archives of the release notes. In between these “major” versions were other releases – some big, some small, some optional, some mandatory, some server-side, some viewer side, noted by changes to the third field (e.g. 1.13.1, 1.13.2, 1.13.3, 1.13.4).

Recently, we switched to having the second number (e.g. 1.17) denote an update which required a new viewer to go along with a server-side software update. Viewer versions which are optional are denoted by the changes to the third digit (e.g. 1.17.3). Therefore, it’s now possible to tell that any version in the 1.17 lineage (1.17.0, 1.17.1, 1.17.2, 1.17.3) can be used with the grid until 1.18 comes along. (This also has the advantage of eliminating the unsavory task of deciding when a release is important enough to merit a big version bump!)

The final field always represents a unique build number, which denotes internal changes only. Various iterations will be seen while a version is in beta (e.g. you might see,, posted for the Beta Grid), but the official releases will only use the first three digits to have meaning (e.g. 1.18.0). Some parts of the Second Life UI and Web site show the last digit in parenthesis to emphasize the, er, parenthetical nature of that field – it shouldn’t be important.

Intrepid readers may note that as we celebrate Día de la Liberación and the approach of Het Grid, the frequency of mandatory updates is expected to drop. Does this mean we’ll be stuck with 1.18 forever, only approaching 1.19 as Achilles approached the Tortoise? Stay tuned…

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112 Responses to Second Life 1.18.0 Release scheduled for Wednesday, July 11th

  1. Supa says:

    Interesting stuff.

  2. Ben says:

    please post full changes on blog instead of having to jump to 3 different posts

  3. Alpha Vargas says:

    what will eventually merit version 2.0?

  4. @Alpha Vargas: “what will eventually merit version 2.0?”

    We don’t know. 🙂 As I mentioned, we’re not even sure that makes sense in a service-oriented world.

  5. Fnordian Link says:

    2.0..I think that’s when we plug our brains directly into the grid…

  6. KillerMonkey Spire says:

    @4 lets hope not unless they can seriously up the poly and animation points on the avatars.

  7. Oz Spade says:

    I’m kinda disappointed that we may never reach an official 2.0! Although I’m sure some intrepid open source programmer will take it upon themselves to one day create a “SL 2.0”, regardless of what 2.0 may mean. I remember when we were at 1.9 all the residents were hopeful for 2.0, and a but bummed when we got 1.10 instead ;P .

    To avoid being stuck in 1.18 for all eternity (I dunno about you but 1.18.40 doesn’t sound appealing to me), I suggest switching back to the prior numbering schema. I.e. when a new “big” or potentially altering feature/fix comes out, then bump up a number. Or you could use it for important security issues.

    I hope we don’t have 1.40 either! You guys gotta go up to 2.0 at some point! It’s unheard of otherwise! Simply unheard of!

  8. (note that due to daylight savings this will be actually between 14:00-20:00 on people currently in the GMT timezone)

  9. @Gwyneth Llewelyn:

    GMT is invariant. Folks in the UK are most likely setting their clocks according to BST (British Summer Time) at the moment, not GMT. Just as we’re not setting the Linden clock to PST right now, but PDT.

  10. (And sorry if that’s what you meant, Gwyneth!)

  11. I think a complete rewrite of the server and/or client would merit 2.0. It would have to be a dramatic change in the way the software works from a mostly new set of code, not just upgrades on the old code. Given LL’s experience with SL these past few years, more importantly these past few months, I believe if they DID start from scratch again they could make the system work right. What SL started as and what it’s become are two very different things with two different mindsets directing the initial release and the current version. That said, SL is still based upon the same code, however heavily modified.

  12. Wyald Woolley says:

    I think 2.0 may come when there is adult supervision in the softward department and new versions no longer include random old libraries being folded back into the build and random flags set during compiles.

  13. Sougent Harrop says:

    Major new functionality such as Voice or Windlight might merit a 2.0.0 version number, the interface changes alone to support voice are radical enough to merit calling it a somewhat major release.

    Speaking which, when will we see Voice in the main viewer, it’ll be nice to have folks be able to hear what’s going on even if they chose not to speak. Right now it’s like two different worlds……

  14. Niel says:

    How about v2 for when/if Havok 2 gets included. Or as was mention WAY back, “Mono will ship with v2.0 and will be one of the components that make it v2.0”. Or both. Havok 2 physics engine and Mono for scripting would definately merit v2 in my book.

  15. Havok 4 you mean, Mono, and I’d love to see SpeedTree implemented as well. With Windlight in there, I’d dare say that’s darn close to v2.0. But a snazzy upgrade to some of the lacking systems doesn’t hide the fact that SL’s backend still needs an overhaul to streamline it and make it ready for future expansion.

  16. Darth Juniper says:

    Can version 2.0 be for when you guys finally make the Stop All Animations function in the Tools menu ACTUALLY WORK?

  17. Ann Otoole says:

    @9 – sorry… de boss man at Linden research has already stated in an interview with the press that Linden Research is not going to “boil the ocean” (rewrite) and instead will take the additive code approach (tower of babel).

    This release will be interesting. it is a gutsy approach corporate (creativity stifling and taking bribes from consulting companies) mentalities would never consider.

    Why not give it a chance?

  18. Rainey Paderborn says:

    Since 1.17 came out, I’ve had my crashiest SL experience like ever 😥

    It got so bad, i tried the optional viewers (all 3 versions), firstlook with voice and Nicolaz’s versions.

    All still crashy 😥

    Please, please roll out 1.18. I wasn’t crashing on a regular basis before the “upgrade” 😥

  19. Vincent Nacon says:

    @15: Sounds like you need to update your videocard driver or get a new PC.

  20. U M says:

    I would really like to post remarks! Can you PLEASE allow me to post! I need to share information about these client releases!

  21. Azadine Umarov says:

    I would tend to agree with Vincent @ 16 — for me, at least, 1.17 has been one of the least bug-ridden builds, and fastest performing, with far fewer of the memory leaks that crashed earlier versions almost always within 2 or 3 hours of start-up. Watching my page-files, it seems clear, at least on my system, that at least where really bad memory leaks are concerned, this generation has been a vast improvement.

    As for 1.x vs. 2.? — if the renumbering were merely for marketing purposes I’d not be opposed to it. However, a fundamentally new version — a real 2.0 — should only be made if it seems that the basic code cannot be salvaged, or will not permit SL to keep moving forward. At this point, LL has more pressing concerns than innovation for its own sake, and its marketing problems have little to do with whether or not it is adding new features rapidly enough.

  22. Dallas Seaton says:

    Sure would be nice if Lindens had a way to maybe suspend posting priveleges for first offenses, followed by a ban from blog postings period, for juvenile and asinine postings like #99 and 100 in “Optional viewer now available, Second Life 1.17.3” below.

  23. Balthazar Lindman says:

    Second Life 2.0 would be when the voice would be integrated I think. It IS a major change 😉

    Or maybe when all the lagging will vanish?

    Seriously it would happen only if all scripts, codes, etc would greatly change, and passing from 1 to 2 would reset the databank I think.

  24. pantaiputih korobase says:

    wow, my Linden experience taught me in some way to get new hardware….. that’s what I did now AND SL runs smoothly now, I can TP without crashing, I can dress, undress, I can see everything (though slow) – even wqith the latest version update – so I am back to SL, but?

    what is that? when I try to put my cute pet on my land it tells me “can’t create object because server is full” what does that mean? i have enough prims left on my land for my no name pet….

  25. The XO says:

    @ #2 and #3:

    Version will introduce the Grid2Reality bridge which will allow you to rez prims in your living room, teleport to your friends house, IM your cat, fly and eliminate death (you’ll just TP home).

    Exciting stuff, watch this space…. :-p

    PS: If you need any help on the Grid2Reality bridge, please let me know :-p

  26. Winter Ventura says:

    I know there’s not much you can do about this.. but the version number’s resemblance to a decimal number can confuse people, particularly around 1.9 -> 1.10 and 1.99 -> 1.100. since I’ve been living off freeware for most of my life, I’m familiar with the fact that “.” is “dot” not “point”.

    For those non-geeks out there, each number in the series: (for example) is a whole number.

    1 | 18 | 0 | 1

    When we get to (assuming we do)… the next release (according to the above rules) requiring a new viewer, will be

    Of course, I sincerely doubt that it’ll be that long til we hit 2.0. Frankly, a “Second Life 2.0” probably would have windlight, uncompressed image storage for sculpties with 64×64 meshes (rather than 32×32).. new avatar meshes, and a new version of the Havoc Physics engine (hopefully a recent version, and not just the 2.0 we were promised). Second Life 2.0 will be a big deal when it comes out, so you’ll probably see a full integration of the jabber protocol for IMs. And other “horizon” features we’ve heard tell about. (possibly an internal conversion to the png file format rather than jpeg2000, a fully integrated internal browser, perhaps even the ability to “host your own textures” and apply them to surfaces by URL.)

    That would be my guess for a 2.0.

  27. Daedalus Young says:

    2.0 would imho be closer to not only “host your own textures”, but also “host your own region”. It already is possible, if I’m correct, using OpenSim ( ) to do so, but you can’t get there from the Main Grid.
    So in that way, SL 2.0 will become more like the web as we now know it. Different servers hosting their own sims. Possibly even with their own features.
    At least, that is what I -think- is what could happen.

  28. Richard Renneville says:

    And yet another one that does not fix the group chat bug, but that will not be fixed until voice is officially online, so group chats will be like this for several more months to come in my opinion.

  29. Alley M says:

    When will second life support Vista? I’m dying to try this out and can I can’t because I’ve got a Vista computer.

  30. “There will be a U.S. Federal Government consortium organizational meeting for Second Life in Washington DC, July 11th from 1:00-4:00 EST. The consortium hopes to find ways to share resources, work collaboratively on projects, streamline funding and contracting processes, etc. Also invited is a representative from OPM to discuss a process for contracting through OPM where the government could create joint or individual project contracts for Second Life and virtual worlds. In addition, we can also begin to plan a one-day event for the first part of November.”

    Doh! I hate it when things are planned for Wednesday’s without consultation…

  31. Matthew Dowd says:

    Will this fix the llSetText on non root prims bug or the inability to read embedded notecards bug introduced in 1.17

    Will this fix the friends online status not displaying correctly re-introduced in 1.16 (after being fixed briefly)?

    Will this fix the group im problems introduced in 1,15?

    Will this finally over a transactional database behind the asset servers to reduce the many inventory loss problems?

    The open source community (and LL liaison with them) are doing wonders on fixing bugs in the client, but there does not appear to be similar progress on the major server side issues.

  32. Xfiles miles says:

    ur gonna close SL just on my weddingday /hrs

    this isnt true i hope ?

    please tell me u guys can fix this before 11 am slt
    please please

  33. Argent Stonecutter says:

    2.0 also needs llRenderText, llRenderSVG, llModifyAnimation, llTeleportAgent, llTreeSystem, llPrivateParcel, and llBackupInventory. 🙂

  34. Montana Corleone says:

    Yeah right…

    So, let’s see:

    1.15 Sculpties
    1.16 Windlight
    1.17 Voice
    1.18 Liberation Day

    Not major versions huh, since the 1.14 render pipeline retrograde?

    Funny how after ever new “minor upgrade” the grid gets worse…

    Now, let’s see too: every time people complain about fixing the core, you pretend to hold back on the new shinies. Reality is you slip them in anyway. So really, versions are one ahead of what you say. Liberation Day for 1.18? As you’ve said, you already seem to have implemented that in 1.17, in that we can use optional viewers.

    So, what is the new as yet unannounced gizmo that you are shoving in 1.18, which caused the real delay?

    Some of us are just as smart – or smarter – than you…

  35. Montana Corleone says:

    Oh, and any chance you can really fix the group IMs you borked in 1.15 taking messaging external – great confidence foir all externals if you can’t even handle text – or do we have to wait for 1.47 to fix it?

  36. Ann Otoole says:

    would be nice if they would do something about the destruction of textures the texture upload process is wreaking now. looks perfect in photoshop… like garbage in sl after the upload. yea i noticed some big changes in rendering recently. like no matter if you have view distance set to 512, there in now a limit on number of objects rendered. and the visual clarity decreases within a certain range now. its like sl has become farsighted and needs some geek glasses.

  37. Brett Finsbury says:

    great hope this fixes the inventory lost during a transfer bug. the one that you send a full folder and the other end recieves an empty folder. not out anything but the friend i gave the suit to is since he needed it for a date and wasnt able to buy one for himself.

  38. JeanGenie Jewell says:

    I hope this new viewer will fix my inventory, latest items stay there forever…..

  39. Brett Finsbury says:

    We also lost the filter that allows you to find items based on when you purchased them. Be nice to have that back again.

  40. tanis dagger says:

    i got a tip on sl that there is a secret underground group called the defenders of SL(i think thats the name) and they have the same power as lindend but the lindens dont know it.

  41. Jayden B says:

    @ 31 and maybe 32

    Go into inventory
    File Menu
    Show Filters
    Set number of days at bottom to 1 or whatever
    or maybe leave at 0 but tick since last logoff to get just new items

  42. Allex Amdahl says:

    With both 1.17.3 and 1.18.0 (on the beta grid), I get the following message immediately that I start secondlife:

    “Second Life has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

    Technical details from the 1.17.3 crash give the following:

    AppName: secondlife.exe AppVer: ModName: secondlife.exe
    ModVer: Offset: 007a6970

    And Technical details from 1.18.0 crash give:

    AppName: secondlifepreview.exe AppVer: ModName: secondlifepreview.exe
    ModVer: Offset: 007a7a30

    I’ve been on SL for about 9 months and not had this problem before. Does anyone know what might be wrong? At the moment it looks like I won’t be able to use SL after Wednesday – unless this new problem goes away with the release for the main grid.


  43. Jarek Dejavu says:

    WANT TO SEE SL IN REAL 3D using ANAGLYPH (RED and GREEN) glasses i.e. or some real 3DVR googles like eDimensional shutter glasses? SOLUTION FOR STEREOSCOPIC NVIDIA DRIVER CRASHING! JUST PRESS CTRL+ALT+1 to disable text menu and tool bar and then enable 3D stereo! It will not crash then! But before enabling menu again you need to disable stereo 3D again, otherwise it will crash! By the way, hello Linden Labs support. Can I ask please, if programmers will try to solve soon this bug causing that SL is not working with NVIDIA stereoscopic driver correctly and will crash when you will try to enable stereo 3D with TEXT MENU AND TOOLBARS ENABLED? The solution is to replace text items and menu by real 3D objects on which the texts will be rendered. By the way – what about Second Life Speech Tools? Is there any chance, that similar voice interface will be incorporated soon in SL client too? I can help with it if you want. Thanks for your great work and have nice day!

  44. WarKirby Magojiro says:

    I really liked the idea of incrementing the second number for cool new features. Now you’ve gone and trapped yourselves in a corner with msot future updates being optional 😦

    As a side note, it should become SL 2.0 when we have new havok physics. Enough said.

  45. Babz Carbenell says:

    Is there already something more clear about a SL version for vista?
    The last message i saw was from February. And I really want to play SL when i’m on my internship. My new asus laptop has vista and i can’t wait for SL to support vista.


    Babz Carbenell

  46. Vlada Zenovka says:

    Will the memory leak in 1.17.3 be resolved in 1.18.0? It should have repaired an existing leak, but SL eats all of my 8 GB (at work or 2 GB at home) in a matter of hours if I visit a few places.

    Now the problem in 1.17.3 can be easily resolved installing 1.17.2 or 1.17.0, but will the leak be unavoidable from wednesday on?

  47. Arwin Bartlett says:

    Why a update, you can’t keep what you have now going with any relieablity, We buy items- you transfer the money but we have to goto the Vendor to get the item. Lag is out of control and now you want to put more lagg into the game with voice. You can’t even keep friends list working right or things from disapeiring from our inventory. It totaly amazes me how you can’t make what we have stable. Yes I am sick and tired of the way SL runs. If it were not for My love in SL I would have quit this game!

  48. Deltango Vale says:

    Just a thought, but could we not use Coordinated Universal Time (CUT=GMT)? Daylight savings time in RL is horrible enough, but to bring it into SL is totally weird.

  49. Gabriel Spinnaker says:

    I will once again advance my pet ridiculous suggestion that LL take a page from the FSF with Emacs, and drop the 1. from the version number, making the next release 18.0.

  50. Richard Renneville says:


    No, to them, its user error, and it will always be user error now. How many times do I have to say this:

    Voice First, Bug Fixes Second!

  51. ari blackthorne says:

    @38 Gabriel Spinnaker Says:
    July 8th, 2007 at 6:56 PM PDT
    I will once again advance my pet ridiculous suggestion that LL take a page from the FSF with Emacs, and drop the 1. from the version number, making the next release 18.0.

    Heh… I like this idea. Would make sense, too.

    Oh wait! ~that~ hoses it all. Not allowed to make sense~ 😛


  52. Liddenwood Hammerer says:

    Just wondering if this new update will address all the group chat errors?
    Thanks for listening

  53. Richard Noonan says:

    I honesty don’t understand why there is so much effort placed on something that was never broke in the first place, and everything that has been broke and is broke its always “were working on it” routine. One of these days some other big corporation is going to come along and write a program that is bigger and better than Second Life and when you lose the 500,000 PAYING accounts you have maybe you can sit back and wonder why as you twidle your thumbs and look all googlie eyed to the stars.

  54. Alicia Sautereau says:

    So when are the coders sent back to school with the screwup new client, f`d up permission settings, assets problems and not to mention the goddamn PAYPAL issue`s that have been ongoing for what, 2 MONTHS or so???

  55. tigger perfferle says:

    I seem to have developed a tick since the last upgrade – that my chat and IM’s are delivering multiple identical replies intermittently – hope it disappears on Wednesday

  56. Azumi Mosike says:

    mmm well sorry if i am blunt. but please fix the current version before putting new things please. the IM and transaction system are no more seeing us online. as if the friend list bug had spreaded to the other important system.

  57. Wendy Forager says:

    I fear the Black Wednesday and Thursday coming up again. Ppl still suffering from last update. Linden work on the FRIENDSLIST. this is still not working. Yesterday was hell, rezzing issues from inventory and crashes all the time. Wow, you do good work Linden, really. And voice and pretty skies are really important over all the bugs which are still around and not looked after.

  58. Dirk Felix says:

    Will this be of the same quality as 1.17.3?

    Fix the mess before adding features. Spaghetti code has got to go. 😉

  59. Ann Otoole says:

    whining is more productive when the issues are registered at so everyone can vote on it and raise it’s importance level. bw part of the solutions for a change of pace.

  60. Maklin Deckard says:

    No thansk, Ann Otoole, I’ll use the JIRA when the delete this techie POS and replace it with a user-friendly and actually comprehensable without being an OS programmer bug reporting system. 🙂

  61. Farallon Greyskin says:


    LL “supports” Vista with the same amount of usability as they have for XP and as much or more than the Mac or the poor Linux client.

    If you have a decent video driver for your laptop and your laptop has effective cooling when running full bore. then you can run SL on it with Vista. It’s really no different than the requirements for XP. Though depending on the video chip and the drivers avaiable to you for that model, it may work with one and not the other…

  62. Richard Nixon says:

    I am not a crook.

  63. i say we use “Swatch Time”…and the .Beat goes on…

  64. Vanessa says:

    “whining is more productive when the issues are registered at so everyone can vote on it and raise it’s importance level.”
    Used to work just fine, broken in an “update”, and won’t be fixed by tomorrow’s update despite 158 votes
    Worked fine in 1.17.0, broken in 1.17.2, and won’t be fixed in tomorrow’s update despite 78 votes.

    Reporting and voting is a total waste of time.

  65. brinda Allen says:

    ignorance truly is bliss…when I saw that SL did not support Vista I was either too dumb to believe it…or too optomistic to not believe it! Seems to work just great.. looking forward to the new version.1.18.0

  66. Dirk Felix says:

    #52 Ann Otoole
    What I learned today at the UI Bug extravaganza is that all votes are taken as a suggestion. Considering that many have suggested that a stable environment is more than a good idea, do you actually think that voting makes any difference? Do you think that 10 votes seal the deal? LL will do as they choose, will listen when it fits an agenda and will act when the need to.

    Features is the motivator. This in turn will generate more reveune. LL already has my money, your money and is reaching for more from noobs who will be thrilled with bells and whistles. In the end, their platform wil reach capacity, won’t scale and who do you think will be standing here whinning? 😉

  67. Smiley Barry says:

    Whee! Het Grid! Finally, the ability to run LibSL stuff without keeping up with LibSL updates ‘^_^

    Oh and less updates XP.

  68. btw, remember the last grid attack? me neither…..

  69. Ann Otoole says:

    if everything goes well the Icehouse Team deserves a… bucket-o-icehouse beer lol.

  70. Maybe SL 2.0 be when there are no gray loading textures. I hope my descendants enjoy when that day arrives.

  71. Sgeo Comet says:

    Maybe 2.0 would be when there no longer needs to be an official owner of the grid, i.e. the Lindens wouldn’t control all of Second Life. No offense, Lindens! It’s just that I can’t see how a centralized system can possibly work out in the long run.

  72. Moll Dean says:

    This would be one of the greatest SL updated and I do hope that everything will be fine!

    Good Lucky Guys!

  73. Wyald Woolley says:

    Eat, drink and be merry, for tommorw we all will die.

  74. U M says:

    Wonders if The lefted the waiting to allow me to post…… 2.0? its not even 1.19 yet?

  75. Dirk Felix says:

    #60 Ann Otoole
    And if it’s the same old thing, what then, Jim Jones Koolaide? 😉

  76. U M says:

    Um………I just hope they got all the bugs out of this viewer. If not its going to be a hell.

  77. Zemoore zarf says:

    Well a new release SHOULD allways be agood thing… however i’m pretty concerned what wil happen…. I haven’t been able to update to any of the optional viewers… The informationbox tells me that i have a program running blockling the installation… NEVER had this problem before in my 7 months here, and haven’t installed any new programs recently .. Already tried disabeling all my firewall and anti virus programmes with no luck.. Have talken to several other persons that has that same problem.. ANYBODY have an idea what the problem might be ??

  78. Kwipper Manimal says:

    I still cannot belive we are STILL using Havok 1.0. For christ sakes Linden Labs, we are already up to Havok 4.0! You have been promising an upgrade to the Havok engine for.. well…. for 3 years now!

    I want to be able to make a vehicle that can actually cross a sim and not lose it’s physics properties in the process!

  79. U M says:

    Had this problem a release ago. Make sure your fire wall is allows it. Otherwise download direct from the download site page.

  80. U M says:

    Ok sorry for the double reply here, but did try downloading off the download page?!

  81. Wendy Forager says:

    #40 Arwin Bartlett

    You are totally right. As said I fear todays Black Wednesday update and coming Thursday. Another 2 weeks of frustration of not working friendslists, not working IM group chat, bugging inventory, and crashtime mania will follow. Since last update Friendslist is still not working. And it as Arwin says, because of my partner and my friends I stay in SL, otherwise I already quit the thing. Everytime after update it will be the same thing. Downtime taking longer as expected, messages telling sorry we have encountered problems, and than finally as i got inworld a lot of frustrating not working things.
    Thanks again Linden of not listening to your paying clients.

  82. kerunix flan says:

    SL 2.0 will be havok4, html-on-a-prims, 3rd party server hosting, and .. finally … “the creation of the metaverse” (the “Real” Web3, interconnected Virtual World, etc …).

  83. Katrina Bekkers says:

    Let’s celebrate the Liberaciòn with a revolutionarily new idea.

    This time, publish the final source code BEFORE the grid shutdown!!! And not three days after, as usual.

    I know that it could risk to annihilate the universe in a matter-antimatter explosion if LL actually provides release sources in time… But I want to take the chance! 🙂

    Oh, well, one can hope… 😀

  84. Psistorm Ikura says:

    wow, I cant believe people complain about issues which this very update was made to adress – and I cant understand they want to know whats the REAL time eater – LL is rewriting its entire message protocol, one of its CORE components – do you really assume this to be a minor task?

    anyways, looking forward a lot to this update, this really should change the pace in which bugs are fixed and reduce lag and packetloss related issues 😀

  85. Psistorm Ikura,
    I totally agree with you…I can’t believe most of these messages too. Looks like one becomes smart because he puts here a comment saying “I’m smart”.
    As someone else pointed out, whining *is* a RP activity itself.

  86. Cryonica Artizar says:

    Downloaded v 17.3.1 yesterday (10th July) but this version does not work with my video card so had to use Win XP System Restore and revert to 17.3.0 in order to play. If 18.0 is equally incompatible with my video card but is compulsory I will be in trouble. For your info video card ATI Radeon Express 200 works fine up to version 17.3.0 – but cannot take the latest upgrade.

  87. Sup Bing says:

    God help us.. I dread these updates 😦

  88. Hionimi Engawa says:

    When will the installer also have Dutch language? D:

  89. Henri Beauchamp says:


    GMT is deprecated for international usage. GMT is based on astronomical calculations, while nowadays, the time is based on atomic clocks.

    UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) is the new reference, for many years already… UTC is kept within +/- 1s of GMT thanks to the “leap seconds”.

    It would be time (no pun intended) that everyone uses the legal international measurements instead of the historic and deprecated ones (well, at least SL uses the metric system, so it’s not so bad… ;-P).

  90. Henri Beauchamp says:

    Please, change “measurements” for “units” in my previous post (#77)..

    Also, on a now “on topic” matter:

    Could you please make sure that the SL client sources for v1.18 are made available at the same time as the executable ?… I do rely on non-released patch to be able to run SL stably on this computer (i.e. to avoid 5 to 10 crashes an hour)…

    Thank you.

  91. Toad Mougin says:

    @77 ‘GMT is deprecated for international usage.’

    A more pressing issue is that dates in the SL client are still in mm/dd/yy format – as most users are now not from the US, the date format should reflect this, or at least be selectable in the client.

  92. stevie j says:

    would the lindens like to address the unjustified bannings of ‘kid avatars’ for ‘being under-age’ when they(well all i know of) are anything but? this is happening commonly now and the non under-age users getting banned for some reason are being made to send ID in to LL. thats right folks, just tell LL that a kid av is udnerage irl and the kid av will get suspended without investigation even if hes not.

  93. Henri Beauchamp says:


    Indeed…. The international format is YYYY/MM/DD…

  94. Vincent Nacon says:

    “I seem to have developed a tick since the last upgrade – that my chat and IM’s are delivering multiple identical replies intermittently – hope it disappears on Wednesday”

    I had same problem….. it’s your network, not SL. Check for driver update, buy new network if otherwise.

  95. ZenCho Balhaus says:

    Hope after this upgrade my small problmes go away, like crashing on TP, Freezing and Crashing. I spend most of my days submitting crash reports. One day nice Lindens can you not do an upgrade during UK daytime, By the time the system comes back its too late for me (Iknow you hear this all the time)

  96. Leozito Slade says:

    Can be implanted an alert or a confirm window to close de second life client… i need it so much!

  97. JeanGenie Jewell says:

    the time of downtime is wrong….is 14-20 .:))and 15-21 where I live…

  98. Alisia Student says:

    @19, yes i know that was 63 post ago. If you try to rez an object and you get a server is full message, that idicates double prims have been activated in your region. once you reach 15000 prims you can not rez anymore no matter how many prims about land says you have left. A good lesson to all. DO NOT BUY double prims land. and if you do use everu one of your prims imideately.

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  100. Ann Otoole says:

    “I seem to have developed a tick since the last upgrade”

    nail polish remover will get that tick out. don’t pull it loose cuz the head will remain in and it will regrow itself. next time wear bug repellent and tuck yer pants into yer socks before exploring.

  101. suki usitno says:

    i kinda like the idea of 2.0 being where we plug our brains directly into SL … none of this namby pamby VR helmet and gloves stuff … Lets go Tom Clancy baby … or matrix … just drill a little hole in my spine wire up a usb port and im good to go …. SL skydiving in your mind … fun fun fun

    on a more serious note .. not to belittle SL`s international comunity ( in my PERSONAL and there for LIMITED experience on SL most people seem to have the basics of english needed to click next on an installer anyway)… but ummmm other than the german thingy …. is the nasty glitchy stuff that makes me lose lindens and items bought on SLexchange gonna be fixed ?? bugs i think they are called ?

    Speaking of bugs … how about that harry potter movie huh ??? You americans got it yet ? is it any good ??

    back on topic … joshua as always its wonderfull to see linden chimps gorrillas monkeys monkey slaves and monkey handlers all working hard not only to improve SL but also to keep us drooling masses involved on recent developments…

    keep us up to date on the plugging our brains in think k ?

    cookies and diet pepsi for all linden simians ( even Philip who`s a corperate simian now and so is evil )


  102. PawFox Nishi says:

    13:00-19:00 GMT – 😦 What am I going to do for the time its offline *crys* 13:55 over here (yay for the screwed UK TimeZone)

  103. Lucee harrison says:

    when will you get it right? The shut down is from 2pm until 8pm UK time

  104. Pingback: Official Linden Blog » Blog Archive Second Life Scheduled Update: In Progress «

  105. PawFox Nishi says:

    Withdrawl symptons start now…..

  106. Kelly Green says:

    7 – Joshua: We don’t know. 🙂 As I mentioned, we’re not even sure that makes sense in a service-oriented world.

    SL is service oriented? Based on several comments seen above I would say they are not very service oriented. I mean yeah, you do provide a platform though shaky. But you have severe customer service issues. It is sad seeing a product/service which started out as a good place get wrecked through poor customer service. Grid Stability and features that work seem to be a main concern here. Why add new features if you can’t keep the current ones working.

  107. Linda Brynner says:

    Joshua, whoohoo !
    Utill now the updates had been reasonbly smooth.

  108. Linda Brynner says:

    But yes…. the Customer Services issue.
    You are so right Kelly.

  109. *K* says:

    @79 @ 80

    stop moaning about the time or the date

    Its irrelevant if you cant say july 11 or 11th july still the same date its just how its formatted and spoken in the US – why does everyone have hangups about random issues

    yes i crash – but its no biggie – have got used to it, i lose stuff in my inventory but have found that these things that have gone missing – once you relog they do come back, otherwise have found them in my lost and found folder.
    Otherwise Lindens work their butts off just to keep everyone in game happy and no one seems to appreciate this, yes there are bugs and stuff they work on it – just relax and let them do the job they are doing without whining constantly on a forum or blog

  110. Rabbit Leavitt says:

    any Idea why I keep getting the word hippo instead of loading?
    keeps happening o.o

  111. Neil Mathilde says:

    The Lindens really need to slow the new features down some and do more bug fixing. Im all for new features, but I also dislike all the bugs lately even more. How about New Features every 6 months and everything in between then as just bug fixes or something.

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