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[RESOLVED] Gridwide Slowdowns

[RESOLVED @ 9:32PM Pacific] This issue has been resolved by our technical team. I’ll remain inworld to keep an eye on things. Thanks everyone for your patience and have a good evening! We are experiencing gridwide slowdowns that may cause … Continue reading

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Introducing: Estate Level Governance

Good day! Many moons back, a portion of Linden’s Community Team developed a project meant to deliver better local Governance control to the grid. What does this mean? Many things. For starters: The Estate Level Abuse program which we’ve been … Continue reading

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[UPDATED] Experiencing inventory loss? Read on…

[Apr. 25] Earlier this week, we were able to successfully restore a number of Residents’ missing inventory. More inventory fixes are being put in place to substantially reduce the likelihood of this sort of thing happening again. [Apr. 17 @ … Continue reading

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[UPDATE] Database Issues Reported In-World

[UPDATE 10:45PM] These appear to have been resolved. Thanks. Liaison and in-world responders are claiming high reports of ‘ruthed’ avatars, inventories and avatars not loading, ect. We are checking on the issue now. If you are experiencing viewer crashes or … Continue reading

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[RESOLVED] Scheduled Restarts Tonight – 11PM

[UPDATE: RESOLVED 11:30PM] These rolling restarts have been completed. Have a good night! 🙂 It was noted today that a number of simulator hosts were running code prior to the llSetScriptState and “WarpPos” fixes recently deployed. We’ve updated the code … Continue reading

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[UPDATE] Login Hiccup and Teleport Issue Resolved

[3:55AM SLT] Good news, crisis averted! Logins and Teleports should be all cleared up and the Grid has returned to it’s usual ‘teleportable’ self. [2:53AM SLT] A few people have reported minor troubles trying to Log in, as well as … Continue reading

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[TRANSCRIPT] Technical Town Hall with Cory Linden

The following is a transcript of the Technical Town Hall with Cory Linden, held on December 20, 2006 @ 2:30 PM PST. Cory Linden: Good afternoon and thank you all for showing up. It has been far too long since … Continue reading

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