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Happy New Year, Already!

2008 is here!       [1st January 2008 – 3:00 AM PST] Second Life welcomes the final places in the world to join 2008; Niue, Samoa and American Samoa. Here’s to a peaceful and positive New Year for us … Continue reading

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How Secure Is Your Password?

We know that May was Strong Password Month, but that doesn’t mean you need a strong Password *just* in May. Truth is, you need a strong password all the time. There’s nothing worse than trying to log into your account … Continue reading

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How I got Second Life running on a 8800GTX under Windows XP x64

I picked up a nVidia 8800GTX at launch and much to my dismay Second Life would refuse to launch.  Instead it would only show a small dialog box with an error indicating that it didn’t like the video driver.  So … Continue reading

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Peace in our time?

Blue blogs off-topically, and from a personal perspective, on Peace Day and the hope that SL will be used as a tool for positive and fundamental change.

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Web 2.Oooh

And now, for something a little more relaxed.

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So I spent the last hour and a half typing up an interesting and enlightend reponse to a resident’s question tonight, only to accidenlty hit a button on my keyboard that took me back a page, eating my post…. I’ll … Continue reading

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