Second Life Scheduled Update: COMPLETE

We’re starting the update to Second Life 1.18.0 momentarily. See this earlier post with details about the update.

Feel free to comment on this thread but the Lindens working on the update will probably be too busy to respond to questions.

Reminder: The Beta Grid will be unavailable for a short period during this update – approximately 7:15am-9:00am PDT.

[UPDATE @ 7:45am PDT] Things are going well. We’ve just closed and kicked everyone off the Beta Grid.

[UPDATE @ 9:00am PDT] We’re a little behind schedule on the asset server maintenance work, so the Beta Grid will be offline for a little longer. More details as they’re available.

[UPDATE @ 9:50am PDT] Asset servers beaten into shape. The Beta Grid is open for logins again, and maintenance work on the Main Grid is proceeding.

[UPDATE @ 11:30am PDT] We’re investigating an issue with the server responsible for handling XMLRPC traffic. Otherwise, everything is on track and looking good.

[UPDATE @ 11:38am PDT] XMLRPC issue has been corrected. We’re doing final verification of all systems before opening up the grid. Users who have already downloaded viewers while waiting for the grid to come up will have to update one more time to pick up a fix for a viewer issue specific to the main grid discovered during testing.

[UPDATE @ 11:57am PDT] It always comes down to the wire, doesn’t it? We’re just getting the updated viewers onto the right download sites now, need to do a quick sanity test, and will open up. So just a few minutes away from opening.

[UPDATE @ 12:13pm PDT] Always one last thing. Just verifying the new Mac viewer image on the download site, then we’re good to go.

[UPDATE @ 12:22pm PDT] We’re open! Sorry for the delay – have fun, everybody!

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108 Responses to Second Life Scheduled Update: COMPLETE

  1. Spontaneous Radio says:

    Thanks Joshua, Get us back up and running smoothly.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. *Pitches his tent outside the grid and waits patiently, wrapped in his blanket*

  3. Hay Ah says:


  4. violet forcella says:

    lmaoooo u need a camp fire?

  5. JaeMarie Yoshikawa says:


  6. Sarah Walcott says:

    I hope the world is running smoothly after the update.
    Too bad the Time Difference between US an Europe is so big. We already have 3pm over here in Germany. If the update is running smoothly and all is going on in time, we’ll have 9pm when update is finished… nahhh… I wanna be in!! πŸ˜‰

  7. Ally says:

    Will recent Items Be fixed in Inventories one is getting as big as my main inventory now 😦 ..

  8. Tabu Laguna says:

    Oh no! You mean I need to get back my real life??? *jitters melodramatically and falls to the ground*

  9. Did not see the countdown. Good time to take a break.

  10. Alma Fushikizoh says:

    Are we there yet?

  11. MC2U says:

    spontanuous radio, Good idea! im bringing marshmallow hotdog and music and my teepee:)

  12. tom medes says:

    noooooo, dont take down the beta at the same time…

    its my fault for sleeping 12 hours and waking up RIGHT when they take down both grids, yes im whining about the beta being down for a short period. sue me lol.

  13. vadim beat says:

    if it’s around from 7:15 whyd it start at 6 and will it actually be till 9?

  14. tom medes says:

    pacific time

  15. Seriously though.

    @Joshua Linden – good luck… I certainly don’t envy you guys when you have to do the updates. All the best!

    @4 violet forcella – no I’m fine thanks πŸ˜€

    @6 Ally – let us wait and see πŸ™‚

  16. mabare abattoir says:

    *pitches his own next to tene’s, takes out his vodka buttle..*

  17. Talisha Daviau says:

    Hello, i have only one sugest. Please repair the friends list! Sometimes my friends list dont show when my friends are on line and offline… This is not only my problem…

  18. paulyta says:


  19. Gandalf Meili says:

    I was just about to meet the love of my life…
    well, if eveything is better afterwards…
    … i’ll meet her again and marry her anyway πŸ˜‰

  20. Bastados says:

    supermonkeyteamhyperforcego!!!!,,,,,make haste there young hustings,,,or maybe i`ll go play with my pet monkey

  21. Flaar Nemeth says:

    Gah! The one time I am actually awake at 6am and have time to code…. And its update day! Whaaaa!

    Thanks Lindens… Good luck with the task ahead.

    Hey @2 and @4, I’ll bring the marshmallows…

  22. @10 vadim beat – the *Beta* grid is down from 7:15am-9:00am. The *Main* grid is down from 6am-12noon.

  23. Kabalyero says:

    I also didn’t see any warnings! Which was kinda odd. ???

  24. Ally says:

    Waits :)) chearfully ..wondering what to do

  25. Luiza says:

    Will items that were bought yesterday and mysteriously disappeared today be restored after the update??? πŸ˜₯ *crosses fingers*

  26. richard says:

    oh no an update !! god help us all!

  27. Amras Martynov says:

    And I was just now rebuilding all my structures, too… *pouts*

    Ah well, better get some sleep until the whole thing’s up and running again….

    I sure hope no one I know sees what I’m making before it even gets built… *nervous*

    Meh, all’s well that ends well… I hope…

  28. Khyra Ares says:

    i really hope lag is addressed in this update…..i had to clear cache and relog 10 times last night while i was in world……but i guess this is the three or 4 hours that i can take to take a nap and hopefully get some of the dreaded s word…..sleep*is thwapped*if i hear you cursing again khyra i swear to god im going to maim you!!!! “sorry….i promise never to say sleep again*is thwapped harder*i said dont say that word!!!!! lol sorry….thats an excerpt from an arguement i was having with myself……can anyone tell me who won?

  29. Dinky Dejavu says:

    *Slips quietly into Tenebrous Pau’s tent… and steals some of the blanket… waits impatiently outside the grid… but didn’t think to bring her own damn tent*

  30. pits says:

    I hope it will fixe ati graphic cards problem, SL hasn’t be so unstable lately in the past 6 months.. computer crashes every 10 minutes now!
    And memory leak (it takes up to 1.5Go of memory at worst time !!

    Otherwise.. it’s sunny outside

  31. Phott Juran says:

    To Ally,
    I havd the same issue……recent items was not acting as recent items, but kept growing….on your inventory window, in the menu, there ia a section that has a check box for ‘since last logon’ or something like that…if it is checked already, uncheck it and re log, then check it and re log….if it is already unchecked, the check it, it should fix that…. it did for mine..hope that helps


  32. felixjet says:

    how many hours left for main grid online? im too bad with time conversions πŸ˜›

  33. Sal says:

    Good time To Go To Windows Update And See If There’s Anything To Upload…..Check For Driver Updates Too…..If You Feel Ancious Blow Out The Dust On You’re Mother Board.HEHEHE

  34. Val Gastel says:

    is the new browser required?

  35. @16 Khyra Ares – Me! I won!

  36. Cyprys Rhode says:


    (reads everything on sl website)

  37. callie carr says:

    *sighs* I see the European “why wont LL work all night so we dont lose game time” comments have already started. Get real! UK here, but I align my game time to PDT- its perfectly possible, and means I get to play a lot more with all my US friends *grins and waves*

  38. MickeeLimaa says:

    Wen Will 2nd life be running it is 11:09pm here in australia!!

  39. @18 Val Gastel – If you check the link to the release announcement, “New viewers will be required following the release.”

  40. tessle torok says:

    can any tell me wat time the game will be up and running in engalnd plz cause in my normal life i have to acually talk to ppl in person and they scare me

  41. Ally says:

    dont get to play at all ..gets to run a club do you script people ? πŸ™‚

  42. Khyra Ares says:

    @19 LOL Tenebrous Pau…..mabey ill just go play GUN instead lol

  43. PawFox Nishi says:

    Withdrawl Symptoms start now……. 😦
    UK Timezone here > 2:12pm…
    This is going to be hell

  44. Val Gastel says:

    thank you Tenebrous…. i’m just lazy lol

  45. Gypsy Paz says:

    I wonder if we’ll get access to direct asset uploads (textures) though the new TCP transport messaging system?

  46. Snakebite says:

    I cannot see float balls in real Life…
    I donΒ΄t know how I can move now…. πŸ™‚
    return us as fast as possible, please!
    Good Luck

  47. x says:

    God almighty,NOW WHAT?!?!!

  48. Silvie Messmer says:

    Good luck, guys… hope the lucky streak will hold! 1.17. seemed a big improvement to me, lets hope 1.18. doesnt break more than it tries to fix!
    My compliments on the new policy lately placing updates that dont meet the expectations on hold for a while instead of rolling them out at any cost just to have new features!
    btw. will there be a link to download the viewer before the grid comes back up?

  49. i would like to say, when i connect i sl, i can’t see nothing because there are flash.
    If u don’t understand, It’s ok but if you understand tell me why i have all of this flash!


  50. Linda Brynner says:

    Glad you are handeling the updates these days Joshua ( ! )
    Nice work and indeed… keep up the good wortk

  51. Roj Raymaker says:

    hi hope it goes well cant wait to get back on one question i just bought something as you closed down will it appear in my inventry or has it gone

  52. rene says:

    Hope everything working smoothly today and tommorow. But from expirience i know the thursday after all the new bug come out, and i have a club to open!!!!!!!!!!! so i cross my fingers. i’ll be back!!!!!!!!!

  53. Duir Mayne says:

    Anyone know where we can download the new (1.18.0) main grid viewer before the whole thing’s up and running? Would save time and let us get in again quicker without the download bottleneck we all know and love! πŸ™‚

  54. Sal says:

    Viewer Update Not Up Yet…..Get It ASAP…..When They Go Back Online The Download Sight Usually Jams Up BAAAAAAAD

  55. blabla says:

    i hope you finally repair the problem with the FRIENDSLIST cauze its annoying as hell, only the half is online…sometimes no one

  56. Amaya Nagy says:

    Oh my god, Tene in the Comments *faints*

    Well Guys at LL, dont bork it. Hopefully it runs smooth after the Update though im not expecting that much..something will somehow go terribly wrong even if its not their Fault :O

  57. Tracey Humphreys says:

    Hurry up you people – Tracey want’s to go shopping!

    Why such a long time? I’ve seen computer code and it is just some silly writing (with VERY bad punctuation)!

  58. tessle torok says:

    how long left now

  59. Simba Fuhr says:

    /me wears his weapon “citiy 17 needs me” goes to playing Half-Life.

  60. Avalon Asturias says:

    Now I am a bit confused and had this discussion with my man. He’s in the UK. I am in the US. The blog states: “We’ll be releasing Second Life 1.18.0 on Wednesday, July 11th. The Main Grid will unavailable from 6am-12noon PDT (13:00-19:00 GMT)”

    Ok, 6am PDT time is 9AM EST for me. 12noon PDT is 3PM EST for me. In my head I add 5 hours to my time to get UK time or 8 hours from PDT/SL time to get UK time. That would make it 14:00-20:00 GMT (2PM to 8PM GMT) wouldn’t it? NOT what they have listed? May the LIndens use a different clock for GMT? Or maybe they wanted to give hope to those in the UK. Either way the numbers don’t pan out to 13:00-19:00 GMT when you do the conversion.

  61. Masira says:

    now what do i do with myself…..*plays kick the can in the rain* bad idea….

  62. Duir Mayne says:

    Avalon, GMT is always fixed – The Uk is currently on BST (GMT +1) πŸ™‚

  63. izadora balut says:

    oooh nooo i am confused im in aussie !Did you catch him by the way the fiend that was mucking about at Miranda view -caused much constantation !You ought to have seen it realestate and neighbours stuck up in the air -there was panic but all was righted -thank goodness.Also dog roger doesnt respond -tried rezing and tried replacement.Is there something wrong with me ????Will this fix it ?Also lose my hair when teleport-will i ever get to the ball LOl Keep up the good work -brilliant programme!Please come back on 12 my time it is 11.15 now at night -maybe you will!!!!lolThanks for everything.

  64. Booze Boucher says:

    I’d like to use this time to give a quick shout-out to 77 All Star. Damn, am I weird that I’m using this blog to chat b/c I have no life other than SL? Oh well, off to bed. See you all in 6 or so hours.

  65. Fermi Torok says:

    heehe… *flicks on the dreaded jeapordy music x3*

  66. Gypsy Paz says:

    @ Avalon:
    Most states in the US use daylight savings time, so add an hour during the summer

  67. Dimitri972 Martiek says:

    yup i hope this grid will better tha the last!!
    salut atous les français!! visiter mon shop!!

  68. @30 Avalon Asturias – actually you’re right, lol… it should be 14:00-20:00 UK time.

  69. Fogyman Bikcin says:

    Jesus…(isnt in SL, lol). Im really tired on SL… 90% of time its updates,bugs or other “maintence”… This MUST be the worst working thing in WWW.
    Ok, now its updates… and afterwards waiting 3-4 days of bugs and servercrashes. THEN the #Β€””#Β€ should i (we) ever enjoy actuelly BE in SL just having fun???
    Can we pray for 7 days without any offlines in regions and more bla bla bla?? Or is SL-world allways gonna rumble downhill….

  70. Danopster says:

    UK is on Daylight Savingstime so GMT+1, so it does add up.

  71. @30 Avalon Asturias (and @31, myself) – should have read further, Joshua commented on that “GMT is invariant. Folks in the UK are most likely setting their clocks according to BST (British Summer Time) at the moment, not GMT. Just as we’re not setting the Linden clock to PST right now, but PDT.”

    He’s right. πŸ˜€ But to confirm, us Brits will be down from 14:00 til 20:00.

  72. callie carr says:

    @ 30 Avalon Asturias

    Yeah, thing is ,we in the UK are on BST not GMT right now, so its offline 14:00 to 20:00 in time, but they are right 13:00 to 19:00 GMT- SL has made me a time zone expert LMFAO

  73. Richard Renneville says:

    Do I dare try to initialize a group chat after this update. They WILL still be broken after all.

  74. Stress says:

    So how long till SL is back up and running

  75. Riccardo says:

    From my point of view….. I could play again the next Christmas ‘s Eve.

  76. Sal says:

    Isn’t British Daylight Time An Hour Ahead Of GMT ?

  77. Felix Duesenburg says:


    /me quickly lifts his hat and blinks, have a nice day πŸ™‚

  78. Horns Bailey says:

    Will Darckk Trilams account be back up after this,and the others
    who were Glitch banned (i think)

  79. The beta grid works ? now i can logged me.

  80. nina says:

    it is currently 11.30pm here in aus. whatever that has to do with anything.

  81. sada Handrick says:

    sorry i,m bussy

  82. Tracey Humphreys says:

    Avalon, the GMT time they give is correct.
    Local time is BST here in UK (for the summer).
    13:00-19:00 GMT is 14:00-20:00 BST.

    So, when it’s 8pm on your watch, SL should be back on.

    (Hope I got this right, or I’ll look stupid!)

  83. temperence dagger says:

    @27 where do we get the new viewer? Does anyone know?

  84. Hal says:

    “May the LIndens use a different clock for GMT?”

    The Lindens GMT is correct – but the UK is currently in BST (British Summer Time) not GMT and we’re an hour ahead of ourselves..very frustrating when u have to wait till 2000 to get back into SL…

  85. CatskillNYChick says:

    *runs around the world and changes all the clocks to SL time and gets it over with already* There now we all can suffer the same hours *smiles and laughs*

  86. Avariel Falcon says:

    Yes, its 13:36 GMT and 14:36 BST.
    People always get the two confused.

    *satands in front of the PC shouting /1 dance*

  87. Blackthorn Hare says:

    Good time to do those chores that have been piling up.

  88. Honest Forager says:

    Looks out side and see’s the sun it is scary :p

  89. Shardae says:

    Right, I guess it’s time to get RL stuff done … like *dreads the thought* laundry?!

  90. Avalon Asturias says:

    @ Richard Renneville Says: July 11th, 2007 at 6:30 AM PDT
    Do I dare try to initialize a group chat after this update. They WILL still be broken after all.

    I will be happy to not have my private IM’s going to people who are don’t even know are there. Last night all my private IM’s to one person, got sent to several other people as though we were in group chat. We relogged our computers, and SL. Still the same thing continued to happen, and my friend’s messages even came in repeating the same line 5-7 times. Some guy who got our private IM said we were spamming. LOL! Even though I explained to him that he was reading a private conversation not intended for him, and SL was creating the glitch. He still insisted we were spamming. I hope he muted me, I know I muted him hoping the conversations would stop going out all over SL with out our control or intent.

  91. Georg Runo says:

    Hey. Let’s get into someting serios: Did anyone try to work on a sims setting? My partner tried to ban some anoying avatar and the damn sim did not keep the ban. The fella always returned. Any Ideas around?

  92. @40 Avariel Falcom – hehehe… *stares at all the clocks around the world and shouts /1 sync*

  93. Amaya Nagy says:

    @45 Tene

    They listen to Channel 9! /9 sync…. its im stuck in a wall *cries*

  94. Avariel Falcon says:

    Oh well, I guess its time to /1 afk and see you all after the patch. ^_^

  95. Avalon Asturias says:

    Time for me to go play Pogo. Have a great day everyone.

  96. Frederika Babii says:

    In The Netherlands we will be down from 15.00 – 21.00 GMT. (3 – 9 PM) I really don’t care. I’ve got the evening to play. I only wish I could stay to camp… My money is running low… Hehe. I hope SL will be running better this evening AND that my recent items in inventory will be fixed πŸ˜› Haha. Am I the only one with that problem?

  97. FanFan Babii says:

    Downtime again..sighh…and on my “daytime” uhhh..again….When ohh when can the downtime be when I actually need to sleep???
    Now I need something to do..WHAT?…Hurry Up..I know U do a great job…Please empty my recent folder ..Its full??

  98. Aeris Yue says:

    I would like to get a warning next time lol

  99. Oldsarge Dowd says:

    why oh why can’t they have the new viewer on the downloads site when the shutdown starts. Now we get to waste time checking and rechecking for the actual update.

  100. gregbear bagration says:

    RE BST its like this in the winter months you set the clock back 1 hour in line with GMT in the summer we go forwards 1 hour and become BST ie GMT + 1hour

    or think of it like this for the american players “spring forwards & fall backwards”


  101. Birre says:

    In any case, the server went down at 13:something GMT , the problem is that the time in a global multiplayer game SHOULD NOT use the local time, but
    a universal time like GMT, so each user only need to know her/his own time rules/offset, and not have to know what PDT is. I can’t even handle am/pm , so
    if someone say 12am. I can make it 12 hour wrong, since I don’t know if the next minute is 12:01 am or 12:01 pm.
    The clock in SecondLife should display GMT, nothing else, and so should this site do.

  102. Franko Corleone says:

    i wonder if the firstlook/voice client will still work now ?
    ducks to avoid the immense throwing of headsets at me

  103. Horns Bailey says:

    What happened to Lexington it just dissapeared
    and will Darckk Trilam’s accout be back up,and others who were glitch banned.

  104. Pakito kidd says:

    We’re just getting really bored of maintenance, new up-dates, everyweek the same shit….
    Sure, u’re doing good job, but sure u could do maintenance during the night no?

    keep it on.

  105. gregbear bagration says:

    the will be undoubtably an update as has been said on the blog after the grid work has been done so we will have to wit and see on that franko

  106. Dmentia Elswit says:

    But… but… I only just got on….!! Hours and hours and hours to wait! And it’ll be 3am when it comes back here… **sniffle**

    *props her tent down near Tenebrous and hands the bottle over*

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